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Petmate Pet Cafe Waterer Cat and Dog Water Dispenser 4 Sizes

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  • SPILL-FREE WATER STATION: Easy-grab cutouts allow pet parents to easily lift the pet water bowl without spilling. Wide-mouth bottle of the cat & dog waterer is easy to remove from the base for convenient washing.
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    After realizing how helpful it was to have fresh water for the pets handled so easily, I bought another one for an elderly friend. Pets are such important companions to the elderly, but as their owners advance in years it is harder to provide the more frequent level of care needed for the pet. This great source of fresh water is very reliable and I know the pet has water for at least a week. Plan to rinse the bottom tray with soapy water when refilling to keep it sparkling clean. I bought a similar product to dispense dry food and life is better for both the elderly owner and adored pet.



    I used this to give a stray cat water. I constantly refilled its water bowl every day because the water would dry out by next morning or there would be bugs in it. I filled it up to the top, and it still has about half a container full of water after 2 weeks. It releases just enough water for the cat to get replenished as needed. When I first got it, I was surprised at how small it was and was contemplating returning it because I didn't think it was big enough. I'm keeping it since it has done with it was designed to do and I don't have to refill as often.If you found my review helpful, please vote so that it helps others, too. Thanks!


    Judy B.

    I’m very pleased with the Petmate 3 gallon gravity waterer! Glad I gave it a try. It has saved me time from rinsing and re-filling the 3 qt water bowl several times a day that I had been using for my 8 dogs in the kitchen. They have fresh water outside on the porch, but seem to prefer the water bowl inside. The Petmate waterer is easy to fill, but I’m careful to screw the lid on to keep it tight. When full it is a bit heavy, but I can set it down gently on the bowl base allowing it to snap in place. I like the shape of both the 3 gallon bottle top, which is flat in the front, and the shape of the drinking bowl, both allowing more room for my dogs to excess the water in the bowl. I would prefer the bowl to be deeper though as my larger dogs tend to splash water out as they drink. I use a large kitchen towel around the bowl for messes. Oh, and none of my dogs are bothered by the bubble noises as the water fills the bowl while they drink. It is easy to clean the 3 gallon top with a kitchen bottle brush and a sponge for the base. Over all, it’s much better quality than I had expected for the price, and definitely as good as the higher priced pet store brand waterers.



    A must have for any animal . It makes my life easier for my 2 dogs and cat . I do recommend only filling these half way . Unless you're animals are sharing then fill it . I bought all my animals they're own and different sizes . I recommend filling half way and 1 once a week to rinse out and wipe the bowl , water becomes guncky on the bowl after sitting long enough . Also wipe the lid and inner lid . Just do a whole wash with hot water , no soap . Also I like to give it a good pound on the top when I I place the water jug on the bowl . Make sure the water flows and yes it does refill itself never had a stop of water flow . The water flow works naturally . Buy this ! 10/10 infact this is the best thing I ever bought for my animals



    At first, my cat, who is extremely neurotic and very scared of new or even mildly exciting things, refused to go near this. She hates new things and it makes a blooping sound that frightened her. Eventually, she realized that this little kitty water tower had something she needed and she had to brave the unknown to slake her thirst. After a very long struggle with her thirst and her fear, she decided to grudgingly give the water tower a chance and, a few months down the line, drinks out of it without fear several times a day. She's not even afraid of the blooping sound anymore and doesn't recoil in fear at all. I really bought this just to fulfill the minimum shipping requirement on an order, but my cat actually loves it and I only have to refill it once every two or three weeks instead of every day, which means that my cat rarely ever goes thirsty waiting for the water bowl to be refilled. I'd definitely buy it again as it does exactly what it promises to do. It's convenient for both me and my cat and that's all I could ever ask for.



    I think these are a good value. Honestly, I prefer the filtered pet fountains, as my Shih Tzu loves to drink without getting her muzzle wet. However, since dental additives do not work well in the fountains, I have had to switch to a standard bowl. This device allows me to give a nice big reservoir of the supplemented water without having a huge bowl.Easy to use: It pops in and out easily and the valve on it keeps the water from going all over the floor when moving it.One improvement I'd like to see: The basin autofills as needed, but I feel that it is a bit too shallow for my dog's liking. Perhaps there are some variances in manufacturing? Not a big deal and I can probably modify the lid a bit to dispense more water.



