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Nupro Supplements 330045 Joint Support for Pets, 20-Pound

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  • It has also improved their pet's appetite and digestion while increasing alertness and energy.

  • Product Review


    2nd week on it. She is more alert and spry. She is loosing weight (finally) and without effort - she looks great. Her coat is really soft. She is scandalously gassy as this is her way of adjusting to a new regimen. I'm confident it will go away with time. I'm sooo happy! A blessing indeed. Do you have any plans make human supplemental powders?



    I have two Newfoundland dogs and this joint supplement is a life saver for them! It is so much more affordable here on Amazon rather than buying it at the pet stores. I love this product and it makes a BIG difference on my dogs, they have more spunk going on dog walks and will even run with more energy on this supplement! Buy it on Amazon and save your puppy's/puppies' joints and your money! (-:



    This is the most amazing stuff. My old laboratory can walk because of it. I sprinkle the powder and add warm water to make gravy with the dry food. He loves it! Happy to have product that works AND is easy to get our old guy to eat!


    Susan Beaird

    Tremendous change in our hound dogs. We have and elderly hound and she has actually improved in her stability in the back end. I would recommend this product for anyone having a pet that has joint problems



    My 6 and 7 year old German Sheps are like puppies again. Just a few examples; cleared up rough dry cracked noses and lips, fur is ultra soft, marked skin improvement, no stinky breath, eased arthritis symptoms, less shedding, happier dogs with more energy, dogs that were previously less than excited to eat now gobble up their food.



    We have used this product for the last 8 years and would not be without it. If you have dogs and feed them other than all raw, this product is awesome. We feed the best dog foods I can find, never by-products, never just meat (some unknown meat), and always with mixed tocopherols and never ethoxyquin. We do our best to supplement with raw meat and raw bones, but because of Nupro, I know they are getting all the vitamins, minerals and other supplements that will keep them healthy. As we have taken dogs to old age and they have crossed the rainbow bridge, we have always been told by our vets that if they were to come back and be dogs, they would like to live with us, because our dogs live so much longer and healthier lives than other dogs. I think part of that credit goes to Nupro - it is the best!



    I have been using Nupro Dog Supplement - 20 lb. Gold for my older dog since she was rather young and I've been using it with my new dog since I adopted her. The older dog turned 7 this spring and my vet recommended a joint supplement. I decided it would only be natural to switch her to the Nupro Joint Support.Since I began using the Nupro, I have had multiple complements on the condition of my dogs coats. Their eye are always bright and they always have lots of energy. I believe the Nupro is part of the reason for my healthy dogs. Both of my dogs eat it eagerly and willingly.I will definitely give my dogs Nupro as long as I have dogs. I'm a firm believer that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.



    My dog has dysplasia and arthritis. He had a lot of pain and, one of his legs started to shake. He was laid down the most of the time and didn't want to play. He started to use this product two years ago and now he is running and playing like a young dog and his leg is not shaking anymore. He has 11 years old.


    T. Waters

    The Nupro supplement with joint support seems to be helping my Blue Heelers. My Blue Heelers were limping badly before giving them the Nupro joint supplement. One of the Blue Heelers still has a slight limp but not bad. The Blue Heelers really like the taste. I can add the Nupro joint supplement on their food dry or mixed with water like a gravy. I would highly recommend the Nupro joint supplement if you have a dog with joint problems.



    Vinny, my 120lb bulldog, has had ACL surgery on both of his knees. He is barely 4 years old but moved around like an old dog. This stuff is like the fountain of youth. He is so much more active and seems to be happier due to his new found abilities. I know this stuff is not cheap, but be convinced that there is nothing out there like it at “ANY PRICE”. I’ve tried at least a doze other products. Save your money. This is the MAGIC PILL so to speak. If you love your dog buy him a big tub. Vinny loves the taste of this stuff. I just mix it in with some water to form gravy and watch it disappear.


    R. Myer

    My Large (100 pound) dog has been on this for 2 years now.Some one asked the other day if she was just a puppy. Nope-she's almost8 years old! She started having hip problems the month she turned 4 years old-(they would drop out fromunder her when going up steps, and she would be stiff after a half hour walk). For a year we tried a coupleother products but they didn't seem to help. Then we got Nupro joint support with Glucosamine. After severalweeks we saw an improvement! It's worth every dollar paid! Not only did she quit acting stiff, she's gotgreat get up and go and her hips never drop out from under her any more. Great stuff!!!Nupro Joint Support + Glucosamine - 20 lbs


    Jenny M.

    I bought this after a fellow boxer lover recommended it for my arthritic boy. All I really wanted was something that I didn't have to shove down their throats. Well, about a month after we started giving it to all 4 of my dogs, I noticed that one of my boxers, who had alopecia and the other was bald on his belly, BOTH started to regrow their coats!??! Weird. And my gluten/environmental allergy boy stopped itching and hasn't had a single symptom since we started him on it, despite a bad Spring and HORRIBLE Fall for allergies. Honestly, I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. I went back and found quite a few reviews supporting what I'd been seeing. It's expensive and SUPER expensive for our house with 400lbs of dogs, but honestly, I won't go back. It's very convenient, all four dogs love it and now they don't really want to eat unless it's in their food. Great product. Wish it were a little less expensive.


