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Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

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  • When place in the refrigerator Nuby's PurICE technology provides gentle cooling on baby's gums
  • Easy grip design is ideal for little hands and helps with coordination; Dual surfaced teether
  • Combines exercise for young hands, gums, and teeth
  • Age: 3 months and above; BPA Free

  • Product Review

    Bruce & Heaven Sutterfield

    Well they work great for teething babys, I know this! However I never got to use these particular ones, I put them in my baby bottle steamer (where I sanitize all bottles, binkies, TEETHING TOYS, & breast pump parts) & the keys melted! Literally melted! I've NEVER had this happen b4, maybe it's because of whatever kind of gel they have in them? That being said I have a fussy teething baby so I've already ordered a replacement! Just DO NOT STEAM STERILIZE!!!



    I used this teether for my firstborn and purchased a new one for my second! It's easier for them to grasp and flat enough that they can easily put the "keys" in their mouth. My firstborn would get frustrated once the teether became room temperature, so we didn't use it as often. My second doesn't mind and just enjoys chomping on things. Like many things, I believe it depends on your baby's temperament whether or not they will love the product. Amazon has this for a good price, and it's definitely worth a try!



    These are pretty good, but not as good as the Nuby Silicone Teethe-eez Teether with Bristles. You put them in the fridge, NOT the freezer, and they get nice and cool for the baby. I think that the casing material is a little too firm to let the baby really squeeze them very much, usually she prefers putting the hard plastic in her mouth.The set of keys are a little heavy for a 5 month old baby, and a bit awkward for her to aim in her mouth correctly because they are quite bulky and hard to hold steady. I think there is a slight odor/taste, maybe like a minty flavor, my baby doesn't seem to care for it.This isn't a bad product, but my baby definitely prefers the silicone texture over the plastic texture. If you don't put it in the fridge you can still use it of course, but it's not really any different that any other plastic toy.



    Wow, our baby had been mesmerized by these keys! She will just stare while we jingle them in front her her and she loves to hold, suck and chew on them. The actual key part is still a little too big to comfortably fit in her mouth (5mo) but she especially likes sucking on the blue ring. They are easy to wash and dry and take along wherever we go.


    JexXi Mae

    Please read the packaging and instructions before leaving a bad review. This is a great teether and if one reads and follows easy directions, it won't fall apart. User error is the only reason this isn't 5 stars aside from general preference.My girl chews on it but isn't quite old enough to use it by herself...when I hold it for her she goes to town.For the person out there that needs to see this: (I'm sure there's one or two judging off the previous reviews)DO NOT FREEZE! DO NOT PUT IN MICROWAVE/BOILING WATER/EXCESSIVE HEAT!You're welcome 🤠


    Alaa Haddad

    I used a pair of gardening shears to cut the ring so that I could always have one or two keys in the fridge while the baby's chewing on one. I wish they'd made the key ring openable though because when your baby's little they can't handle all 3 but maybe when they get older, they'd like the variety of an actual "set" of keys to play around with. They do stay cold but PLEASE read the instructions and don't stick them in the freezer or steam them. They're just not made for that and you'll be disappointed.


    Johan Molina

    These multicolored gel filled tethers for babies work great! As directions says to put only in the refrigerator to allow cooling but NOT the freezer because they might burst and the gel would leak out. The coolness inside the BPA free plastic combined with its outer bumpy textures for babies little gums, provides them with relief during the teething stage. There are 3 keys on a ring and they can also be used as a noise maker when slammed on a hard surface. They can take a beating and still hold up. Follow instructions and do NOT boil or microwave. Simply wash with warm water and soap. Overall, great tether and I would highly recommend to any parent to buy for their little one. Gel stays cool for longer than expected and easy to clean. Also an attractive colorful design which adds to babies appeal. Thanks!



    I bought this as a gift-bag decoration, tied on in its package, with ribbon. My nephew loves it for his little girl who just started teething. As the product (and reviews) suggest, he refrigerates it. The cool and bubby texture of this NUBY soothes the lil one more readily than any other teether he'd tried. The one thing he wished is that the ring that holds the separate "keys" together, could have an opening to remove one at a time. The baby can only use one at a time as is, so being able to open/close the ring would make it easier to keep them together in the fridge and easier to rotate the use of each one. As other reviewers suggested, he did wind up cutting the ring but that also eliminates the use as a rattle: babes love shaking their hands and watching things move. The quality and durability and design and excellent.



    Product is good,came on time,easy to clean and good for teething only thing I dint give 5 star is all 3 keys are stuck in non removable plastic band which is not comfortable for 6 month old baby to hold and put it in the mouth, instead all 3 keys would have came separately was more easier for infant to hold,that's why I have to break the key chain and make all 3 key separate and now its way easy and we can give one by one key to baby and once he drops one,can give second and than third. but when it was together if you gave him whole thing ,he drops easily on the floor or carpet, it has to go for washing all 3 at the same time so you cant really utilize all 3 keys.


