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Lifegard Aquatics 3/4-Inch Double Threaded Bulkhead

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  • Heavy wall bulkhead is molded of highest impact resistant PVC eliminating possibility of finding hidden cracks when filling aquarium
  • Stock color is jet black to match acrylic tank backgrounds
  • All kits contain: bulkhead fitting, gasket, lock nut

  • Product Review

    Sheryl Vande Kamp

    Just what I needed to add a drain to a container for my kicker motor for boat so I can test run in driveway. Far cheaper that the HD box store. Not sure what people are complaining about breaking them, Don't over tighten them and you'll be fine.



    Bulkheads are a must have for anyone in the fish tank hobby


    Frank F.

    Used in my sump, great and inexpensive, unlike t hff e local shops



    Be careful not to overtighten because they are not super durable. Other then that one issue they work create for what I am using them for. One is connected to a swirl filter in my aquaponics set up that feeds the water to my grow beds. The others are in the growbeds and are set up with a bell siphon. So far no leaks.


    Julia Wild

    Product was what I expected, however, one of them was missing the rubber and had a crack so as soon as it started to tighten it broke apart. Not unusual but a little disappointing as I wanted to get a project done this weekend and now will have to wait another week. I have ordered two more so that I will have a spare. Not sure why I didn't order a spare to start with, which is always a good idea. Overall though the product is as described.



    The title says it all - the component seems robust, and I have no leaks. I'm pleased with the result!



    Works as expected. Make sure you dont over tighten like i did first time. Thank you



    Awesome product! Easy to install, no leaks, does not break unless you use too much unnecessary force when installing. Use it on glass, acrylic, PP (5) plastic containers for overflows.


    Backyard Bluebird

    Bought 2 of these for rain barrels...was a little difficult to tighten but works ok.


    Kevin M. Staples

    And it works great. I am glad I read everyone's reviews to NOT OVER TIGHTEN! I have a small leak from my 55 gallon water tank, but I'm willing to allow that since I live in AK and it's constantly raining. I'll include pictures of how I installed it and feel free to ask any questions. Since I built this system, I haven't had to carry water or a garden hose to my chicken coop. Great purchase!


    5 stars

    Work exceptional on 5 gallon buckets. No leaks. Gasket MUST NOT BE by nut , but by other end. Great price. Thats why I purchased


    Wooly Woolag

    Replaced old bulkheads in my 150 gallon aquarium and did a leak test for 2 weeks with no problems at all. I did have to 3d print a custom wrench for the nut, however.


    Richard To

    220 gallons depends on this being of high quality, so that the 220 gallons doesn't end up on the floor.I have bought these before for my 150 and so I trust them with my 220



    I bought two of these to install drainage holes in the bottoms of two 55-gallon plastic barrels, which I will be using for collecting rainwater and let me tell you, these saved me quite a few dollars(with amazon prime of course). They have the same product at menards, but its over 13 dollars a piece!! One word of advice though, DON'T tighten down the lock nut until you have a fitting screwed tightly into the end opposite the external thread. I loosened up the fitting that I had screwed in there AFTER I had already tightened down the lock nut and ended up snapping the part in half right at the bottom of the external thread. I was quite upset with myself... anyway, they're good quality, all the parts are hard PVC, and it includes a sealing washer... ALSO, these will fit in a 1-3/8 hole or a 1-1/2 hole diameter (which is what I used)


    Stephen Czetty

    Not much to add. The device is meant for aquarium water management. You drill a hole in the bottom of the tank, and you put this device, tighten the plastic nut. The 3/4 hole accepts the 3/4 inch male threads (I used pex on my project)


    jonathan hendricks

    Got these to use on my pond filter works great



    Quick, easy installation and leak free operation. Much cheaper than I could find elsewhere for a rain barrel fitting. I'd read reviews about people breaking these on install. Not sure how that would happen. Everything worked well for me. I used 4 of these for connections on rain barrels. Needed an adapter to hook up a garden hose and then all done.


    Bryan C

    I actually used a few of these in a weird fish tank I built with an EPDM liner for my greenhouse. Coupled with brass fittings, they allowed me to run pump hoses through the wall of the tank rather than out the top of the tank. It seems to have sealed against the EPDM liner perfectly, and I left the rubber washer on it in case that would help it seal, even though it was going to press against rubber on the inside. All I had to do was drill a hole in the plywood large enough for the threaded portion to go through, and the nut tightens down on the outside of the plywood. I'm very glad I found these things.


    Michael & Laura

    Used these for a batch of emergency water barrels for our Oakland, CA neighborhood. They worked great even though the bulkhead screw + spigot ended up costing more than the barrel itself! (BTW here's the secret to making this work if you have a 2-bunghole barrel and you don't want to cut the whole top off to reach in to manage the installation: dangle a string through one of the bungholes into the barrel, pull it through your newly drilled hole near the bottom, and then slide the bulkhead screw along the string down to the hole). A small bead of silicone in addition to the included rubber gasket ensured a 100% watertight fit. A brass lead-free garden hose spigot screwed in perfectly to the outboard end of this part.



    This bulkhead is exactly what it should be a well built sch 40 bulkhead used for flat surfaces like glass. This bulkhead was made for aquariums.If you need a bulkhead for a rain barrel this is not what you need. You should look for schedule 80 bulkheads with thicker gaskets.