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Meow Mix Indoor Health Dry Cat Food, 14.2 Pounds

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  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition
  • Provides all essential vitamins and minerals
  • Helps maintain healthy weight
  • Made In The USA

  • Product Review


    I have two 13-yr old cats~and have had problems with them not keeping the other foods down, and their stools hard to pass, with stomach aches. This formula seems to have helped them, considerably, in both respects. I will add that I've also added a bit of coconut oil, to the larger one's daily routine; which has facilitated digestion, I believe, also.~EDITED Jan 22, 2015...WHY THE HUGE PRICE JUMP??? Price nearly doubled??



    My 19-year old cat still let me know he preferred this dry food to any other, even the speedy stuff. Old age finally caught up with him, but he defied the odds of chronic kidney failure for nearly his whole life.


    John O.

    Everybody knows how finicky cats are when it comes to their food I’ve tried several brands and they turn their nose up at it or eat very little but they love Meow Mix Indoor Health.This is my third bag and it never fails to please.


    Jamie Miller

    Have tried others, but this always satisfies my three picky eaters.



    Seems like ok cat food. Unfortunately, I usually have to go for whatever is cheapest. My cat eats it up though and always begs for more, so it can't be too bad. Sometimes he gets sick, but I'm not sure if it's the cat food or not. I'm going to try a cat food that is gentle for his tummy next time. But as far as cheap cat food goes, its as good as any other.


    Angela Hopper

    Greatly enjoying the convenience of home delivery over lugging these bags home via public transit. No complaints from the cat & he enjoyed the bonus of playing in the box a bit before I recycled it.


    Laura-Jill Goldwyn

    My cat loves this mixed variety of cat food. I have several kinds of cat food but this is my cats favorite. Indoor formula adds a feeling that I am doing something good for my cat.


    Alison in CA

    We use this to feed our gang of outside cats who protect us from the evils of the other rodents on our street :)I buy this food via Amazon Prime, because it's the same price as the Safeway brand food, and it's delivered to my doorstep--can't beat that. The outside cats gobble it up-and the raccoons, skunks and possums also enjoy it sometimes too.It's a good, basic cat food, for a fair price. Then I use the bag to gather up recycling, since my city doesnt give our plastic bags anymore.



    My cats love this food and rub alll over the box when it comes in because they want the food so bad lol


    Amada Mena

    I suppose that indoor cats have different needs than outdoor ones.When I ordered this product I was in a real hurry and I got the first dry cat food I saw.When it arrived I read "indoors"and thought:Will it be enough for my13 year old Frederick...and Romeo and Juliet(my active 8 year old cats) not to mention the bunch of "guests"from the block that visit us constantly? Well,I do not speak meow,but they empty the plates...faster than I serve,and I guess that it means"We love it,grandma". As for activity...they are as mischievous as always!


    Gary K

    Our two indoor cats seem to enjoy this flavor and cat food for they do a great job of keeping it ate up. The great part is that we are not seeing hair balls around so while it may not be the food that is responsible it certainly has that possibility that it helps. The only mistake I made was introducing the cats to Temptations which is not a food but more a treat. Problem is that the cats like the temptations far better and sometimes turn their nose up at anything but temptations. Still though they seem to enjoy the Meow Mix and my plans are to keep using it.



    Just like the song. The cat is a meow mix aholic. Do they have a support group? He broke into the bag and ate half a months worth- now I’m thinking maybe I should wait to feed him til he can clear the baby gate. Do they make kitty treadmills ?



    My picky cat love this food. She's long haired as well and this food seems to help her with hairballs as well even though it isn't the hairball formula.



    Cats loved this. However, they seemed to eat it a lot faster. It didn't last as long as the normal cat food we buy. The went in the litter box more too. more too. This usally means that the cats body isn't getting the right nutrition it is running through them. At least that is usually the case with their food. .


    R. Buchmann

    So we have 3 indoor cats. One of them tends to eat too fast so I am always trying to find a food that is a little gentler on her digestive system. I have tried EVERYTHING.The bad news is that this cat food doesn't help with the eating quickly and occasional throwing up. The GOOD news is that I have decided that I can spend much less on this cat food and have the same results.I am sure there are food options out there that are nutritionally better, but this food is very affordable and my cats enjoy it. Save yourself some money with this brand and product.


    Thomas O'Connor

    My cats are around 8 and this has been their staple since they came off kitten food. Price is almost the same as in my local store so buying it as a Prime member is a no brainer. I never have to shlep it in and out of the car!Seriously, good food for indoor cats. When it is their only food, the cat box is easier to deal with too! Big plus for sure...



    My cats tear through this food. Finding something all four of them can agree on is a plus, and while Meow Mix might not be the healthiest and most natural dry food around, I know that it is a complete food and that they could do much worse. At this price point, it is hard to say no to Meow Mix, though I do "cut" it with kibble that follows a more natural nutrient profile.~ Kort


    cat man too

    Great deal for this including shipping. Saves me from carrying it from the big box store. I recently switched to the indoor formula because my cats are now older and getting too fat. They like it just the same as the standard Meow Mix and there was no trouble switching this into their diet. In a few months I will weight them and see if their weight is under control.



    This is by far my favorite food to give my cats when they get dry food. Having a boy it’s important to restrict his dry food which means also restricting my girls since they all eat together.My boy used to have the worst cat hives - he’d have mounds and mounds of scabs and lumps and peeling skin all over his neck and top of his head. He wouldn’t clean himself and started his nasty peeing habit. I switched him off of Purina naturals which I thought was good for him (which funnily was the last time he ever got a UTI!!!!) and fed meow mix wet food and the only dry food he got was this brand and flavor. The scabs are gone and he’s cleaning himself again. He is still peeing but I think it’s just a learned habit. I highly recommend this food to mix in with a wet diet if your kitties have any kind of sensitive skin or acne issues. Added bonus my girls who don’t have sensitive skin have softer shinier fur. They shed like hell but I think they’d do that with any food.



    Bigger than expected, much to kitty’s delight. I switched to this brand to save money. Kitty absolutely loves it but unfortunately he will no longer eat the more expensive, higher quality food that I would rather feed him... I mean I can’t be mad because I’m saving a ton of money but be warned... no going back! This is like the McDonald’s of cat food. Cheap and addictive! Lol