    This waterer does as its intended but would I buy it again if it broke? No. Although that's not a failing of the waterer its a failing of my cats. I own two Manx kittens. Manx are one of the few cat breeds that like water, hell, they routinely crawl into the shower with me if Im not careful and shut the bathroom door all the way closed. As such, they play around in this water dish all day long and drain it onto the floor cause it continues to fill as they empty it. When they are done I have to clean it which is a major pain. The dish its self is easy to clean but the water storage part is virtually impossible to clean because you cant reach up inside of it to clean it. Like I said, product does as its intended and would probably serve well for any household with normal water phobic cats.



    This waterer is fine as it is, but is a bit awkward to carry when it's full. The opening is a bit small for fitting a brush in, but it's manageable. Make sure to clean it before using it because it has a smell that's pretty off-putting for even the human nose.All of that said, my dog (corgi) is TERRIFIED of the glug-glug noise. She's spooked. She has been letting herself go thirsty, trying to drink from the toilets, and even tried to drink from a puddle because she hates it so. I finally took the tank off and she's using the bottom portion just fine. I tried to add just the tank back on after about a week of having it off, but even the empty tank scared her still. In time I'll try to reintroduce the bottle part, empty first, then trying it full again. Maybe someday I'll get my money's worth.



    I got this for my kittos just under a year ago, and it has been serving me well! I think the size I got was too big: the bowl needs cleaning well before the tank is empty, so I just refill the whole thing to give them fresh water. Here are my pros and cons:PROS:+ Sturdy - This thing is built to last. The plastic is solid and very easy to clean with a cloth and some pet-safe dish soap.+ The water in the tank seems to stay mostly separate from what's in the bowl, so it stays fresh over time.+ Stays put - My kittos like to jump on top of the tank and watch each other drink, but it doesn't scoot around at all.+ Less mess - Before getting this, I was filling a soup dish with water for them, and they made a MESS of it. For whatever reason, getting this put an end to having to sop up a mess of spilled water.+ The cats love the gloop-gloop sound of the bowl filling up.CONS:- Water occasionally spills out when I'm trying to flip the newly-refilled tank over, but I have since mastered this skill (I think).- The water doesn't stay cold very long. During the summer, I filled the tank 1/3-full of ice and then water, and the ice was all gone in about 20 minutes.- I do wish the bowl was just a *little* bit bigger so the kittos could share, but I suppose that's part of the reason they haven't been dancing in it like they did the soup bowl...I hope someone finds this review helpful! This tank is very worthwhile for keeping furry companions hydrated. :)


    Sick Daddy

    I really wanted to like this product.I'm new to pet ownership and wanted to make sure my dog always had water. The drawback of using this, is that I still end up changing it just as frequently because it gets food crumbs and other nasty stuff in it. If you have a lot of pets, it may be perfect, as you'd be changing it often enough, but you'll likely want to change it every 2-3 days. How much time am I really saving from filling up two bowls of water every day of fresh water? Other than the obvious purpose of leaving for long periods of time and having many thirsty pets, it's not really worth the hassle. The design of the product worked well. The screwcap lets you adjust the water level and it fits together snug enough. You will need a bottle scrubber if you plan to clean the inside of the bottle more than a rinse.4 stars because it accomplishes it's mission and has uses, but cleaning the inside and time saving abilities didn't add up.


    AJ Johnson

    Listen, my little monster AKA Princess Cat, is a brat. She has constantly smacked at every fountain Ive bought her. This was bigger than I thought it would be, however she was not intimidated. She took to it quite well. The gurgling when the water gets low is a fun random scare when shes near it.Last night she woke me up by headbutting the unit to tell me it was getting low, so I suppose that's her way of letting me know.This is too heavy for her to knock over and she has resigned to the fact that she cannot get her paw up the bottle. (This was tested for the first 24 hours of bringing it into the room).I am pleased with this purchase and would recommend to other per owners.



