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MidWest Dog Crate Cover, Privacy Dog Crate Cover Fits MidWest Dog Crates, Machine Wash & Dry

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  • Durable polyester/cotton blended crate cover is Teflon protected. Dimensions 30 L X 19 W X 21 H inches. Specifically designed to fit iCrate (1530, 1530DD) but will fit most standard 30 inches long dog crates as well
  • Teflon Fabric Protector repels stains & oils. Dog kennel cover/dog crate cover allows easy access to front & is compatible with rear & side door dog crates on 1, 2, or 3 door folding metal dog crates & dog kennels (no top door access)
  • Hook & loop tabs hold dog crate cover neatly in place converting the dog crate into a cozy inchesden inches like atmosphere to reduce anxious behavior problems like barking & chewing. Stylish design compliments your dog crate by blending it in with home decor
  • Dog kennel cover/dog crate cover is made of extra-durable polyester & cotton blended fabric, machine wash/dryer safe. Dog crate cover includes a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Teflon dog crate cover only, dog crate & dog bed are not included
  • The dog crate cover includes 5 flaps which are the front, sides, back & top panel. Note: There is not a bottom panel, mat or rug included with this crate cover
  • Note: P65 Warning Cancer and Reproductive Harm

  • Product Review


    This Black Dog crate cover measures 42L x 27.25W x 30H". We were worried about the width measurement but it easily fits the MidWest 42" dog crate which is described to be 28" wide.Cover is black and washable. Has Velcro edging on tabs to keep end flaps up or down. We used two little clips (not included) on each side of door, at its base, to hold cover in place and to keep cover from flapping with gentle breeze/wind and overhead fan. Provides the pooch with privacy and darkness. Dog loves the cave like atmosphere.



    These are exactly what we needed for our crates. Make sure to check the size of your crate for the best fit. We went with the basic black one - didn’t need any frills. It’s pretty thin so if your dog is destructive they may be able to pull a little bit in and rip it, luckily ours are past puppy age and we haven’t had that problem. They block light and are neat and tidy looking. Great addition to make tour dog feel safe and have a calm place to relax.



    Dogs are natural Den animals the darker and quieter it is the better we have five chiweenies and they are Barker's and they are anxious and they get scared once we bought two of these for both of their crates it's as if we thought they were no longer there it made them completely quiet and go straight to sleep this is an honest review I'm not being paid for itI promise you it works as far as the quality they are great there's velcro all the way around make sure you get the cage size right if you do it will fit it perfectly like a glove



    This cover is constructed of a lightweight nylon fabric and has Velcro fasteners at the corners. It's exactly what I needed, which is a neat and tidy look to cover a dog crate in my house. It's well-tailored and looks much nicer than the old blankets I used that never quite covered the crate just right. My dog is not interested in pulling the fabric through the crate wires and chewing on it, so it works well for me. If your dog pulls things into its crate and chews, then this cover probably won't be right for you. I have the 42" size crate and this corresponding sized cover is just perfect.



    I wanted a cover to sort of camouflage the fact that a kennel is in my living room. I was also tired of my dog barking at people coming to the house to work on it. So I thought I would give this a try. Extremely easy to put on and when needed I pull the front down to complete close my dog in (this doesn’t happen often). What I didn’t expect was that my dog, who hated the kennel before would go in the kennel on her own and hang out in there, door wide open, no prompting, just napping and hanging out. I was amazed. She doesn’t do it all the time, but now I feel more comfortable putting her in her kennel when needed. If she’s in there a still barking, I put the front down and she’ll quiet down.


    Stacey H.

    We bought this crate cover for my mom's dog's crate. She needed to make his crate more "den like" and also possibly provide a little more privacy and warmth for him, as he is in his crate all day while she is at work. He is a 55 pound mixed breed dog. This cover has turned out to be really great. The material is maybe a little too thin but it still works and has done everything we have wanted it to do. It fits the crate perfectly, slipped on in just a minute or two and has held up well for probably two years now. It also cleans easily and has stayed in good shape. The only thing we would change is to make the material maybe a little thicker. Overall a good crate cover with a fair price.


