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Seachem Prime Fresh and Saltwater Conditioner - Chemical Remover and Detoxifier 250 ml

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  • REMOVER: Seachem Prime immediately and permanently removes chlorine and chloramine, successfully allowing the bio filter to remove ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate while they are detoxified for 48 hours.
  • DETOXIFIER: Seachem Prime effectively detoxifies ammonia, nitrite, and heavy metals found in the tap water at typical concentration levels, providing a ideal environment for your betta, tetra, or other fish.
  • USE: Use 1 capful (5 mL) of Seachem Prime for each 200 L (50 US gallons) of new or replacement water. For best results, add Seachem Prime to new water first. For exceptionally high chloramine concentrations, a double dose may be used safely. For smaller volumes, use 2 drops per gallon.
  • SAFETY: In case of an emergency, the 5x dose of Seachem Prime may be used for both ammonia and nitrite. Use a ½ dose if the water temperature is > 30°C (86°F) and chlorine or ammonia levels are low.

  • Product Review

    GJ Colorado -

    I've been using another bulk aquarium chlorination product for years in a 50 gal aquarium and only recently learned it really doesn't do much to condition the water ... only simple Chlorine neutralization ... and its 3 year shelf life had expired.After reading many online reviews by Fresh and Saltwater aquarium enthusiasts, Seachem is highly recommended. It doesn't take much Seachem for a 25% water change in a 50 gal tank, 1.25 ml. So, 500 ml should be enough for 7 years of weekly water changes, and Seachem says it has an indefinite shelf life ... making it relatively cost effective. Having a syringe, like the 3ml syringes available on Amazon, that can accurately measure small amounts is recommended, not only for proper dosage but to keep cost down.After three water changes, the 'little guys' are healthy and frisky, so I assume they like it. I give it 5-Stars because of all that it does and indefinite shelf life.


    David K LANGDON

    For unknown reasons the water in my well spiked to 180 ppm Nitrates. It took a while to figure this out.I lost two EBR’s and other fish didn’t look good. My Grandson said you need Prime Grandpa. I ordered Prime, it arrived in two days.The first day I administered a 5X regular doseNext Morning my Nitrate was the sameSecond day I administered a 5X regular doseNext Morning Nitrate has dopped to 80Third Morning another 5X regular doseFourth Morning Nitrate was 40 ppmNormally nitrate reading had been 30I continued using standard one cap per 50 gallons on my 80 gallon tank for two more days and my Nitrate settled 30ppmBottom line: THIS STUFF WORKS


    Balanced Butterfly

    This product is pricey, but well worth it! It has saved my tanks so many times and is the standard in the hobby.Pros:Within seconds, it will neutralize ammonia, nitrates, chlorine, and normal levels of heavy metals found in drinking water.Prime is safe enough you can use 5 times the recommended dosage safely in emergencies.You can flush dirty fish water or toss it in your backyard, but not your edible garden.The gallon size is a TON cheaper than buying the equivalent ounces in the pint size.Cons:It will stain clothes.It cannot be used for aquaponics or even dumping fish water (which contains a lot of nitrates for veggies to eat!) in the garden.The gallon size is a bit unwieldy, so you might get the pint size for use and use this size for refills.****I was not compensated in any way for my review of this product. I am trying to get my reviewed rating up, so if you found this review helpful, please indicate so.Please consider following my reviews. I tend to be thorough, for those looking for details, but I contain a summary in the first and last paragraphs



    My daughter won a feeder goldfish 1.5 years ago at a school carnival, long story short, it’s a huge pain to keep healthy and alive because they’re so dirty. My nitrate and ammonia levels went skyrocketing after I changed two of the three media in the tank (I didn’t quite realize how much of an issue it would make), and from sitting on the top so much the fish had red spots all over its head and back and wasn’t looking good. I finally bought this instead of cheaper conditioner since this said it stabilized nitrates and ammonia too (I had been adding another type of stabilizer and a separate conditioner to no avail) and within two days the fish was better. This uses hardly any compared to the other brands and seems to be superior and is worth the higher price.


