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MEWTOGO Extra Large Bird Parrot Toys for Cockatoos African Grey Macaws

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  • This parrot block toy's type is stylish and attractive, which will catch bird's eyes immediately.
  • The hardware part is made of high quality chain that is strong enough to last long-time chewing span.
  • The color is bright and vivid, which is a beautiful decor to hang into the cage or wall at home.
  • Great chewing and preening parrot toy to kill time and give dental care for your beloved birds.

  • Product Review

    Patrice Ann

    My Bella seems happy with this toy. This is meant to be chewed and destroyed by a large bird. The wood pieces are a bit thin for a large parrot so my Umbie easily breaks them apart. But it’s a large size and there are lots of pieces so he’s getting weeks of use out of it. I collect the rope pieces as he drops them so I can make something new for him to chew on.



    I have 2 macaws and it doesn't take them long to chew down all the wood on toys, but they usually last for days or at least a week rather than less than 10 minutes. The toy looked great and came with two different hooks, but not durable at least for a bigger bird which it was advertised as being suited for. I am hoping I can fit a stronger chain through the pieces and still use the toy...if not, it will be a disappointing waste of money.



    This is my scarlet Macaw, Sabre’s, favorite toy. He absolutely loves it. It definitely deserves a 5 star rating just for the enjoyment it provides him. However, he can turn it into a shredded pile of wood chips in 3-4 days. In doing so, it serves the purpose for my purchase. It gives pleasure and defeats boredom. It may not be sturdy or durable, but it is one of the BEST toys for a large bird. Sabre always gets one for his birthday and Christmas. And sometimes another just because I love him. Super purchase. Great toy!


    Kathy T.

    My macaw likes the toy, what's left of it, haha. I would recommend getting rid of the little bells. A macaw can pull the clapper out and possibly get choked. There are macaw proof bells (long ones with the clapper well out of reach). The plastic balls are not necessary, either. I got this because the blocks are on a chain. My boy will just chew the top of a toy held my ropes and everything hits the floor, haha. He think it's funny. I think it's a waste of money.


    M. Jones

    Colorful toy for large parrots! I have 2 macaws so toys don’t last very long, including these, unfortunately. But I found them to be well made and VERY interesting to my birds. My birds are termites! Probably lasted 24 hours.



    This toy is well made and the way MEWTOGO packaged the product is excellent! They also included a carabiner type metal loop with spring loaded gate for ease of hanging the toy in my Macaw's very large cage!! Well done and I will certainly buy from them again!


    Kindle Customer

    So I was skeptical about this toy because it looks much larger in the picture, and it's not quite that big. The wood isn't super thick, but the bells and chains are very sturdy. I'm giving it 5 stars because even though it doesn't quite hold up to my Macaw's beak, it is one of her favorite toys and we have ordered it several times. She was an abuse case that was afraid of toys, but she absolutely loves this one, and goes after it with a vengence. Her eyes light up when she see's a new one come out of the package.


    Naomi Zemont

    This has always been Abbie's (M2) favorite toy; There's just so much to do, y'know?Once all of the wood blocks are chewed-into splinters, those little whiffle balls are Da Bomb for her;We like to stuff 'em with paper shreds and bits of nuts for her to forage and remove.What a delightful mess; 5 Stars!


    H. Curtis

    My parrot really likes this toy. The blocks are great for tearing apart, as parrots do to groom their beaks.She also likes to play around with the knots/rope sections, testing them and twirling them to get them undone.Fun toy and it looks like it will keep her busy for awhile.



    I have 2 Goffin's Cockatoos. They're a smaller species of cockatoo, around the size of an African Grey or a medium-sized Amazon species. This toy gas been great for my bird that loves chewing. He could go through the whole thing in a day if he wanted so I take the toy apart and give one chain at a time. The chains are high quality which allows me to reuse them to make and hang other toys. This would be a fun, fast chew for bigger cockatoos or macaws or very long lasting for smaller parrots. I buy one or two of these a month because the price if very good for a toy this size.My green cheeked conures are never interested in wood blocks this size.



    Oh my gosh these are so perfect for my blue and gold. She loves them and i dont have to purchase in a couple of weeks since these are big and sturdy. Will continue purchasing from these guys.



    This is more than I expected for the price. There are a lot of parts to the toy, which should occupy my macaw for sometime. She loves tearing up these toys, so I may do another review with how long it lasts, but seems well made and quite a lot of detail for the price. Could easily be a $30 toy in a pet store.


