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Purina Friskies Pate Wet Cat Food; Tasty Treasures Turkey & Chicken Dinner With Cheese - 5.5 oz. Can

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  • Chicken And Turkey Flavors For The Tastes Cats Love
  • Sprinkled With Cheese Flavor For Added Yum
  • Smooth Pate Texture Is Pleasing To Her Palate
  • 100% Complete And Balanced Nutrition For Kittens And Adult Cats

  • Product Review

    Sinda M.

    I just recently discovered this flavor although I have been feeding my cats Friskies for years. My youngest loves cheese and oldest loves liver do this was a perfect combo. They love it and I will continue to buy it for them.



    The addition of the bacon was an added feature for my pet and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommend


    Jack naj

    My four cats and the abandoned cats in my neighborhood that I feed, love Purina Friskies Tasty Treasures with chiken. I highly recommend it. AAA+++ Your cats will LOVE it too



    I ordered the wrong food. Cats don't really like pate. The stray cats and racoon eat it.


    The 1

    My cats like the chicken, tuna, and cheese in gravy much better than this product. The gravy in this product is very thin and watery. But other than that, it is a good product that is good for your cat.


    Marilyn Parker

    My cat is 12 years old and very finicky about what she eats...she has never eaten dry food..she will starve before touching dry food. But..mostly she just meows as loud as she can and gets into mischief if she doesn't have what she wants to eat.... She loves this type of cat food, though. I don't know whether it is the cheese she likes, or the over all taste...but she devours it every time....I wish it was smooth instead of strips, as she seems to have trouble chewing it...I wish the grocery stores would stock more of it, as i usually buy for a month at a time...



    If my cat is happy then I am happy.



    I've bought this multiple times now and the price is right and delivery to my door is awesome. My only issue is there seems to be quite a "taste" difference between batches. My two cats will love it one month, then not so much the next month, etc.



    I have a very finicky senior cat. We have tried all different types of foods but this is the one that he will eat. The price is extremely comparable to what I can buy locally and many times it's easier to buy online.


    Kat Leon

    I love Friskies products but not happy that Fed Ex Delivery guy stops at my front gate, leans over and drops the box to the ground. See pic. Grr...



    My cats like this . I bought it in Dec but today when I looked it was more than double the price! I'll get some from Wal-Mart!



    We have 3 cats. 1 cat is OBSESSED with this cat food (the ocean fish tuna with cheese) and demands it every morning. 1 will sometimes eat it, and 1 won't eat it at all. Cats are so finicky. Haha.



    All 3 of my cats (one indoor 22 year old, one outdoor 3 year old, one 14 week old) really enjoy this food. One can was dented in the pack that I bought, but it did not affect the food itself. Would completely buy again.


    Martha L. Cludius

    I may love it but my feelings are really not important. The cats do love it and that is what matters. It also has nice nutritious food for their little tummies. Back to my feelings, though, I do like that is is nutritious and easy to prepare.


    Paul M.

    We tried switching to 9lives food and our cat wouldn't touch the stuff. Our main reason for switching was to try to save some money since our cat eats a lot. Upon finding this food at this price point, we gave it a try and she is back to eating again!We will definitely be ordering more. Especially since, it would cost us around $16 in stores from what I've seen.


    Kindle Customer

    First time I presented Gracie a trial dab of this cat food, there was no period of doubt, sniffing, critical examination. Just, "Yum! Gimme more!!!!!!" And this is a cat who has often turned down other with-gravy type wet cat foods. A few pellets of her usual dry food mixed in seems to be quite acceptable too. Food is willingly consumed even when refrigerated, so is a good choice for frequent small feedings. Easy to serve. And seems to be of decent quality with visible bites of chicken, chesse, and tuna. Highly recommend this specific variety.



    Buster loves it - even demands it! He turns his nose up on Merrick, Science, and other high end brands to my dismay (he is backup kitty #3 after 2 predecessors that lived 20 years+). We've learned to only order pate, otherwise he only eats the gravy and leaves the chunks behind. I'm hoping the life extension cat vitamins I mix in will grant us the long time together that my previous kitties had but I do know wet food is healthier!



    Can't beat the price and I'd consider this brand to be mid-level in quality though on the low end of mid-level of course! I have 4 cats and in the morning they get a spoonful of dry food and half of can of wet. They get chicken thighs/legs/liver/kidney/heart/tuna homemade food at their evening feeding. I won't lie and say they enjoy mornings better because they don't but Friskies does it's job in helping keep the costs down and keeping my cats happy and healthy.


    Carla D. Olson

    I always give 5 stars for this based on the fact that my cat loves it and the seller and the fast shipping. I DONT want people to be mislead. This is NOT good food for cats...BUT it is what I can afford so out of all the crap they make out there for my animal this is the best and affordable for those of us that cant do the right thing for our cat because of limited money



    Cat: FEED ME!Me: OK, OK, I'm coming.Cat: My dish is empty!! FEED ME! May be dying soon!Me: Chill out -- No one ever found a cat skeleton next to its dish.Cat: Getting weaker, weaker... FEED ME NOW!!!!!Me: Here, eat your blasted Friskies Tasty Treasures Shredded Up Chicken Something or Other.Cat (walking away from dish): I'm not hungry.**************The above is a real-life depiction of how feeding time goes in our house. Note at the beginning of the exchange the cat's dish was empty. This is not the first time today the dish was empty, because the cat loves her Friskies and eats it all every day, every time.She just doesn't want to look like she cares, but trust me, she cares. She loves this food.(Don't tell her I told you, or she'll yak a hairball on my bed.)