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Walkin' Wrist Hugger Dog Brace | Carpal Wrist Joint Support for Dogs | Helps Canine Arthritis

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  • HELPS CARE FOR THEIR INJURED AND AILING PETS - Having a dog with arthritis or injury can be challenging for both pet and pet parents. The Wrist Hugger can help pets with canine arthritis by stabilizing their front leg and adding the support they need to live a normal life with their family.
  • LETS YOUR PET MOVE COMFORTABLY - The Wrist Hugger fits the natural angle of the carpal joint, hugging it from above and below providing joint support for your pet and allowing your dog to move easily without straining.
  • HELPS PREVENT INJURIES AND AIDS IN RECOVERY - Walkin’s dog ankle brace is made from flexible neoprene that offers mobility while providing optimal compression to protect wounds and prevent injuries and sprains. It also supports your pet’s carpal joint and surrounding structures allowing their muscles, tendons, and joints to heal.
  • FIND THE PERFECT FIT - This dog leg support wrap is available in four sizes to accommodate a range of breeds and sizes. It is made of comfortable, durable neoprene making it perfect for daily use. Touch fasteners wrap around the wrist for additional joint support for your pet.

  • Product Review

    jean a arnold

    Well made, fit perfect.


    Erin Stevenson

    Our dog needed extra support on her front leg after an amputation and this helps! We put it on when we notice tenderness or swelling. Would recommend for early arthritis symptoms.


    Jess Knight

    Fits good, Velcro is strong. Still had a tendency to slip down and needs to be adjusted multiple times a day.



    It wasn't very clear that this only came with 1 wrist support. I was expecting a pair. But I like it and will be ordering another for my dogs other wrist. I purchased this to help with her arthritis



    Easy to put on. Strong elastic so it stays on. Tends to slide down over the foot though. But for a universal - not custom - brace, it’s a good product.


    Fletcher's Mom

    Our bloodhound has probably arthritis in front leg where (sadly) a shell fragment is lodged as seen on xray. We adopted him and is the love of our lives but-he licks that area which vet thinks is attempt to ease discomfort. I do not want to use the usual rimadyl-type medications and instead use herbal pain remedies so wrapping the brace around his leg does keep him from licking and I think it may help with discomfort. Can I be sure? No but it is a safe, comfortable wrap that he does not mind wearing. I appreciate having it. Anything to give him comfort without side effects-in short, it is worth the money to try if your dog has aches or pains. Fletcher's momma