    David Howell

    We go through quite a few toys since we have 3 LARGE macaws! When we can find toys at bird shows or expos, we stock up. Generally, we buy big ones and break them down to make multiple toys. This time, I bought three of this specific toy. Not sorry! And, I don't need to break them down, either.They're well made, sturdy and use chains, not jute, twine or wound paper. Here's the breakdown:7 whiffle balls. Heavy duty, so they'll take some abuse from big beaks. 1 1/2 in. in diameter.The wooden beads are 5/8 in. in diameter. Those are always the first to go. One good crunch and they're history. Nothing new there. That's just the way it goes.The wooden blocks are perfect. Sturdy, but not too big to chew on and splinter. About 1/2 in. thick, so they stand up to the strength of a macaw beak. There's a total of 56 blocks in this toy. It WILL last a while.My only criticism is a "leaf" they put on the top of the toy. It's woven, like a silk flower. This means that my birds can shred or tear the material, and might possibly ingest the threads. Not good! So, I cut the leaves off. No big deal. But, it's definitely something I'd recommend you remove if you buy this toy.We put a toy in each of the three cages. As with any new toy, they guys had to check it out pretty quickly. But, even after the initial attack, the toys took the assault well. I'm sure they will last for several weeks, minimum. That's about the best I can hope for with three extremely strong and active macaws.Yes, I highly recommend this toy. I'm very picky about bird toys. I dislike wasting money on toys the guys won't touch. These are well worth the money and I expect to be ordering more in the near future. I'll be leaving this product on my "wish list," for sure! The price is fair and for what you get, it's really quite a bargain.Be talkin' to you.....David



    Oh my goodness!!!! I hung this up and my Macaw went to it immediately!!! It’s a lot bigger than I thought it’d be, and knowing Macaws, they tear up EVERYTHING!! This will take him more time to tear up!!! HE LOVES IT!!!!


    Caps Fan

    My cockatoo loves this toy. Unlike most toys, this lasted more than one day!!



    I love this adorable chew toy! Not only is it a delight to humans, but my African Gray loves it as well!! From the plastic balls to the wooden bananas along with other decorative and chewable blocks to the little bells. This is one I will buy again after it’s reduced to tooth pick sizes by my parrot!


    Michael Hinterseher

    I have purchased this product many times in four sizes: XL, LARGE, MEDIUM, and SMALL. The small has very small block sizes and is 8 inches long including chain and hook. Green-Cheek Conures like these. I have noticed that the medium and the large sizes are often mixed by the sellers and the only difference between them is the medium is three blocks shorter, making the toy about 10 inches long, chain and hook included. The large has the same block size as the medium, but is 12 inches long, including chain and hook. African Timneh, Brown parrots, Meier’s parrots, Pionus, and Sun Conure parrots like these sizes. The XL has different block sizes, and is 16 inches long, including chain and hook. African Grey Congo, Amazon Green parrots, Yellow Necked parrots, Red Necked parrots, and Eclectus parrots like these. A few Galah cockatoos or Rose cockatoos ‘might’ do well with this toy, but not if they are aggressive chewers. This is a “five minutes to total destruction toy” for ANY Macaw, Triton cockatoo, Sulfur-Crested cockatoo, or Moluccan cockatoo. The wood is too soft, the pieces are too small, the ropes too loosely tied for a XL large parrot. I wish that they would STOP advertising it to these XL parrot owners.This toy is FUN to CLIMB on, to SWING on, to CHEW on, to UNRAVEL, to PREEN.The colors are bright and hold up very well.For SMALL and MEDIUM sized parrots, is a must-have-toy. (See my photos)(As a side note, I have found that mice, gerbils, hamsters, and rats really, and completely, LOVE this toy.)



    Reading the reviews, I think toy selection changes from time to time. The item I ordered included 3 whiffle balls on the end of plastic chains, a kabob made of wooden hearts/balls and plastic ring shapes, and a ring of bells on a chain.My macaw Loved these toys. His favorite was the plastic chain and whiffle balls - he enjoyed playing with them, chewing them, and taking them apart.His next favorite was the kabob. Usually he'll snap wooden beads and plastic beads right away... this type of toy generally lasts 3 days tops. He likes this one, but hasn't snapped it apart, yet.Last was the bells. I thought he'd go all-in on them, and he likes them, but hasn't taken them apart, yet.I'm super-safety conscious, and always try to make sure the toys I leave in the cage aren't things my bird can get his toes caught in. I removed the lanyard-style clips from the toys for this reason.The picture/advert shows a blue macaw hanging on the chain toy, which is photoshopped & not possible - the chain is the size advertised (about a foot long) and is not strong enough I'd trust it to hold a hanging bird. Great for chewing, though.I definitely think these toys were good value for money spent. My bird enjoyed playing with them. Will purchase from this vendor again.



    WOW, such an awesome, fun toy for large birds !There are so many pretty colors and tons of blocks for them to play with. Unfortunately our Yellow Nape Amazon is scared of new toys so he's not touched it yet but I know he'll love it as soon as he warms up to it.We highly recommend this fun toy !*** EDIT *** Yes, this toy is awesome ! I put it in Rhett's cage and he played with it for hours ! I'll be buying more of these toys for sure !


    Steve Lichtenstein

    We purchase numerous toys to keep our 28 year old Macaw entertained. We had been purchasing from a local pet nationally know pet store, and it seems like the array of toys has decreased on each new toy but the price rises every time. We started to see these offered on Amazon. We figured what the heck, if they were cheap (not inexpensive) we would just go back to the local store. They were not! They are well built, and it takes our Blu & Gold a week to destroy. This compared to 2, maybe 3 days. It keeps her entertained and she really enjoys destroying the toy. We will only purchase from Amazon!