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Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Kennel - Assorted Colors

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  • VENTILATION AND VISIBILITY: Openings on all sides of the pet kennel allow pets to enjoy the flow of fresh air; grated front and top-load steel doors allow pets maximum visibility for stress-free travel. Interior Dimensions- 16.75 L x 11 W x 9.25 H Inches. Weight Range- Up to 10 Pounds
  • KENNEL TRAINING: Petmate dog kennels are ideal for crate-trained puppies or small dogs, measuring 19 inches long; kennel bottom is spacious to easily accommodate a dog kennel bed
  • STURDY FOR TRAVEL: Small dog kennel is secured with a durable wingnut-and-bolt design, an the steel top-load door is reinforced with durable plastic to keep pets protected
  • COMFORT-GRIP HANDLE: Durable, ergonomic handle is securely anchored in the steel top-loading door for safe and comfortable transport of the pet carrier
  • EASY-OPEN LATCH: Secure pet doors feature easy-squeeze latches that can be conveniently opened with one hand
  • SMALL PET CRATE IN 4 COLORS: Pet parents can choose between four pearlescent color combinations for an attractive travel carrier or home kennel
  • AIR TRAVEL APPROVED: While airline travel requirements vary, Petmate's Top Door Top Load Kennel meets most airline cargo specifications; Air Travel Kits available for purchase separately
  • PLACE OF MANUFACTURE: Plastic made in the USA

  • Product Review


    I have purchased two of these, and I have 3 cats. The first purchase was in 2015, and now this year. I have loved the idea of having the top open and also the front.This carrier was very handy back in 2016, I came home to find my old cat in need of being put down. This made her last ride so much easier. I was able to open the top and lay her right in. Yes I know a laundry basket would work, but I needed to travel 45 miles one way and feel the carrier is more secure.I used this many times for all three cats to go to the vets office. This makes getting them out easier, and much easier for them to jump back in . My one cat is very tall and long, and weighs about 11 pounds, and fits this just fine.My middle cat is short, and weighs about 9 pounds, and has plenty of room.My third cat is just one year old and is just a little smaller than the middle, and has plenty of room.I found they give extra screws with this, and a good thing, I had two bent ones. One of the holes needed to be punched out, that is why I gave only four stars, the first purchase was perfect, the second not.I will purchase a third one some day soon, I want one for each, and I have four others but no top opening like this.If you are wondering if they are built good, I say yes. I recommend them to people that have pets.



    Large (24") carrier -This fits one of my 8 lb cats very comfortably and two 8-10 lb. cats easily. Super easy to put together. The handle was loose in the packing box so make sure to find it before tossing the packing materials. The top load isn't necessary for my cats but it's great for them to see out of during travel. The door latches both seem to be very stable and sturdy. I'm not worried about it popping open. Definately recommend.


    Andy H

    This is a great quality crate. My 18lb. dog fits perfectly inside and, while in the car, he loves to stick his head out of the top, which opens with easy. When not in use, this crate is pretty easy to break down and store in a smaller size out of the way.EDIT: The photos uploaded sideways, not sure why.


    jenmy hernandez

    This carrier met my expectation and actually it was awesome carrying my 12 pound rabbit to and from the Vet or any other place i bring him too... Measurements are true to size and the top opening is convinient . Its very easy to assemble and even my vet was impressed the material and door latch is awesome .



    These are fine kennels but another reviewer does point out something that is disappointing. They obviously went to significant trouble to make the air holes on the top portion of the kennel look pleasing to people (I guess). The holes on the outside are quite safe and rounded. But from the inside they are a bit sharp. Not razor sharp, not like your pet is going to cut themselves brushing up against them. But not "safe for a baby" type rounded, and if you ask me, they should make pet stuff as safe as baby stuff. So I do believe the reviewer who said when her cat jammed his nose through the holes he cut himself a bit.Am I worried about my own pets being transported in these carriers though? Nope, and that's because my cats aren't afraid of the carrier. Pro tip: keep your pet carrier out all the time, so your cats can be friends with them. They may even use them to sleep in, especially if you provide some nice bedding inside. Then, when it is time to go to the vet, your cat won't like the car - but it won't, at least, be afraid of the CARRIER ITSELF.I have seen cats (even one of my current cats) attempt to escape from carriers they don't enjoy and I know what it is like. But with them "knowing" the carriers beforehand, they don't fight against the carrier itself. In fact, you are taking a piece of your familiar territory with you! This should be conventional wisdom for all cat owners, but isn't a very well known fact. Spread the word!



