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Syngenta 383920 Advion Cockroach Gel Bait 4 X 30 Gram Tubes Roach Control, 4 30, Brown

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  • Dupont advice cockroach gel bait can be used in single and multi-family residential buildings, schools, commercial and industrial facilities (including warehouses, apartments, supermarkets, restaurants, motels, hotels, hospitals, food handling/storage establishments), and transportation equipment such as aircraft, trains, ships, boats, buses
  • Treatment rates for all uses: for heavy infestations of cockroaches, apply 3 to 5 spots of advice cockroach gel bait per 10 linear feet for light to moderate infestations of cockroaches, apply 1-3 spots of advice cockroach gel bait per 10 linear feet each spot of advice gel bait Should equal about. 5 grams (approx. 1/4" Diameter)
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Model Number: 383920

  • Product Review

    Michelle T.

    I am as disgusted as I am happy with how well this product has worked!!My family went out of town for Thanksgiving and came home to a massive German roach problem 🤢 (the small brown ones) We tried various things for months to get rid of them, but nothing was even making a dent. I was about ready to call pest control. We had our old house treated for German roaches and it cost $300 for them to just put some gel stuff on all the hinges of our cabinets and other cracks and crevices of the kitchen. I really didn’t want to pay $300 again even though I knew it worked. I came across Advion Syngenta in the comments of some Pinterest post and figured it was worth $25 to give it a shot.This picture is 12hrs after applying it via package instructions. Little did I know that was only the beginning. We vacuumed up dead and dying roaches multiple times a day for almost a week! I’d say it worked. I would definitely recommend it!



    For years I have been purchasing other products with spray chemicals in my apt. I was very weary in doing so. For me and my cat. I was recommended to get this product recently because an allergist diagnosed me last year being allergic to roaches and it has been an ongoing stress for me living in this type of environment with no type of relief in my building, floor, apartment. I tried everything, nothing worked, I PAID for all professionals to come in and do something to help me. By this time I had developed a phobia, when I put this around my apartment in the most populated area's on the first day (evening) I was AMAZED !!! the mornings consecutively I had to sweep each day. I had to sweep every hour to two hours daily in the last five days, I have never seen anything like this before. The most important thing my cat is safe and her food isn't being infected with germs and the particles roaches. I'am so pleased with this product.



    Excelente inversión . Lo mejor que he comprado, se mueren al instante y eso me encanta. Vivo en un building antiguo que no arreglan, no fumigan, no nada y por mas limpieza y productos que usaba esas malditas cucarachas nunca terminaban de largarse. Tengo un bebé de 5 meses y necesitaba a como de lugar liberarme de ellas. Hasta ahora. Este producto es genial, no duden en comprarlo es demasiado bueno. Tengo un gato y hasta en su comida se metian y mas de noche, le puse en dos ocasiones a la base donde monto sus platos y ya no las he visto a las desgraciadas. Jajajaaa. Soy muy feliz



    "Flavor" got a 1 star as I wouldn't recommend tasting the poison LOL.I live in the country, next to a small pasture. Single wall construction. Cows, horses, Chickens, & tall grass are my neighbors. Majority of the community still have cesspools (perfect breeding grounds for roaches). If you haven't lived in a similar situation, you'll never understand that no matter how much of a clean freak you are, no matter how many times you clean a closet or shed, no matter how many chemicals you pump into your property, roaches and rats unwillingly become a part of your lives.I bought advion years ago because a co-worker raved about it. I put it in various places in my kitchen (where I've seen roaches). Alas, none of the bait got eaten (Yes, I checked what type of roaches I had), Not sure why. I pretty much gave up and gave away half of my tubes. Then on a whim I decided to put the bait around the exterior of my house one night.Whoa! By the time I had come 360° to where I started, roaches were eating the bait like there was no tomorrow. They didn't even care that I was there with a flashlight, they were just going for it. The next day I noticed roaches around the property either dead upside-down or walkin' around like they had a few too many shots at the bar. I did a second application and noticed a drop in roach activity.In conclusion, this stuff works. For reasons unknown to me, it depends on the location of the bait. Just keep trying multiple locations. If it's not working by the 3rd tube, you might have a different type of roach or just bad luck.


