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Pangea Reptile Hide Box (B- Small)

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  • Provides Security For Your Snake or Reptile
  • Smooth Plastic Inside and Out.
  • 1 Single Plastic Reptile Hide
  • 5.5"x4"x2.125"

  • Product Review


    Be sure to check for sharp point in the center on the inside, easily sanded down and not always there but I’ve ordered multiples in different sizes and this is something I’ve noticed. Not always there but be sure to double check it could’ve really hurt my snake



    These hides work great for my snake, super easy to clean, its all blacked out since its black and only has one little entrance and exit, they are not pretty to look at but I needed something that wouldn't mold since I wanted to keep my snake as healthy as possible



    I bought two of these for my juvenile ball python's enclosure. He spends the majority of his time in them and even drags his rats inside to eat, so I highly recommend. I'll have to buy the larger sized ones once he outgrows these. By then, my Cali kingsnake will fit into this size.


    Kindle Customer

    Simply wowed. I love this hide it is easy to clean, super strong (I have two heavy hides on top), its huge but fits perfectly in my 55gal, and most importantly my 4.5 foot ball python absolutely loves it. Will buy more for sure.



    I love these basic hides. They're not the prettiest, but they're affordable and ridiculously easy to wash. I have a few different types of reptile hides for our ball pythons, but these are the majority of our hides. Even my 8yo has an easy time cleaning his reptile enclosure and washing these thoroughly himself.



    My ball python loves these! All snakes, but especially more reclusive species like balls, like feeling secure in their hides. This is a perfect product for that. I will continue to purchase these for my reptiles in the future. Very well made and sturdy, easy to clean and I expect them to last a long while.



    I bought the medium and it was a bit snug for my adult female corn snake. It’s a sturdy easy to clean plastic hide. The price point is ok but I find things like this a bit more expensive than they should be but that’s the business. The free plastic tray that comes with Chinese take out is essentially the same thing when you cut a hole on the side if you need something a bit smaller,


    Joshua B.

    My sub-adult female ball python loves this hide and spends the majority of her time in it. This fit perfectly in my 28qt tub, and also fits 41qt tubs as well. The hide is large and I recommend measuring your enclosure or tub prior to purchase. The hide is of good quality and easily can be disinfected for long term use. Recommended product for sub-adult or adult ball pythons depending on the size of the snake. I wouldn't use this with any snake smaller than 500 grams, due to the size and makes them feel less secure if too large. I purchased the large size of this product.



    A few months ago, I got a 5-month-old corn snake. I knew the medium would be a bit large, but I went for it anyway because I have other small hides in her current 20-gallon long enclosure. This is honestly her favorite hide. I like that it gives her pretty complete darkness when she wants it. Easy to clean. You can cover it with substrate if you want a more natural look, but I don't mind this at all. Perfect.


    Amazon customer

    This hide is great! The only reason I’m giving 4 stars is because it’s quite light. I have a 6 yr old 41 inch female ball python who previously was still using the same hide from when she was young. She fit, but barely and only when she was in an actual ball. With this hide (it is quite large, read the dimensions), she doesn’t need to be in a tight ball to fit underneath. I got a size L due to reviews about the entry being small. The first night she got stuck due to being folded in half, but I got her out and I think she learned bc she hasn’t gotten stuck since. I solved the weight issue by placing a branch island on top that she doesn’t use much. I also considered buying weights for pinewood derby cars and gluing them to it, but I no longer have a need for that. Great product for price.



    Got the medium size and my 10 month old ball python loves this hide! She will outgrow it in about 6 months, but they need a tight hide to feel safe in, so you will have to buy multiple sizes as they grow anyways. Don't get a large one if you snake is small/medium sized, they will not feel secure in it, wait until they get bigger to size up.



    I got the XL for my ball python who's about 4 feet. She's fits perfectly and there's even room for her to grow. This is the only hide I could find for her that would give her the coverage they like. She's always had the smaller cute hides since I prefer the display tanks. I was apprehensive about this one because it's quite plain, however, the shape makes it super easy to cover with substrate/moss/cork pieces. My only complaint is that I wish it was made of thicker plastic. I was hoping I could put her rock water dish on top of it but it's just too heavy. All in all, Yuna and I are very pleased with this purchase.


