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PetSilver Respiratory Solution for Cats and Dogs, Contains Only Water and Chelated Silver, Fragrance and Flavor Free, Use with Nebulizer or Syringe, 16 Fluid Ounces

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  • This product is easy to use. Add the solution to the nebulizer per its instructions. Gently secure your cat or dog. Hold nebulizer mask up to their face, covering the nose and mouth completely. Allow nebulizer to cycle through entire process. If your pet will not tolerate nebulizer application, you can use a syringe and insert the solution into the mouth. Most efficacious when used on a regular basis for pets at high risk, or in combination with your veterinarian's prescribed treatment.
  • PetSilver products are designed to be safe for everyone. Minimal ingredients means minimal interactions! There are no artificial flavors or perfumes, no preservatives or filler ingredients that may cause a reaction. This product is formulated for cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes.
  • This product should have a neutral taste and smell that will not irritate your pet.
  • This product only contains the ingredients it needs to be effective: chelated silver and water. Chelated silver means silver ions are bonded to nonmetallic ions for even distribution throughout the solution. This also helps increase product efficacy at affected areas.

  • Product Review


    Definitely seems to be helping.


    Holly M.

    Great for homeopathic use for pets



    This product saved our puppy. Bought this with a respiratory nebulizer to treat 3 month old from the animal rescue who had distemper - nightly after play time as he settled down i would rub him and have him breath a treatment for a half hour. He is happy and healthy.


    Ronda Caldrone

    I have tried everything for my Bugsy's IBS issues including expensive vet foods. I have been using this product for about a month and so far my Bugsy has had normal stools everyday and no blowouts. He is also eating whatever he wants and no vet prescribed foods. This product is awesome!!


    Independent Woman

    My Teacup Pom had some bronchitis and once I started using this helped to decrease it alot. My Pom had Trachea Collapse and continued to get worse. Sadly he passed away and I was not able to save him. His passing was not a result of this product but due to Trachea Collapse.



    Treating Foster kittens with URI. Nebulized meds in AM and the chelated silver in PM for several days. They all recovered well and have been adopted.


    Potter Mom

    During the winter months my dog was having a very hard time breathing. I tried other products that didn’t seem to work (in fact he got worse.) I ordered PetSilver Respiratory Solution and a nebulizer. Surprisingly he allowed me to put the nebulizer mask over his nose so he could breathe the PetSilver. After a few days of treatments he was breathing noticeably better.



    Our dog has suffered with Laryngeal Paralysis we gotten a tie back surgery but now he gets aspiration pneumonia often. But with this treatment daily it has helped tremendously in his quality of life! Totally recommend


    Average dude

    Pets haven't had coughing/sneezing fits. I also drink it and found that I can breathe very easy as well. This happened by accident when I forgot which water bottle was mine. I coughed heavily for about 10 minutes after drinking it than I noticed that I could breathe super easy. Decided to keep adding it to my water as well as theirs.


    maria perez

    Absolutely amazing! My 6 week old bun was near death with severe pneumonia. After 2 vet visits the vet suggested we put him down. I decided to keep trying bc of the fight I saw in my bunny. I have only been using this for 3 days and my bun has made tremendous improvement. I am so glad I didn’t give up, I am forever grateful! Hoping our next visit will be excellent! The vet will be shocked that’s for sure !!!!