    Tyesha bell

    Let me tell you. I hired Terminx and guess what product their were using???? Yes, so I got my $169 back and brought some off Amazon! It actually does work but, it’s not overnight. U gotta exercise some patience because it can be weeks before you see results


    Opinión de cliente

    Tengo pocos días de comprarlo y me encanta el resultadoPor fin encontré algo q realmente funciona y eliminar mi problema 100% feliz 😃



    Seriously Incredible! My first application was three weeks ago. The bugs are gone.I live in an old pier and beam house. I have dogs and refuse to use sprays. When I started seeing those huge water bug roaches, I blew it off and then it became a DAILY situation. My kitchen was being taken over. I had been putting diatomaceous earth and boric acid around the edges of the house, but it's too messy to put everywhere and it didn't seem to be doing much to control the bugs.I read reviews that mentioned putting the bait on index cards in "hidden" locations, so I followed. My biggest issue was that I kept a clean kitchen, but every time I had dirty dishes in the dishwasher, there they were, in my dishwasher! So, first stop, an index card with a 2" thin line of bait and a small dime sized dollop. FIVE MINUTES after the first application, at 12pm, I saw my first drunk roach crawling across the floor. It freaked me out that I was going to have dead bugs everywhere, but I actually didn't see any after that, until a few days later. But the important thing was, I was no longer seeing bugs at all.I put a card under the frig, under the sink, in the dishwasher (initially) and then applied bait around the outside of the house and I think that's the key if you have the outside roaches coming in. My first application treating everything was maybe .5 of one vial. I've used one vial in the 3 weeks after reapplication.Regarding Ants: I was also noticing fire ants were taking over any dog food I would put outside within seconds. So, I put honey on an index card with some bait and placed in their spot. Next day, zero ants and they haven't shown back up, either.I reapplied after two weeks after a heavy rain, mostly outside. I will see affected roaches from time to time (3 in the last week), but have not seen any in my house in quite some time. I was concerned this would affect other wildlife, such as the geckos (who eat roaches) that I would like to have more of, I have seen one in the last week who looked happy, so I really hope this doesn't poison them as well.This purchase was absolutely huge value for the money!


    Na Xu

    This is the most efficient and economic way to get rid of roaches at home. I tried many other ways but failed. It cannot be said pet and chils safe because it's a toxin. However, you only need to apply small drops behind and inside of cabinets and inside of cracks. I applied them at places where my kids and pets cannot have assess to , and it worked out. It is not repellent, so toxins won't spread by smell. If you applied it carefully in hidden corners, your pet and children will be fine. We saw the effect in 24hours. 5 days after applying, our apt is roach free now with at least two hundred kills. We apply a few drops in the kitchen every 14days for another month just to make sure no more babies are born.


    Allen Cobb

    I had a kitchen renovation, and soon after we had a increasing infestation where before we might see a roach once every 8 months or so. Now we had roaches scattering everywhere in the kitchen & bathroom. Drove me nuts. Roaches are just under Mosquitoes on my Kill On Sight list! Well I tried everything I could get my hands on, the usual Raid and other store bought sprays. Bought a big jug of Ortho... These New York City roaches didn't care about that stuff. In about 3 days they were back. Tried that Bengal stuff, and while it worked to draw them out... that's all it did ( I think it made them laugh maybe all those fumes made me hear things!)But this stuff... I kid you not - I was laying it out and spotted one trying to escape. I squeezed out a bit in the corner of the cabinet. THE ROACH CAME BACK TO EAT THE POISON!!! This stuff overcomes their flight instincts!Hey, roaches are inevitable... but you can keep those lil SOBs out of your house with this! Recommended highly!!!EDIT--- Ever since I started using this product we have now very rarely seen any roach activity. I've only applied this twice now - still haven't finished a tube yet. So I can say it again... this stuff really works!


