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Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Sea-Licious Salmon & Cod Dinner Morsels Grain-Free Cat Food, 8 oz bag

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  • Made in the USA - Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Yummy Lickin' Salmon & Chicken Dinner's all-natural recipe is crafted with care in small batches in Stella & Chewy’s own USA kitchen to provide the highest levels of protein-rich meat and quality nutrition for your cat
  • All-natural and minimally processed. Because the closer foods stay to their natural state, the better they are. That's why each of Stella & Chewy's Dinner Morsels recipes contains no added hormones, antibiotics, grains or fillers. Best of all, it's 100% complete and balanced for all life stages
  • Raw nutrition and convenience - your pet deserves to thrive on real, raw meat. Now, Stella & Chewy's makes it easier than ever to give your pet real raw nutrition with the convenience of freeze-dried
  • Supports better health for your pet with improved appetite and digestion, relief from allergies, vibrant skin and coat, healthy teeth and gums, greater stamina and vitality and a healthy immune system
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on "Ships from and sold by Amazon.com" items. Questions? Contact Stella & Chewy's at 888-477-8977

  • Product Review


    This might be a premature review since it's only been six days. My 12 yr old, small female calico has been battling chronic, pernicious diarrhea for 4 years. The last few weeks have been so bad I covered all the furniture with blankets and towels. I've gone the vet route, Fortiflora, grain free, limited ingredients, Wellness, et al. Last week I thought I was looking at the end game. I tried the internet once more looking for a solution and read about some good outcomes using rabbit. Looking for rabbit, I came across Stella and Chewy reviews. God bless the internet. I got my order on Thursday, figuring either she wouldn't eat it or it wouldn't help. Instead, she gobbled it down. I fed her three times and sometime that night she threw it all up. Not surprising since I didn't introduce it slowly. I fed it to her again the next day, it stayed down. She's thrown it up once in the last 4 days. On day 4 she turned up her nose at the wet food. I crushed up some dry, she ate it. Now I alternate wet and dry. Her diarrhea stopped within 24 hrs after switching to this. Her stools have form. And she is absolutely glowing. Looks like using this is going to cost about $3 a day. Yikes. I have five pets. So now I'm going to research how to feed her, my other cat and three dogs raw without going broke. But what a difference a week makes.Update: it's now been over two weeks, still doing great. I switched to turkey, cheaper, no problems. So then I ordered the 18 oz bag of turkey, $37, since I knew that she would eat it. When it arrived, at least a third of it was the consistency of sawdust. All of it just makes a mushy pate. It's not nearly as firm as the previous 8 oz bag. She's not happy with it. I've been adding some cooked hamburger or ground turkey trying to get her to eat it. Not going to change the rating since her health is so much better but disappointed in the variation of quality. I'm now trying something from Petsmart in store because I can't afford to get a bad batch every third order.


    Ramon F. Sola

    This is by far the choice of food for my cat. Which is great since it has good ingredients, is easy to prepare. My cat begs for this food and the 1 minute of soaking/reconstituting can feel like the longest minute of your life. I use warm/hot water to get it to soak in faster and in that time the water cools significantly. Just by itself my cat will eat the entire thing in quick succession with nary a crumb left behind.The only obvious gripe is the price. This bag I was hoping would last 1 month lasted about 2.5 weeks. I ended up mixing this food with another freeze dried food in powder form to lengthen the bag's life. The other food is The Honest Kitchen which seems to pair well with the Stella & Chewy.


    Nikita Burke

    This stuff has basically rescued my poor 3y/o sphynx with antibiotic induced IBD diarrhea that plagued him for over 6 months. I have over 1000 dollars in tests and worthless supplements and expensive worthless prescription food to try to solve this problem. Finally I gave in to my sphynx mom friends peer pressures and made the transition to dehydrated raw. It took less than a week to have completely solid perfect poops.I’m ecstatic. The only thing that would make it better was if it wasn’t so expensive and they made it in the bigger bag like the other proteins.



