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Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed with Anti-Microbial Removable Waterproof Washable Non-Slip Cover - Large - 40 in. x 35 in. x 4 in.

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  • QUALITY - Made from durable materials and superior workmanship for a longer lasting bed.
  • CONVENIENCE - The washable cover zips off and goes in the wahsing machine for easy care.
  • SAFETY - The rubber grips on the underside of the cover are non-slip, and all our foam is certified by CertiPUR-US to contain only safe and chemical-free materials.
  • SIZE - The large dog bed measures 40in.x35in.x4in.

  • Product Review

    Katie Payne

    So, I ordered 3 of these-size medium-for my dogs. I have a full grown pit, a husky/shepherd/coyote mix (about 60lbs), and a 10 month old pit. The size is perfect, the cover is nice and soft and I actually sat on one of them to play with my dogs the first day because they were so comfy. The dogs love them and don't mind sleeping there as opposed to on the bed if they get kicked off in the middle of the night. The only real problem I had with these was that the cover is SUPER thin, which is a huge problem having two very playful pit bulls. As you can probably guess, they ate right through the cover on two of the beds. Now, they have about a billion other beds that they don't eat, the problem with these ones was that during "crazy puppy time" one of them accidentally scratched or bit through the cover, got caught and then decided to tear at it. The beds themselves suffered minimal loss, a small chunk of the corner, but I'll need to find a thicker cover for these guys so they don't get eaten anymore!tl;dr great beds, dogs love them, but very flimsy cover. If you have chewers or hyper dogs, I suggest you get a thicker cover before leaving your dog alone with these!



    I ordered two of the jumbo sizes for my four rescued pups. I noticed my older male boy, Swayze, was starting to have a lot of back pain. While he’s allowed to sleep on the couch and bed with me, he prefers his own blankie on the floor. Despite my pleading, begging, and even picking him up to put him on the bed/couch, he always wanted down. I’d rush to lift him down so he didn’t hurt himself more, but he always wanted down. He just prefers his own space. My dogs are my babies. When I rescued them I promised I’d always protect them, and do my best to give them the best life possible. When I noticed he was starting to yelp in pain, limp, and even lose weight, I became concerned I’d have to make ‘that’ decision all pet parents dread. I decided to pay rent late and order two of these. I say I paid rent late, but that’s just because I’m poor. These are very reasonably priced, and are SUPER high quality. Three of my dogs are large, and one small. Swayze, (fighting rescue) the one showing signs of severe pain, (male staffordshire terrier) is about 10 years old and is 60-65lbs. (He lost about 10lbs QUICKLY, in about a week, due to the pain, he’s the thinner one in the pix). Zoey (fighting Rescue), the white and brown staffordshire terrier is about 4 years old and is about 65lbs. Lil’ Bit is a shar-pei mix (thrown out a car window), about 10 years old, and is a thick 45-50 lbs, and (not pictured) is my Honey boy. He’s my puppy mill pup, is about 14 years old, and is about 15lbs. One bed fits all three large dogs comfortably, but two affords them the luxury of sleeping alone if they so choose. The one jumbo bed will fit all four dogs comfortably. I’m so thrilled to announce that Swayze has since gained about 5lbs back, and is becoming my happy little boy again. The beds are quality made, and exactly as described by the seller. With all four dogs on the bed, it still cradles them perfectly so that they do not sink down to the floor. Do the math. That’s about 190lbs of dog, and they don’t sink to the floor. They LOVE their little (BIG) beds, and are constantly on them. I have to beg them to come cuddle me, despite having a memory foam bed myself. I’m absolutely THRILLED with my purchase. It was well worth the late fees in rent to provide my boy some relief, and my others their own comfy little space in the house. 6 Stars needed for this bed! Please excuse any mess in the background. I also have a toddler. Included are pix of the measurements. The thickness is 4”, and that is with two dogs, both girls, whose weight totals about 120lbs, laying on it.



    Huge, awesome bed! Buy, buy, buy it!! I didn't have this bad boy set up for more than 5 minutes before my rough collie was on it. Snapped a photo, and she was out cold a few minutes after! Lulu is a big dog, 50+ pounds, has an extra half foot near her butt. Bed is so big it doesn't fit on my camera. Seriously, if you're considering a dog bed, get this one. It's massive, it's soft, it's fluffy, it's perfect.I'll be getting another when my other collie is old enough to know that not everything is meant to be eaten.


    Mary N

    We have two of these now since our dog recently had ACL surgery and we didn't want to drag the bed around from room to room when we moved him. We have the extra large for our 80lb pit bull, its very roomy and he likes to stretch out on it. We've had the first one over a year, he sleeps in in all the time, and it's still like new. The cover goes on and off like a dream compared to other beds that we've had, and the cover washed up beautifully (front load washer, delicate cycle in the dryer, no problem). He got a few blood spots on the cover from the incision site, but I was able to rub them out with a damp washcloth so I was very happy about that. I also slept on it with him the first few nights after surgery and it was very comfortable, I know why he likes it!



