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Service Dog Vest With Hook and Loop Straps and Handle - Harness is Available in 8 Sizes From XXXS to XXL - Service Dog Harness Features Reflective Patch and Comfortable Mesh Design (Red, XXL)

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  • Removable patches mean you need only 1 lightweight, certified harness for everything from grocery shopping to doctor visits - suitable for all breeds such as Poodles, German Shepherds, etc.
  • The only premium service animal vests that accommodate saddle bags & backpacks (sold separately), supplying pockets for food, bowls, medications, or extra supplies while still maintaining comfort
  • The easy-to-use belly buckle makes suiting up fast — Convienent apparel for on-the-go service, therapy, in training, and emotional support K9 of any breed
  • A sturdy & durable top-mounted handle gives you total tactical control over your dog and harness when faced with an emergency situation.

  • Product Review


    This vest is absolutely fantastic! I have other vests for my service dog, but this one is the best by far. The vest my dog wears on a daily basis is very heavy duty, so I worried when I got this that it wouldn’t live up to his regular vest in the same way, but this vest is super rugged, has padding on the inside for comfort, and I love that it has the reflective strip so he can be seen better if we’re in dim lighting. The included info cards are some of the best I’ve seen. In the past I had ordered others, but these that came with the vest are high quality and perfect. All around, I’m super pleased with this purchase.


    Ed H.

    I like the quality of the vest. I have 2 minor problems with it. 1st is that no matter how I adjust it, it still moves around a lot more than my other vest does. 2nd no pockets,which I knew about before I bought it. Other than that I'd highly recommend it. The only reason I didn't give a 4 star is because it's don't think it's the sellers fault that it moves around. I recieved it fast and it seems to be comfortable on my dog. The bonus of getting the A.D.A cards are also a great idea. I had cards in the past and they help especially if you take your dog into a restaurant. It also says, which most cards don't, that dogs used strictly for therapy are NOT considered service dogs. I spent a lot of money getting my dog trained so seeing a chihuahua in the store and saying it's a service dog is like a slap in the face. Sorry just rambling. Excellent seller and great deal for the vest. I'd definitely recommend it.



    This is the second one I got, as the first became outgrown. My 7 mo puppy is a fast growing one being a malamute mix. I. Bought the small and then medium size and about to get a larger one ( he really grew fast and is quite big now). It matched beyond my expectations. Looks beautiful, very strong yet confortable. Mine also came with patches I wanted. I chose red color as it shows the patches well, as he is being trained as my service dog and I don't want others distracting him during training. People have admired him in it but were respectfull and I believe that part of it is due to how effective this vest is.



    This harness is very well made. I am so glad I had read previous reviews and sized up one size. The underside of the vest is a padded mesh which is great to allow air flow for our dog. We live in Florida. The reflective lettering and front area are a huge bonus. The vest is highly visible (red with black) and people noticed it immediately and made flattering remarks as to how they could tell she was a working service animal. We put it on her and say it’s time to go to work and she’s a whole different dog with a purpose. She knows the difference. Before we had a red cloth harness and licensed tags. We did receive the cards with this. Would purchase again!



    Amazing quality! Very durable and well made. Aesthetically pleasing, and my dog is comfortable in it. It’s very easy to adjust, and put on my pup. Most importantly, it does the job! People don’t think twice, or question me when I walk my frenchie with this harness on. We can go inside any facility and not be bothered. Also, if you’re wondering about size- I have a French Bulldog and the medium fits him perfectly. The strap in the front is really long, so you can adjust it to be the perfect length- and cut off the remainder. I absolutely love this harness. It exceeded my expectations. The quality and durability alone is amazing. I can’t believe how adorable it is! Definitely a must for anyone who needs to bring their dog with them to public settings.



     I received this beautiful Service Dog Vest for my 10 1/2 year old service dog as a replacement vest as my dog recently was diagnosed with Cushings a Pituitary brain tumor which she has gained a couple of pounds out growing her old xs vest . I ordered this vest and it’s way easier to get on her with one steam buckle not two and I love that’s it is reflective for night walking . All in all it’s really adjustable in case she gains or loses a few pounds . She is 18 pounds wearing a small girth 22 now . Should be less but this is Cushings - some days she is more swollen other days less . Thank you for this quality vest and lifetime warranty at that ! Please do not put on fake service dogs as it is a federal offense .