    Quality product. Had 2-3 cats for many years. When I would be away for a couple days would just leave large bowls of dry food for them.Have one 14yo left & she needed to go on a diet, with Veterinarian checkup before and during. Had no luck with the brand name "prescription" diet she recommended. After doing my "homework" and talking to others, learned of Stella & Chewy's. Over a year, my cat has gone from 18lbs to 11lbs. No more dry food for her, staying with Stella & Chewy's!Her lab values remain normal, no signs of fatty liver disease from too rapid a loss. It's easy to rehydrate the proper amount for the number of calories desired in each feeding. Costs a little more than at my area independent pet shop but when time and travel cost figured in I suppose it evens out. Great product!


    Joey B

    I have a 3 1/2 year old cat that’s the love of my life. I rescued her from a hoarding situation when she was about 6 months old. What I didn’t realize initially was that she had an awful upper respiratory infection that we’ve been dealing with for about 3 years. The vet recommended giving her lysine daily to boost her immune system and this has helped but she continually goes through cycles where she’ll be good for a few weeks and then go through a week or so where her eyes are watering constantly and she’s sneezy & snotty. About three months ago I decided to try switching her diet to see if that might help, I figured it couldn’t hurt. At first, I tried a limited ingredient cat food that had great reviews and people seemed to be happy with, but she wasn’t too thrilled with it. So, I decided to try Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried raw. She LOVES it! I didn’t know what to expect if anything, but I thought if her overall health might be better, at least she’d feel better during her flare-ups. What I didn’t expect was such a huge difference. Within 2-3 weeks her symptoms had almost cleared up. Her eyes are still a little watery on occasion, but the sneezing and wheezing have stopped completely, at least for the past 2 months or so. The only thing I can contribute this to is her new diet. For the first time since I've had her, she’s not having to have lysine added to her food each day and she feels better than ever. Even her coat is softer and shinier. The only drawback is the cost. Nearly $40/bag and she goes through a bag about every 2 weeks, but if it helps her feel better I’m more than willing to pay. Luckily, she’s an only cat!



    Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw is AWESOME! I have a VERY finicky 16 year old boy. He has a ton of allergies and will vomit up most cat foods on the market. When I find a food he likes AND Tolerates it works great for a few days and then he eats less and less. Eventually he turns his nose up to it. So far with Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw he is eating WELL! It has a VERY strong fish smell which get's him excited for food.My boy gets dehydrated easily and sometimes needs extra Sub Q Fluids. I've tried adding extra water to most caned foods and it's a fail. He licks it a few times and walks away. With Stella and Chewy's I can add extra water and he still cleans his plate! He is much better hydrated now!No waste! I can mix up exactly what i need to with this food. With canned foods my boy wouldn't eat them if I put them in the fridge and then warmed them up. Don't ask me why! He eats so little sometimes he would waste 1/2 the can! You can crumble up these morals while they are dry and once you add water it turns into a puree. My boy eats pureed food better then he eats solid pate style foods.Added bonus ALL 6 of my other cats LOVE this food. I don't buy it for them but they hear the bag or smell it and they come running to steal a bite! Our kitten will steal a dry moral if he gets a chance and run off devouring his prize.



    I have a 1.5 year old with FIP. His only consistent issue is with having periodic loose stools. I kept his primary food consistent while we worked with different medicines and also medicine for giardia in the first 6 months of owning him. I felt we were ready to try a new food and this was it. Having been treated to every human food available to make different pills and medicines palatable he is a connoisseur of salmon and chicken :) but still eats all of it in moderation. Well! I have introduced the chicken flavor and he is devouring it! Begging for most of the day - I’m shocked! I haven’t seen long term effects on his bowel movements but will update. Of course, his loose stools may be from the FIP or the original cat food we were feeding him so if they get better that would be an awesome result! - (2 months later update - his stools are firm w/minimum smell - loves the food and he feels heavier and fatter in the stomach - really happy w/him!)