    I got the extra large for my extra large 96 pound German Shepherd, who is getting older and needed some extra support. He got on it right away, and spends a lot of time on it. I got an extra cover so I can put one on the bed while I'm washing the other. He has plenty of room on this thing...the cats sometimes get on it with him and they all love it. Heck, I've laid on it and didn't want to get off! Looks and feels very well made. Good weight to it (but not hard to move). I'm going to get a second one to put in a different room for him, and for the cats when he's using the other one.


    blessed mom

    Where has this dog bed been all my life? We've had dogs for eighteen years, and along the way, we've had many dog beds and numerous accidents of every variety on them. We bought one years ago that said it had a waterproof inside liner. The liner wasn't really waterproof, and we ended up always having wet foam underneath. So I was very skeptical when I saw this one said it was waterproof. But let me back up and say that I wasn't even looking for a waterproof bed. I had given up on that. I was looking for a bed that would be good for my dog who has a pressure sore. While looking at a web site about how to take care of paralyzed dogs, I read a post about the best dog beds for dogs who are paralyzed and have pressure sores. This bed was one of only about 5 that met all the criteria, and it was far cheaper than the other beds listed. When I was reading reviews for this bed and saw that people said it really was waterproof, I thought that was reason enough to give it a try. Now let me say - if ever a dog bed has been waterproof tested, this one has. I have two paralyzed, incontinent, almost 15 year old beagle basset hounds. They have given this bed a rigorous waterproof testing from about the first hours we had it, and it has passed with flying colors. I was amazed. The outside fabric is a very soft, velour-type fabric, and the back side of it, touching the foam, is some kind of plastic. Even emptying a full bladder completely on top of it didn't soak through to the foam. We do take the cover off as soon as it's gotten wet, so I don't know what would happen if you let it sit, but I wish we'd found this bed years ago. In addition, it's super thick and plush, and my dog with the pressure sore immediately goes only to this bed now. My kids even said they wished they could sleep on it because it's so thick and comfortable. I bought the extra large one, and it's perfect for one of my beagle bassets to sprawl out on sideways, but they can both fit on it if they wish. I was also pleasantly surprised that the foam didn't have any smell. I'm very picky about smells and usually let anything new offgas outside for a while, which I still did with this bed, but it didn't have any smell. It dries pretty quickly in the dryer. I just can't say enough good things about this bed. I've been through numerous dog beds over the years, even expensive ones, and I'm amazed at the good price and good quality of this one.


    Sarah P

    We bought this bed to go in our 36 inch Midwest brand crate; the fit is perfect! It took a good day and a half to puff up to its full size. There was a slight smell at first, but it went away fast.The quality is excellent and our dog loves it. She naps in her crate all the time! Since it's so thick it does take up a good amount of space in the crate, which might be something to consider, but the comfort it provides is worth it to me.I can't believe how affordable this was; we looked at 'orthopedic' 'memory foam' beds at the local pet stores and they were $60-80 for this size and 90% of the time they were much thinner and stuffed with egg crate. This bed is 100% solid REAL memory foam; it's a steal for the price! Once our younger puppy grows up we'll be buying one for his crate too!



    This mattress is exactly as described!! Some reviews may say there pad was discolored on back inside of pad cover, that is must have gotten wet when packaged and created mold. It is discolored, but it took me about two seconds to realize the vaccume seal process was causing the black dye of the bottom of cover to leach into the pad. THE PAD IS 100% FINE!! Yes there is a smell the same smell you find on a larger memory foam mattress that's new and vaccume sealed, per the instructions it says there will be a chemical smell and to allow a few days to air out. However my dog is a senior and couldn't wait. It regained original size with in 10 min not 24 hours and she didn't mind the smell at all especially with her blankets on it. There is 2 inches of regular foam and topped with 2 inches of memory foam, the cover is good quality and zips closed. Some reviews says it's not totally water proof, the lining on the inside of the cover is more like what you see on a mattress cover, it may not be 100% deterrable but it's the same as the $100 one I spent for our personal mattress. It is a bit high for shorter legged older dogs. My mini dachshund is still deciding if she can get up onto it every time her IVDD is flaring, but it's way more supportive than the 2 inch ones would have been. Over all I would recommend and hope people read this review and don't assume it's molded or not as described. My senior dog loves it. Right out of the box!!



