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VIVOSUN 10"x20.75" Seedling Heat Mat and Digital Thermostat Combo Set MET Standard

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  • RELIABLE RESULTS: VIVOSUN’s professional heat mat maintains temperatures in the sweet spot of around 20-30℃(68-86℉)- perfect for seed starting and cutting propagation
  • STABLE, UNIFORM HEAT: VIVOSUN's strengthened heating film ensure this durable mat never scorches your roots and produces lots of revitalizing dew when used with a humidity dome
  • PROFESSIONAL RELIABILITY: The controller maintains a stable temperature between 40-108°F (5-42°C) for professional horticultural systems; the sensor probe delivers accurate readings in both cool and warm environments
  • ZERO-EFFORT SETUP AND OPERATION: The controller comes with a manual, but you won’t need to read it! Using 3 buttons, you can set a temperature or change the display between Fahrenheit/Celsius in seconds
  • SAFETY GUARANTEED: This 10" x 20.75" mat is perfect for standard 1020 trays and slightly larger than comparable mats on the market; VIVOSUN heat mat Combo Set is the best choice for safe and professional heat-mat regulation

  • Product Review

    Amazon Customer Robert

    I got a HUGE ficus bonsai. Had it for a long time. Needed to move from wa to mi and needed to haul my huge ficus bonsai in back of my Tacoma truck for 3000 miles.Bought this heat pad, plugged it in to the 120v outlet in the back of my truck and away we went. Stuck the heat pad under the bonsai, covered it with some plastic and was able to keep it warm enough so we all made the trip and arrived alive.Experienced some temperatures in the mid 30 degree range on the trip, a bit lower then Mr. ficus can normally handle but due to this heat pad the ficus made it. Had to bring it into the hotel rooms at night and then load it into the truck in the mourning. Was amazed the tree hardly even lost a leaf.Thanks a lot to the VIVOSUN company for making this product. I will save it for germinating seeds and cuttings in the future, even a few from Mr, ficus. This way a new generation of small but cool ficus Bonsai can get a foot hold in the sorry world and bring some joy to a few people who need it....


    Sylvia Evelyn

    I can't compare this to any other seeding heat pad so I'm going to say that this works just as intended. I use this set for about 8 weeks to heat my 20 gallon long Hermit Crabs habitat. I attached this pad outside the back wall and is just a little over half way long. I had to make more adjustments to the tank walls and top in order to keep the temperature high enough.I basically made my own insulation, I wrapped the tank in cardboard that I previously wrapped in tin foil. For the top, I used saran wrap and also a couple of pieces of cardboard wrapped in tin foil. I only left the front glass open. I set the temperature to 75 fahrenheit and I have to say that the thermostat works good maintaining it at that level. Although, I do have difficulty to keep the humidity levels stable so I spray the tank with lightly salted water and I also have a small pool inside the tank. My crabs seem much more active now and they also enjoy the pool.For the first time user of this heating pad set I have to say that the price is right and is definitely worth the try!



    Growing in a basement can be tricky especially during night cycle. I bought one of these in hopes that I could keep my babies nice and warm during their 6 hours of sleep and it works amazing. Easy setup with my babies staying at a nice warm 70 degree's when they are sleeping. Another plus is setting the probe up is easy as could ever be and I even appreciated the fact it came with a suction cup to stick to the side of my water jug/dome. Being able to go up to 108 (not that I would ever need to) is amazing. Great price and great quality, only advice is maybe go bigger then what you think you need, I'll be buying a bigger one in the coming weeks but this will still get so much use.


    Tara Martin

    I used this to start seedlings in my closet in April in the PNW. My seeds, for the most part, sprouted super fast and grew a lot taller than planting then straight outside (probably too cold still outside). Peas and bush beans sprouted in a week. I used this with a grow light, but the grow light wasn't enough and I ended up pushing the little seedlings outside quickeier than I had wanted (lest they become leggy). It was easy to stick the thermometer in the soil and set the temperature. Sometimes it wouldn't make it up to the 71 degrees I set it, and would hover around 68 or so, but much better than the soil outside at 49F.