    Update- I know I didn't HAVE to come here and update this review but leaving a mediocre review on anything bothers me because it's bad for businesses so I came back, added a star to my rating, and uploaded a new picture. You'll read below the big issue with automatic feeders like this is contamination, over time, less than a day in my case, a bowl of water will get contaminated with dirt, dust, hair, food etc. I had some clear plastic sheets lying around, I cut one to the size of the bowl opening and attached it to the top and added blue tape to the edge so my dogs could easily see it. So far, it's done a great job at keeping the water in the bowl pretty clean, and although it took one of my dogs a few days to learn how to drink around it (she's REALLY dumb but has a heart of pure gold) she eventually figured it out. She was also the one that would eat then go right to the water bowl and backwash tons of food into water. Because of the way this lid makes them drink it's no longer a huge problem because she can't get her entire mouth in the bowl. It was a simple fix, but one I don't understand how companies that make products like this haven't considered including with their product when I figured it out in a day. Regardless, if you live in an area with dirt and other contaminants and find this to be a problem, it literally took me five minutes of work to put this on and make this product 100x better.The original review-I just got this today and it works like it should and I can't really fault it for anything except one thing- I realized a few hours ago that keeping my dogs with water won't be a problem but keeping them with CLEAN water will be. After a day of use the water had lots of dirt and other things floating around. If I empty it every night that's fine, but I liked the idea that if I happened to be away for an extended time they would be taken care of, not stuck drinking diarrhea water- if I was cool with that I'd just let them drink from the toilet. I'll need to look in the questions and answers to see if anybody has addressed this. I have one dog in particular that is in the photo (she's scared of the thing you can see in the pic... she doesn't trust it lol) that is sloppy and will muck up any water she's drinking from right after eating. That could also contribute to even worse water for both my dogs.I guess this is my fault for not considering this, but everything else naturally falling in like hair and sand could be a big problem that will build up over time. I'm gonna have to put on my thinking cap for this one and see if I can work something out.All that considered, if you don't live in the woods like I do and you have a pristine environment, and dogs that don't puke their food into their bowls after eating I can say that this seems to work as intended if you're considering getting one. For me, it might not have been a wise purchase. At least it was cheap enough and I could easily sell it for a few bucks.



    I am so glad I purchased this pet waterer. I have three dogs that were going through several bowls of water a day, and I always felt I could never keep up with them. With this, I just fill the waterer up and the dogs are good to go all day long! When it is time to fill the waterer back up, the assembly and disassembly is easy (literally just a snap on and off). When I refill the waterer, I also clean the dish portion of the waterer and bottle to help prevent any dirt or slime buildup that can occur in any dog water bowl. Overall, this is a great product and has provided me with the reassurance needed to know that my dogs will always have enough water.



    While I don't use this daily, or even weekly, it has worked perfectly. We have an old 12' x 12' brick building (old farm) that we converted into a dog house for when we are gone for more than a few hours. I keep this inside the building (they have a 10' x 10' fenced area attached) so that my three dogs always have water. We have left them in "doggy jail" as we call it for up to three days (with some checking in and feeding them daily) and have never had a problem with them dumping it over or running out of water. I have an 8 year old boston terrier, a 2 year old austrailian shepherd mix, and a 2 year old pit bull and they all use it just fine. What really inspired me to review this is because I (yet again) left water in it from the last time and it's now below freezing in Michigan. I've had this for 2 years now, and I've left water in it multiple times and had the water freeze. It (surprisingly) has never cracked or broke in any way. I run hot water in it to melt the ice and clean it real good. This biggest downside would be cleaning it. Since I frequently leave it outside with water in it and it not being used, it does get pretty gross. I always clean it before using it again, but I have small hands so I'm actually able to fit my hand inside of it. I have no idea how I could clean it if I couldn't get my hand in there..


    Liz C

    I've used water systems like this before, but they've always driven me crazy trying to keep them clean. There's never a way to get up under the rims of them, they start to smell after a while and the last one I sliced my hand on trying to clean the sides under the rim. Fed up I headed to amazon to find a better solution. I didn't want a bigger bowl, I don't need one and my dog is old and has started dribbling her food into her water, so it needed to be big enough to get her through the day, but not so much that I couldn't clean it out again at the end of the day.Imagine my surprise when I found this. A one piece base, with smooth molded plastic, that wouldn't slice and dice me open when I tried to clean it? Surely you jest. I bought it anyway, what was one more water bowl that I hated? I love this bowl. It's the perfect size, no trouble keeping it clean. My initial delivery came and when I went to clean it I discovered the cap had split. it looked like someone had over tightened the cap at some point prior to shipping, so be careful of that. Amazon shipped me a replacement right away though. Overall very happy and we've had this for a few weeks now.


    L. Smith

    Use: This pet waterer is easy to fill, (relatively) easy to flip over without spilling, and the dog has no trouble drinking from it. I noticed that the bowl area is much shallower than some other models, but that doesn't seem to bother him one bit. The "glug glug" sound is somehow quieter than other bowls we've used, and it doesn't spook him at all.Cleanliness: I have used other pet waterers before (at my home, we've had two different sizes of Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer w/Microban) and I must say, this is far superior. First, foremost, and entirely, there are no nooks and crannies where mold can grow, which is a BIG thing considering how many products in this category fail that test. The only thing is that this does not have a water filter, but I have no problem giving my dog normal tap water (and I'd fill it from a filter pitcher if I was in an area where I wasn't comfortable with that).Size: I have the 3/4 gal size and that's sufficient for several days for my medium-size dog. I wouldn't want to go any bigger, because that'd mean the water was sitting there for a long time before replacement. It's a narrow, compact shape that fits easily in small nooks.Durability: I have only been using this for a month, but so far so good. I will update if the lid breaks, as other reviewers report. My local hardware store uses these waterers for their dogs - and they get a LOT of visiting dogs so they fill them often - and they said they've been using the same ones for years. I hope mine last that long, because I love it!