    Great limited ingredient food option for cats. My cats however refuse to eat this hydrated, they will only eat it dry. To be honest, when rehydrated this smells like straight up blood which makes sense. Since my cats have been indoor cats their whole lives and have never actually killed anything other than maybe a spider, I'm not sure that they know what blood smells like or that it's supposed to mean "food" so that could be why they aren't attracted to that smell. I feel like if you're sure that your cat is regularly drinking water then eating this dry shouldn't be a problem. I don't use this as their main food source anyway, it's just to sub in in case one of them decides to turn their nose up at the wet food that I've chosen for the day and sometimes for treats. I did have to discontinue feeding the chicken flavor because I found out that one of my cats has an allergy to chicken so I started purchasing the turkey flavor instead. The chunk sizes I also find to be a bit big for cats to chew but are a manageable size if split in half.



    Ok, long story. I have a 16 year old Himmy that was blocked and had surgery many years ago. He has been on special dry food ever since. The food costs me $50 a bag. I have always tried to give him some wet food but he just wouldn’t eat it. The prescription food I have been giving him comes in wet food too, but he hates it. I have tried everything. Now, because gphe’s old, has teeth problems, etc,, he bugs us constantly for table food. Cheese and chicken are his #1. He wakes us at 5 in the morning. Ok, now I spot this Stella and Chewy’s chicken and thought I would give it a try. The first night he smelled it a long time, licked it, ate one piece and ignored it. The second night I tried again. He ate it. He ate it all. Third night, he ate it all again. I am thrilled!!! I hope it is as good for him as they say. It is expensive but he is worth it. Thank you Stella and Chewy’s.



    My has some sort of food intolerance that causes him to puke up pretty much every food he has ever eaten. For the past few years, I have bounced between Amazon reviews and Vet offices trying to find a solution.We tried different foods, diets, medications, timing, ect. Food wise, we have looked at everything - wet, dry, raw, grain free, Hills, fish only, poultry only, organic, gmo free, Blue Buffalo, Purina, Sensitive Stomach, etc. Every time we found something that we thought worked, we ended up disappointed. He would be ok for a few weeks but then would start puking and losing weight again. It was very stressful until we found Stella & Chewy's.Since we started feeding him this, he has not puked, he has gained about three pounds, and his coat is fuller and softer than ever. This food is very expensive. I am pretty sure that at 80 bucks a month, my cat eats better than billions of people on earth.tl;dr - expensive but it is the only thing my cat can eat without puking


    Gayze N.

    How we feed our pets is very much a matter of personal preference (ours and the pet's). In our case, we have a kitty who has dealt with inflammatory bowel issues all her life, and is also a super finicky cat. We've used every top of the line brand on the market. The pattern is typically that she will improve a bit for a little while, then start with her "issues" again. Most of the time, we have to follow her around the room, coaxing her to eat, also, as she is very particular about what she will accept.She has now been on Stella & Chewy's Chick Chick Chicken flavor for about three months, and for the first time in her life, her bowel issues appear to have stabilized. At first, she devoured the food like I've never seen her eat. Now, she is starting to lose interest. I think it's just that she's been on only one flavor. However, the fact that her problems appear to be so much better makes me hope I can gradually add other flavors in, a little at a time, to rekindle her interest.I have a vet, whom I love in most ways, but who often recommends against feeding a raw diet to pets due to the possibility of bacterial contamination. Even she has said that cats often just know what they need better than we do, and she's thrilled to hear of my little girl's improvement.I am very happy with the improvement I've seen in my baby on this food. I'm slightly concerned over her waning interest, but am hopeful that adding a bit flavor variety will help, and we'll be able to keep her feeling well for a very long time.Note: I am not a vet, and this is in no way a veterinary recommendation or endorsement. I'm just relaying personal experience, and everyone's experience may vary. If you have a pet with any health issue, please work closely with your own veterinarian to find the best plan to care for your furry family member.



