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Nature's Recipe Chicken Meal, Rice & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food, 30 Pounds, Easy to Digest

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  • Chicken meal provides high-quality protein that is gentle on your dog's stomach
  • Natural dog food with added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients
  • Rice and barley are lean sources of carbohydrate for energy
  • No beef, corn or wheat, poultry by-product meal, artificial flavors or preservatives

  • Product Review


    We've been feeding our dogs this for over 2 decades. We originally were turned on to natures recipe due to our small dogs having hot spots.



    Our chihuahua & papillon love this food! It has high quality ingredients & fiber. Our chihuahua had issues w/anal gland impaction but not while on this food, yay!


    Gary Rogers

    Helped us house train a rescue dog who would have "accidents" when he was on a higher fiber food. This food gave him more control and the number of defecations was reduce from 4 to 2 per day.



    Has definitely balanced our dogs diets. No more sudden awakenings for bathroom trips at 3AM and no accidents.



    As it says it is easy to digest which is what we needed for our older beagle. The price is very good and so far has always been delivered in 2 days.



    Ingredient list is understandable. Nothing fancy



    We have 1 dachshund who cannot eat regular food as it produces horrible growling sounds and gas. This is the only one he can eat and not have problems. I highly recommend it for "sensitive stomachs".



    Our old gal enjoyed it. Seemed to help with her digestion. She didnt throw up after eating. We buy it locally now.



    The only dry food I can give my dog that does not upset her stomach and the best part is she LOVES it. I have this on my subscribe and save so I make sure I never run out. Price is great too!



    New rescue dog, touchy stomach. Tried to give her the quality food I feed my Lab, but her stomach is just too sensitive. Found this food in a retail store and purchased a small bag to try it out. It worked!! Since I live 40 minutes from any store I of course went to Amazon and found the food there. Am very happy with this product...oh and so is my dog.


    Uncle James

    We use the heck out of our InstaPot and we have convinced several friends and family members to purchase one. We have used if for a number of recipes, but we use it weekly to make perfect hard-boiled eggs. Easy to use and clean, and very durable.



    My dogs seem to love this food although I'm pretty sure they would eat anything. It makes me feel better that its grain free but I have no clue if its actually better for the dog.When I tried it, the initial taste was excellent but the after taste could be worked on...



    Please bring this back. Our bulldog has eaten it, every meal, every day for 4 years and is wildly excited about every meal and licks her bowl clean every time. She is highly allergic (I call it illergic) to so many things and gets violently sick easily. The salmon kibble is too small and is gobbled too fast and she chokes on it. More fish meal and potato PLEASE!


    Take The Bus Sammy

    I for the time being anyways, do not eat dog food, as that is pretty gross...but my dog sure loves the food. She has been up and down with what seems to us to be a sensitive stomach at times, so we decided to try a new food for her, and this one came out on top of the rating scale from a few different sites. We mixed her old food with this one, and she sifts through the bowl to get to the new food, she doesn't even like to touch the old food. She is getting older now, but still a member of the family, and this food is highly recommended by this dog owner, and by my dog.


    Ginger Johnson

    My dog loves this food. She's a real picky eater and her digestive system is tender. She eats this up and her poop is solid for the first time in 10 years.



    We have 3 dogs Marley, Cagaly and Lulu, aka MaGaLu. And they all love their food. And being that all 3 are different in sizes and breeds we needed to find a product all 3 would love. Well we found it. The Chihuahua chews through it fine, the cac-a-poo digests it fine and our pit eats it like no tomorrow. No tummy issues on any of them. None of them complain. Price is just right. Avoids the trip to the store and having to carry the large bag.


    Kathy Cervantes

    I just got this today. We tried our 9 year old boxer on a small bag of the sweet potato blend a week ago and he loves it. We have been feeding him Purina Smartblend but lately he has been vomiting it up hours later. He's been on the Smartblend for over a year and didn't have any problems. He actually stands by the bag when he's ready to eat the Natures Recipe. Loves it. We will have to see how he does on the chicken, rice, barley formula. So far, no vomiting with the sweet potato blend. I will update this review when we try it out.



    Very glad to have found this food. I have a 10-year-old Lab with 3 legs who is teetering on low thyroid - it's not low enough where she needs meds, but low enough where it slows her digestion down enough to scare me into thinking she's going to bloat. She was pooping less and holding food in her stomach for hours longer than she should. Vet put her on a drug called Cisapride that helped a ton. In the meantime, I found this food and figured it would be good for her.Eventually I had to cut back on the Cisapride, as recommended by the vet, because she was starting to have loose stools. This is a known side effect of the drug - basically, if the animal doesn't need it, it's gonna poop through a screen door. So I took her completely off the Cisapride, her stools are normal and completely regular, and I think it has a lot to do with this food. I think even if you aren't in my situation with a low thyroid dog, it sounds like a really good food to feed larger breeds prone to bloat.P.S. She also loves this food, and as much as I hate to shy away from her usual Purina Pro Plan (we get a discount because I'm a vet tech and I'm CONSTANTLY recommending Purina), she does eat this food more readily than any Purina food she's been on.



    I have a Wheaten Terrier and he's mostly white with sensitive pink skin. He's also got a sensitive stomach. I had been forking out $$$$ at PetSmart for a 3 pound bag of Nature's Recipe Easy to Digest Chicken Meal; a 2-pound bag was about $12.00 plus tax. I got the 30 pound bag and what a deal!!! He does GREAT on this food and doesn't barf anymore. Plus, I don't have to drive to PetSmart, lug a 30 pound bag into the cart, pay for it and then try to get it into my car. (I'm 5'2" tall with a major shoulder injury). It comes right to my door and I store it in a big plastic storage bin. Easy peasy!!! And it's so easy on the pocketbook! BAZINGA! I love Amazon Prime!



    Our 6 month old pup had either diariah or vomiting with every food we tried, the vet could find no health issues to explain it. Tried this food after many many others, and with in 2 days my poor pup was finally given relief! He has now been on this food for 2 weeks and has not had a single tummy issue! My pup is now happy and can eat without being sick!! Highly recommend this food!!