    I have 3 large dogs. Between them stepping and flipping their water bowls or the bi-hourly fill ups I had to do, I was burning a lot of calories carrying so much water back and forth all day, which is probably why I had put off buying one of these waterer things. I saw a lot at the store with the 1 gallon container but it looked like a minimal volume for 3 dogs to share. For 1 dog, 1 gallon would be great, but for 3... nah, not worth it. So after getting this 3 gallon one, I am so glad that I did. It is sturdy, even when the container is full of water as is fits snugly into the base part. The container itself is secure with a screwtop lid and even has a cool safety feature so that if the container ever falls over, water doesn't come instantly gushing out of it but trickles at a lower rate. Granted, you'll probably still have water everywhere, but at least it won't be as bad as if it was an open top :P The container and base part are easily cleaned and appears to be made of a high quality plastic that is sturdy under the weight of all of the water. Between the 3 dogs that I have, I refill this container about once (sometimes twice) a week. I do not mind this at all because there is often an accumulation of dirt and bits of food at the bottom of the base part that needs to be cleaned out anyways, so it all works out. I am definitely very happy with this purchase.



    My friend got a pet waterer and I thought it was such a clever idea I decided to buy one for my cat. I like that I don't have to worry about him not drinking enough water during the day, when I'm out of town, or on hot days.I decided to buy this waterer for the following reasons:-simple and elegant design, I like the neutral color-holds a good amount of water-easy to take apart and clean-wide mouth for cat to drink from (my cat is 15lbs and doesn't like deep or confined bowls)-gravity dispenses (I didn't want one that had to be plugged in)Cons:-California water is very bad quality and the calcium builds up on the plastic dish very easily-clean frequently because it doesn't have a filterOverall, it is not my cats favorite water bowl, but I like it. I would recommend this product


    Bill & Kim Tarbell

    The jug just kind of rests in place on top of the brown bowl. There's a slight bit of a friction fit, but nothing too strong. We have 4 cats and they all use it without much care. It will make glug sounds when the water gets low enough that it can let air in the jug (and water into the bowl). The cats always pause and stare at it for a while when that happens.. pretty fun to watch them :) If we fill it all the way up then it'll last a couple weeks with four cats. However, that just feels kind of gross to leave water sit around that long, so we usually only fill it a third of the way and change it every week or less.It's also a good idea to wipe it down between fill ups to get rid of any grime that may build up over time. Specifically, if one of the cats drops a bit of food into the water bowl then there will be a slight bit of oil residue around it.Edit: We've had this waterer for roughly 2 years now and it has held up great. The plastic is all still flexible and has yet to become brittle. The cap works just like it did when it was new. None of the four cats have ever acted like they dislike the feeders. Amazingly, one of our cats still is obsessed with the glugging sounds. As soon as we fill it up and set it down she'll sit in front of it to watch it glug... and then sit there for a while longer hoping it'll keep going after it's already done. At first a couple cats would stop drinking stare at it if it glugged while they were drinking.. but now they're all rather unphased by it and just continue on. I can't imagine us needing to buy another one, but if we did then we'd simply buy this one again. We'd also have no hesitation toward recommending a friend to buy one of these. They're great!


    Gib Whitt

    I bought this to replace a similar looking watering bottle that I had purchased at a big box store. While the two products look and cost close to the same, they are not. The base on this waterer is significantly more stable and solid than my old one that was constantly falling over and leaving my 4 dogs dry. I have had this for 5 days now and it hasn't been bumped over yet, nor overflowed as the other one did regularly. The bottle itself is solid and easy to fill and carry outside. When you invert it and put it on the base, you can feel it snap into place securely. I have a 60 lb golden, a 40 lb german shepard mix, a 15 lb rat terrier mix and a 12 lb miniature dachshund. The 1 1/2 gal is enough to last them all day in this Texas heat. The reason I mention this is that in other reviews, it wasn't clear how much would be enough for more than one dog. I figured that at this price if it wasn't enough I would order another one. I will probably try the smaller version for the inside of the house in the near future. I will let you know how that works out. the only precaution I will give is that you have to put the cap on slowly and carefully or you might cross thread it. I am one of those that researches products to a fault when i am buying something, I appreciate those that to take the time to write reviews.. just a shout out to those folks. I consider this a good value