    Pamela Grotts

    I bought a house and after we moved in, I found we had stirred up a nest of roaches. I called the exterminator only to find out the cost of the treatment was outrageous and required multiple treatments.I decided after reading reviews to give this product a try.First night:I used 3X 5 index cards and dropped the bait in all four corners and one drop in the center of the card and slid these under the appliances (stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher) to start. I took one of the cards and 'doctored' it up and put it in the center of my stovetop. Turned off the lights and went to bed.When I came in the next morning to make coffee, I turned on the lights and ALL of the bait from the card on top of the stove was gone. Made my coffee and went to work.That evening, I returned to a floor with dead or dying roaches. Swept them up, and went to town doctoring every cranny, dark spot, and crevice I could find. Every morning, I would sweep them up, and replace any baited spots where the bait was gone. Every evening a repeat of the morning. It got down to where it was not adult roaches but most of them were the newly hatched.It's been a month, and although I still get a few dead roaches (all sizes) on the floor and am now re-baiting all the "popular" hangouts I am virtually roach free. I started on the garage - where we keep our pet food and am almost roach free there as well.For the money and the effort - this is definitely the way to go if you have roaches and are money conscious!


    Robert E. Daniels Jr.

    Update:After about three months, roaches are completely gone. I read a few reviews about this drying up and no longer being effective but it's not true. In three months, I've seen only two roaches and both were in a sickly weakened state. I will occasionally come across a dead roach, maybe once a month which let's me know the gel bait which I can see is hardened is still potent enough to kill any scouts out looking for a meal. This stuff completely eliminated my pest problem.---------------------------------------------------Umm, not sure why there is a "flavor" rating but ok. I live in an apartment, they're a bit old but they were newly renovated on the inside, so it balanced out. I don't do roaches, if I see one, I immediately grab my go-to Bengal Gold and that usually knocks them out for 6 months or longer. That was until I got the neighbor from hell. She had a little boy about 6 or 7 who had no real bedtime running throughout the apartment. Most days when I left for work his bicycle would be left downstairs underneath the stairwell right at my door, whatever they happen to be eating or playing with would be strewn about, candy wrappers, banana peels, once even a whole biscuit. I thought to myself, if this is how they leave the outside, the inside must be a disaster. It got so bad, I had to complain to management something I normally wouldn't do. I try to be understanding people have small children, I know what that's like. So imagine my joy when they finally moved out, I couldn't have been happier BUT it came with a price. All those roaches were now looking for a new place to eat since their food source was gone. At first, I moved into action and bought the Bengal Concentrate, bought a garden sprayer and respirator and sprayed my entire apartment from top to bottom in every room. It worked, for a while, then I started to see them again, this time it seems in greater numbers, mostly the small ones and little tiny ones. I'd go in the kithen and they would be in the sink and all over the counter, I grab whatever and start swatting and stomping. I was losing this battle.I finally decided to try this gel bait, I'd been seeing it online. After reading the reveiws and a few Youtube videos, I was sure this would do the trick. I got it and started laying it down just as they said, in small little dots in the cracks and crevices, between the grout work, window sills, and especially the dishwasher. I was starting to see roaches in places where I hadn't before, in the living room, bathroom and even a few in my bedroom. That was it. From the moment I laid this stuff down, within hours I got up to check and immediately saw roaches in various stages of kicking the bucket. Some were already dead, others were turned over and kicking, some were trying to crawl up the wall but were too weak, others were just still too weak to run away. In two days time, I saw dozens of roaches, I'd sweep them up and come back an hour later and find more. THIS IS THE NUCLEAR OPTION FOR ROACHES!!! I am very well pleased. I realize that this is so effective for two reasons. One, IT TASTED GOOD TO THEM. Whatever is in this stuff, roaches like it and eat it and die. I'm told that roaches eat their dead so if they eat them, they die as well. I'm still seeing a few but within ONE DAY, I stopped seeing the scatter party when I turn on the lights in the kitchen. Now all I see are roaches dying. I only used ONE TUBE for my one bedroom apartment and I'm sweeping up dead roaches about 6 to 7 times a day in little piles. This did the trick. This will be my new go-to from now on!!!


