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NODENS CAT Hip and Joint Glucosamine for Cats with Chondroitin and Opti-MSM Hyaluronic Acid for Improved Joint Flexibility and Pain Relief from Inflammation and Arthritis 2 floz

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  • CONVENIENT and EASY to FEED with your cat’s daily meals, Super Absorption Liquid Formula, TASTY Beef flavour, Cats love it! - Feed less, Lasts longer, One 59ml bottle will last an average cat 2 months!
  • UNBEATEN HUMAN GRADE – Joint repair nutrients 260mg GreenGrown Glucosamine Hcl: USP grade, 50mg Chondroitin USP, 10mg Hyaluronic acid, 120mg Opti-MSM, 100mg Taurine and 50mg Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Administer during or after the cat has eaten to avoid gastrointestinal upset.
  • FAST RESULTS - BETTER MOBILITY in a week - Happier Cats, more energetic cats can jump & play & have fun Pain FREE! No negative side effects. CAT HIP & JOINT - Manage Hip and joint pain. Supports joint and cartilage for a healthier Cat and improved joint flexibility. Helps Protect your cat from further cartilage breakdown, can reverse the effects of joint damage.
  • BEST HIP and JOINT supplement for Cats - PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA – from 100% pure high quality human grade ingredients. Safe and Natural. For older or larger Cats, you may want to consider a Liquid glucosamine supplement. Customers are seeing Results in as little as a few days - Covered by Amazons 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Product Review

    virginia in Iowa

    My Original review below- I can't believe the improvement in my 13 year old cat. She was limping from vet diagnosed age related arthritis in hip. After a couple months of using this she was definitely moving better, after 6 months NO LIMP! and racing around like a kitten. She likes the taste OK just messy to dose with the eye dropper.Switched to this from powdered additive as cat doesn't like wet food. Cat tolerates dosing pretty well. I switched out eye dropper that it came with for an oral dosing syringe and dispenser cap I got from my vet. Now much easier to dispense and administer. Seen definite improvement in cat's mobility.



    Our 18 year old cat has had hip and leg issues for the past year. After introducing this into her wet food for less than a week ...already she has improved. She is using both back legs and is walking around without dragging her back half. I couldn't be happier. I would definately recommend to anyone that is skeptical. Read the reviews. That's what made me buy this product. All of them are telling the truth. I wish we would have known sooner.


    Shannon Getchey

    I base my purchases on reviews so I would like to tell my story. My 16 yr old had stopped grooming herself and slowing down. I was very worried and googled her symptoms and came up with arthritis. Before the stress for her and costly vet visit i tried to look for something all natural. This product had the best reviews and the flavor (she is picky). At first she didnt like it but i just keep buying the soft food with the most gravy to mask it and i can only give her half the dose or she will not eat it. After the first few days i noticed she started licking herself a little, by the second week she is bathing herself all over, running, and jumping, even from bed to dresser (pic included). I will give this to her everyday and start my 9 year old on it. It brought our baby back to life, she seems so happy...and clean! I would give it more stars if i could!


    CC Productions

    Excellent product, easy to feed. Arrived when promised. Noticed results within 3-4 days! My 17 yr old cat, who insisted on being an outdoor cat nearly her whole life, was otherwise healthy and happy but her joints have declined in the past few months. I wanted a natural supplement to help her that was easy to give and would show results. I have not been disappointed. She transitioned from docile and walking poorly, to surprisingly feisty with increased activity and an improved gait. Of course a supplement won't fix structural damage in bones and joints from years of adventurous living but can certainly improve them and the quality of life for an old animal. I would certainly recommend this product for a cat that needs a skip in it's step again! It's a conservative, relatively inexpensive way to help an old friend.



    Only used 2 and can already see a difference in my elderly rescue cat. We have no idea exactly how old he is but we are certain he is in his teen's. recently he has stopped jumping up on the bed with us to sleep and taking breaks between walking from his food dish to his bed on the floor. Starting using this and for the first time in awhile he jumped up on our bed and doesn't seem to take any breaks when walking. So glad to see him feeling better!