    M Moini

    I recommend this product. I have been keeping goldfishes for over 2 years now and finding the right tap water conditioner had always been a headache for me. I have tried most of the popular products on the market and they have always given me either mixed results or no results at all. Too often, I've had the fish die on me after a water change. However, when someone recommended the Prime water conditioner to me during a visit to the pet store, my problem was solved. I have used this product for a few years now and never since had any more fish die after a water change. I sincerely believe this is the most effective all-in-one solution on the market and for regular fish keeping, this is the only water conditioner one really needs



    I was a bit shy about trusting this stuff at first. It had SO many reviews that were stand out stories from other sites and here.. that I finally tested it.I cant stress enough how important reading the direction are for this item.. ANYTIME you are dealing with something able to cause a rapid chemical reaction inside an environment filled with living animals, Make CERTAIN of the proper dose.KEY ON THIS IS THE TEMP.. if you have fish who do well in higher temp,.. OR if you are performing a bath on sick fish in temps over 90degrees.. YOU will want to know what to adjust your dose to. WHY am I not telling you? SO YOU READ..Excellent product, can save you some extra work and help you in general water changes in case of spikes of ammonia or PPM in your tank or source.



    This stuff is pretty much the gold standard, when it comes to treating your tap water, for aquarium use.It smells god-awful (like rotten eggs), but it not only dechlorinates the water, it also detoxifies all kinds of chemicals and heavy metals. I have read it does decrease the oxygen, in the water. I have always just treated the water, and used it, right away. If you're worried about the oxygen levels, just treat the water, and let it sit (use an air stone, or a powerhead, to promote gas exchange, if you're really paranoid) for a day or so.It is also very concentrated, compared to any of the other de-chlor water treatments out there. You just need a tiny bit (1/8th of a teaspoon, for a 5 gallon bucket of water). So, a bottle will last quite awhile.


    Thomas Crouse

    Only dechlorinator I've ever bought. I've had other brands gifted to me and they were in smaller bottles and required as much as 5ml per 10 gallons! This stuff is really concentrated and lasts a long time! Personally, I've dumped unreasonable amounts of Prime in my tank just to keep my nitrifying bacteria happy and from my experience it is damn near impossible to overdose it. I have also used this product at 5x strength while kickstarting a colony with Seachem's Stability to rapid start an aquarium in a week. The Stability establishes your nitrifying colony while Prime reduces ammonia and nitrite into an easily digestible form for your bio-filters. Add a pinch of flakes every morning and by the end of the week I was reading 0-0-60! You need to add so little to neew water that it seems to never run out....That is until you decide to regenerate 600mls of Purigen, and realize you need 120mls to dechlorinate 4 cups of water. Ouch! If you are dechlorinating multiple tanks AND you are regenerating Seachem's Purigen every 3-4 months, I would highly recommend you grab Seachem's "Safe", which is an even more concentrated powder form of Prime.Safe, 250 g / 8.8 ozAll in all it was a great product until my first Purigen regeneration, but that's okay because I simply ordered 250g of Safe for the same price! This is the only liquid conditioner on the market I would recommend to any serious aquarium keeper.



    I've been using Prime for quite a while now and it seems to be working out for me. When I first started out with my tanks I was using "Jungle" water conditioner and it seemed to do it's job but I wanted something more "top of the line" if you will. I didn't make the switch because I thought the "Jungle" product was inferior but I just wanted the "best" for my fish. I started researching about the best water conditioner and everyone kept raving about "Prime" they would talk about how affordable it was and the benefits that came from using this product. It seemed like the best choice for me so I made the switch I did notice that the stuff is very strong and concentrated so it doesn't take much to treat your water. As far as dosing Prime you just need to follow the instructions on the back of the bottle. I'm usually careful when I dose with Prime because of it's potency so when I prepare my water in a 5 gallon bucket I usually dose 2 drops per gallon. The reason I do it this way is because I don't want to overdose on Prime I rather be safe than sorry. With that said when I first started dosing with Prime I would dose it straight into the bucket of water. Then I would siphon the water into my tank without letting the water age. I started noticing that every time after I did a water change my fish would start gulping for air at the surface. I started reading certain threads and some people stated that in some cases too much Prime can cause oxygen depletion. Seachem has stated that you can overdose Prime about 5x the recommended dosage and it still would be safe for fish. I personally wouldn't take the risk especially if you don't have proper aeration in your tank. I know most people will say that it doesn't matter if you let your water age or if you wait for the water conditioner to take effect (since it works instantly) and they might be right but in my situation it seems to make a difference. I let my water age for about 24 hours and I sometimes even dose the water before letting it age. I also give the water a little stir just to make sure everything is mixed up well I'm not sure if it helps but I do it regardless. I've noticed that after doing all of the above my fish don't gasp for air anymore and they don't seem to be bothered at all by weekly water changes. The only downside to my method would be that the agents that lock down ammonia, nitrites and nitrates to something less toxic wouldn't really be taking effect. These locking agents stop working after 24 hours or 48 hours depending on how much you dose. I'm not too worried about it though because I keep my tanks fairly clean and I methodically keep up with my water changes. Be warned that Prime does not get rid of ammonia, nitrites or nitrates for good it just converts it to something less toxic which then allows your biological filtration to clean it up for a short period of time. Like I stated before Prime only takes effect for a brief moment and once it stops working the toxins that were locked down are released back into your water. That's where regular water changes come into play having clean water and using Prime in conjunction will definitely work to your advantage. I would say that in laymen terms Prime is a good water dechlorinator that happens to come with a few extra's. Would I say it's worth making the switch? I wouldn't really be able to answer that question because there are a lot of great products out in the market that work similar if not the same as Prime. I would however say that from a personal stand point Prime is a great product and it works very well and if used correctly it can be very effective and affordable at the same time.


