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Purina Pro Plan Grain Free Pate Wet Cat Food, Chicken & Spinach Entree - (24) 3 oz. Pull-Top Cans

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Limited quantity available / 100 sold

  • Made with real chicken complemented with spinach
  • Helps promote healthy skin and coat
  • Essential nutrients to help support your cat's healthy immune system
  • Complete and balanced nutrition for the maintenance of adult cats

  • Product Review

    Just Mike

    Luckily found this in place of the 'altered' Purina One Ocean Whitefish and the Turkey. Now I can only hope they don't mess around with this. Little fussypants loves it.


    Deborah Goodwin

    My cat is 18 years old and has become very particular about the brand flavors of food she will however this kind seems to consistently please her. I trust Pro Plan to also give her the nutrients she needs to stay healthy and happy.


    Pia S.

    My cat LOVES this stuff. She can gobble up a whole can and still be hungry, so I end up giving her a can and a half. She was sick one time from vomiting a lot (we thought this flavor was the culprit) but she still cried and begged for this. Eventually we found out the culprit of her vomiting and so we started giving her Turkey & Giblets again. She was happy!



    In regards to flavor my kitties love itI split a can for 2 kitties n they will come back later to finish it.I trust Purina for my 4 paws babies



    This is the only food I feed my two cats. They weren't interested in other flavors , but they enjoy the Beef and Carrots.



    I like this because my cat loves it. We went through a lot of brands and recipes to find one he likes, after Meow Mix stopped selling his favorite. What I like is that it is sort of like a pate (but moist and tender), and has no "gravy" or "sauce". My cat tends to slurp up the gravy or sauce and leave any solids like meat left in his bowl to dry up. This recipe smells so good I almost want to try it myself, and has good healthy ingredients.


    Judson Taylor green

    My cat runs to the bowl every time I go to put this down and he usually doesn't care about eating that much. Now, even when it's not time for him to eat, he waits around in a very awkward manner, patiently waiting for the time I break the can out!



    When this is on sale, it may be the holy grail of canned cat food for early-mid CKD kitties. It's a 3 oz can, so there's not 4 oz of waste when he only eats 1-2 oz per meal. It's soft and juicy, both good for his aging teeth. And he likes it. I have given up the hard line in terms of trying to get him to eat the expensive prescription CKD food. it's more important that he eats, keeps weight on and enjoys life for as long as he has left with me. Much better than the daily battles to get the ultra low protein, ash and potassium food into him. I still have hope for the Neo wet food too, but it's a gradual battle on that one.


    Claudia Rivera

    My cat likes pretty much every flavor. I feed him canned Pro Plan every morning and he practically begs for it. His coat is always shinny and soft and he seems healthy and happy.



    I've been feeding my little buggers grain free food in an attempt to improve their well being and health. They haven't liked many of the brands that I've tried but this one? Well, there wasn't a morsel or smear left in their dishes! And they begged for me not too long after eating! It's a win! Will be ordering again!


    L. M.M

    All four of my cats rate this 16 paws up. I feed wet and dry as I am trying to make sure we keep kidney and bladder issues away and they love this mixed with a few tablespoons of water. I wish purina would offer more sales on their specialty food, it is pricey.



    Cats really like this flavor and the price was a real bargain as an add-on item. Would give this five stars but for the fact I was limited to 5 cases when I ordered. Now the price has gone up considerably and it's no longer an add-on item, so no longer such a great deal, however, our cats do like this flavor.



    I have tried different types of wet food and among all my cats like this. I am not completely sure how healthy this food is but among all it looks much better ( as a real meat than a mixture of random things). I hope this does not mean that artificial colors have been added to it. The cats finish it up and they do not have any stomach problems. The food, unlike some others, smells normal.



    Yep, finicky cat. For a while this was her favorite, but now she's gotten tired of it. She did seem to favor the texture of this variety. It's not phony, square cut type chunks--it's more like loose, varied chunks with some sauce.I'll give her a break from this variety for a while. I give her different varieties daily, in hopes of keeping her interest. Although she will still eat this, she usually won't finish it anymore. On to the next favorite, I guess.


    Mary Jackson

    Well I don't like it........ that is I'm a vegan (huge grin). But my cats love it, really love it! I have 7 cats so it's quite possible that one or two of them won't eat what they are fed. This product does not cause that.Thanks!



    Wet food is always a hit or miss with my cat, and in this case, it was a hit! She hated the gravy variety of this brand, but she loves the salmon and wildly rice pate. I try to switch around brands to give my cat a balanced diet and so she gets all the nutrients she needs. It also keeps her from being TOO picky of an eater than she already is. Of course, this doesn’t mean that your cat will like what mien does, but the quality of the pate can be seen and it smells like fish and nothing else lol



    My daughter's 16-year-old cat prefers this brand of cat food. It doesn't give her digestive problems as other brands have. The cost is competitive and it looks and smells like actual food rather than questionable by-products.


    Marjorie J. Brashier

    Purina Pro Plan Wet Cat Food, Savor, Adult Chicken Entrée, 3-Ounce Can, Pack of 24My older cat has health issues and her veterinarian suggested this food for its high-protein, low-grain content. This is the only food she's been getting and while I feared she would get tired of it, she's into her second case and still liking the food. I needed a food that would be better for her health but not exorbitantly expensive and the price for this is quite reasonable.



    Ive been purchasing a case of these (24 pack) for years now. Best value for the money if you provide wet food for your kitties. My cats prefer this classic pate formula and I like it because it isnt stinky and takes to water well. I plop it out into a small bowl, chop it up slightly and add about 2 tbsp of water (mixed in the can to get all juices and bits). My cats love it and even after they lap out the water and juice they love it when its dried out. Ive never had to throw away uneaten food. even if it gets dried out, and im ready to pick up the bowl, I empty the remaining wet food onto their dry kibble and theyll eat it up at their next snacking time.This isnt the highest quality or healthiest food but it does provide water and added nutrients to supplement kibble alone.



    My cats have developed a food allergy. Puking every other day was horrible for them and an inconvenience for me. A trip to the vet established a food allergy but to what, precisely was unclear. We haven't figured out what it is but this (and a turkey & giblets prime plus) works for them which is such a boon for me. After trying a lot of options I was down to my last few cans of attempts before we went to a super expensive brand through the vet (who was absolutely supportive of me not going that way) and this worked! So I'm a very happy camper.