    I reluctantly listened to a Vet's hour long ad about raw cat food w/ organ meat and no additives, preservatives, and such... saying that when he switched his cat to this type of food, she acted younger, felt better, etc. Well, I've always been told by my vet that wet food was better for cats, but they are really used to having dry cat food out to nibble all day. After listening to the Vet's hour-long sales pitch about his freeze dried raw cat food , I looked into it. It sounded good. Sadly it was really costly... nearly $40 for a 12 oz. bag. I search Amazon for something similar and found Stella & Chewys. Still, I was unsure how my cats would even react to it. So I bought 3 small trial bags of different varieties to try. [Still somewhat pricey but affordable and little cheaper than the Vet's brand, which he sold privately.] I decided to follow what some reviewers suggested in their product reviews of S & C.This is what I did: It comes in large pellets that crush easily. I took about 8 pellets from each of the 3 bags and crushed them in a resealable bag. You can crush them in the bag with something you have handy, and then loosen up the crushed mixture. I added about 1/4 of the crushed pellets on top of TWO bowls of dry cat food-- 1/4 - 1/2 cup good quality dry cat food ONLY. Then mix it together well.(I have 3 long-haired cats.) Here's the exciting thing... ALL of my cats stopped their intermittent vomiting. Seriously, its been nearly two weeks, and I have not seen any vomiting, which included hairballs or just undigested dry food. Not only was that disgusting for me, but it worried me because vomiting is associated with many disorders. I'm convinced this freeze dried raw meat died IS good them. I've used only a small amount, and the benefit was been obvious right away! There is still enough left to last at least two more weeks maybe longer even though I bought a trial size of 3 types--totaling 10.5 oz. for $28.50. While you will find some negative opinions for this product, this skeptical reviewer IS CONVINCED IT'S GREAT!



    Finally! A food where I can get my cat to drink more water and he feels spoiled like on canned food but I know its not junk food. I used to feed him Blue Buffalo strictly because I love being grain and filler free, however Stella & Chewys was recommended to me by a dog breeder who feeds raw but doesn't have the time to prepare it. I haven't looked back since! His coat is so silky and shiny, and his bowel movements are much healthier. He is a 5yr old Savannah/Bengal who used to bleed on every bowel movement because his poops were too big due to his exotic mix. Now his poops are smaller and he is eating with a reason and finds nutrition in every morsel of this stuff that he needs!The only negative thing I have to say is to watch out for pieces of bone and cartilage, because this food does contain REAL ground meat and necks and organs, you do of course run into those from time to time. My cat spits out those pieces when eating it dry because he dislikes the texture, however if I re hydrate the food in warm water for 5min then mush it with a fork, he gobbles it up clean every drop no problem.



    My cats love this food whether batting around the pieces a la prey as a treat or served as it's supposed to be mixed with water.This is the only healthy, high quality food they lick their bowls clean when eating.The ingredients are excellent and the animals raised ethically and humanely with no hormone or antibiotic injections--the only type of pet food given to my cats.Their favorite flavors are duck and chicken.



    I have purchased the Duck, Chicken, and Salmon flavors of this stuff and my kitties do love all three, however, they really love the chicken the best. It is good to give them as a treat or even when you have a cat who is being extra picky or has dental issues. Right now one of my kitties has dental issues. He is missing most of his teeth so I throw about a cup of these in my Ninja and chop them to bits. They are almost a powder when I get through with them so when I mix it with water it softens up at once and he can eat it easily. I use warm tap water or you could put it in the microwave for maybe 3-5 seconds. Just check it and make sure it is not too hot. Also, if you have a kitty not wanting to eat their canned food you can also sprinkle a little of this (in powder form) on their wet food and that will entice them to eat. I'm including a photo of what this stuff looks like after I put it through the Ninja. Sometimes I make a little extra and store it in a ziplock bag.



    I use to work with a holistic veterinarian who recommended Stella and Chewys and other holistic forms of food. She recommended duck per the guaranteed analysis for my kitty. I brought home samples of the turkey and duck for my cats. One of my cats only liked the duck-she tried to sample the turkey, but prefers duck in general. My other cats also liked the duck! I like this particular brand and flavor because it contains everything my kitty needs and has the right amount of protein. It doesn’t lack essential vitamins, minerals, or supplements. I’ve been buying it for over 2 years and will continue to feed this to my kitties!