    Abby Kadabby

    This is the second Industrial Puppy service dog vest we have purchased. We were so pleased with the first one that, once Zeus outgrew it, we knew we’d want another. My daughter, who is Zeus’s handler, really wanted a turquoise or aqua gear set for him and was happy to find that the blue vest offered is a teal color. It fits wonderfully with plenty of room for adjustments of the straps. It is well-padded and looks comfortable and he does not complain while wearing it. In fact, he willingly walked right into it without prompting when it arrived. He’s only a year old and the large vest still has room to grow. He is a 60 pound Weimaraner/German Shepherd mix so he is very strong and very rough on toys and other objects he chews. His previous vest survived quite well. We plan to get the accompanying saddle bags so he can keep my daughter’s heart rate monitor, meds and vomit bags handy. He is definitely a proud working dog in this vest!


    Arielle and Sweeney

    Bought an XS for my 18-lb shih tzu very well. He normally fits into medium or small harnesses from Petco. He's mostly hair, but has wide shoulders for his breed.I gave it 4 stars because I don't love how the front reflective strap is placed. There's nothing keeping it from riding up or down, which is concerning with small dogs who are prone to collapsed tracheas. Also, the front strap is Velcro, which makes it difficult to adjust on a furry dog without getting the hair trapped in it. It would better if it had plastic tab insert like the belly strap. The body of the harness is well-padded.


    Mitchell Bell

    Bought this for a 7lb dog and it fits well with some adjusting.Wanted something more colorful than her issued black on black vest (as she's already black furred.) A girl needs some color in her life.Velcro on both sides hold the Service Dog tags well and the handle on top is nice feature as is the reflective tap on the chest strap.The Information Cards are great as an Educational Tool for people who are curious or challenging when bringing the dog into establishments and building where 'pets' aren't allowed.Only thing I'd like to have had was some velcro on the top for additional badging attachment. (I added this myself after the fact to adhere a small round informational badge.



    Update: Vest is still holding up. The only negative is my dog absolutely hates wearing it. She refuses to come to me when I have it in my hands. Nothing bad happened while she wore it or anything, it means we are going for a walk! But she just hates the damn thing and I have no idea why.===========I scoured the net & amazon looking for a professional looking service dog vest with good reviews. When you are like me and always read the one star reviews first it makes it hard to discern which customer is a dip S and which has legitimate grief over a product. This one had the least so I went with it and so far I am very happy with my purchase.ProsLooks authentic, hell it is authenticFit my black lab like it was tailored for herHandle is functional (I can lift her off the ground with it)Dog is comfortable in itGreat price point50 or so hand out cards that state the laws concerning service dogsInstruction and the vest were easy and intuitive to put on the dogConsNone so far, but I will update if it falls apart or something like thatI highly recommend this. But it's my first day with it. So we'll see.I've been training this dog for a year and a half. Although she passed her disposition, personality and responsive tests as a puppy she has been very difficult to follow commands reliably. She's just too happy to see everyone. We are getting there but I need people to stop petting and interrupting our training in the real world.If you see a service dog, please for the love of god, do not pet it or let your kids approach it. No matter how cute the dog is or how much it is asking to be pet. People like you make it impossible for trainers like me to make a living and put the dog through more training than it should need.



    I tried a few sizes, this fit my 5.5 pound Chichuahua. Mainly got this because I was constantly being denied entry to places. You would think a tiny dog would not cause such a storm. But like MAGIC this purchase turned dog haters into dog tolleraters. All I have to do is put this on my dog, hang her multi-colored dog tags on the ring to look official, and she's in. Sometimes I have to put the dog in a basket on the floor at restaurants, but at least she is never left in the car. Both in New York and California this works! Even in grocery stores and theators. Some obvious venues its still a no go of course. You just can't leave tiny dogs outside or in a car while you travel. So get one of these. If you are asked what service a fog so small performes, say public training for various hospital patients with monility isdues.



    Only problem I've ran into was people asking me which branch I served in. The first time I was in Wells Fargo waiting in line and responded, I don't work for wells fargo but this my my closest branch. The 2nd time I was a little caught off guard but correctly said I that I didn't serve, but that I just left my keys in my truck the other day and have been needing emotional support ever since. I think once I come up with a better excuse other than "I'm married, sooo you know" I should be good. I just have a hard time lying. Truth be told, its my dog that needs emotional support and the harness doesn't fit me.



     Fit perfect, shipped quick, decent price, an all around pretty good deal. Would do business with this company again.