    Got this for my elder cat because she was walking with very stiff back hip joints. Surprised that she actually eats it (I drop it on her morning food - not by mouth). She usually eats all of her food with this on it! Only been using it a week, but already she is walking with less stiffness. I would definitely recommend this to others :)



    At first I was really hesitant to pick this up. My 16 year old cat friend will not tolerate medicine from a dropper. He will vomit and die of fits first and at 80+ years old, there is no teaching this old cat new tricks. I was even more dubious when I saw the serving is a full ML or 2 ML. However, as I was holding the dropper in front of him, trying to figure out how I was going to get him to take this, a drop fell in front of him. He sniffed it and immediately licked up the drop. Hopeful, I got inventive and got a snapple bottle cap. I put the ML of liquid into it and put that in front of him. He lapped it all up! This is awesome. I am so excited to have found something he will take willingly. He is diabetic and arthritic and this combined with some treats is putting the kitten pep back in his step. This old guy thanks you, Nodens.


    Steve Day

    After 5 weeks of being on this supplement my 14yo cat became more active and mobile.My wife lived on glucosamine supplements for years before getting a knee replacement, so she told me it needs about 5-6 weeks before she felt the benefit ... she was spot on.Our little old girl started cleaning herself again and was beginning to venture out of the bedroom.Now another 10 days later and she wanders around the house several times per day - this week she even darted out the backdoor while I was letting our dopey dog back in... she hasn't done that for a couple of years.The taste is not very good. It has a strong bacon flavor added to mask the taste, which might make some people gag, but she keeps it down and doesn't try to heave it up.The important thing is it clearly has improved her quality of life.We've had another of our cats on a kidney supplement made by the same manufacturer which has worked wonders for him, so thought we'd try this one too.


    Bob Jackson

    Our Buddy was quite young when he was diagnosed with arthritis in his hips. He showed no symptoms at that time. He recently started being more reluctant to climb up on his favorite places and showed some discomfort climbing stairs. I remembered that we had purchased both the Nutramax Cosequin Sprinkle Capsules for Cats, 30 Count - and the Nodens product. We didn't care for the capsules and Buddy was not liking it sprinkled on his food. We tried the NodensCat Hip and Joint liquid product and he prefers it to his untreated food. The directions say to used the dropper and put it directly in his mouth - but placing it on his canned wet food works extremely well. He's been taking this supplement for a week now and the results are truly amazing. He is back to being himself again. It's a great product. Buddy is a bigger cat - over 10 pounds so he is taking the 2ml per day dose - 1 ml twice a day. One bottle 59ml will last about a month. The Cosequin product would have him taking two capsules per day as well. The Cosequin product came up to about $.43 per capsule, the Nodens product came up to about $.37 per ml - so it is less expensive. Great product - easy to administer. We have two cats - Buddy usually just waits until Abby is done eating, then he eats his treated meal - and as I said, he prefers it - he will sniff Abbys non-treated food and ignore it in favor of his special meal.


    P. Klavon

    This really did help my cat. She is about 15 years old, and she has arthritis. She rarely gets off of her heating pad as a result. My vet tried her on Adequan, but that did not work. I then purchased this product although I didn't think it would work. I started giving it to her once a day for about a month. For the first time in months, she is getting off the bed and going down the steps on her own. This product really does work!


    J AND S

    This has done wonders for my baby Sissycat , she is 22 years old and she is now jumping and playing more , she is in a much better move and will now let me touch and rub her hips , she look so forward to getting her meds , I have never seen her like anything as much as she likes this joint supplement... Thank you guys so so much , Sissy is my world ...



    So far so good! I just started using this product and I just put it in the palm of my hand and me 12 year old male eats it up like a treat. I have had problems getting him to take other joint supplements because of taste. That is not a problem with this one. He is starting to do things he used to do so I think he is feeling the results and it has only been a week.



