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Royal Canin Dachshund Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food, 2.5 lb. bag

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  • Exclusive tailor-made kibble to help Dachshunds pick up and chew their food
  • Maintains bone & joint health with calcium and phosphorus to help support tiny limbs and a long backbone
  • Supports a Dachshund’s muscle tone with precise protein content and L-carnitine
  • Helps reduce stool volume and stool odor with highly digestible proteins and precise fiber content

  • Product Review


    My dachshund is currently on Royal Canine h/p prescription diet (hypoallergenic hydrolyzed protein). After a few years of this diet I tried replacing it with Royal Canine Dachshund 28. I was pleased that the Dachshund 28 formula did not upset his stomach at all, or create allergies or diarrhea. The only problem was that he still greatly preferred the taste of h/p. Dachshund 28 is almost as expensive as h/p, not much difference in price so we went back to h/p after he finished the bag of Dachshund 28. I would still recommend this food based on the observation that my very sensitive, allergy-prone dog did well on it.


    B-Dawg's Dad

    I had always fed my dachshund high quality food, but if I didn't buy the weight-control formula, he would pack on pounds, which was not good since he has had back problems. When the pet store was out of my normal food, I bought this thinking "hey, if it's more expensive it must be good." He had never been a huge eater, but he attacked this food. Loves it. And the weight dropped off him and he looks great. My vet verified that this was very good food (if I wanted to pay for it). He (and my new dachshund) have been on the food for months, and have never been healthier. I completely trust this food, and it's all I will buy them now. Amazon has the best price I've seen and with free shipping saves me a monthly trip to the pet store.


    Johnny Skrilla

    I've been really confused with all the hype and advertising around what a good dog food should be. Because of that, I chose this dog food based on the reviews that I read. My dog loves it, and when he poos on his pads at night, the poos are dried solid by morning and don't stink. He has always been healthy, so I can't really tell if this food is making him healthier, but he likes and I like it, so I give it 5 stars.



    We love Royal Canin's Dachshund breed specific dog food. My one year old doxie has been eating this brand since we brought him home. His coat is always beautifully shiny, we have to trim his nails constantly because they grow so quickly, and he just gobbles the food right up!



    We have 2 Doxies and they both were on Blue Buffalo, but neither liked the life source bits. We tried Fromm and 1 liked it while the other did not. We were recomend this food at a supply house and they both love it. They used to nibble here and there but now eat it all at one sitting. Their coats are better than they ever were on the BB.


    Kindle Customer

    My dog Charlie has been on this since I got him as a rescue. He thrives on it, no digestive disorders, which, with a small dog they generally have. I did an on-line comparison chart of 8/10 different dog foods and it was the only one that was pure chicken, no additives. I no longer have to run to a store to pick up, it comes to my door and it's actually cheaper through Amazon.. Don't forget Free Shipping with Amazon Prime.



    Great quality food for my 8 yr old adult mini dachshie. Need more size of bag options.


    Kevin B.

    This is by far my mini dachshunds favorite dry food. She has been on it since she was a puppy and still loves it everyday. We have it on auto delivery from amazon so the big bag comes every other month and it works perfect for me. I never have to remember to order it, the bag just shows up on my doorstep. Great food choice for your baby.



    It's not THE highest quality food (and by that I mean superior, super premium) but it is a great blend. Worlds better than some common store brands we had tried that made him gassy or loose in the #2s. My little guy, Neville, (~10 lb mini doxie) absolutely loves it. He likes this enough that I can even use the kibble for training. He can have enough to be satisfied (though he'd gladly scarf down more) and we have 0 problems with weight.What we pay more for in this food we save in our gag reflexes being over-stimulated.


    Bart Knight

    We get this for our doxies. They eat it without complaint, so I guess it tastes OK. I haven't tried it. It smells like every other dog food. I think the breed specific part is a good gimmick. The vet didn't noticed any difference and recommended a different food. The dogs do seem to sleep a LOT more since switched. The expense is a down side. It is a bit costly. Its dog food and the dogs eat it. They are dead, so it must do it's job.