    Crystal Shepherd

    This product works! I followed directions off a pest control website. Some pointers are to use tape for easy clean up. It suggested wax paper for under appliances. I used parchment which worked just as well. Use bottle caps on counters overnight, then you can move them during the day. Space the pea sized dots of the insecticide about 2 feet apart.Big thing is do not use this in combination with contact killers.I did not expect results so quickly, but had dead bugs within 12 hours. After about a week, I rarely see a live one.I would say the only drawback is that it dried out for me a bit quicker than I expected so I had to reapply a bit more often. However considering the cost of spray that works okay, this is a comparable deal for the results.



    Back story, I lived in section 8 housing, which obviously means you’ll have roaches. When I say those apartments were infested. I mean, they would fall on me when I slept. I got out as soon as I could. So fast forward to me getting my own house, of course those dang things came along with my furniture. I had an exterminator come out. Nothing. I bought this, Literally a week in there were a TON of roaches just dead on my kitchen floor. They are gone. This is crazy good. Don’t waste your time on an expensive exterminator, buy this!


    Barbara Lopez

    Guys.... Today 10/13/2019 at 10:19 am .. I do say thing gel really works... I am impressed I have tried everything, I went to Lowe's and was always buying Home Defense and spraying outside 2 a week.. and inside 4 times a week and those cockroaches never leave..and they were growing and growing and having babies like crazy... Guys I bought this on Wednesday and today is Sunday.. this is amazing!!! Today I haven't seen a live cockroach...all I see dead ones..Really recommend this product.. you guys will always remember my review!!!Will be forward in buying more, just to keep them away...Thanks Guys!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️


    Beautiful ^_*

    Our kitchen is infested. I see more than 20 roaches as the evening comes in the kitchen. If you think I am exaggerating I am not. Our building is old and I am a clean freak but our kitchen cabinets are old and neighbours have roaches. As we moved in we had roaches and I got rid of them last year. I used chinese poison, didnt work. Then I bought advion from i think it was from a different seller on amazon, it made it worse.More roaches were eatinv and walking around. Then I bought roach hotels it killed not even one. Then I got the Combat syringes put every night for two weeks and had none for a year. Now they are back and I have spent so much money for 4 bottles of spray already. Spray kills but only those you spray on, next day spray dries and roaches keep making more. Traps were a waste of money. Bought boric acid pills not working. Combat syringe didnt work this time, I felt maybe the poison formula changed felt like more roaches came.Finally I ordered Advion again to try, and it came today and Guess what - This one is a different Formula Its A plain Light Yellow “Baby Chick“ color. I am hoping that this time it will work because this is the real formula. Because last year I bought advion on amazon by different company and the formula looked just like creamy almond butter spotty brown formula and,i had more roaches coming.UPDATE: I received it yesterday and put some around sink and cabinets and look what?Advion Plain Light Yellow “Baby Chick yellow” is the real formula. It works. My prayers are answered. If you receive different color formula, return it right away. I dont know if the company or someone btw shipping selling the fake stuff taking advantage of people’s needs.Wishing everyone clean house!