    I found this kennel after visiting my aunt and seeing hers. I'm so glad she recommended it! I am very happy with this product. We bought this Kennel for my Miniature Dachshund, Clyde. He had begun to outgrow his old kennel and we needed something a bit bigger. This kennel is the perfect size for him to get really comfortable!If you are asking yourself if the top load door really makes a difference, the answer is yes. Yes it does.First, Clyde is a longhair dachshund and we live in Texas. He sleeps in his kennel and loves to sleep there. It gets hot here even in the house and you can imagine a plastic box may not be comfortable in hot weather, and our dog will let you know when he is uncomfortable. The top door allows SO much more air flow that Clyde has been so happy in it!Second, we travel a fair bit. Clyde rides best in the car in his kennel. With 2 people and 2 dogs, a car can get crowded. Using the front door with stuff next to it in the seat isn't always possible. We can pack everything the way we want and use the top door to take him in and out for potty breaks! Plus the extra air flow mentioned above makes an even bigger difference on a Texas roadtrip!Other than the addition of the top load door the holes on the side are much better for airflow and light than our old kennel. This kennel is also very sturdy, but not heavy. It is really just made better than other kennels we have had. It came disassembled, but was easily able to put it together in about 10 minutes (and that is with the dogs inspecting the new "thing" in the house).


    Sijia Zhang

    I have 2 cats, a 10 pound and a 13 pound. The 13 pound one is pretty big, so I was hesitant when I saw the specifications (10 pounds and under). However, I have great news: It most likely will work for most 13 pound cats! My 13 pound cat was able to fit into it and turn around completely. It's also comfortable enough for him to sleep in (which he does for around 2-3 hours a day). Tip: To avoid a lot of stress when putting cats in carriers, you should always get them accustomed to it first. Just put it around the house with some catnip or something. Best case scenario is they use it as a bed sometimes, but even if they don't, as long as they are around it long enough it'll be fine. They won't struggle or protest nearly as much.Assembling took around 20 minutes total since I was a bit confused about what to do with the screws, but I figured it out soon enough. Overall, all around great carrier for a great price, and fits even more than specified.



    One of my cats is the hardest cat I've ever had to get into a carrier. With this I can place him in the carrier and shut the door before he even realizes what's happening. It cuts down so much on the stress for me AND for him now that I don't have to wrangle him anymore.Unless you have a very very small cat, I would recommend the 24 inch kennel. I know they say the small one is up to 10 pounds, but my cats are ten pounds and I don't think I would have been able to fit them comfortably in the smallest size.I had no problems with the quality of the carrier either like another reviewer who said the holes for the door weren't properly placed. My best guess is user error for that one since it's something I actually did as well before I figured it out. When assembling there are very visible holes in the top by the door, but those AREN'T the holes you should be putting the door into. The door hinges go in the little covered protrusions which are spaced wider than the visible holes.Anyway, all in all this was worth every penny. It makes getting to the vet so much less stressful for both of us.



    This is an excellent carrier for larger cats. My cats range between 13-18 lbs and this case is great.The label says ideal for pets 10-20 lbs, 19 inches long and 11" floor to back.Label also says carrier meets international and domestic air travel requirements.and it is eco friendly: 95% pre-consumer recycled plastic. My vet was impressed too!



    I purchased mine for ~$42 - Sold by and fulfilled by* Sturdy and well made - Included treat tray attaches to the door and is a quality bonus* Opening/closing mechanisms work smoothly* Both the top and bottom close securely* Can hold my ten pound cat and give her enough room to lie down - Ample room to move around** I can safely comfort my cat, because I can quickly open/close the top and not have concern for her getting out - A big plus, when I make trips to/from the vet* The carry handle is attached to the top door, but, while carrying, the top door remains securely shut - The handle, itself, is goodCONS* Heavy - Because it is not flimsily made* A little bulky - No points deducted for the consOVERALL, an intelligent and excellent product.