    We've only had this bed for less than 24 hours but I have already noticed a difference in the way my little girl gets up out of bed! Her bed before lost its cushion and with her arthritis, she was limping out of bed. It got so bad that I thought she would break her leg upon getting up. After countless hours of research, I ended up choosing this bed and I'm so glad I did. Not only did it help her arthritis in less than a day but I saved A LOT of money with other beds ranging up to $100+. Her limping is nearly gone and she loves the bed! She's a 13 year old, 13 pound rat terrier and I opted to get her the medium so that she'd have a lot of room for her blanket and toys. She would've been perfectly fine with a small as well. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends with older dogs!


    Allison Strait

    I am impressed with the quality of this bed. I've bought dozen of dog beds over the years and this is the best by far. Great quality for the price. I would recommend it especially for old arthritic dogs like mine.



    This is a must have for people who really love their dogs! Not only is temperpedic comfortable for your little furry family memebers, it is also beneficial in improving arthritis and is also a preventative! My dog and my boyfriends, really love this bed. We put this in their open crate so they can choose where they want to sleep and they always choose this bed. We bought this about 2 months ago and ive washed the cover recently BY HAND (a quick wash with pet oder remover and lavander oil) and put it on DELICATE dry cycle for about 20 minutes. Nothing happened to the no slip grip on the bottom side, you just have to not be lazy and wash it and dry it correctly. Also if your dog does have a tendency to rip and tear stuff in kennels or just in general than of course thats exactly what is going to happen to this. If you have a trained well behaved dog you defiantly want this! It has not suken in, tore or anything like that and we have two dogs using it! We are using a medium for a 7lb dog and a 11lb dog.Update: Bed is still perfectly plush and all intact! My boyfriends dog did pee on it and it is indeed pretty water proof. A VERY tiny stain did get through the cover but I believe its because the pee was on the bed cover for a while until we noticed. Still highly recommended.


    Laura in Utah

    I bought this bed about a month ago because my Chihuahua mix is getting older now, and I also noticed that he was usually trying to stretch out in his older, smaller bed--usually ending up spilling out one or both sides in order to get comfortable. There is plenty of room in his crate and no reason why he couldn't have a bed with a larger surface area, but I didn't want him to be on one of those thin crate pads that don't look comfy at all. This bed fits the exact measurements of his crate for a custom-like fit. I thought maybe Peanut would miss the cushy sides of his old bed, but he doesn't seem to at all. Mostly he lays flat on his side or upright like in the picture. When he does curl up, he's learned he can push his fleece blanket to the side of the crate to give him some cushion against the metal bars. (When he was a puppy, I made him several blankets a few inches bigger than the dimensions of the crate from two pieces of fleece with a simple machine stitch around the edges. I've attached them to the back corners of his crate with two large safety pins. Keeps the blanket in his bed as he comes and goes and roots around under it!) Also, the mattress cover is awesome and washes up like new every time with Peanut's blankets. I haven't seen any of the traction dots falling off or anything. I bought an extra cover the same day as the mattress so I'd have a spare for laundry days and accidents, and they're easy to remove and replace with a long zipper in an L-formation on two of the bottom edges. Pro tip: I had a couple spare pieces of thicker fleece just the right size to cover the top of the mattress. I keep one between the mattress and cover just to catch any additional moisture or loose fur that gets through the cover to keep the mattress perfectly clean and like new. I don't think that's strictly necessary; it just gives me extra peace of mind.Edit January 2019The nonstick dots on the bottom of these covers are flipping *everywhere.* I cannot even tell you how many of these little dots have infiltrated every corner of my house. They're absolutely everywhere! On the days I do laundry, I wash this cover and my dog's other laundry first (normal wash cycle, then tumble dry on low heat), then do two or three loads of clothing, towels, etc. trying to make sure there's plenty of loads to clear out all the stray dots before my roommate does her laundry. After every load comes out of the dryer, I have to carefully empty the dryer lint catcher over the trash can *and* Swiffer the floor in my laundry room to catch all the overspill, and I'm still finding dots in my clean laundry. It's a huge pain. And if I forget and dry these on medium or high heat? Forget it! The stupid things get warm enough to restick themselves to the inside of the dryer, and they do *not* come off. *Sigh.*


    Sam V. Igich

    I was a little concerned about the price and if the bed was truly waterproof. I bought this one based in the positive reviews. My 9yr old Great Dane needed something better bc her hips were getting bad. She didn't wAnt to get up as often and had a very stiff appearing gait. Delivery was very swift. The bed (xl) was larger than I expected which was a good thing. She doesn't have to curl up to fit on it like most large/ extra large dog beds. She also slept on it last night and i noticed she didn't have to reposition herself as often. She is even getting up and moving much easier today. I plan on ordering one a little smaller (large)for the living room so I don't have to keep toting the bed back and forth. She always likes to be where we are In the house. If I forget to bring the new dog bed from the bedroom she just looks at me and stares disappointingly at her old one until I bring her new one. She will not use her old one anymore. I would say she is happy with the purchase and so am I. The liner for the bed looks heavy duty as well but just to be on the safe side I will get a protective mattress cover. I also noticed that the bed doesn't sink down completely when she lays on it. The bed actually supports her big boned body. The bed is completely worth the money spent. We are both very pleased.