    Ronald Algiere

    I am updating my review. I've changed from a 3 star to a 4 star. Simply because immediately after seeing a 3 star review the Vivosun support team contacted me, offering a full refund and no return of the heat mat. To me, that shows they want people to like their product! The mat still works just not as strong as needed. I'm still using it for seed germination but have added more insulation below and to the sides and a dome over the top of everything (another dome). It now reaches 78F as needed. The thermostat is dead on, works so well I bought a second one for my larger lizard mat (for under seedlings. Thank you Vivosun support!(this was my first review of the product)I'm using this in a grow box for germination and seedlings. The thermostat works very well and is easy to set. Only con is that the mat can only barely warm the present conditions. I have it over a 2 inch insulation foam board (over a 60F concrete floor) the max I can reach is low 70s. for germination I need 78F. I purchased a lizard matt for $25, twice the size and can go well over 80F. combined with the Vivosun thermostat, it's a winning combination



    We used one to heat our gerbil aquarium/cage. This setup has been runing continuously for almost 1 year. Please be sure you don't over heat the animal and the mat is not so large they animal can't get away from the heat. The mat and thermostat has been through quite a few power outages and am happy to report the temperature setting has never changed. Ours only covers approximately 1/3 of each cage area.I made a thin wooden tray from 1/8th inch plywood 1/2 inch larger than mat on all sides and then stacked add another  1/8th x 1/2 inch boarder (glued together) .  Left gaps for electrical wires so mat was not crushed. Then made a shallow channel and a dab of hot glue for the thermostat and wires to read temperature above mat (not touching mat or bottom of cage). The mat is held in place with it's own weight. To seal the air the mat will be heating under the cage. I cut and split a 1 inch wide 1/8th thick soft foam on to 1/2 inch strips and adhere to the 2nd 1/2 x 1/8 wooden strips (also found on Amazon)(     https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08D692WQK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_WEWC05Y54G6WYC7TAEG3     )  The bottom of the cages glass sits a little over one inch from surface of the table so I added two 1/8th in sheet of plywood under the made tray to raise it to the glass and foam seal's it nicely and started heating and shutting on then off soon after reaching desired temperature, and has been working flawlessly to date. We only heat to 73 degrees. In winter time because we set our home to 74 degrees, the heater activates less and is mainly used as backup. In the summer is when it seems to be more active because the house is set to 73 and cooler. This easy could work for animals that require warmer temperatures. This setup could work for any size mat and heat bottom of any plastic or glass cage. I used wood because it works as an insulator for the the surface the mat would sit on an possibly damaging it. I considered using cork but the wood was handy and works perfectly.



    I just got this product yesterday morning. I set it up and set the temp to 70 to begin with. Living in Northern Cali, it’s pretty warm in my garage during the day so the thermostat was well over 70 until about 6pm. However, after the temp had dropped outside the thermostat was reading below 70. I checked the temp setting to make sure I hadn’t mistakenly set it lower than I thought but no, I def set it 70. I checked it 3 times before bed. The lowest temp was 66. The last check was 69 so I said close enough and went to bed. Today, it did the same. Read high all day while it was warm outside and then started to drop as the sun went down. The temp did manage to stay at 70 BUT the mat itself was cool to the touch. I turned the set temp up to 75 and came back to check in 30 mins. It was noticeably warmer but I’m skeptical now that it will not stay up. I’ll check in the morning. For right now my review will remain a 3 until I feel this mat is doing what it’s supposed to on a regular basis. I’ll give it another week before I consider sending it back but so far, not so good.UPDATE: After reaching out to manufacturer, they responded very professionally and apologized for the inconvenience. They refunded the cost of the thermometer which is $19.99 so that I could purchase a replacement. While I have not purchased it yet, I appreciate them handling the situation promptly and fairly. I will give them 4 stars instead of 3 in this case and also because the mat itself is def working. My seedlings are coming along great!



    these work amazing with the exception... That one of the controllers failed. Luckily the warranty paid off they sent me a replacement.I have 3 of these kits and they are an amazing value that ive only seen beaten by one other brand. The quality to price is the best i have found.Using this does require you to get the temperature probe right. I suggest getting an IR temp gun so you can make sure you arent cooking whatever you are using the mat on with bad probe placement. Other then that is not much you have to do besides set it and do whatever you were expecting to grow.


    jennifer hardisty

    I live in CA and grow seedlings for outdoors and microgreens on a rotating continuous basis. It's usually warm enough, that this seemed like a bit of overkill, but might be helpful in the winter for greens. BUT I now use them all the time. Even with very warm weather, I've found that these on a thermostat will sometimes turn on at night, keeping the now and then cool night at bay --- and my germination and growth has exploded. Where certain greens used to take over a week, I'm getting harvests in five days. For hot weather crops like okra and peppers, I can finally get an early start (not that we really need it, but having a 10 month grow season for crops is just cool imo). These are a great, easy to use, affordable addition to a hobbyist gardner/greens grower like me.


    alec libby

    I've been using this heat mat for 2 months now and I am happy with it. I work for a large hemp company and use these at the house for germinating seeds and very soon rooting clones. This mat works very well for both uses. I'm at 8500ft in colorado so during fall winter and spring it gets chilly in the house. These mats have a hard time keeping up the temp at 78 degrees while its 60 in the house but it works and I have successfully rooted many clones and seeds with it. I reccomend definitely, easy to set up, hasn't failed yet. Vivosun makes good products at good prices.