    Doug Stoltzfus

    Have seen tons of cat/dog carriers in the past while working in a spay/neuter clinic here in Chicago, and this carrier beats the competition hands down. Not only does it fasten super securely with the enclosed hard plastic nuts and bolts that assemble easily with your hands (no screwdriver needed), the carrier came with five extra bolts and six extra plastic nuts. Major kudos for that, as carriers are notorious for losing those pieces of hardware inadvertently over time, so those go into the important drawer for possible future use. The carrier body parts are made of hard, adequately thick plastic, with an easy-opening front door that fit perfectly into the machined holes in the top part of the carrier. The *HUGE* plus is that this carrier opens from the top, for which the intended passengers give two paws up as seen in the attached photo. I can't endorse/recommend this carrier enough. While it weighs a bit compared to some thinner plastic carriers, it's clear that over time it will last way longer than those others, most of which cost more money. This is a super value!



    I spent a lot of time reading reviews on Amazon & other sites. I was looking for a high quality, top load carrier with 2 easy to open/close doors. I also wanted nuts instead if side latches to be sure the carrier didn't fall apart when carrrying a cat. I read about other carrier's top doors falling open due to latch failures (either poor design or confusion on how to close/they thought it was latched), doors that were difficult to open or close, and some difficult to assemble or poor quality control. This one had the best reviews.I am very happy! This is a great size & had all of the above features I was looking for. I love the latches on both doors, they are easy to work & don't hurt your hand trying to open/close. The top door is an excellent design & I don't worry about it not being latched properly. I like that the nuts are large & ergonomic and that they give you extra in case you lose some. This is a safe & secure cat carrier that's easy to use. Highly recommend!☆ I read some reviews that said the front door wouldn't close or wouldn't fit into the holes. After getting mine, I thought I had the same problem as I assembled it. But luckily I read a good review that explained how to assemble the door properly. The front door vertical bar (the one opposite the latch) does NOT go inside the round holes. It goes inside the rectangular indented area next to the holes. The door will appear Rio be the wrong size & will not close if you put the bar inside the holes. I'm not sure what the holes are for, but I think they should remove them since they are confusing. Or at least make better instructions. That's my only complaint


    V. B. Schmidt

    I wish I got this a long time ago. The plastic is a lot thicker than I thought it would be, I didn't imagine this to be as heavy duty as it is. I hardly ever use the side door, the top door is so much easier. Gone are the days of shoving my cat in upside down and sideways and narrowly avoiding claws in my face. With the top loading all I have to do is pick up the cat and drop her in without her even realizing what happened. It is also a pretty big carrier, so if you have a larger cat I would suggest getting this. My cat is a female maine coon mix so she weighs almost 10 lbs at her skinny weight. The other cat carriers made for typical house cats were too small for her. This is maybe a little big for her but it's better than the one that was too small. The top loading door is also pretty sturdy, I was worried that it would bend when I picked up the carrier but I've had no problems with it moving at all.


    Dana Review

    Door goes in groove not pre-drilled holes. Thanks to the other reviews I was aware of this. See photos. Great carrier for the price. Super easy to assemble and arrived quickly. The top door is sturdy and stay closed and secure. Carrier cane with easy directions and extra parts. My cats are 13lbs. and 8lbs. You can fit both in case you gave to evacuate for a hurricane. I order the carrier for 15 lbs. plenty of room and carrier is light weight but not chinchy.



    Good sturdy pet carrier but much smaller overall than the 24 inch kennel. I would suggest going up to the next size if you have an adult cat over 8 lbs., especially if you have a long drive to the vet or they need to be in it for an extended period of time. This is a good size for a kitten or toy size puppy.



    This is an unbelievable deal, for me anyway. I have two pet pups that measure around 5-5.5lbs/10-11inches tall (from head to toe standing) and the other weighing 8-8.5lbs/11-12inches tall. I was looking for a carrier that could hold them both together comfortable because separating them isn't going to work for them, no matter if they're on the outs with each other, lol. When I searched for a pet carrier for two pets, I never found one so I just combined their weights together and compared the measurements of their old carrier which was a little too big. I'll add photos to show a better view for you all. Oh yes, I forgot to brag that the assembly was easy and came with extra bolts and butterfly type screws which is a huge plus if for any reason you (I most definitely will,lol) may lose any in the future, maybe taking apart to clean per say. Last but not least, it has a second door, isn't that awesome! My husband and I love the color and the unit fits right underneath our end tables in the living room. Couldn't ask for a better product! Many thanks and blessings!


    P. Craven

    As you can see, my cat loves the carrier. The top loading and side loading is great. The screw-together format for the top and bottom keeps the carrier together much better compared to the 'clip' together that other carriers have.