    L. Van Deusen

    I've been moving my 7 cats towards a mainly raw food diet, but as I'm sure you know, what works for one cat doesn't necessarily work for another. Rad Cat raw is the only raw one will eat, but 4 out of the 7 like this Stella & Chewy's freeze-dried. (Two won't even consider raw.). The favorite flavors have been the chicken, the turkey and the salmon-chicken. The duck was a big fail. And some days, the flavor loved the day before isn't the flavor they want to eat that day. Isn't it all a guessing game?! Easy to prepare, and I love the fact that I don't have to be as careful as I do with the Rad Cat raw. (Feeding carnivores in a vegan household.). I also like the fact that the meat is free range and human grade. I bought 3 different flavors of the smallest size to try out before buying a big bag. Definitely the way to go when dealing with finicky cats.



    What lead me to trying this new, I'd say pricey food. End of 2017 my male cat turned 13 and was losing some muscle mass. In early 2018 he developed a strange cough upper respiratory issue that took a few months to clear up. Then blood tests showed abnormal thyroid, so he is medicated for that. He lost his elder cat buddy in the fall, and started getting really picky about food. Went off his excellent quality kibble (on a lesser kibble but he likes it) , and only wants gravy foods. I'd have to mash up any food bits within gravy or he would leave on the plate. Now he is getting thinner, BT show possible lymphoma in GI tract, he's on prednisolone, and I wanted the best food possible. He eats every morsel after I prepare just 4 of these with hot water and mash up into tiny bits less than .25 in size. I feel good he is on less carbs and happy he laps this all up. He eats about 5-6 small meals a day, this about 2x, roasted chic thigh meat, and tuna slurry in the am. Rather than do expensive medical tests, I"m going with better food, medications, and will consider a supplement to hopefully extend his life a year or two. Fingers crossed.



    Edited to include update on 9/27/16:Update: I contacted Stella $ Chewy's and was told that they could only set the minimum price for 3rd Party sellers, but that the sellers could mark up the cost as high as they like. This is highway robbery. I will only purchase from my local store from here on out.Originally posted on 9/26/17: When you need access to novel proteins with quality ingredients this food hits the mark. My 13 year old cat developed a chicken intolerance. I was desperate to find proteins other than poultry for him to eat. I tried rabbit from other companies and he didn't like it, but took to this brand easily. So the food gets the 5 star rating.HOWEVER there a $9 difference in price between buying it from this seller or in a store. I purchased this thinking it was larger than the $13 bag I get when I make the drive to the nearest pet supply store, but I just verified that it's the same 3.5 oz bag. I will contact Stella & Chewy's to get to the bottom of this.


    H. Phua

    2/2019 UPDATE: I'm editing my review and upgrading my rating because Stella & Chewy must've heard all the complaints and modified their turkey formula again, much to my relief. I've added a new photo with the updated ingredient list (white text on purple background) showing just dried pumpkin seed as the 4th ingredient, and dandelion and kelp much further down the list. The chicken formula looks great too. Not the same as the original, but loads better than that last incarnation. I'm leaving the original photo as evidence, but otherwise am just as happy as my cats.4/2018 NEW INGREDIENTS include lots of veggies :(First, Amazon needs to update the ingredient list and product photos, at the very least for the Turkey 18oz. Second, Stella & Chewy really needs to announce major formula changes. One of my cats has a very sensitive stomach, could barely stand the addition of pea fiber previously (he rejects wet food with peas or pea fiber), now the ingredient list includes cranberries, spinach, beets, broccoli, carrots, squash, apples... (i.e. fillers for obligate carnivores) Are they so hard up to turn profits that they need to sneak in these cost cutting measures? There was a reason I stopped rotating with Primal and Natures Variety freeze dried products - my cats rejected anything with veggies (smart boys). I might edit this if my cats don't notice the formula change (I'm still finishing up an older bag) but it's looking like I'm going to have to quit S&C and stick with Northwest Naturals. :(