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Vetcare Quickderm Ointment, 2 oz

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  • Applies to wound bed to retain moisture and protect
  • Treats abrasions, bites, burns, hot spots, cuts and other skin irritations
  • Made in the USA

  • Product Review


    Worked great! My yellow lab had a horrible heat sore on his ear. After about a week of treatment, it cleared right up.



    I first purchased this product from my veterinarian for skin prolems with my cat. Since then I've used it on my dog and then on myself. This ointment heals better than neosporin and 5 times faster. There is no detectable odor, it absorbs quickly, is non-greasy, but seems to have protective layering that won't rub off easily. A bit like an invisible bandaid. Shipping was quick.


    Yoshie Varela

    Worked great after several failed attempts with other products.



    Love this medicine! Worth every penney. I have 6 dogs and am always finding a cut or scrape on one or the other. This stuff is a miracle medicine. Everyone should have this in their medicine cabinet for pets or even themselves!!



    Love it works great .But con very small tube looks nothing like the pitchure about quarter of the size .So i would try order a bigger one if u need to do more than 3 applications



    My mare had a laceration at her pastern (not an easy place to bandage). Between the Quickderm Advanced Wound Ointment and the Medihoney I bought, she has developed a nice clean scab and the wound is healing beautifully! Would highly recommend both products!


    A. Wilson

    I bought a purebred dog and found driving a long ways home that he had a large open wound that had been stitched by a non-professional and was no longer stitched. I was told it could not be restitched and would take a long time to heal. The description on this expensive creme did not list such an injury but I bought it anyway. The creme was amazing. It really sped up the healing time slowly shrinking the large wound.


    Jake S.

    Used for minor skin irritation and hotspots, worked like a charm.


    Jeffery Loman

    Just WOW!!! This stuff is amazing and the only thing that healed a bad lick granuloma on my German Shepherd. Thank you!!!



    Vet recommended product for scan on belly as rott healed from being spades nice cream to have in animal care kit great product keeps flys out dirt.