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Purina Fancy Feast Grain Free Pate Wet Cat Food Variety Pack; Seafood Classic Pate Collection - (30) 3 oz. Cans

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  • Thirty (30) 3 oz. Cans - Purina Fancy Feast Grain Free Pate Seafood Classic Wet Cat Food Variety Pack
  • 100% complete and balanced gourmet canned cat food
  • Contains three different wet cat food recipes for added variety in your cat's diet
  • Smooth pate texture tempts her to her dish
  • Essential vitamins and minerals to help support her health

  • Product Review


    Love the 3 oz cans as I have no food left over but even if the cans wee bigger I don't think I would. My cats love this food and gobble up every last bit.



    The Fancy Feast Pate has a great selection! My cats devoured the first can, so I’m assuming it tastes good! The portion size is just right so there are no leftovers that are wasted! I would definitely order this item again!


    Diana de Avila

    We have a rescue that gobbles this food up! The Fancy Feast seafood is one of his favorites. One thing I notice without the grains is smaller poops. Less poop to clean and less smell (minus the corn) and kitty and mommy are happy.


    Tom Bux

    I got this for my 17 year old cat who can't chew hard dry food. She loves it, and it's about the only food she can eat. She keeps it down and I owe this food for her still being with us still. Thanks for making sommething she could eat and she loves to eat.


    Shannon Miller

    These are probably perfectly portioned for a normal cat. My cat will only eat a half a can, and won't touch it a second time once it's been opened, so if they saw fit to make smaller portions I would certainly buy them. Everything else is great, and my kitty loves it.



    So I got these and opened one can to split between my two cats and they ate maybe half of it and then went back to their regular dry cat food, so I don't think this will be something my cats will eat on a daily basis, but as a snack or a special treat they are pretty good.



    I have fed my cats Fancy Feast many times over the years, and it’s always well received. My cats aren’t picky in terms of texture, so they are happy with the paté. It’s high-quality food, and the cats really love it. They don’t seem to prefer one flavor over another, so all three included in this box receive the paws of approval.


    Super Nintendo

    My kitty loves wet food and he loves all the flavors in this Purina Fancy Feast Grain Free Pate Wet Cat Food Variety Pack; Seafood Classic Pate Collection. I think the portion size is just right and I like that this food is grain free and made with quality ingredients. He already eats Purina dry food so I am happy to get him the Purina wet food as well and it is a company I trust.


    Miss W Book Reviews

    The box of 30 cans contains three different flavors all in the pate variety. I have three cats and they loved the salmon flavor the best . I really like the size of the cans, no waste and they ate the whole thing. I wasn't sure if they would like the pate because they tend to want to lick all the juices, but they really enjoyed this. Fancy Feast is a brand I can trust and my cats loved it.



    My cat is really very picky about her foods and has eaten the same brand of food for 7 years. She has never like the pate style either. She wolfed down this food like it was a treat! I was shocked! She even whined for more! With that said I must assume the flavor was great! The portion size was a little smaller than what she usually gets. But she loves it and thinks shes getting a treat.



    This package of canned cat food includes three flavors. All are the pate variety, but the food is moist and comes out of the can easily. Of the three flavors, my cat liked the Whitefish and Tuna and the Salmon flavors the best. The Cod, Sole, and Shrimp flavor had the strongest odor and wasn’t my cat’s favorite, although he still ate it. I like that the size of the cans are smaller so food doesn’t go to waste. I trust the “Fancy Feast” brand and my cat and I are both happy with this selection of seafood pate.


    Kelly C.

    My cat is pretty odd when it comes to wet food. She will normally lick all of the sauce/juice and not touch the actual food. I know she loves it though, so I thought I would give these a try.There are three different flavors in this variety pack. Gizzy (my cat) actually ate the Salmon one. I was shocked. I am not sure why she would not eat the other ones. She did lick all of the juices. She still goes nuts any time you open a can, so I know she loved them. I like to keep them on hand for a special treat, as I do not feed her wet food everyday.



    Don't blame me, that's exactly what the cats think. I usually purchase varieties of cat foods and purina does be in there. In the case of this particular blend, I would say that my cat would eat it, but wouldn't be over the moon about it. For example, giving her a plate of this the other night, she would go to it, eat some, want to play, want to lay down, go over to it, look at it, go away, take a few bites an hour later and by morning it would be mostly gone. Compare that to the Fancy Feast Medleys... where she goes over to the plate and licks it clean in one sitting. So not the best food for her, not the worst food for her, she reckons is just ..... ok.


