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Top Dog Chews Buffalo Beef Cheek Rolls 6" - 5 Pack from

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  • A delicious way to help keep your dog's teeth and gums clean
  • Great solution for aggressive chewers or puppies that are inclined to chew
  • Not Smoked or Flavored
  • No chemical treatment in the processing and these are odor free.

  • Product Review

    Krista benson

    Dogs love it, and we love that it’s natural and easy to digest!


    Tracy Burkhart

    Sadly they aren't available to reorder, this is not good.



    Lab LOVES them



    Dogs love these, Andy much safer than rawhide



    My dogs love these and they last quite awhile.Will definitely buy again.


    Dana Olson

    My two large dogs (GSD) love these chews. They last at least a day and are a cost effective chew for us.



    My Schnauzer loves them.


    Jon Rhode @ JMJ

    My dogs are big chewers. These bones are wonderful!


    Karmen Walter

    Seems very similar to a rawhide, my dog started chewing and just wouldn’t stop. I’d say she really likes it!



    These are a great value for avid chewers. One roll lasted my dog two and a half days of chewing a couple of hours each day (I only let him chew when I am home to supervise). They may not smell the greatest, but not all chews do. They joy my dog got out of the roll and the length of time it lasted make these a new favorite.


    James Ross

    Puppies and dogs love to chew it is just a fact of dog ownership. Our GSD puppy loves to chew and before we found these cheek chews we lost several shoes and other items to puppy teething. We were recommended finding beef cheek chews by Mark Patrick of Tuxedo's K9 training in Rochester, NY. We have worked with Mark on our dog's training. Mark, as a certified trainer and veterinary assistant, is very knowledgeable and suggested these types of chews because they are digestible and won't effect the a dog's digestion. This was important to us as our GSD puppy is from the czech breed of the GSD that has a "short" gut and has a sensitive tummy. Our GSD puppy absolutely loves these chews! These chews keep him entertained and satisfy his desire to chew. Anyone that has raised a GSD knows how strong their jaws and these provide him a safe and yummy treat.


    Barry Wallace

    I have read afew negative reviews on these chews. Most said "they are not rolled tight" who cares? I have been buying these chews for years and they are never rolled tight, whatever that means. My two Chow Chows loved them and they didnt get sick, as one review I read said their dogs got sick. These chews occupied my dogs for hours and they are fresh and very large chews! I highly recommend them and encourage you to ignore the negative reviews and find out for yourself. I will purchase these great natural chews again!



    My dogs, 13 years old and 3 years old, LOVE this chew and I do mean the L-O-V-E it.It smells pretty gross when you get it out of the bag, but most natural dog chews have a smell since they're made out of animals. This stuff is easier to digest and better for your dog than rawhide and lasts just as long. My 3 year old dog is about 34lbs and a chew lasts her several days. I do pick up the chews when I am not around to supervise however, so that may be helping the longevity of the chew,.