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Little Giant Poultry Feeder Cover Metal Hanging Poultry Feeder Cover (Compatible with Item Nos. 9112, 91403, and 914273) (Item No. 9144)

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  • PREVENTS ROOSTING - This product prevents roosting, helps keep feed dry and clean.
  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL BODY - This cover is made with heavy-gauge galvanized steel that resists rusting and corrosion.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH - For use with Little Giant 12-Lb., 30-Lb., and 40-Lb. Hanging Poultry Feeders (Item Nos. 9112, 914043, and 914273, each sold separately)
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS - This feeder cover measures 11.5 inch diameter by 2.25 inch high.
  • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY - This cover has rolled Rolled edges for animal safety.

  • Product Review


    Does what it is supposed to - which is keep the chickens from perching on the top of the feeder and pooping in it, also discourages the sparrows and starlings from getting into the feeder. I have on on each of my feeders.


    Dawn Hardt

    Probably didnt need it, but got it. Fits, quick delivery


    barbara bailey

    Does not fit the feeder very well which I purchased it for. I had to find another lid from a waterer to use.


    Mary P.

    Perfect for our Miller 12lb feeder. I drilled two holes in it so the handle of the feeder can go through the lid and be used for hanging. Very happy not to be cleaning poop out of the food!



    This is a brilliant, and very simple apparatus. Chickens perch, and subsequently poop on everything. This loose fitting lid keeps them off by simply tilting under their weight when they try to perch. It over hangs on the 20# feeder enough to keep the rain out. I have the feeder hanging under a roof, but the rain still comes in through the mesh sides of the run.



    12 pound chicken feeder cover. Cover is supposed to sit above the feeder. What I did is just drilled two holes about a quarter inch in diameter and then placed the holder through the holes / 20 seconds ..tops sits on top of the feeder now.



    I bought 2 of these to use on the waterers. They work great and keep the chickens from roosting.


    Dawn P

    I have fought mice and predators in my hanging feeders for a lonnnggg time. Well not anymore. This product saves so much money that was lost on feed thrown on the ground or feed eaten and contaminated in the feeder itself. Simple product to install and extremely useful! I am very happy with this purchase.


    Honest Critiques

    perfect for my chickens. its on my feeder keeping rain out. chickens cannot sit on it so feed stays clean


    Jack of all trades

    the silly beasts tried to jump on it as a perch but soon learned better when they kept falling off. the lid just balances on the top of the handle once you run some rope or twine through the hole and around the feeder bin handle. I suggest tying a knot in the twine/rope or putting a kink in the wire to allow you to slide the lid up and rest it onto the bump while you refill the feeder.



    We use this simply to keep our chickens from perching on their feeder. It works just fine. We slide it through the rope that holds the feeder and it sits unstably on top so when the birds jump on it tips and they slide off. If you are looking for a rain cover or something that sits on top of the feeder snugly, this is not it. If your feeder does not hang, then I don't see how it would work either. For our purpose, it is great.


    Jamie R. Urwin

    keeps the birds off the feeder. Note, it does not fit well with the Harris hanging feeder. We had to do some modifications to the feeder hanger and the lid to be able to use it. Can be used with the Harris feeder, but it’s hard to attach the hanger to the tiny bit of handle that pokes through the lid hole.


    Research Junkie

    I keep my 12-gallon Little Giant chicken feeder in the coop. Now that I've set up the nests, the chickens can roost above the feeder. By adding the Little Giant Hanging Cover, the feed is well covered. Also, the cover is intentionally loose fitting so the birds can't stand on it. This cover is not intended to keep out rain, only chickens and their poop out - and it does so perfectly!


    Happy Cat

    Prompt delivery. Did have a dent in the rim because it was shipped without any protection, but it's going in the coop, so wasn't a deal breaker. Bit tricky to attach a chain through the feeder handle to attach the lid. I used a carabiner clip. It's a pain to remove, but luckily with the amount of food the feeder holds I don't have to do that very often. Stops the chickens from sitting on top of the feeder which is what I wanted it for. Would buy again.



    My chickens used to hop up on the feeder and poop! When they tried to hop on this feeder lid, it tipped them off! Quite a funny sight. I like being able to fill the feeder by tipping the lid. No need to take the feeder off the hook.


    Sun Waker

    This thing is awesome and prevents our chickens from diving into the feeder. We bought 2 and use one on top of our water bucket, too, even though it has a lid. No more poop on the lid, yay!We use our feeder inside the coop so as not to attract rodents, so we cannot comment on the water protection abilities of this cover - but it does prevent chickens from landing on a feeder/waterer and making a mess.For people complaining about it only working if the feeder is hung, it's very simple. If your feeder is not hung (ours isn't), just nail some string or a chain to the ceiling right above the feeder, then pass the string or chain through the hole in the cover, and attach it to the handle of the feeder (using an s-hook, or even a zip tie). Voila. Your cover is now in place and will prevent the chickens diving into the feeder. Yes, it will wobble, but it's supposed to! That's how it scares the chickens away/prevents them from landing on top.


    Joanne Powers

    I have had this cover for over a year now . It really does it's job . I have had chickens for over 15 years nothing worse then them perching themselves on top of the feeder and having dropplins in their feed . Not only is it gross but so unsanatary. I bought it for that reason only, the feeder is under a cover in their runner so the weather isn't a problem. Them resting on top was, I bought this and when they try to go on top it is unstable so the chickens can't rest on it anymore . I do recomed this cover to anyone that wants to keep chickens off the food. Now my chickens can have feed without the droppings in it .



    4 stars is for the suggestion from Amazon. Product is as stated. I should have looked at the dimensions more closely before buying. It did not fit the steel feeder it “suggested” to buy with for a cover. I meant to return it and never did. Ended up modifying it a little bit to still use it. Its pretty thin and cut easy. In the end.. it works, keeps chickens out.. I guess.



    It's a lid. It works like it comes, just balancing on top of hanger. But I prefer to modify the lids by taking tin snips and cutting a groove on each side of the lid from the edge to the outer rim of the top of the feeder. This way the hanger can be attached to the feeder above the lid. Now the lids sit flush with the top of the feeder. I then stick a piece of metal hvac tape over the top hole. This keeps rain out and to me works much better.



    You guys don't know me, but I am cheap. When I bought the feeder (Miller 12lb galvanized feeder) I considered getting the lid as well. After seeing the price, I said there was no way in heck I was going to pay 8 dollars for some pressed metal. I have moved the feeder to different locations and the chickens would still find a way to poop in it. I made my own lid out of an ice cream bucket lid. It worked so so but would not stay level if the chickens bumped it. Getting tired of cleaning poop out of the chickens feed I broke down and bought a lid. It works great and goes back to level when bumped. As you can see in the picture the chain goes though the hole and the lid sits above the handle. It keeps the poop out of the feed and feeding tray. You can still scoop new feed into the feeder without removing the lid. For the time saved scooping poop it is worth the money. Side note : If you want a feeder that is outdoor/rain proof, you are going to have to buy a different style of feeder. Like the plastic ones that come with lids.