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Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Dandy Lamb Meal Mixers Dog Food Topper, 18 oz. Bag

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  • Made in the USA – each small batch of Meal Mixers freeze-dried raw dog food toppers is crafted in Stella & Chewy’s own USA kitchen. All ingredients are responsibly sourced, and never from China
  • All natural and minimally processed. Because the closer foods stay to their natural state, the better they are for your pet. Meal Mixers freeze-dried raw dog food contains NO added hormones, antibiotics, grains, peas, lentils or potatoes. And is 100% complete and balanced for all life stages
  • Raw nutrition and convenience - It’s easier than ever to give your pet real raw nutrition with the convenience of freeze-dried. No rehydration or preparation necessary. Simply scoop, mix and serve
  • Supports better health for your pet with improved appetite and digestion, relief from allergies, shiny skin and coat, healthy teeth and gums, increased energy and stamina, and healthy immune system
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on "Ships from and sold by Amazon.com" items. Questions? Contact Stella & Chewy's at 888-477-8977

  • Product Review


    Highly recommend this product for picky pups. My training center uses these as rewards for training so I purchased a pack. I really think this product helped my dog pay a lot more attention in training class. So much so that we flew through 2 obedience classes and she just earned her Canine Good Citizenship certificate. I really wish they made smaller pieces though. I have to tear these into bit size pieces as my dog is only 9 lbs. The larger size is great for bigger pups, but it would be awesome if they made them smaller for training. Tearing them into smaller pieces makes them crumble sometimes. Still, I highly recommend!



    Great product. My one dog eats just this, while my other dog gets it as a Topper with her dry food. I do add some warm water because she is older and the one that eats just it is not a big drinker. The food is great and I ordered this on Amazon because my local store was down to one bag which I purchased. The Clash and I have is pick a different seller. Yes this was shipped by Amazon, so I thought I was doing the right thing, but I ordered it November 9th and received it at 11 a.m. on November 15th with what they called 2 day shipping. I ran out and thankfully my local store got more in before Amazon could manage to deliver the package. Still if you've been considering a raw diet for your dog, this is a good choice because it can be Solo or mixed. It also has few ingredients and my one dog has allergies to peas and lentils and so many of the other mixers contain both.


    C. A.

    Wow. I have two tiny dogs who are picky eaters. An 8 lb Maltipoo and 6 lb Chihuahua. The Chihuahua is especially picky, but when he likes something he's very enthusiastic about it. He lives passionately. I had seen Jeffree Star talk about this brand awhile back as being very high quality and what he feeds his pomeranians. But, he is rich, I am not, and the cost for the patties was way more than their already perfectly decent grain free kibble from I And Love And You, so I never bought any. Then, a few days ago, I saw an Amazon deal pop up for this product. I like that you can add a little to their existing food as a topper, and that you can rehydrate to make it soft, as my Chihuahua is elderly and missing some teeth. He doesn't like hard freeze dried food. He also has never eaten a commercially produced wet dog food before, not even decent brands like Blue Buffalo. I decided to take a chance with the discount and try a few flavors, figured my girl would at least eat it and it sounded very healthy. We received them yesterday, and I rehydrated a portion of the Duck Duck Goose to add to their dinner. Well, they both went absolutely nuts for this stuff! Licked their bowls clean quickly! I just mixed up some more for tonight, but thought I'd try giving them each one piece dry as a treat, and both of them gobbled that up just fine too, even my guy who normally turns his nose up at freeze dried meat. Not sure what kind of magic is in this, but I'm sold and will be keeping it on Subscribe and Save as a great supplement to their diet.



    My dogs are so picky. I’m picky. They’re our babies and we only want them to eat the best. We have been using a soft food meat topper for months that hasn’t had them “excited” to eat like it once did.My two pups eat 1/3 cup twice a day of their normal dry kibble and I just crumble one piece on top of their food and they go nuts. They won’t let me go one minute past meal time without getting in my face and reminding me what time it is.Send help because they now know these are stored up on the counter and just constantly sit there while mean mugging me. SOS