    Sweet Demise

    MY REVIEW:There’s nothing fancy or out of the ordinary about this product! It’s a simple crate cover that works well and comes exactly as described!!!It comes in neutral colors and has a classic pattern. The fabric seems to be of good quality too.And the most important part, it fits the crate perfectly! It has velcro on all sides/corners. Hence allows you to leave open whichever part of the crate you want exposed for your pet.It’s also quite reasonably priced. Since the first one we brought worked well for our puppy’s crate downstairs, we purchased another one for his crate upstairs.We’re quite happy with this purchase!SOME NEGATIVE REVIEWS:I did however read reviews about the crate cover coming off. In response to that, I’d like to add that the crate cover (although perfectly sized for the crates described) is not tight fitted by any means. In other words, if I just tug at it, it can come/slide off quite easily.So if your pet finds a way to nip at it while in the crate, and keeps going at it, there is a chance you will wake up to find the crate cover off. Luckily our puppy hasn’t done that yet, so we haven’t had to experience it yet.It may be a good idea to cover your pets crate with a sheet first and see if he has tendencies to pull on it. If not, then you should be ok buying this cover!


    Rescue Dogs

    I'm happy with this. Wish it wasn't treated w Teflon / chemicals though. The fabric is fine for my use (indoors). This looks/ fits much better than the sheet I was using. I have an old "ASPCA" brand crate - 36 inch - and this fits well enough. The sides are about 2 inches off of the ground (I would rather it be a little closer to the ground for complete coverage) but that is better than the fabric dragging on the ground. I ordered the color brown & it's​ a nice neutral - a medium brown that looks slightly khaki greenish depending on the light. I bought this as a warehouse deal & I'm happy with it considering the reasonable price I paid.


    Rebecca Bradley

    This crate cover was a life saver for two different reasons. Firstly I had a dog that would only go in their crate if it was covered. I used blankets to cover it previously but the dog would pull them through and chew them overnight. Then I found this cover! Dog was happy going into the crate as it was covered and also they could not pull it through and chew. Win, win situation!Second cover I used for a dog that I used to look after for a friend and the dog would spray pee out through the side of the crate. I used this cover thinking that at least if he did do that with the cover on then it wouldn't be spraying the wall as the cover would stop it. Well the cover did stop it when the dog sprayed in the crate but what me and my friend were most astonished by was that he never tried it again after the pee splashed back off the cover the one time he tried it. Subsequently he has never tried it again! Again a win, win situation.



    I've gone through two sets of these for my dogs over the years. Unbelievably cheap compared to other ones - and it's better than a lot of them! The best thing moment ever was when I first discovered these 5 years ago when my dogs were puppies and we were crate training them. Instantly silenced them when they were whining and getting used to crates, but even now 5 years later, if we put the cover down all the way, they don't make a sound until we open it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE if you have a dog that won't stop barking, whining, or fighting/tearing apart their kennel! They work INSTANTLY! You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.



    I had to take a trip with my dog, and purchased this to use instead of the old blanket I normally put over his crate. I thought this would be easier, and it is. I used this crate:  MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate 24 inch with divider , and it fit exactly. It is nice to be able to lift up any or all of the flaps, and it's also nice to be able to close them all so that my dog can settle to rest without distractions. It worked exactly as it should. I don't think it's beautiful, but it's tidy and easy to clean.


    tootsie girl

    UPDATE: In my pictures you can see on the right side where the cage opened the velcro was not lined up where it was supposed to be. Trying to make it close in its spots was difficult at best. This made the whole cover not line up correctly. I asked people on line if they had difficulty and found not a single person had and no one had difficulty with it fitting either. I decided to try getting the next size larger. Unfortunately the next size was way to large and would have taken me much to long to see it smaller enough to fit correctly, so I sent it back and have struggled with this one which is horrible and looks ridiculous but is necessary so my puppy can get his sleep without any interruptions. Hopefully soon he will be trained enough so he won't have to go in the crate at all. If you purchase this and it does not fit don't be like me, sent it back and get another one.FEBRUARY 25, 2020I took a chance an purchased another one of these. I was very sceptical since the first one didn't fit and no one else had the same problem. This came and voile: went right on all squares fit right on and when it came to the door where in my previous pictures it shows the velcro just does not line up. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see every one of the stickers stuck exactly where it was supposed to be.I'm very happy with this cover. I thi think my frenchie likes it as well as it gives him privacy. I don't allow him to lick his paws for it's gross, the noise he makes sounds like pigs in a pen eating shop and I told him he can do anything he wants in his crate. He doesn't mind going in there so much. He likes the doors locked and cover him up.