    I've tried many different joint supplements for my 23 year old cat and this is out favorite so far! First, it's a liquid with a dropper so I can squirt it into his mouth if he doesn't want to take it on his own. Second, he prefers the flavor of this to any of the others we've tried (treats, paw gels, sprinkle powder). Finally it is 59 mL which is almost two months worth and has the same or better quantities of key ingredients than the other products we've tried so the cost works out to be the same as the other products. I will definitely be buying this again!



    My kitty was diagnosed with renal failure. She had stopped drinking and eating. She was dehydrated and had lost two pounds. I have been using the following products, and she has turned around. She is drinking (weirdly she only drinks out of a drinking glass which I keep filled) and eating again. She is holding her weight.• Pet Wellbeing - Kidney Support Gold for Cats - Natural Support for Feline Kidney Health• NODENS® - Pet Health CAT HIP and JOINT Glucosamine for Cats with Chondroitin and Opti-MSM Hyaluronic Acid for Improved Joint Flexibility and Pain Relief from Inflammation and Arthritis 2 floz• GNC Pets Ultra Mega Multivitamin Plus for All Cats - Chicken Flavor 3.5• Vetoquinol Renal K+ Potassium Supplement with B-complex Vitamins Gel (5 Oz)• High Calorie Booster Premium Gel Formula in Yummy Chicken Flavor 5.0oz by GNC• (CAT) USDA Organic Liquid Probiotic for CATS by MaryRuth's (Plant-Based) USDA Certified Organic Non-GMO, Vegan, Raw, Paleo, NO Corn, NO Yeast, highly potent live strain flora 4oz glass bottle• Egg whites• Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Renal Support D Morsels in Gravy Canned Cat Food, 3-oz• Royal Canin Veterinay Diet Renal Support T Canned Cat Food, 3-oz



    I have a large 12-year-old cat with terrible arthritis in his hind legs. The medication the vet gave us didn't seem to do anything, even after 2 weeks of religiously dosing him twice per day. Before trying this product, Sierra (my cat) almost never came down stairs anymore, had stopped grooming himself (had to get him buzzed due to all the mats, and his intolerance of brushing), and spent nearly every hour of every day curled up under my desk.After 3 days of using this, we noticed Sierra was moving around a bit more. By day 4, he was going up and down the stairs throughout the day. By the end of the first week, he was stretching out instead of curling up to sleep, coming to us for attention, jumping up on our laps, and generally seeming bright-eyed and happy. Two weeks in now, we've finally seen him grooming his hind legs again for the first time in months. That was the ultimate sell for me. I will be reordering monthly, for the rest of his life or as long as this product is available.One note: he wouldn't eat his wetfood when I mixed this in with it, but it's easy enough to give him the 2 mL with a syringe. Also, Sierra has always had a VERY sensitive stomach (most medicines he's had to take throughout his life have made him throw up at least once) but this has NOT made him vomit even once, not even the few times I had to give it to him on a fairly empty stomach.


    vernon a. norris

    This has worked great on our 11 year old male cat. He was limping heavily on his left front leg for a year until we administered this to him. In 7-10 days it has made an 80-90% improvement in reducing his limp. He's now running all over the place again. We're so happy! I hold him and my wife administers it into his mouth. It has a strong beefy smell to it and BJ acts like it's a cat treat. Highly recommend!!!


    Designers Style

    We started using this about 9 days ago, I started with a lower than recommended dose as you always should gradually introduce new things to a cat's diet, to avoid them throwing it up and having stomach issues. Even with the lower dose for the first few days, I noticed yesterday my precious Sonya had her leg up high in the air to clean herself, she hasn't been able to do this in ages due to hip pain and spinal issues. I am thrilled that we're already seeing some improvement, I thought it would take at least 30 days to see any improvement. This is a fantastic product and she is a very very picky eater so the flavor must also be acceptable to her. We put this in her food. In addition to this treatment, we talked with the vet today and will be starting her on laser treatments to help with pain in her hips and spine, which is another option for those of you with older pets. The treatment is very affordable at my vet and probably is at most. With these two treatments combined, I'm hopeful that she'll see great improvement in the weeks to come.