    A Noun

    I adopted a Dachshund who would only eat bare minimum of grocery store dog food that came with her. I went to a local pet store and bought a higher grade dog food, but she didn't like that either, so I came to Amazon and did some searching and reading of reviews.She Loves this food! I gave her some as soon as I got it; she ate as if she hadn't eaten in days (four at that point)! Her farts were horrendous, but didn't last long (first bowl). I should've mixed the two foods, but I knew she hated the other food so I didn't bother.She looks good and is very happy.


    Laura P.

    I’ve been giving my 12 year old wiener dog this for years, and she’s honestly as healthy as can be. To me, it’s been worth spending the extra money on food that will benefit her heath, especially since this breed is so prone to health problems. She’s missing a few teeth and still is able to eat this food. She’s a little overweight, but I don’t think the food is to blame for that. She’s gotten a little lazy in her old age...


    Rex R. Royer

    I have been using this for the last 3 years. I inherited my now 14-year-old Doxie from my father. When he moved in he had bad allergies and had lost a large part of his hair from the constant scratching. I tried different expensive dog foods but he either didn't eat it or it didn't help. Then I read about this online. Gave it a try and he loved it and the allergies went away the first week. I now feed my 7-month-old dachshund the same food and they both love it. Keeps them healthy with no weight problems. My 14-year-old plays with the younger dog like a puppy and people are amazed to hear how old he is. I wish it was a little cheaper but worth it.


    the anonymous one

    Wiener dog loves it! She can run faster, jump higher and chase the biggest dog off in the neighborhood. Not really, but our girl does enjoy this food. It has quality ingredients in it to support bone and joint health as well helps our girl maintain her fine muscle tone. Our dog is black and tan. Her coat is shinny and she has no flaking skin. We feed her 1/2 cup in the mornings and 1/2 cup in the evenings with some treats in between meals. She is able to maintain her weight between 8 and 9 pounds which is perfect for her size and frame. The kibbles are just a little smaller than plain M & M candies. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Dachshund Dry Dog Food is a quality food that our dog has enjoyed for several years now.


    Diane Kistner

    Oh man oh man. I've been battling my chiweenie, Bingo, ever since we got him at 11 weeks old over not eating his dog food. I cannot tell you ow many dry dog foods I've tried with him. I can't even remember all the names, but I went to dogfoodadvisor.com and made sure I was buying at least 4-star-rated dog foods. He went through three different puppy chows he wouldn't eat, then when he hit a year old I started him on adult food. At least six different kinds of dry and two canned foods. Wellness, Merrick, a few others. I've tried him on cheap and expensive, limited ingredient formulations of all kinds, and most recently several kinds of Natural Balance I got as freebies to review.All Bingo would ever eat is his Zuke's or his bully sticks or people food from the table or plastic. (He's big on plastic, and despite our best efforts, he'll find a way to find plastic and chew it up. Hopefully he has not swallowed any, but we just don't know. It's amazing he hasn't wound up in surgery like that 43-sock-eating dog did.)Anyway, I gave away the almost full bags and ordered this. When it came, I put a quarter cup in his bowl, really not expecting much would happen. I came back about ten minutes later and it was ALL GONE! So I gave him another quarter cup, and he ate all of that, too. I'm knocked out. At his weight he needs to eat about 3/4 cup of the dog food each day, so I'm giving him a quarter cup in the morning when we have our coffee, at lunch when we're eating lunch, and again at dinner when we're eating dinner. It's playing into his ritualistic behavior and also cutting down on the table scraps we've had to give him to keep him from starving himself. (He could always hold out much longer than we could. Two days, three days, begging the whole time.)Needless to say, I'm thrilled with this dog food. I sure do hope this miracle lasts!