    Laura C

    First I want to say this is a great product and my water conditioner of choice, however be aware that the chemicals in this product will reduce oxygen in the water, even more so if the water is at higher temperatures and/or you overdose. Prime will not hurt the nitrifying bacteria directly, but large doses of it most certainly can indirectly (along with the fish). Conditioners such as Prime, and others that detoxify ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate along with chlorine and chloramine, utilize Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate (SFS), or variation of, as an active ingredient (Prime uses hydrosulfite salts). This ingredient, when dosed heavily, will deplete oxygen from the system as formaldehyde does, a bad thing for an aerobic bacteria and the fish too. Now, typically this isn't a problem except for people who are trying to detoxify all of their excess nitrogen and overdose the product. Always perform partial water changes when your water parameters become unhealthy and dose accordingly, DO NOT overdose! changing the water is an absolutely necessity as it replenishes minerals and trace elements and adds much needed oxygen to the water, overdosing chemicals will not do you or your fish any favors! So in a few words, Prime is great when used accordingly (as all products should be!)


    James Thomas

    I have heard so many positive reviews about this Prime Concentrated Conditioner for Marine&Freshwater aquariums that I have decided to give it a try. I have been using it now for almost a month with weekly water changes for my Betta fish and it works really well. I use tap water and for every 1 gallon of water I add 2 drops of Prime and my fish seems to be very happy. I use a dropper, but if you don’t have one u can punch a small hole in the seal with a paper clip or a needle and measure your drops that way. My Prime conditioner arrived fast and as advertised (no odor as some of the reviewers pointed out). There were no expiration date on my bottle, but from what I understood is Prime has no expiration date and will be good to use for the life of your product. I purchased 250 mL (8.5 fl oz) and it will last me for a very long time. Great product!



    I use to use a bunch of different stuff like algae control, water balance, make tap water safe stuff, etc. I'm SO happy I purchased this because now I can throw everything else away and use one product to address everything and it works 1000x better. My fish tank has never been clearer and there is so much less algae growth! I love the fact I can use it when doing my partial water changes as well. A must have for any fish tank owner!


    Tracy Waylona Hobbs

    I was really pushed to write this review just by what I saw in my goldfish tank. My fish and I well it's been a bit of a journey. We went from a 55 gallon tank and I chose to put them in a 20 gallon tank to medicate. Anyone using these products knows it does bot take but a capful. For now they stay there until they're healthy again. There are 2 goldfish in a 20 gallon tank and the tank has an amazing filtration system that can go up to 70 gallons. In the beginning I did a big mistake as many people do. I didn't do a fishless cycle. So out of a tank of originally seven goldfish there are 2 left. I really want to do it right setting up and maintaining an environment where they can thrive. I decided to purchase the seachem products specifically the prime the stability and the stress guard. This is going to be very interesting as I go along. Not 2 hours ago I just changed their water and add the exact right chemicals for the tank size. in the past I've used products that did not deliver good healthy water and it seemed like I was going through products quickly just doing normal tank maintenance . I had no idea until I purchased Seachem products. I chose to pay more and I got more. Well any rate they don't need Refrigeration even on the stability which has live bacteria but it's not active live bacteria it doesn't become active live bacteria until you add it into your tank water. It is a learning process for sure when it comes to keeping fish of any variety. I learned quality it key. The good live bacteria that I have added seachem says finds a home and becomes the good bacteria eating the bad bacteria within 24 hours. I just I'm kind of flabbergasted. My goldfish are more active right now and I mean it's just been a couple of hours since I have added the three products and have never seen these two goldfish as active and responsive in several months as they are right now and I just barely started the process. I'm very pleased at this point. So in the meantime I will see what happens. I just have to finish saying what a real difference Seachem quality products have impressed upon me as a first time user I will stick with Seachem.