    I bought this warmer along with digital thermostat as supplemental heat for my composting worm bins in the winter. I keep them indoors in my basement where they'd be very safe to winter over, though much less active/productive at basement temps in the 40s F. I lay this warmer set at 68 degrees on top of the mulch which covers their feed of rotten fruits/veggies and inside of a domed lid with 4-5in of clearance, as eisenia fetida are a top feeding, mulch making, surface dwelling worm and this mimics real world conditions where this surface mulch zone would be sheltered from yet warmed by the sun. The thermometer is highly sensitive and accurate which also allows me to monitor and control against spiking temperatures which can occur with feedings of rotting vegetative matter. This unit has performed exactly as advertised and as I'd hoped for this off label purpose. The plastics appear durable under the conditions of an active compost environment and have held up with no visible degradation or loss of flexibility/strength after one year as of this review.



    I got this heating pad to use for germinating seeds. While I'm not using it for that purpose I'll be using it on my reptile tank. Fortunately for me it is long enough to do them both at the same time as long as it hangs out from under the tank. The controller is probably the best feature because you have the availability to adjust the temperature. One thing I don't like about traditional heating pads is you are essentially heating at whatever preset temperature the pad is at. This works perfect if you need to control the temperature like I do.I ran a set of seeds just to do a side by side comparison with the heating pad and without. With the heating pad the seeds germinated and were developing much faster then without.Also its digital thermometer relatively accurate. I used it against a digital aquarium thermometer I have in 2 different tanks set up in my house and it was dead on in each tank except for being off by 2 degrees exactly. That could be either thermometer but there were no number fluctuations at all. So 2 degrees is not really a big deal for me.Great price too. I will definitely be purchasing some more in the future.



    I've been using this for about two weeks and I am mostly happy. Price determines my expectation level. I am NOT using this for seedlings. I am using it to heat a plastic container with maturing mealworms. Temperature (and humidity) govern their rate of maturity.The mat: Adequate heat for my container. I have the mat on top of a thin piece of insulation (covered with aluminum foil to reflect heat up) instead of being in direct contact with my concrete basement floor. Concrete is a near-infinite heat sink with respect to the heat generated by this mat. My concrete floor is at about 59 F and has the capacity to absorb all the heat this mat can generate! Give as much thought to what the mat is sitting on as to what you want the mat to heat.The controller: The controller is basically cheap and rudimentary. On this plus side, this means you don't pay much and of course you don't get much! The set up is so easy, most could do it without any instructions. The downside is there's no compensation to tweak it for your exact application and environment. So in my application, I have the temperature set for 75 F, however, the probe is buried about three inches above the mat in growing media which acts as a good insulator. What happens is by the time the probe hits 75 F to turn-off the mat, there is too much stored heat below it. The temperature at the probe overshoots to 80F as the stored heat continues rising. I can dial down the setpoint so the probe never exceeds 75 F, but this comes at the expense of a wider, lower, temperature range that will slow down growth. (This on/off range is called hysteresis. )If I had a purchasing do-over, I would buy the mat alone and use an INKBIRD ITC-308 temperature controller. ( I have several and really like'em.) This would add about 30% to the overall cost, but I could more precisely control the temperature at the probe. Again, I'm pleased with the product at this price. I can't blame it for my specific application needs! It does exactly what they promise it will do!



    It all works when I plug it in so that's good. I guess I'll watch to make sure the thermostat part is really working.On the downside, this thing had absolutely no instructions, just an insert advertising their _other_ products. Not that it needs a lot, but you have to play with the buttons to figure out how to set the thermostat. There are lights indicating "power" and "heating" that are almost impossible to read, since they are labeled with white text on a yellow background. There's no mention of where to put the probe - from something I read elsewhere it apparently goes in the soil which makes sense, as opposed on top - but I'm still unclear on how waterproof the probe part is, like do I need to worry about water getting inside the metal part, is it ok to just water? And some suggested temperatures for plants would have been nice.