    Seems healthy for them, they enjoy it and the nibbles can be used as treats during the day. We will try to use the high fiber mix for our dog that has a lower metabolism and tends to gain. Both of our rescues have tried many brands and this one seems consistent and clean. The expense is a hassle for us as a disabled vet on SS. But my rescues help me with PTSD and I trust them. They trust me to feed them the best I can. "Dot" would eat the whole bag. We have to use a special dish to keep her from gulping her food. She was kept in a cage for 20 hours a day. Suzsea lived with us on our boat since we found her abandoned after pups with heartworms. Suzsea eats like a lady and loves Royal Canin, she won't eat other brands now. Turns up her nose and walks off like a queen!


    grow up

    Both my two year old mini doxie and my 15 year old mini love this food. Doxies are voracious eaters and attack their food, until they get old. My 15 year old was at the point of not wanting to eat much dry food,but she loves it. My only concern is the very high price..$40 for 10 pounds is extraordinarily hight. Wish the would drop the price of the -10 lb. bag or sell bigger bags at a more reasonable price per pound. Thank you."...


    Michael Lewis

    Royal Canin Dachshund breed dog food is the way to go for your Doxie! We have our soon to be 10 year old who we've been feeding Royal Canin since we got her at 3 months old. She thrives for this stuff and always excited to hear that bag open and when we ask her "You hungry?" Every time we go in for check-up's at the Vet, they always ask what we feed her because she's lean about 9 lbs, good muscular strength, bones, and teeth, even at almost 10. We tell them Royal Canin since she was a pup, which they say that's got to be it, plus we take great care of her teeth with brushing them about 2-3 times per week, and carry her as much as we can avoiding steps or anything. She still acts like a puppy to this day, even age won't stop her from having fun. To anyone wondering what to feed their dachshund, I strongly recommend Royal Canin. Is it pricey? In my opinion no. For what you're feeding them with the small amount each day, and how long the 10 lb bag can last, it's basically cents per day!! Think of all the other things you spend money on in a day or week on material things... I think your little one is worth the price of their health, wellness, and care! Right? Enjoy my friends and take care of your fur babies! :o)



    This is all I will feed my dog. It's all he's ever eaten. Every single time we go to the vet he gets high praise for how well he's doing, coat, teeth, skin, muscular health, etc... They always ask, what do you feed him, I tell them Royal Canin Dachshund and they say, well that explains why he's in such great health. Is it a little more expensive than I'd like? Yes, but it breaks down to about 50¢ per day (little more), which is essentially a soda I shouldn't be drinking anyway.Heck, he's 9 and still runs and plays like a puppy. I attribute that to the food he eats.Edit: 10.22.2014Two months back our dog tried to jump on me and fell and ruptured a disc. The vet said give it a month and we'll see if he needs surgery or not. Well, two months have gone by and you'd hardly know the dog was ever injured. He's definitely not as strong as he used to be, but the vet said he'd never go up or down steps again (he does, much to my chagrin, but he's fast and I cant' seem to catch him before he does it) and never be able to jump on the furniture again (well, he can, he shouldn't and it drives me nuts, but he can). While I can't say for certain that feeding him this food his whole life is what resulted in what, according to the vet, is a "surprising recovery" or not, I will always believe this food is what resulted in his being 90% of where he was prior to the injury. The Vet said he'd be ecstatic if he healed to 75% post injury and we're well past that.Bottom line, if you have a dachshund and you can afford it or can cut soda out of your life, you need to buy this for your dog.


    Jamie Mercer McCord

    I would recommend this stuff to anyone who has a dog it doesn't matter what breed it is. And the best thing about this product is that they have food for every breed that you have it doesn't matter which one it is. This one just so happens to be made specifically for dachshunds. I love how the little pieces are specifically made for them and it's easier for them to chew. We got this stuff from our vet who had recommended it over what our dog was currently eating which was grain-free buffalo blue. He said well that is a good product for your dog to eat but, when they start having skin reaction problems like our dog was having he recommended maybe changing the food to see maybe if the food was the cause of it. Which my husband and I were kind of confused because the grain-free buffalo blue was supposed to be grain-free it was supposed to not cause any skin reactions it was supposed to be pure protein and come to find out it wasn't. so we took some of this Royal Canin stuff home and he liked it better than he did the Buffalo Blue stuff. We actually decided to test it out one day and see which one he prefer to eat by putting both products into separate bowls and he chose this Royal Canin stuff over the buffalo blue tell me that doesn't tell you something. :)