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Sticky Sheets( Sticky Sheets 12 Pack )

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  • The fastest, easiest method for removing pet hair, lint and dirt
  • Specially formulated- sticks to hair but not to itself
  • Each sheet measures 23 x 35 inches
  • Reuseable to clean an entire room.

  • Product Review

    Books To Believe In

    This is a fantastic product - way over due to the marketplace!If you have a pet - you owe it to yourself to get these - that is if you want to save time and money and keep your house free of pet hair!I can't say enough - these things are FANTASTIC!



    These sheets worked perfectly. It was a little cumbersome at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. All three dogs are very happy, as am I! I wish there were more per package.



    I did the job


    Frances Smith

    Sticky Sheets are wonderful for removing pet hair from the furniture. I have a cat and have never found anything as fast and thorough as Sticky Sheets.


    Catherine Bobenic

    Love it! So awesome for pet hair removal! And lint, works great for pool tables and car upholstery!



    Good stuff when you have pets.



    These are awesome for removing Cat Hair from furniture quickly without a residue. Highly effective for a complete removal of the hair.



    My lab sheds a lot and the sticky sheets are by far the best for removal of dog hair from clothing, rugs, etc/



    These sheets are great for removing cat hair from chairs, couches, and other fabrics. Each sheet covers a large area, and they're very easy to use.



    We have used Sticky Sheets on our furniture for years. Nothing takes cat hair off as well as Sticky Sheets!


    Mary Ann Strasser

    Had them previously and loved them. We have a dog and cat that shed everywhere and they work the very best. My lady that cleans for me took the information and was thinking about ordering them for herself and was going to tell others about this WONDERFUL product. Expect to get another order from me in the near future.


    Eileen W. Metts

    The best for cleaning animal hair from large surfaces.


    Charles Timmons

    Great for removing cat hair


    Patti Vogel

    Love this and truly removes all



    These are fantastic...the kind of thing you get and say, "Why didn't I think of that!" They, of course, remove pet...and people...hair. But one huge bonus is they also act as a deterent and a training device. I used them on the backs of my dining room chairs after my Mom's cat decided they were exceptional scratching posts (Gotta love the little buggers!) She quickly learned she didn't like clawing the sticky stuff and has since stopped clawing them entirely. The whole process took less than 2 weeks. Now we won't be without them...either our cats or the sticky sheets.


    L Atkinson

    Works great, but I found these sheets are too big and cumbersome. I usually cut them in half, easier to handle but harder to get the backing off.



    been using these for years. Great product


    Pinky Sue

    I actually found these in another state and didn't have many sheets. I liked using them though. I was happy to find them on Amazon and ordered a bigger quantity of them. I have three pets and they really help with hair removal.



    I used Sticky sheets for the first time years ago, will never stop ordering these as long as I have pets. They are so useful in removing pet fur off furniture. I also had a kitty litter spill in the trunk of my car and used a sticky sheet to clean it all up, was quick and painless. Great product!



    These things are so helpful for picking up the dog hair off my stairs and car upholstery. The vacuum cleaner can only do so much. They are also a godsend for lining the trunk of the car to keep dirty stuff away from the upholstery They've kept my car totally clean while hauling things like bags of mulch and plants. Just pull them up and your trunk is clean.