    J. Hulse

    I have three great danes and have become accustomed to very expensive food bills. It wasn't easy to make the initial purchase of this 20 pound tub but oh my gosh, it seems to last forever. I've been feeding my danes this supplement for 2 months now and it's only half gone. My dogs are already really healthy so I don't see any benefit but I do feel really good adding it to their regular food.


    Barbara Schiavo

    We have a German Shepherd puppy that constantly want to play and run but every time he would come back limping. Everyone was saying it was growing pains. Did not believe it because we've always had shepherds and never had this problem. Tons of vet visit, along with meds which would work temporally. My breeder told me about this and it took around a month but saw a big difference. Now I give it to him every day and never has had a joint pain since. He 14 months old and a gorgeous dog. Thank you!



    Our golden retriever Lucy came home from the breeder with NuPro. NuPro what? Quickly found out what a fine product it is. At 9 years old Lucy has the most magnificent coat, no hip problems and two minor skin irritations that were quickly attended to. Good track record......... The stuff looks like grit and when water is added itlooks like mud but she loves it! I buy the 20 lb. bucket which lasts over a year. Many times the local pet emporiums don't have the 20 lbs. bucket or the joint support nupro so lets hear it for one click Amazon.Back again! Lucy is now 10.5 years old and is as lively as ever with a magnificantcoat and no bone problems. It does make the dry foold turn into Gravy Train whenyou add water. I wonder how she can eat it because it looks so awful but she licks her bowl clean. We did cut back her Iams Adult Fat Lazy Dog to 3/4 cups twice a day and she did lose some weight which is good and the vet is happy. Big bonedfemale and is now 67 lbs. down from almost 80 lbs. a few years ago. I also add a splash of cottage cheese. This was the menu that came home with her from the breeder and I have stuck right by it all this time.


    Timothy Walden

    We constantly share this product with every other dog owner we know. Our 4-year-old male rottweiler, Romeo, developed severe hip dysplasia as a pup, and had TPO surgery before he was 1 year old. It helped, but didn't fully correct the one hip, and his other wasn't perfect either. After putting him (and our slightly older male rott) on this supplement, the results have been miraculous. He jumps up onto the couch, he jumps and climbs into the pickup. He runs and chases his brother like any other dog.Let me be more clear. When Romeo was diagnosed with dysplasia, the breeder suggested he be put down, doomed to a life of pain. After the surgery and especially this supplement, he lives a normal life and is by far, the happiest dog we have ever seen. This supplement is powdered magic.


    Michael P

    This stuff is wonderful, my older pup needed some relief! I have a 11yr old Golden and he was having issues with his hips I tried fish oil, as well as other supplements and they did not do the job that this stuff did in improving his quality of life! I would highly recommend this to anyone that has a senior dog! My poor boy was actually starting to fall back down the stairs and I would have to carry him up two flights to bed. After one month of this his hips stopped cracking and popping and I did not have to carry him anymore. His appetite returned and he is back to being a puppy again! I honestly thought that it was getting close to having to do the unthinkable to my poor buddy, I am so glad that I tried Nupro!!!! THANK YOU NUPRO!!!



    My dog has been on this product for years. He is currently 6 years old and was diagnosed w/ severe bilateral hip dysplasia at the age of 2, so purchasing the smaller containers bimonthly became expensive. I use this in conjunction with Primal Pet freezedried dog food, turmeric, and fish oil 2x/day in addition to his regular dog dry dog food. My dog is also medically managed with monthly injections. Because of this product and other supplemental products, my dog has not had mobility issues and my vet has nothing but nice things to say about the condition of my dog. Highly recommended!I buy this product twice a year.


    California consumer

    I've given this product to my German shepherds for over the course of 20 years and they've thrived and reached healthy old age (15+ years!). This is a small family-run business and their quality control is meticulous..PSMy 18-year-old GSD rescue just crossed the rainbow bridge. I attribute his longevity largely to Nupro!Attached pics are of him at 17, having just retrieved his ball and climbing uphill with it, and him at 18 in his wheelchair.Thanks, Nupro!



    I recommend this product and anyone and everyone I can. I gave this to my senior German Shepherd for the last 3 years of his life. He was pretty finicky when it came to food and medication. He didnt care for many glucosamine chews so after tons and tons of research I came across this Nupro. Talk about a BLESSING! The 1st time I gave it to my baby he gobbled his food down like a champ! He was never very food motivated and at times would skip meals, not after Nupro! I will admit, the smell is quite strong and meaty but I sucked it up for my baby. He looked forward to every meal. I couldnt be happier that he was finally enjoying his meals, but on an even high note, he was young again! seriously, after 2-4 weeks he was running again!! I was able to back off of his pain and anti-inflammatory med. He loved being outdoors and Nupro helped him be able to run and play. He wasnt as defensive when other dogs would come up to him while laying down, in fear that he wouldnt be able to defend himself. His coat was shiny and fuller. I preach this product to everyone I know with soon-to-be and current senior dogs.