    Having just adopted brother and sister kittens that are so adorable they deserve nothing but the best, I chose the Petmate two door top load pet kennel. When the two kennels arrived I felt like I had won the lottery. There are so many to choose from and I wanted one that was safe, secure and attractive and the Petmates checked the box on each level. To get the 5 month old kittens used to the kennels, I put them on the floor, side by side, with the front doors open. It only took minutes for them to look them over and decide to walk inside. I had also ordered MidWest Quiet Time Pet Beds (fleece~~22" x 13") for them and they fit perfectly. The side-by-side kennels reminded me of travel trailers (which they are in the end) so we call the space they occupy the "Trailer Park". The kittens are often in their "trailer homes" napping and I feel sure when I need to take them to the Vet's they won't be as spooked as if it was brand new. I heartily recommend you consider this product and the bed as well.



    About a year ago, my boyfriend and I adopted a six month old kitten and of course, we needed a carrier for her, so we got a smaller Petmate carrier. As she grew, we realized it was getting a little small for her. We took her on a trip to Florida in it and although she could lay down fine, there was absolutely no room for her to stand. When we adopted our second kitten last September, we knew that we had to get something bigger so we could put both of the cats in it if we needed to.At the end of November, we decided we were going to Minnesota for Christmas and were bringing the cats with us, so I got on Amazon and started looking at carriers. We were debating between this and the Aspen Pet Taxi Fashion Kennel, also by Petmate, because it was a bigger version of our old one. Both of the carriers we looked at were of the larger size, NOT small. The size of this carrier was the 24". We liked the Aspen Pet Taxi because it had two compartments on the top for holding treats, which was great, but we ultimately decided on this carrier because of the two door option. I must say, this was absolutely the right choice. The top door allows more light in and makes the carrier feel more open instead of a cramped little compartment. Also, the two door option allows us two different ways to put the cats in, which we have found using the top door makes life much easier (not as much struggling!). The biggest plus is that not only can a cat sit up in this carrier, both of our cats fit comfortably in it with plenty of room to move around. The cats stayed in the carrier for the majority of the trip to Minnesota, but I think that had to do with them feeling more comfortable in the carrier than out in the open car since we would leave the carrier open at home and let them explore as they wanted.I bought this carrier for only $28, which was an absolute steal in my opinion, and am waiting for the price to come down closer to $30 to buy another one since it would be nice for each cat to have her own. The only downside is that because it is so large and the cat has room to move around, it is very unsteady to carry it since the cat moves her weight back and forth from the front to the back. However, this is a very small issue that does not affect my rating of this carrier. As far as the price goes on Amazon compared to other stores (PetSmart, PetCo, Walmart, etc.) it is about the same everywhere I looked, maybe a little cheaper on Amazon. Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend this carrier, not only for cats but for smaller dogs as well. Even at $36, it is still a good deal.UPDATE:Since I've had some comments about having two cats in one carrier, I thought I'd clarify a little in my review. The one cat was a year and a half and the other a six month old kitten who wasn't full grown yet. We only had the carrier doors closed when we were getting in and out of the car and when we were in high traffic areas. Other than that, the cats had free roam of the car and access to a litter box but chose to sleep in the carrier together most of the time. Once our kitten had reached adult size, we bought another one of these carriers and currently use both when traveling or taking the cats to the vet. We could probably manage to use one carrier for both cats when making short trips, the vet's office for example, but the carrier can get quite heavy and hard to carry with two cats inside.



    Just got this today, I finally got something better suited for my large cat. We are a military family so move often and this will work great for our upcoming move this summer. I was having a hard time finding something I liked, was a decent price and big enough but not too big. I was skeptical on ordering this, afraid it may be too small or end up with the wrong bolts as many reviews stated but everything worked out great. Make sure to order it from Amazon as the seller and i think that takes care of the bolt issue some were having. Size.. I can't say exactly his weight but i know he's about 15lbs, he has plenty of room to stand up and turn around if he'd like, with some toys. He's never had a crate before but surprisingly seems to like it, I have it left out for him to come and go as he pleases so when its time to shut him in maybe it won't be so traumatic (He has a very hard time traveling!) Love that the top opens up as i know that tends to be easier to use when they are a bit panicked (like at the vet). He's 7 years old and set in his ways so I'm glad to see he's taken a liking to it. I'll post some pics to hopefully help others with size questions as i found photo reviews the most helpful for me