    There are two types of huskies in this world, our trainer told us. The "I'll eat everything until I balloon to 500 lbs" type, and the "I will not eat anything" type. I have the latter. I cannot tell you how much we've tried. I got to the point where I was cooking ground beef and veggies, mixing in coconut oil and crumbled treats. Even THAT was not always enough to get her to eat ONE MEAL A DAY. She was a young otherwise healthy dog going on 3 day hunger strikes. I was desperate.I honestly didn't think this would work, but I had a coupon, and thought, why the heck not. Mixed in 3 scoops of this (she's 65 lbs, frankly 3 lbs underweight for her large frame) with her regular kibble, Orijen brand. Suddenly it was devoured! I thought, this miracle surely will not persist. She'll be into it for a few days like always, because it's new, and then the magic will fade like with everything else. Well I'm 2 weeks into this experiment and am completely sold. Today she ate two smaller meals instead of one big one - a huge improvement. Just getting her to be hungry twice in one day is amazing to me. She eats excitedly, as opposed to nibbling at it an hour after I set down the bowl. She FINISHES her kibble, instead of leaving half of it.Besides all this, which would have been enough for me to love this product, her digestive system is improved. A dog with chronic diarrhea is no longer a sufferer. No gas, less burping. HAPPY MOMMA!I know it's a bit expensive, but if you're like me, you're already spending more than you think each month in random products and produce begging your dog to eat. Possibly also at the vet, where you're getting consults for your starving dog and meds for an upset tummy. Give this a try, even if you have lost hope!



    This food is awesome! My 10 month old Sharpei is on a grain free diet and on his third kibble because he's super picky. He was slightly underweight and nothing was working as far as treats and adding more food go. I was considering Honest Kitchen raw but knew he'd never go for that. So glad Amazon suggested this. Love that there are no potatoes or fillers -so hard to find products like this that go the extra mile for super high quality.As soon as it came out of the box my dog was next to me as he must have smelled what was inside. I gave him a few tastes and he LOVED them! I love the handy scooper included, too. Also love that my dog is now finishing his bowl of kibble and I'm using only 3 TB of wet food while I transition off of mixing that in.I will be ordering a larger bag very soon. Love that it's made in Wisconsin, too! Thanks for a great product that has helped my picky pup!


    Karen Russell

    I breed teacup schnauzer maltese puppies and all my dogs and puppies love this topper...and so do I because it's a healthy way to add raw to their diet, without the hassle of going to the butcher. I have 6 dogs and they love these toppers. Wish they were a little more affordable, but health is the price we pay. My dogs give these 5 paws up!Karen Russell Teacup Schnauzer Maltese Puppies and Healthy Life Advisors


    J Wetherington

    Because this is so expensive, I bought the 8 oz size bag of chicken as a trial. My 3 small dogs (all under 16 lbs) are picky eaters, but they LOVE this food and completely clean out their bowls, something they don't normally do. I feed this in addition to their usual foods, about 1/4 cup per dog per day spread over two meals. The most dramatic difference has been in my oldest dog, Katie, who is 18 years old. She's been having trouble jumping up to the couch, but after 4 days of this food, last night she raced into the tv room and leapt onto the couch from 3 feet away. The addition of this to their food was the only change I've made. I am so impressed with the improvement, I bought an 18 oz bag so that I can continue feeding this to them as part of their regular diet.



    My 10 month old Min Pin loves these! I stick them in toys and she has to work to get them out. LOL! I stuck a couple in one toy that is hard plastic ball that rolls around and she was working at it and whining as she wanted it out so bad... kept her busy for a long time, I eventually had to take it away at bed time, and gave it back to her in the morning. I am also using this treat, as my dog is cat box trained (I use piddle pads cut in 1/2 and placed in a cat box) and sometimes when she has accidents right outside the box... so we are retraining with these treats, if she goes in the correct spot, she gets 1 treat.


    Enid Berthog

    My dogs LOVE this food and I love that it is full of great ingredients and so much nutrition! I feed my dogs a raw diet that I make and then I supplement with a quality dry, but I primarily purchased this for one of my studs who refuses to eat when any of my girls are in season. It's scary how much weight he loses but surprisingly, he can't resist this stuff so I am extremely pleased with the product and of course the product quality. My dissatisfaction comes in the fact that this food has to be so outrageously expensive and not something that many of us could afford to feed regularly! I really feel like the producers of so many of these "natural freeze dried and grain free" foods are just over the top on their pricing and are taking advantage of us who strive to choose better foods because we know the importance of better nutrition for our beloved pets. I understand that higher quality does require better ingredients that cost more but I also think they are "milking" it too. I'm always open to trying new things and this food will have its purpose in my feeding regimen occasionally as I mentioned above, but for the most part it is priced out of my range of being able to feed it reguarly.