    Rose H. 🌈

    It's a perfect good, safe toy and teether for babies.It has different textures, makes rattle noises when you shake it and colors are bright and attractive.Baby can use it like a toy or chew on it.After you put the keys in the refrigerator the gel inside keeps it cool for about 20 mins or longer.I gave just 4 stars because you can't open the key's ring and in this way it's difficult to hold and too heavy for youngest babies .It's easy to clean, just washing it with warm, soapy water then rinse carefully.Important instructions:do not freeze, heat, put it in the microwave, freezer or sterilize.



    Bright colors attract my little one but little heavy for him to hold, and big for his tiny mouth. He is 3 months old,teething and I hold it for him. It has ridges and grooves and I gently rub on his gums. I refrigerate it and love that it is cold and yet flexible so it feels great on his sore gums and he calms down almost immediately.



    Buying this, I expected the babies to actually bite and chew on the actual keys itself. But we noticed a number of things, though the product was most excellent for the amount of money spent. The results were slightly different than what we had expected...If buying for a newborn or baby with small mouth, don't expect them to literally bite onto the keys. Because the width of the said keys might be bigger than the baby's mouth. They can't fit it due to this simple fact, more than likely they'll gnaw on it.The baby might actually chew on the ring that holds the keys together, our babies actually did this very often until their mouths got bigger to actually chew on the keys. If you still really want to have the babies literally chew on the keys you'll need to help them get used to it before they chew on the keys on their own. They won't know the difference between the chewy key or other parts of the toy.The toy itself will often catch their attention and at times they will actively seek it out to play with it. Our babies actually enjoyed the keys very much, and often considered it among their favourite toys to play with or chew on.Freezing the keys for them to gnaw on or having them chew on room temperature keys is actually all of what the baby themselves might want. If it's too cold it might actually be a little too much for them, while room temperature might just have them think of the keys as another toy for them and not specifically for teething.


    Jane Johnson

    A wonderful teether. Baby can chew on the keys, bang them around they are very sturdy and can take a "beating". lol. Each key has bumps on it to stimulate the gums when teething. The toy is made in such a way that your babies can grip them easily. DO NOT FREEZE! The plastic will crack and break. These are made for refrigerator use only. The coolness of the teether help those painful gums. It is colorful, durable, and babies seem to enjoy this very much! Highly recommend!



    My tracking of this order states that it was: "Your package was handed off directly.". I did not even know that it had supposedly arrived when I read this. This package was definitely not handed off directly to me. I am a disabled vet and once a week someone checks my mail as I have problems getting to my mailbox. The mailbox is located around a corner and downhill from my front porch some 150 feet. ___________________Delivery Services have definitely gone downhill over the years. Wait till the drone delivery system comes to your area. I wonder where it will put a package sensitive to either hot or cold temperatures then. Think of medication/vitamins etc. for you or your baby sitting out in the heat(on your front porch in the sun) or liquids that can separate when sitting out in the cold.___________________Many products besides meds can be damaged by exposure to hot or cold temps. Think of your box of imported Valentines Day Chocolates. Up north here they could be frozen solid and down south they could be melted. Oh mmyyy !!Happy New Year to all. Especially to all of our Delivery Services People.



    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Baby user reviewed. Translation: The ring format makes it hard for a very young fella like me to put the frozen piece into my mouth. Mama has to hold it for me. It melts more slowly than water teething toys though I wish it lasted longer. It’s a good toy to hold, bite, and shake. It’s got lots of color and interesting texture. I’d say it’s a good buy.


    Laura Villa

    These are great but I wish they could be individually taken off of the ring. My baby is only three months and loves to gum on these but they are a bit heavy and awkward. I think she would have an easier time if I could take one off and give it to her instead of the whole set. She gets frustrated after a few minutes, hopefully she will like them more when she's a little bigger.


    Gail J.

    I bought 2 of these for the 2 babies in my home daycare who are busy teething now. When they have finished chewing on them, I wash them off and put them in a ziplock bag in the fridge to keep them cool. The instructions say not to put them in a freezer.The babies seem to like them, and when they are not chewing/sucking on them, they are banging them on surfaces to enjoy the noise they make too!The colors are bright. The handle that holds the "keys" together, also has little bumps on it for teething babies to mouth. It also makes it easier for babies to grip.


    Dave and Sarah

    The colors are really bright and my twins chew on the many teaching surfaces. It's well made and I doubt it will come apart no matter how much they fight for them. They have one other teacher that makes a sound which they love but this one is chewier.I keep mine in a bowl of ice water in the fridge, they definitely don't stay cold long but the twins love them cold or not.



    Its a great buy because we cut the key ring open and use the three keys separately so we didn't have to buy additional teethers.I bought a set from Amazon and another from the baby store. We now have 6 teethers throughout the house and car and stroller.Our child likes these much better than other teethers we tried and they fit in the mouth better, not as thick or wide as others. Easy to clean.



    This is a good, safe teether when it is placed in the refrigerator and washed with soap and water per the manufacturer. The bad reviews and photos of melted key rings with slime oozing out of them are posted by people who say—right in their reviews—that they have misused the product by either (a) freezing it or (b) heating it through boiling or a bottle sanitizer. The package instructions clearly state that neither of those are acceptable. And for goodness sake don’t use chlorox or any other household cleaner on it as some reviewers suggest.