    Benjamin Janssen

    Color: red, size: medium...This excellent harness works well with my 40 lb, 9-month old pitbull/pointer mix.I like the handle that allows me to pick her up at a moment's notice.(Update June 8, 2018: now almost 11-months and 44lbs)She's in training, unlearning some bad habits from her negligent former home.One of those is laying down when she sees other dogs or birds (she's half bird-dog),the handle messes up that strategy.The snap closure frightened my dog at first, but I acclimated her by giving hertreats while closing the snap. I did this a few times and the problem vanished.I just ordered a black version with saddlebags for 2-dollars more. I suggest youbuy that version instead--you can carry keys, bottled water, a small bowl, a traffic leash,or whatever you might need during your adventure.I now have 2 of these. People ASK before attempting to pet her, and I can decideyay or nay or "she's working" without coming off as hostile. Some people comeoverhand to pet my dog on the head, and that's bad form.People get bitten this way, then there are people with little kids who are "huggers."I highly recommend this item, especially the saddlebags version.Service Dog Harness With Detachable Backpacks & Patches, and Handle | Available In 7 Sizes From Small to Extra Large | Vest Features Reflective Patch and Comfortable Mesh Design From Industrial Puppy


    Woodworker Gal

    It's a really nice harness, but there are a few little issues. The overlapping sizes are tricky, not accurate enough. I bought a med, it say's it's for 24" - 29". My Aussie boy is just shy of 27". Some reviews say these harnesses run a bit big. Mine doesn't. I have the girth strap set to the very end and it fits "now". However if he were a 28" or 29" it would have been too small. I hope my buddy is done filling out, he's 2 yo. If he fills out more than an inch, it will be too small.The reflective front velcro strap adheres from "behind", so you have to velcro it closed, before putting it on the dog. Was is sewn on backwards? I just can't imagine someone trying to velcro it on the dog, because it's on the inside, against his chest. Other than that, it's nice quality. Worthy of a 4 rating, but just not a 5. I would buy another if I had another pup and I would recommend to anyone. Just buy the next size up if there's any doubt, if your dog's size is in the middle, or your dog is still filling out.


    kim zinda

    Worked like a charm. Bought this for my Irish wolfhound on a trip to Florida for a week vacation, Hes my ESA animal, so I had to buy the proper patches, instead of the service dog ones it comes with, but other than that, it is great. Very heavily built, as my boy is a big guy and has some oomph when he wants to, and the handle and straps held up to his 120lb weight in a crowded airport, and plane with no problem at all.



    Wonderful and durable harness. I have a large pug who is VERY strong. And pugs have hardly any neck, so it's easy for them to slip through their harness. This one is easily adjustable and very secure. The handle on top makes it very convenient to grab them when another dog comes by that looks suspect. And the reflective strip really works well at night. I have 2 pugs and one of them is a registered emotional support animal. This is the same type of harness they sent me with his certificate. However, my other pug is not a support animal, but I love the harness so much that I wanted one for her as well (I bought one in both blue and pink). So this is great since you can just remove the badge on the side with velcro. The colors are as pictured and I am very pleased with these. Yes, they are pricey. But you get what you pay for and this is well worth the cost. Highly recommend!



    I love the vest. There are a couple things that I would recommend when considering purchasing this vest, first measure your dog's girth to get the initial sizing, then take into account any other gear you and your Service Dog may use. I have a smaller breed of Service Dog and as such choose to use a front lead harness. When I first measured her, her girth was 16 inches without the harness and 17 inches with the harness. The XXS vest girth says 14.5 inches to 18 inches so I ordered the XXS vest. The XXS vest arrived promptly but was too small with and without her harness even when vest was fully extended. The vest itself was also quite small as if for a puppy in training, but the quality is wonderful and the next time I need a puppy vest I will definitely order it from Industrial Puppy. I ordered the XS vest and my Service Dog loves it. I really like the D-ring feature as I use a wheelchair and can clip a dual ended leash to "Mouse"s front lead harness, wrap the leash around me and clip the other end to the D-ring. This feature has been very useful in stores as I still have control over Mouse and she still has the freedom to preform her tasks.



    fast delivery and it fits great. I have two labs a chocolate that is about 100lbs and a yellow one that is 75lbs and the XL fits both of them. I almost went with the L and I am glad I didn't. After reading some reviews I went with the bigger size and it fits great. great quality and easy to put on and take off. They measured 34" and 30".



    I originally bought this in an XXS for my 11lb. Cockapoo and because she was at the bigger end of the sizing (chest girth 17") for the XXS the velcro for the chest was being held on by about 1/2" of velcro. So I returned it and bought the next size up and it fits much better. It's bright, very visible and has bright reflectors. I don't know if I'll use the leash clip over just using her collar, but it's nice to have the option. Same thing with the handle, it doesn't serve as much of a purpose for a small dog but I like having it there just in case. All in all I'm very happy with it and I would highly recommend it to anyone needing a service dog vest. I also recommend if your dog is at the larger end of the sizing, just ordering the next size up, but that's just me. I'll post pictures of the original one I bought in red which was too small, and the replacement one I ordered in teal.I hope this was helpful!