    Katherine M.

    We have a finicky Bengal cat, which means we’ve tried a lot of different food brands trying to please her. These Fancy Feast cans are in the small side which is great if you have a cat that does not finish the larger cans and you need a small size but this was too small for our cat. She kept annoying her humans as she voiced her complaints with her displeasure at still being hungry after she was served. One of her humans is not a fan of seafood so she was especially displeased at the very strong odor in these cans as meals were served. We noticed that she seemed to shed more while eating these cans so I don’t think this agreed with her. We’ve found another brand that seems to leave her fuller and her coat shinier so we will not be trying this again.


    Scott FS

    Let's face it: cats are finicky eaters. Unlike Fido, your cat is going to turn up his nose at the same food, night after night. So a variety of cat foods is a must.My cats Penny and Bandit are big lovers of these foods. I had been using chicken and turkey flavors, and they liked them well enough. But both cats, I find our, are big fans of seafood.The small cans are great if you have one cat. I have two (and three to five ferals I feed outdoors). The small cans are going to be used individually with my indoor cats. I'll probably supplement the outdoor cats with these on occasion, but they are a bit pricey to use indiscriminately with the hungry bellies of the outside cats. For them, I'll use the larger, more economic cans.


    Monica J. Kern

    Our family has four finicky cats. We are constantly buying cat food and trying different flavors in the seemingly futile goal of trying to identify a food brand that all four cats will eat consistently. The Purina Fancy Feast Seafood pate collection comes very close to achieving that goal. Here's what I liked most about it:1.) The food is balanced and healthy for cats, meeting the AAFCO standards for adult cats. It's grain-free, and doesn't have of the weird items (cheese, spinach ??, vegetables) that other cat food flavors inexplicably include. Instead, the ingredients are fish- and meat-centric, which is what cats--as obligate carnivores--need and desire. For example, the ingredient list for the "savory salmon" flavor starts off with: salmon, liver, meat by-products, fish broth, fish, turkey, and then followed by a bunch of minerals and vitamins. You can find more gourmet "pure meat" cat foods out there, but you'll be paying a lot more for it. The Purina Fancy Feast brand hits the sweet spot in the healthiness/economy trade-off, in my opinion.2.) Most of my cats will eat these flavors most of the time. Still haven't found the holy grail of a food they'll all eat all the time, but this assortment comes close. They definitely prefer the seafood flavors to the poultry or beef assortments.3.) Buying in bulk is sooooo much easier and more convenient that going to the grocery store and ringing up a gazillion tiny cans on the self check-out register. I will also note that we did not encounter the situation mentioned by some of the other reviewers of dented or damaged cans; our package arrived in perfect condition.



    I have an older cat that is pretty darn picky. He’s 11 years old and wet food is pretty hit or miss with him. I like to give him some wet food alongside his dry kitty food, per vet suggestion, so we’re always up for trying different wet kitty food to see what works for him.This pate texture seems like a pretty classic pate (as far as cat foods go). It’s got the pureed, easy-to-eat blend down, and smells just like what the ingredients list.My cat likes some “juice” with wet cat foods, and this one didn’t seem to have enough for him to be all that interested at first. He turned his nose up completely at the “Cod, Sole, and Shrimp Feast” but seemed to like the other 2 OK. I added a little water to them and for some reason, he decided that he liked them (the 2 he would eat, that is)...so maybe this isn’t as “juicy” as he prefers or something. That seems to be easily remedied for now, although it appears this isn’t his all-time favorite.That said, my cat is overly picky about this stuff, so that doesn’t mean your cat will turn it down. His favorite out of this bunch seems to be the Savory Salmon.Overall, this appears to be decent quality wet kitty food with a nice pate texture, and I could get even my overly picky cat to eat 2 out of the 3 flavors, so that’s pretty decent in my book.These are the normal sized Fancy Feast cans (3 oz), so they’re not the larger sized ones. That works out well for my cat, since he doesn’t like to eat “leftovers” from larger cans (told ya he was picky!), so we don’t waste any.If your cat isn’t overly picky like mine is, your cat will probably enjoy all of it. He has not experienced digestive issues or anything adverse (sometimes other wet kitty food doesn’t agree with him), so this stuff is A-OK.


    Smokey's Mom

    Fancy Feast is expensive, but at least three of my four cats like it. And all the feral cats I feed love it.


    Concepción L Antunez

    My cats love it


    A. Brock

    This cat food is very nice and the cats love it. We feed many feral cats and they really enjoy getting a good meal.