    I got the meal mixers, and my pup loves this product! It's genius. At first, I thought he would get tired of this after a few weeks like he does with most foods but it's been four months and he eats this everyday like its new and the most delicious thing ever. I never have to worry about him not eating enough or skipping meals anymore. You can give your dog his dry regular boring kibble and just crumble some of this on top or mix it in to make it magical and they will lick their bowl clean every time and get excellent nutrition. I feel so good about feeding this to him because of the ingredients and the ability to mix some raw food into his diet without upsetting his stomach. He's improved so much since I discovered this. His coat looks amazing and he is just so healthy. Thank you so much Stella & Chewy's!



    Our dog just loves this stuff. We mix it with her dry kibble. Another advantage is that since we started using this, she has so many fewer of the "stinkies" too commonly associated with pugs. A huge plus. In addition, its great for pets who have sensative tummies. Ours is prone to throw up a lot of different foods, but is great with this. We have been giving it to her for about 4 months.


    Linda Lee

    This is a perfect kibble topper! My Bichon Oliver is picky and I would add canned wet food to his kibble and he would sometimes eat it, but mostly not because gloppy gravy on top of kibble doesn't appeal to Mr. PICKY s taste.But with this topper, Big Difference! You can cover dry with these fluffy morsels or Crumble them!!Or, you can add Bone Broth or Chicken broth to these toppers and they can be a meal by themselves! A can of wet dog food $2, so this topper is economical, I can get about 15 servings or more if I use almost 1/2 cup, but 30 days if just added for flavor!Do you have a picky puppy? Stella and Cheweys is a goid choice if you need an all fish raw boost.Also seems to give my little Bichon and ENERGY BOOST.And no, I'm not paid to give a good review, I just really care about this little guy and I'm on lookout for new flavors in mixer, food-toppers!


    Cindy Riggan

    Stella & Chewy's has been a life changer in my home! I have two service dogs. One whose not a picky eater, Bella our almost 3 year old 120lb mix of Itallian Mastiff & Golden Doodle and our other one who is a picky eater, Thia our 4 year old 100lb Italian Mastiff Cane Corso. Thia got cancer about a year ago which really scared me!! She made it through and is in remission, praise God, however it made me really start thinking about what I was feeding my Furbabies! I knew I couldn't afford full raw diet so I went on someone's suggestion to try freeze dried raw added into kibble. I did a bunch of research and couldn't find one that I felt was right. Late one night I somehow clicked on and watched a Stella & Chewy's add and instantly I got excited about everything that was being said! I went straight to the reviews and they confirmed my thoughts, to get this great food it could be a life changer. I started off with 2 bags of different variety. Thia, My full time SD. use to eat maybe one meal a day or every other day. Once I started adding Stella & Chewy's, she now eats 95% of the time which is much better than 50%! Bella will scarf it all down and lick the bowl and sometimes go after Thia's food. Of course they both go for all of the Stella & Chewwy's parts first! 🐕😁 this helped Thia get up to a better and more desirable weight and for Bella, well I had to cut her back a little cause she started getting a little too big finishing all of her meals 99.8% of anything is left it's the kibble! I give this dry and wet they love it both ways. I now have Stella & Chewy's on auto ship where one month they get 3 flavors the next month 3 different. They only one I both times is the Duck Duck Goose because they really like it and I love that it has fresh fruit along with our other feathered friends! I highly recommend this food as it is worth the extra expense to give your dogs the better tastes of how they would have normally eaten if in a pack in the wild. This is a great product and as a Service Dog & Domestic dog trainer, I recommend Stella & Chewy's to all of my clients! Thank you Stella & Chewwy for helping to make my Pups, that are my life, recieve a more healthy meal that they love and enjoy!I don't have pictures of them eating sorry but this is them. Bella is the Black & Choclate one and Thia is the brindle one.



    My Stella loves this food with her name on it! ;-)I add it to her Zignature kibble food as a extra source of nutrition that I can trust!It stinks up the house, but not for long, because she is a fast eater and she LOVES this stuff!She has allergies to chicken and rice so this works well with her current diet! She was a rescuedog and came to us underweight, happy to say she has gained some weight and looks great!She has stopped sneezing and itching herself. Nice!