    Mobbiest of all Mobby Dogs

     I’ve always had ongoing water quality issues with my tank as I’ve made the common mistake of not waiting for the nitrogen cycle to take place, on top of buying fish all at once. I’ve spent tons of money on API QuickStart, AmmoLock, StressZyme, StressCoat, etc. API makes great products, but AmmoLock for example, binds ammonia into a non-toxic state, but still reads positive on the API Freshwater Master test kit. Which is fine because my little guys seem pretty happy and not stressed out. At the end of the day, that’s what hobbyists want, is for their creatures that are in the tank (against their own will and with the ability to do absolutely nothing about bad water quality except suffer!).Until I stumbled across this gem on the internet. The internet goes crazy about this Prime stuff. ‘Prime this, Prime that, have you tried Prime in your tank?’ Everywhere I went on the internet...Prime Prime PRIME! Because the internet is always right, I just had to try it.Put it in my tank...so far so good; fish is as happy as can be. Until I decided to run some tests on this out of curiosity.I took a reading of my tanks Ammonia and Nitrite level. Total Ammonia Nitrogen is 8ppm, which is bad, but the bad (or free or Un-ionized, however you call it) Ammonia, based on the system temperature and PH is around 0.05ppm which is pretty much borderline bad. My Nitrite is at 1-2 ppm, which is bad! I ordered the SeaChem Prime, as the API AmmoLock does not deal with Nitrites.So that’s starting to suck, right? My poor babies are probably on the verge of feeling crappy because of this (sigh).I took 2 more vial full sample of tank water, this time I added 2 drops of Prime to them. This stuff is super concentrated; did the calculation on 10ml for every 100 gallons equates to 2 drops for every 1 gallon of water (I.e. when doing a water change). I had 1 gallons worth of Prime in this little vial, so I was expecting very fast results.READINGS WAS DOWN TO ZERO! What?!?!? I actually did the test 2 more times before I concluded that yep; the internet is right. SeaChem Prime is tha bomb!!!!I finally found a solution to make my precious babies comfortable in an emergency ammonia/nitrite/nitrate spike. It’s so disheartening to see them unhappy and ill. They live in an environment against their own will just for my own happiness. The least I can do for them is provide them a comfortable home.And SeaChem’s flagship product Prime, allows me to do that. Thank you so much for this!!!!


    Taylor H.

    I have a 5 gallon betta tank and read multiple reviews about Seachem Prime and how great it is. I decided to buy some for myself, and WOW, what a great water conditioner. I use this every time I do a partial water change for my tank, and so far, so good. I only put a few drops in, since a cap-full is recommended for a 50 gallon tank. My tank is crystal clear, and my fish even seems more lively after using this product. Even though Seachem Prime is a few more dollars than your regular aquarium dechlorinator, it is well worth the money. Upon using, it does have a potent smell to it, but once you put it in your tank, the smell instantly goes away. The smell also does not leak out of the bottle, and stays contained. Since I have such a small tank, this bottle will last me forever, but when it does run out, I definitely will be buying this again! I have zero complaints about Seachem Prime and highly recommend this product to anyone trying to find a reliable and safe water conditioner for your fish.



    SUMMARY: I'm not a pro by any means, but an avid hobbyist. Seamchem makes the best chemicals to my experience (see also Purigen for clear water, Excel Flourish for plants, Discus buffer and neutral regulator for pH and trace elements), and Pristine for maintained water quality/denitrifying bacteria) for ease of use and value. Prime is the best individual product Seachem offers, making it, quite simply, the best of the best.Seachem Prime 500mlGENERAL: Best tap water conditioner bar none. Was turned onto this by a LFS (local fish store) guy a couple of years ago. Though it doesn't obviate the need for water changes it does allow for time between changes.NATURE OF USE: general water conditioner. For the uninitiated, your tap water likely has chlorine, flouride, etc. in it. These can be and are toxic to fish. More over the goal is to get all of the "stuff" in the water (I'm not going into it, but kH, gH, acidity, water additives, nitrate, nitrite, etc.) to mimic the kind of environment they come from naturally - even if your fish are tank bred and raised. The first step in this part achieved with Prime. No other water conditioner is as robust as Prime. Sure, you will need to add some other stuff along the way depending on where they come from (like mixing rainbows with rams - it can be done, but it's far more difficult to find a happy medium between South American waters the Rams come from and the Indo-Pacific range of most rainbows), but Prime is ALWAYS step #1.For instance, doing a water change? I always add more Prime into the new water. More over, I don't know that it is possible to put too much Prime in - I'm not saying that it's beneficial to empty 500ml of Prime into a 5 gallon desktop tank - but rather you get a huge margin for error with Prime (at least with freshwater). If the math works out to 10ml Prime during a water change and you put 50ml instead, not to worry.In addition to being step 1, it can also be used in case of emergencies (most notably a new tank set up without an established nitrogen cycle). If your nitrogen spikes, you can use Prime to neutralize it - and again, this margin for error means you can use quite a bit of Prime without side effects. So instead of buying ammo-lock or some denitrifying agent, Prime covers it. Nor will it effect and plants or other life (Amano shrimp in my case) in the tank.RECOMMENDED FOR: everyone (beginners, intermediate, seasoned hobbyists, professionals) and everything (freshwater, blackwater, brackish, salt water).