    Using this mat and a Jiffy tray, tomatoes germinated in 3-5 days, eggplant began to germinate in 5-7 days, and peppers in 7 days. I soaked the seeds in warm water for about 6 hours (not overnight) before planting, and set the thermostat to 85 degrees. I placed the thermostat probe in one of the peat pods, so it would measure the soil temperature. When the trays were covered with a dome, the temperature was 80-85 degrees, which is 15-20 degrees warmer than room temperature. After removing the dome and setting them under 2 shop lights, the temperature is around 74-79 degrees. Seedlings are doing great.



    I had a fairly simple need for my kombucha and kefir cultures, but i wanted better control of the temperature than what those kombucha bands allowed for. This was just what I was looking for and it was spacious enough to let me put 3 large kombucha jars in a row. The temperature sensor came with a silicon suction nub which I placed between two jars about a 3rd of the way up from the bottom. I tested a few times with a thermometer the contents of the 3 jars and the variation was around 1 degree F (typically 0.7).Though some reviewers had issues with the display mine functioned clearly and reliably and I've had it running non stop for 12 weeks now. The cords running from the control unit to the wall outlet measures 66" while the cord running from the mat to the control unit runs a even 6', making for a decent length of cord on both sides of the control unit.Finally the company is fairly proactive and responsive, having responded quickly via email with a couple of questions I had. All this, for the price, makes this a easy recommendation.



    Excellent product! Nothing bad to say about this. The price can't be beat for a heat mat and digital thermostat combo. The quality and performance are on point too. Heat mat, when used with the thermostat, keeps precise soil temperature. I have checked the temp using 3 other temperature probes (a Fieldpiece used in HVAC work, a GENERAL(R) IRT207 infrared heat gun, and a Dr. Lyn 3-in-1 TDS meter). All 4, including the Vivosun digital thermostat, were within 0.5° F of each other. I could not have hoped for any better performance. Simply put, the Vivosun Heat Mat and Digital Thermostat Combo is an all around winner.This is my honest opinion. I was NOT COMPENSATED in any way what-so-ever for this review.



    Very very pleased with this heat mat. So far, I have used this three times to sprout seeds. Sometimes I sprout seeds in soil sometimes on very damp paper towels. Photos are of milkweed seeds (for monarch butterflies to feed on). I always put two thickness towel under the mat and drape a two thickness towel over the mat to hold in heat all the way around the container... and this system works very well. I find this insulation using towels is the best to keep the temperature at exactly what I need. You don't want the mat sitting on a cool surface. For most seeds I set the temperate to 84 F. Setting the temperature is easy just follow directions and I recommend save the paper with direction between uses. I put the thermometer probe (red arrow) under the very damp paper towel and loosely put the lid on the container. In these photos I am using very damp paper towels with the seeds. These photos are day 4 you can see little roots coming out of the milkweeds seeds. I paid full price for the product.



    Works well, and definitely helped out peppers sprout more quickly (within a week this year, compared to 2-6 weeks last year with no heating mat.)As others have said, one of the LED segments in the display of the thermostat burned out pretty much immediately. I can still tell what it's supposed to say, but if you're a perfectionist, this may bother you. It doesn't affect the functionality.EDIT: Within hours after leaving this review, Vivosun reached out to me with an offer to replace the thermostat. When I inquired "how," they replied with "no worries, already on its way." Phenomenal customer service, and highly recommended! That's truly rare these days, and I will be a repeat customer. Review changed to 5 stars.EDIT 2: A new thermostat was at my door this morning (2 days after communicating with Vivosun customer service.) Absolutely outstanding; they've made a loyal customer out of me. Highly recommended.


    Mr Tom

    EDIT 11/13/20: I finally reached out to the company and complained about my brand new (10/11/19) puffed up heating mat after a year of it never have been used. I've received a full refund and I've purchased a replacement. The replacement looks as expected, completely flat with no air inside. I've taken a few new thermal pictures.You can see the heat is more pronounced at the power cord side. These thermal pics are about 30 minutes after powering on sitting on the carpet. The target temp was set a little over room temperature, but the probe was not near the mat so it was constantly powered on the whole time. I'm sure given more time it could have reached higher temperatures.The temperature probe seems accurate to ambient temperature. The power outlet does turn on and off around the set temperature. I'll still need to use this a few times for seed germination for a final determination of quality. But so far it does have some potential as advertised.