    Enrique Vargas

    Okay, let me first respond to all the negative reviews... I highly recommend cleaning your place very well before using this, that way you will only have to use this one time. If you make the mistake on using this while your apartment or house is dirty it will make no sense. Do it right, clean, disinfect then use. Why? Because roaches can and will become immune to it if you keep using it without cleaning first. Because they are coming to your place for two reasons, 1) because someone is fumigating their place and they are running to yours for safety as funny as that sounds. Or 2) there is something in your place that is highly attracting them (animal urine, crumbs that happened to fall in between cracks on the floor, mildew, toddlers who run around leaving sticky messes all over and so on).I lived in NYC Manhattan to be exact, when I moved in I had a major problem with roaches, one reason was because the people next door had 5 cats and weren't the cleanest, then after speaking with some people they told me that the person who lived in my apartment before me had three small dogs that always peed in the apartment.So I spent an entire day cleaning, mopping with hot water, scrubbing all nuks and crannies throughout the apartment... I put this in every crack, opening especially the tiny openings around the steams as well around the pipes in the bathroom and kitchen. I didn't miss one spot in the house, I even scrubbed the inside of the closets... Is it hard work? Yes... But I would rather break my butt cleaning then to have roaches...6 months later with one use and not one single roach in site.... It's more than Worth it trust me.


    What’s Her Face

    I bought this for one of my rental homes. After the former tenants moved out, and I went in to clean, I saw what I call “King Daddy” sized cockroaches EVERYWHERE!! I knew Advion bait was the only thing I was going to buy, because I had used it once before about 3 years ago. However, I do feel like the formula may have changed, the last batch had roaches coming out to the bait like it was crack & they were bingeing and I’d leave and come back to find dead or dying roaches all over the floors counters etc... this batch, not so much, but I did find lots of dead roaches & I believe they are all dead & gone, however, I do feel that the house being completely empty of furniture, food & water and the cold weather has a big factor in them being eliminated. Not to say the roaches didn’t come out & eat it up like before, I just didn’t see the same results as the last time. Also, last time, if one came and ate off the little glob of bait, it would walk away normal to it’s hiding spot, I did notice this batch made them disoriented and kinda paralyzed instantly & they didn’t make it very far before dying. Helpful tip, if you do find a dead one after it ate the bait, if you can leave it there, do it! Because roaches are also cannibals & if they can’t find food, they’ll start to eat each other & die from the poison the other one ate. As I type this, I realize, unfortunately, I know way too much about these NASTY bugs! But Hey, knowledge is power! Good Luck!!


    Graciela Alderette

    Product works great for killing cockroaches. Apply gel Per manufactures instructions roaches come out and are attracted to gel.All cockroaches dead, you may have to reapply for straglers . I applied gel 5 weeks ago haven’t. Seen any roaches.


    Sara Durdevic

    I moved to this apartment February 2018 and right after six months I got roaches. Despite the homeless crisis, LA became really bad and dirty place full of rats and disseases. It was a nightmare for year. I thought I will burn my apartment down!On June 14 I declared war on roaches. I was searching for effective solution and I found Advalion. I got this on Wednesday the July 3rd and apply after. I will suggest everyone first to clean kitchen and bathroom and apply very tiny amount in the corners, cracks and anywhere you see that this awful creatures will hide. Just remember they are really smart. Well, after I apply after two hours I had little Day of Dead. Read the instructions carefully. GOOD LUCK



    Update:06/05/2020 last used bait in November of 2019 and home is still roach free haven't used any other types of bait or poisin since then. This product did an amazing jobUpdate:11/30/2019All signs of roaches in cabinets and around sinks and furniture is 0.3% only thing alive and moving are tiny babies but even they are dying now.Update:11/20/2019This afternoon cleared out another big bunch. I had no idea my home was this infested. This is insane.11/20/2019This morning after waking up 100s of dead roaches.11/19/2019It arrived very quickly and came in new packaging with instructions and tips. Pretty easy to apply and saw roaches immediately start eating it as i was applying will update with a true review in a few weeks after hopefully seeing results. Used 1 ½ syringe in our 1400sqft living space.