    I was reluctant to buy a bed online because I needed something very dense but the reviews were so good I decided to give it a try. This is a really great bed. I bought it when my rescue German Shepherd had to have a leg amputation - for his recovery. Lots of leaks and spills obviously during that time (he had it for the week he was at the vet and then home too) and the cover held it all off the bed. Plus having waterproof qualities, minor "incidents" cleaned up with a spray and towel. Jake was basically confined to the bed for 4 weeks so it went through the ringer. I bought a replacement cover so I could switch them back and forth to keep him clean. Very comfortable bed. I slept with him several nights while he was recovering :) The only negative thing I can say is the gripper bumps on the bottom are slowly falling off. I'd imagine it will be slippery when they are all gone but will just put a rug mat under it then. After all of the obvious things this insert went through, it has absolutely no smell. We have had it three months now I believe. In the first 5 months I had Jake, I had bought and thrown out 3 beds because the odor of the insert was so bad and unclean with his problems. I'll be ordering another for my old GSD as they fight over it!



    *** update *** it is a year later and Pepper still loves her bed. I gave in and bought a waterproof liner because I was nervous the regular cover wasn't truly waterproof. I'm glad I did because the zipper died on the stock cover. Heck. Now I have to find a replacement.My dog loves it! Thick and sturdy and comfortable. This bed is much thicker than the beds from the big chain pet stores. I wish the cover was a waterproof canvas because our dog loves to swim. Based on other people's review of washing the cover and the dots falling off I have yet to wash it - I have been vacuuming it. The memory foam is plush and the base foam is supportive. It's very thick. No bottoming out for this pet bed! My dog isn't a chewer so I can't speak to the durability against a dog with a chewing habit. She does like to root around before she lays down and the bed has stood up to that. My girl is an active 9 year old black lab who loves to hike and swim. She likes to go everywhere we go and if it means jumping waves in the ocean she is there. We live surrounded by water and she swims every day. The hard floors weren't doing her arthritic hips any favors and the pet store beds would flatten out so it was like she was laying on the floor anyway. This bed is huge, but I like it because she can change sleeping positions without having to get up and change locations. She snores, she stretches, and she runs in her dreams on this bed. Her hips don't come anywhere close to touching the floor. I will buy this bed again.



    Have a young German Shepard that appears to, unfortunately may, have heredity Hip issue(pain and limping displasia). I would Highly recommend this for big dogs. Ordered the large and it is actually able to fit 2 full grown ones on there. I have two. I have now ordered the Medium for the second 3 year old as she keeps stealing it from the 6 mo old who needs it for her hip issue. The cover is very nice. I also have two chihuahuas and they also wanted to sit on it cause it is so pleasant under their feet. They, however, are provided their own human lazy boy chair all padded and it includes a set of steps.The Large would likely do for a mastiff or big Rottweiler. it is very large. see photo. pup is already 70 lbs.The pad is under the the bed it is very big. very comfortable. The Two Shepards easily fit on the Large.



    UPDATE: It's been more than 3yrs and now my dog and cat fight over who gets to sleep in the bed. This bed had held up VERY well. I wash the outer cover every now and again because, well ... fleas, and it has held up nicely. I'm currently going to buy a small for my cat. I'm adding an updated picture to go with the old ones. You'll see it still looks the same.ORIGINAL: As soon as I took it out of the box, my lab made himself comfortable. We currently have concrete flooring until we cam find something else, and our dog, Gage, is always limping and sore after laying on it. He immediately opted for this bed as soon as I laid it out for him. He's about 85lbs and we got a Large size. It was a perfect size for him.


    Carmen Hiniker

    This bed is amazing! My dog (Great Dane/Lab mix) loves it. She's 14 and was in need of a bed that was better on her aging joints. She's had occasional accidents and this cover truly is waterproof. When you wash the cover, there's no shrinkage, so that was a pleasant surprise.


    Nicole Machi

    This is very comfortable and a huge upgrade from the $50 pet store bed my dog previously had (which after 3 years was majorly lumpy and uncomfortable). This seems like it will last much longer. I had trouble getting the right size, however and ended up with a larger bed than she needs. This photo shows my 50-pound lab mix curled up in the corner of the 40"x35"x4" size bed.



    Love this bed! My dog LOVES this bed. Really good quality at a fair price. My only complaint, is that I didn't order TWO, because now I have to carry it up and down the stairs everyday because she's sad without it. She's not even sleeping in my bed anymore!...Not sure how I feel about that, I miss my cuddle bug! LolHighly recommend!