    Rose L

    I bought this for my ball python in size C. I wanted her to have one that would fit her well so she would feel secure. She immediately went in it when I placed it in her cage. She seems to fit perfectly. I think she feels very snug and secure. However, the next day she tried to hide in it, and it lifted. She was curled up and the hide was partially resting on part of her. This hide is lightweight, so it is easy for your snake to lift it. I got her out and held the hide down while she slithered in to make sure she stayed all the way inside. I also noticed that the hole, is a little too small. She can squeeze in, but I wish it was just a tad bit bigger. The hide itself is a great size for her, but it isn't perfect. I am considering buying a size up for her, but I feel that it might be too big. This is a great hide at an affordable price. It just wasn't perfect for me.


    James M

    I have about a 3' - 3.5' ball python that's approximately a year and a half old. He loves this hide. I would love it more if it were heavier. I have to put something on top of it so he doesn't move it all over. It's a very light plastic. I have a bigger cave type of hide that I thought he would prefer but he seems to like the tighter space of the smaller ones. Now I just put the bigger heavier one on top of this one to help hold it in place. The entrance opening could be slightly bigger also. It's a tight squeeze for him especially after feeding. But he manages to get in. Much easier to clean than the normal rough cave type you see pretty much everywhere.


    Jon Wayne

    I got the large, it's a bit bigger than I originally thought but it will give my 1 year old, 36 inch ball python more room to grow. Not sure if I would get the medium instead but DEFINITELY don't get the xlarge for a ball python. The aquarium is a 20 gallon and the new hide takes up literally half of it.



    Okay, so these are not as aesthetically pleasing as the heavy rock hides, but they are better in every other conceivable way. The smooth surfaces are much easier to clean, no sharp edges, & they are light enough that I don't have to worry about a snake picking one up partially & then dropping it on his tail or something dumb like that. The opaque black means that these are very dark & my snakes feel secure in them, & the plastic is way sturdier than it looks. I ordered several D-large ones for my cornsnakes & (male) ball pythons & every single snake has decided that they prefer these over the rock hides. Their rock hides are dead to them ever since I gave them these. I will almost certainly be ordering more.


    Snake 🐍 momma

    I have a 4ft ball python male, he gives this two thumbs up. A large would have been too small, he likes to haul his meals in his hide and this affords him the space and privacy to dine to his liking. He's in a 40 gallon breeder tank, depth wise it leaves a few inches on each side, and length it leaves plenty of room for him to do his snake stuff. This is on his hot side and is his favorite hide, if I switch it to the cool side he will just go sit on the cool side and ignore the hide on the hot side. He fits through the entrance just fine, even after eating. It's hard to find hides for the larger snakes that they like but he loves this one. It has held up to the uth and overhead ceramic bulb without warping.Edit: typhon weighs 2653 grams for size reference. He's a big boy. I have the next size down for my 909 gram male and it fits him just perfectly as well.


    J. C.

    It's a good, simple hide that will house a large ball python easily. My ball python is about 6 years old and roughly 4 feet long and he fits cozily in the "large" size without having too much room for a hide.This hide is good because the color and material help to retain heat better than other hides, which is beneficial if you have a hard time maintaining comfortable temperatures in your enclosure.



    I purchased the 9x13” hide box for my daughter’s 4 1/2+ foot long corn snake who is rather thick about the middle and was worried that the hide might be too small. My concerns were unfounded- she definitely has room to spare. I considered buying the next size down but after checking out its measurements and comparing it to the hide that Lyra currently has on the warm side of her tank, I’m positive that it would be too small.Although many claim that corn snakes prefer more cramped quarters, Lyra doesn’t- she immediately abandoned her previous hides and took up residence in this one when it arrived. Regardless of whether this hide is used on the warm side or cool side of her enclosure, she can always be found curled up happily inside.Although the hide takes up a lot of floor space in our 36x18x18 terrarium (see the last photo), it is sturdy enough to set a large water dish on top without it flexing, sagging, or bending. With some well placed fake plants, it also blends into the background fairly well. I also had occasion to contact Pangea in regards to another of their products and their prompt and extremely helpful reply gives us confidence that, if something were to crop up in the future, Pangea would stand behind their product. I would definitely purchase this item again.


    trisha briggs

    I bought the Large, and apparently when I looked at the dimensions, I should have actually gotten out a tape measure to see exactly how big it is. I have an 8 month old ball python who is way too big for his other hides, so I wanted to get something big enough that he could grow into. But this hide is seriously MASSIVE. I put it in with him, and I'll see how he does. I may section it off with cardboard to make the hide space smaller for now. I'll still rate a 5, because the dimensions are correct, I should have just paid careful attention! I suggest anyone else considering buying this does the same, this large hide is over a foot long, crazy BIG. I included a picture with a water bottle on top for reference.