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YUTOKU 2Packs Adhesive Tape YUTOKUBAN Ear Tape for Dogs & Cotton Swabs Set by Gift Japan

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Product Review

Sharon Cecilia

I use this to tape my Sheltie puppies ears and it works great. In the photo you can see the brace in between the ears (I’m a first time owner and still getting used to doing this) but the tape holds really well and lasts for 2-3 weeks before I have to remove it and start over. The only thing is it can be hard to remove so be very gentle and pull slowly but then again I use an extra adhesive


Jacqueline Rivera

It's good for small animals ears.


karen Giardenelli

I used this products to tape my Doberman’s natural ears down because they were wonky. The adhesive stayed put and upon removal her fur was intact. I used a little bit of mineral oil to remove any adhesive residue left on her fur. Great product!


C. Hewitt

Worked great for rough collie ears



Product works fantastic been using it for many years. I have collies' and have always use this tape for the Collies ears and I've had no problems. You have to make sure that the ear is very clean and you will I have no problems keeping the tape in for two-plus weeks. I change my tape every two weeks and have very little problem with the tape sticking.


Sheila Moore

Works! I watched several instructional videos on how to do this and tried several tapes which would not work. This worked the first time. And is so far holding well. Very pleased.