    Coach Stu and Jacq

    This cover has velcro around the edges so that you can open each side individually or seal them all. It's thick enough to block out light, but thin enough for air flow. It's black, so you will have to shake it off or wash it every now and then because you can see the dust on top, but other than that, it's very well made and serves its purpose.Our amazing dog loves the privacy...it's like his own little cave. Our cat likes to steal his food and he feels more secure while he's eating. I keep the front flap up almost all the time so he can still have some sight into the other room. This helped our crate training go very quickly too. He really does love his crate. To those of you who feel crate training is a bit cruel, understand that dogs are den animals by nature. They live in dens in the wild, and that will never be bred out of them because it's natural instinct, especially while eating. They like to feel secure, and as I said having a crate with a cover helps tremendously. Dogs only want to feel secure in their pack. Do everything you can to make them feel that way and you won't have an issue with them, ever. :)



    I'm one of those people who used a small blanket to cover a dog kennel. However, blankets tend to absorb odors and need to be regularly readjusted (odd considering the dog doesn't move it or the kennel). I finally decided to purchase two of these to cover our 2-door 24" wire crates.First, if your dog is weird with sounds (like bags or crinkling paper), put this cover or his/her crate when they are out of the room. The packing itself is quiet (durable plastic, silent open technology) but the polyester cover itself, not so much. It's not fireworks loud but it makes enough of a noise to scare my two chicken shi$t dogs.Sides velcro together. Pro- fastens quickly. Con- velcro is a little weak. it doesn't take much to come undone. Considering the cover is supposed to be washable, this velcro wouldn't hold up to more than one or two washing. However, if you don't plan on moving the crate around too often or washing it, the cover should last a while.All in all, a great alternative to using a blanket to cover crates. Great price, durable material, and simple color designs.



    I ALMOST didn't buy this because of a few terrible reviews, but I'm really glad I did. Most of the reviews described the material as super thin and easy to tear, but if it's just a crate cover and your dog doesn't mess with it, it's not going to tear. I actually found the material a good thickness for what I'd hope for in a crate cover - light and breathable. My dogs just use their crates like little dens and don't mess with the blankets, so I really really enjoyed this cover. It's lightweight, fits well, and gives a good amount of shade. For the reviews that said their dog tore it up, seems like a training issue vs a product issue :).


    Dustin Johnson

    It's a nice light, yet dark material, fits our 48" crate well (which was a different company's crate). The one thing keeping it from 5 stars is that the product is designed in a way that creates a cube by male and female velcro patches that attach the side panels to the front/back panel. What this ends up doing is covering all sides of the crate and thus the door won't open. If you want either the front or side door to open, only one half of the cover can be velcroed down. Which makes it less secure (though it lies on there pretty well). If you want to put your dog inside and shut the flap, it will velcro to the side paneling fine, but when you go to open it, there's the same level of pressure in the front and the back, so it's not a guarantee that the front will unvelcro and not the back, or at the very least that you won't pull off one or two from the back and make it look a bit disheveled.To fix this, I simply made small incisions in the side panel hem that I then hooked onto the hooks that hold the side wall of the crate to the front. This seems to hold it much more securely and allows me to use the front flap much easier. It makes me think that this product would be so much better if they just had a wrap around velcro piece for at least the ends of the panels to hold it more in place.


    Lizzy S.

    Pros: This cover is well made. It fits our 36” Midwest create perfectly. The corners have Velcro to keep it in place. There are covers on each side so that you can decide whether or not to cover the front (we do when pup is over-stimulated). The cover looks nice too, which I appreciate because it’s in our living room. The cover washes nicely in the machine.Cons: the only thing that’s missing would be little ties or something to hold and sides of the cover you want up. We fold ours over but an option to roll up the sides and hold them would be great, especially for when we want the sides down but not all the way.



    Good, simple crate cover. Fit our crate perfectly. The sides Velcro together but it's not securely fastened to the crate itself. Puppy pulled the entire cover into his kennel while we were gone. Will use it on our other dog's kennel but do not recommend for blanket pullers/chewers!


    Casey D

    Very nice!!! Love the flap in the front too! I don't always make my pup sleep in his crate (unless he just WILL NOT SETTLE DOWN) but when I do, it instantly calms him and gives him the privacy and an environment free of distractions or temptations. The product feels as if it will be very durable and last for quite some time!



    We had been draping towels over our dogs crate to give him some peace and quite, which worked alright but didn't look very pretty. This crate cover is really just what I needed. The cover fits nicely, it is very easy to put on, has Velcro closures on all four corners and looks very nice in the living room. I'm postitve it, or when, it needs to be cleaned it will be very easy to wash. Before I purchased this crate cover I did a lot of web searching for a cover that would do what I needed and didn't cost $60 or more. I did not feel that it was necessary to buy a cover that had all kinds of designs, at a premium price. Solid black got less than $14 was right up my ally. If you have found this review helpful please click "yes" below so that I know I'm not wasting my time writing these reviews.