    These mixers are THE BOMB! A less than scrumptious but healthy kibble becomes a salivating dining experience to not just my 13 lb. Cavalier, but my 4 (all different weights and personalities, including super picky eaters) cats too!!! Yay. Kitty- Doggy crack. They smell it and all of a sudden the rest of that kibble gets eaten up! And, the bonus here? It's REALLY good for them! Yep, expensive, but so worth it. And lasts, because I only crumble about 2, maybe 3 at most atop their food bowl. Add a small bit of chicken broth or just warm water and that will really knock 'em over. Oh, and do try the chicken flavor as that seems to be the no. 1 favorite. Bigger bags offer savings. Seriously, try this on your picky eaters.



    My dog is usually a very finicky eater. Sometimes he'd go 24-36 hours without eating anything, so he was real skinny. But those days are over! I rehydrate 1/2 scoop of the nuggets with warm water and then mix them, with the broth, into his regular food, and he scarfs it down like a treat. In fact, he hasn't skipped a single meal since I started him on Stella & Chewy's Meal Mixers. -- On another note, my dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a breed that is known for problems with tear stains on the sides of their muzzles. I've been told that diet can affect this. Frodo, my Cavalier, has always eaten a high quality kibble, so he only had mild problems with staining but since I started him on the Mixers, they've virtually disappeared. Finally, I know this is cliché but his coat looks better since he started eating the Mixers too. -- All dogs are different, of course but, if your dog is a finicky eater too, I strongly recommend trying the Mixers. Frodo, recommends the Chicken and the Beef flavors.



    I've got a 13 year old dog that is starting to get pickier about his food. He's even started to turn his nose up at some canned foods. So I decided to try mixing in some freeze-dried nuggets. I tried several different brands and he seems to like the Stella & Chewy brand the best. Glad to find something he'll eat that's made with good ingredients.The nuggets are a decent size for dogs - not too big for a small dog, but not tiny for larger dogs. They do break apart easily or you can even crush them to make gravy like paste with water to mix in their normal food. You can put them on the food dry or add a little bit of water and hydrate it as well. My dogs like the beef, chicken, and turkey flavors - I haven't tried the seafood one yet. I've even caught one of my cats grabbing the nuggets out of the dog dish to eat, so I've started getting the kitty version of the product for her.



    I'm a dog trainer, and I have yet to meet a dog that doesn't do flips for this food used as training treats. This food is far too expensive to be feeding to large dogs for regular meals unless you're a millionaire. (If I had a Yorkie, I'd feed it for regular meals) But my dogs are 75 & 80 lbs and eat 3-4 cups each per day. So the price rules this out for regular meals on my budget. It's even expensive as training treats go, but it's doable and good to be thinking the extra special treats they earn in training are also extra special good for them. I recommend to all of my students. Some shy away from the price, but many are using this food as training treats and I get consistent feedback that all the dogs are crazy about this stuff. It even smells good to me when I open a new package. It's good stuff. And reassuring to know it's human grade food that is raised with no chemicals and antibiotics or growth hormones, and from pastured, humanely treated animals. (the criteria I have for my own food) Keeping fingers crossed that Stella & Chewy doesn't soon sell out to one of the corporate giants the way all the other really good dog food companies do.


    R.L. Mills

    My little chi mix loves Stella and Chewy's. I add this to her dry kibble (holistic select). When I first adopted her she had dry flaky skin and would vomit every now and then. I started feeding her wellness. I don't want to say wellness is bad, but she didn't like it and gave her stomach upset with horrible diarrhea. The vet said it was probably her food. So I switched her to holistic select + Stella and chewy's meal mixers. It's been a few months and she has been doing great so far. She has normal regular bowel movements, no more smelly gas, soft silky fur and no more flaky skin.Update September 2017*I don't typically do updates, but I'm very impressed by Stella and Chewy's. My dog was eating holistic select + S & C's meal mixers for a year. I do a lot of research on canine nutrition. Since losing my last companion to cancer early last year, Ive taken a keen interest in my new little companions health. I decided to not give her kibble anymore, and feed her frozen raw food. The pet stores here do not sell their frozen raw, so I tried primal..which turned out to be a mistake. It brought on bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. So, I switched her to honest kitchen- weird poops and lower energy levels convinced me to go back to Stella and chewy's. She eats their mixers and mainly their patties. This is what she is meant to eat. Normal bowel movements once again and her energy is back up again..and this is only the second day. I will not stray from S & C's again. She has a sensitive tummy and digestive system and this is what works for her.