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Tek-Trol - Gallon

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  • Effectively cleans and disinfects in one operation.
  • Excellent solubility dilutes in hot, cold, or hard water.
  • For all areas of veterinary facilities, kennels, poultry barns, breeder and laying operations.

  • Product Review

    Benjamin Jenkins

    everything was just fine


    Christine Fahlstrom

    Great product


    Carolyn W.

    livestock needs this stuff


    Tim Miller

    Must have if you hatch eggs


    Jill Bowman

    Cleaned all the sickness out of my coops, walls, floors, ceilings, feeders, waterers, etc. ,.very highly recommended.


    Frank Wilson

    Good product and reliable company.





    cheryl jones

    Works great.. use a small amount per gallon so it will last forever. The smell of the product isn't bad at all


    Freddy The Frog

    In this review, I specifically address Tek-Trol as it regards poultry management and incubation.As a Poultry Technician, one of the things we stress time and again to those rearing, hatching and brooding poultry, is sanitation. The second issue, always important, is bio-security.A sanitizer has many uses and they do not all do the job with equal effectiveness. In the past, I would scrape down poultry houses, remove all debris and then spray down all surfaces with a 10% bleach solution. I'd rinse out drinkers and feed bins periodically, also with bleach. And for those jobs? Bleach is still my choice...Tek-Trol came into play, when I was at lunch one day, with a friend who is a Master Exhibitor, Master Breeder and APA Hall of Fame member (there aren't many of those in the U.S.). We were talking about incubation and the usual, "how's your hatch percentage?" He commented that since he'd been using Tek-Trol as an egg sanitizer, prior to incubation, his hatch results had sky rocketed! Prior to that, I was of the mind that nature's coating, known as the "bloom", was enough to prevent bacteria from entering a developing egg. Though that is still true, incubators build up colonies of bacteria, which settle quickly upon incubating eggs and can indeed penetrate the shell.Tek-Trol has the detergent ability to penetrate and remove soil and bacteria found on egg shells. Not only does it do an excellent job as a wash, but leaves a residual coating, which continues to fight bacteria after it dries. 1/2 oz per gallon is the recommended strength. I've used it for years now and hatch on a weekly basis from March through October. Hatches have indeed improved since using Tek-Trol and I've not had to deal with any oozing or explosive eggs in the incubator.A word of caution... you will want to wear protective gloves when using this solution and it also offers a respiratory irritation risk, so good ventilation in the space where it is in use is paramount. I had used it with bare hands years ago and then touched my face, which caused a burning sensation.Also, if you use the Little Giant incubators, or other Styrofoam incubators, a strong solution of Tek-Trol will actually eat into the Styrofoam and ruin your base. Yes, I did it and the water just seeped right through the bottom afterwards.There is a shelf life to Tek-Trol, so if you don't need a lot of it, don't purchase the gallon. There are smaller sizes and even an aerosol spray for hard to scrub surfaces. Fan motors and solid state circuits in incubators are a good candidate for the light spray.If you are a bio-security enthusiast, tek-trol is also a good candidate for a dip bath. Dip baths are for people to step in with their boots when entering or leaving a hatching facility or poultry operation. Some farms also have drive through troughs for farm trucks, tek-trol is good there also. This prevents farm to farm pathogen transfer.NOT TO BE USED BY KIDS!So, want to save that dirty egg for hatching? Use Tek-Trol and improve your chances. Clean your incubators between hatches, it even penetrates solid waste material.Draw backs? It's expensive and corrosive in strong solutions.