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RC Pets 1 Inch Adjustable Dog Clip Collar, Medium, Pitter Patter Pink

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  • 100% original RC Pets patterns, Proudly made in Canada.
  • Reflective RC Pets Signature label keeps your pet visible at night
  • Size medium adjusts to fit a neck size between 12 to 20 Inches
  • RC Pet Products stands behind the legendary quality and craftsmanship of their products. That’s why they are committed to offer a repair or replace guarantee on all their products - broken or damaged - for the life of your pet. Please find guarantee information on RC Pet Products website for all purchases after 30 days.

  • Product Review


    I purchased the RC Pet Products 3/4-Inch Adjustable Dog Clip Collar, 9 by 13-Inch, Small, Tropical Paisley design and I love it. The width is just a bit big for my 12-15 pound terrier mix little neck at 3/4"W but it doesn't effect her in any way. I am also able to keep it a bit lose on her and she doesn't slip it off. I love the design and durability. It's just what I was looking for. I also bought the 6' matching leash to go with it and I am super happy with both. I will buy an RC pet product again.



    The colors are just as vibrant as I hoped. Pretty durable too. My dogged rolled in some pretty thick mud and it washed off so well, didn’t get faded or stained . Photos were taken after being worn approximately 1-2 months


    Miss Kitty

    A very nice collar. I learned something shopping for a collar for a small dog. Pay attention to the adjustment hardware. This plastic one has nicely rounded edges so it won't press into their skin. Some other small collars have a thin metal adjustment hardware with square, not rounded, edges which could create discomfort for the little dog.



    Love this collar for our 15 lb. Mini Schnauzer!! The colors are bright and it has held up very well over the past, almost 3 years that we've had it. One reason I chose this collar was because of the larger width, clasp size, and ring in a small size collar. Most other collars in a size small were narrower with a smaller clasp and ring, making them much more difficult to use. I would definitely purchase this collar again.


    Steve Grove

    I just got it today, so I can't say at this point how well it will hold up, but it seems very well made and durable. The label is even reflective, which is nice. I got the tan plaid in a Medium for my fancy gentleman mini Aussie, Jack, who weighs just under 30 pounds. It looks perfect with his coloring, and he hasn't lodged any complaints, so he must find it acceptable, too.


    Marilyn H

    Gorgeous collar! I got the paisley and the flower one. I particularly like the paisley one as it is bright and very pretty. The flower one is okay, a greenish tint, but doesn't take away the guality . Very sturdy. I wasn't Keen on the tag until I discovered it is reflective, cool!I will keep buying theses if they keep putting out new colors and patterns. Heart imogi, heart imogi.


    L. Murray

    that this collar comes in a 3/4" (0.7) instead of the normally 5/8" width that comes when ordering a small. I feel that the wider width makes for a sturdier collar around my dog's neck. It may seem like a small thing but it does make a difference for me. Of course all the different designs and the cheaper prices makes these collars fun and a great value too. I have a few of them and change them out periodically.



    Well made. ( Expanded review because my original one just stating the collar is "well made" without explaining why I think so isn't particularly helpful, is it?)It is a nice thickness that compliments the size of my boxer. Some large collars are too thin and look like they were made for smaller dogs. Conversely, it isn't so thick that it looks too masculine on my female boxer. Boxers are extremely strong so I needed a collar that wouldn't break if she decided to pull, which she does sometimes. I originally looked for a collar with metal fasteners and loops but decided to take a chance on this one based on the excellent reviews. I'm glad I did as I've not had any trouble with it.She's had it a while now and it still looks new. The colors haven't faded and it has been put through its paces as it has rained several times and my dog enjoys playing in the mud. It hasn't started fraying around the edges nor has it had any stiches break. The collar comes in a large variety of colors and patterns to chose from but despite this, I didn't really find one that I absolutely loved. Still, I do like the one I chose. I just wish they had more choices for a female, large dog. I was looking for something in a soft, light pink and grey but didn't find anything I really liked. I don't even particularly like pink but it is the best color to compliment my white boxer. I also appreciate the fact they make leashes to match the many patterns of their collars.


    Jess Pearl

    I purchased this collar and the 1.5 inch wide all-webbing martingale collar at the same time. This is the collar I leave on my dog for regular all-day wear. It is a pretty print, and looks just like the product photo. The measurements are just as described. It is easy to adjust to fit the dog, and since my dog is still a growing puppy, I like that I'll be able to adjust it as she grows. It seems quite durable, so I expect we'll have this collar for a long time. My dog spends a good deal of time out in the backyard, where we have dirt, briars, and lots of other trouble for puppies get into. The collar is easy to wipe clean, or gently scrub, and the fabric seems durable. She got a little snag in it, but it hasn't changed the appearance or function at all. I bought it because I was looking for a tan plaid patterned collar to complement my dog's coat color. I really like that this isn't a made-in-china piece of junk. The label says it is sewn in Canada, and the plastic buckle and metal loop seem to be of high quality. I would recommend this product to a friend, and would purchase from RC Pet Products again, in the future.


    Brian Harkins

    This is our favorite collar brand. They don't loosen over time (if you have a dog who is prone to pulling you will know this is a typical issue) and are super durable. We have had this collar for almost 8 months, and it is still the bright aqua green color that it was when we purchased it. The pineapples are still mostly yellow, although they are a little dirty. It holds up well in the washing machine too! The best part about this collar was that when our dog was attacked at the dog park, the collar popped right off. That doesn't sound like a good thing - but it is actually a life saving feature for collars to have. Without such a feature, the collar could've suddenly tightened instead and cut off our dog's air supply.