    Holy bejeebus, this stuff is amazing. My 12 year old cat's behavior had changed over the last year or so. She used to jump up on everything, and loved climbing onto my shoulder for affection, but she began exhibiting a reluctance to go to any height, and when she did, her landing as she jumped down wasn't as nimble as it once was, and she completely ceased shoulder-loves. I asked the vet to check her for arthritis, but she's too feisty so they couldn't do the necessary x-rays without putting her under. I decided to find a joint supplement anyway and see how it goes. I was pretty skeptical -- she's a pretty picky eater, so a solid pill was out of the question, and she's too feisty for anything that needs to be administered directly to her mouth, so I needed something tasty and liquid I could mix into her food.I decided this would be best mixed into a smaller portion of her wet food to ensure she actually eats the whole dose, and what do you know, she actually likes it!! First win. I followed the instructions on the bottle and for the first week gave her a double dose (1 dose in the morning, and another in the evening). I noticed an improvement in her within the first day. I was still skeptical-- it had only been a day after all, hardly time to make much difference. But, by the end of the first week, just as others have reported, she was pretty much back to her old energetic self, darting all over the house, jumping into window sills, hanging out on the back of the couch and jumping down without any trouble. Chasing the other cats out of her yard. And all the shoulder-loves a gal and her cat could want. It's been about two weeks now, and she's able to stay awake longer, she's lost a little weight as she's able to get more exercise again (which was really needed), and a weird breathing sound she used to make seems to have also resolved, which was a really unexpected and great side effect (probably a combined result of better cardiac health from exercise, and being able to breathe normally because she's not in such pain). I will definitely be keeping this supplement a permanent fixture in her diet.


    Beth Claire

    My 16 year old Siamese was really struggling to get around and was having a lot of pain in her hips and back legs (along with some heart and urinary problems). We tried another glucosamine product from our vet but the pills were too big to give her and when I mixed the powder in with her food she refused to eat it. I ordered this liquid and I’m really blown away by the difference in her in just a week. She went from constant discomfort and very limited mobility to RUNNING (yes, she ran for the first time in almost a year!!!) this morning. I’m really impressed and thrilled to see her improving so fast!



    A TIDBIT OF ADVICE ABOUT STARTING YOUR CAT ON A JOINT SUPPLEMENTIf I have one piece of advice when it comes to joint supplements, START SOONER THAN LATER!!! I made the mistake of watching my cat get a little gimpy, yet wondering if he was really sore, or if I was just seeing things. It wasn't until I was certain that he was in discomfort that I started him on a joint supplement. He did improve, but I knew in my heart that he would have done better had I started treating him sooner. So from now on, I have solemnly vowed to start any future senior cats on a joint supplement at the very first signs of stiffness-- or even BEFORE he/she gets to that point. Perhaps this information will help someone else._____________NOW, MY REVIEW ON NODENS CAT HIP AND JOINTMy beloved 14-year-old Siamese had been on another glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM supplement which involved breaking open capsules of powder and mixing them into his meals. I decided to try a bottle of this, reasoning that he might like it better. Though the instructions say to administer directly into the mouth, I simply squirt the dosage over his wet food twice daily, and he licks the plate clean. Indeed, he finds this much tastier!But the most delightful change is how GOOD he's feeling. About a week after starting on this product, he's been up every morning before the crack of dawn, zipping through the house, jumping on the bed, and attacking my feet with glee. It's been a long time since I've seen him play with such spunk. Thank you, Nodens! I am a life-long convert. (In fact, I just logged onto Amazon to buy more.)