    Sierra Woodcock

    When I moved into my new house, I knew that meant setting up a new tank. There was no way I would be shipping all of my old tanks and fish to the new house, so I would have to start over. Obviously, I was a bit nervous about this. I had worked hard on my old tanks, getting the water to just the right chemical levels and temperatures. I was unsure how long it would take me to condition the new tanks in the same way.In my old tanks, rocks and pebbles covered the bottom of the aquarium. I wanted to go for a new look, so I began looking online for some greenery to spice up the new aquariums. I found the LUFFY balls Luffy balls, and I knew that they were exactly what I was looking for. They gave the tank a fresh, clean appeal that I absolutely loved! However, with fish and live plants in my new tanks, I knew I had to be careful about watching my chemical levels in the water. I filled the tank with tap water, and I ordered this primer to take out any harmful chlorine or other metals. With just ONE CAP the water was ready instantly for both my fish and my plants, I was amazed!Now, I've been using this product for quite a while, and I know the ins and outs of all of it.- Just a few drops will clear up an entire tank. It doesn't take much to make a difference.- This product will keep your fish and plants safe from harmful chemicals.- Even shrimp, which are more sensitive to chemicals than fish are safe with this formula.- This product works instantly.- Could also be used in small fish ponds.**I do recommend that you change the water in your tank and use this water primer during each change at least every 4-5 weeks.** Also recommended that you try to keep away from small children.I know I will never use another water primer for as long as this product is available. I've even convinced my Mom and sister, who both have at home aquariums, to start using this product to better protect their fish. I would recommend this product to anyone with an aquarium in their home or office.



    Seachem Prime did a great job of detoxifying the high nitrite levels in my tank.


    OBJ Jazz Panda

    Used product in small 2.5 gallon tank in an area with hard water and got readings of neutral ph, soft water, and zero ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates upon the beginning of cycle process. Seems to work well. As a tip for smaller tank owners- don't pull off the seal on the bottle; just use a toothpick or paper clip to punch a small hole in seal so you can easily pour Prime out by the drop instead of buying a syringe or dropper (2 drops of Prime per gallon).



    I am honestly not at all sure where we would be today if I had not stumbled across this product. We set our tank up the last week in July and beginning in early August we were living a nightmare trying desperately to keep our fish alive and fight high AMMONIA levels in our tank. We were ignorant about the need to "cycle" a tank before adding fish, and we were paying the price. We looked on line and only became more confused. We turned to the sales personnel at PETSMART, PET VALUE, PETCO---who either did not know the answers, made us feel like idiots, or offered general and useless information, respectively. We were hysterical and doing water changes every day throughout the month. We turned to a respected fish shop that we dealt with years ago when we kept large tanks and tropical. They advised starving the fish for days on end, placing ammonia pads in the with the filters, and water changes, water changes, and more water changes. At long last, I bought PRIME and called SEACHEM for instructions. This was on September 7th. Since that time, the CUSTOMER SUPPORT personnel at SEACHEM (Mercedes, Bobbi, and Lucy) have figuratively held my hand throughout the entire cycling process. I was unable to jumpstart the process with the TETRA products I had on hand, but after using their product STABILITY, our tank starting the process of cycling. They were available, nice, helpful, and never made me feel like I was a bother. Our fish lived, and our tank cycled effective October 4,2018. I cannot praise the products of SEACHEM enough and their TECH SUPPORT is absolutely unrivaled in my experience.