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Life Extension Cat Mix (Advanced Multi Nutrient Formula) 100 Grams Powder

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  • Contains flavonoids, amino acids, antioxidants, probiotics, essential fatty acids, methylation enhancers, and more
  • Arginine detoxifies ammonia in cats' kidneys, is important for heart and pancreatic function, and helps keep the gut healthy

  • Product Review


    The best vitamin/mineral mix for cats! I have been using this for years for my cats and it works great! I have a 22 year old cat that I believe this has helped her live so long and be just as perky as a younger cat. They can't taste it in their wet food and that is also a plus. I keep it in the refrigerator. Its the only one I will buy.



    I was concerned that my cats would turn up their noses when I added this supplement to their food, however they seem to enjoy it. I spent quite a bit of money trying multiple flavors and brands of chewables that they would only occasionally eat. Now I just mix this powder in with their daily wet food -easy way to give them their vitamins.


    Janie Cooke

    I've been using this cat mix powder for years for our 16 year old cat. I trust Life Extension and I like the ingredients in this multi vitamin mixture - I feel it has kept our cat Mascara healthy and lively. This 3 ounce jar gives almost a 100 servings, so the price is great. I feed our cat 1/4 tsp daily - a 1/4 serving spoon comes with the jar.



    I have used this Cat Mix by Life extension for just over a year now and wow am I satisfied. I have a special needs cat...Prince the Precious who is paralyzed and two other fluffy companions. I was heartbreaking and challenging to see him struggle and trying everything under the sun to get him straightened out for a couple years, and thanks to this product (and a couple others) I have gotten his health to an optimum level. He now climbs stairs, zooms around the house and takes flying leaps of my pedestal bed! He is now the alpha cat has has come into his own awesome personality. He follows me like a puppy and is quite the conversationalist. You can't put a price on that! Speaking of price, I use this product to supplement my cats homemade food and now have all three on it and one container lasts two to three months with daily use for all three cats! I use subscribe and save to get even better savings! I am so happy with Life Extension, I just ordered the Life Extension Take Two per day Multivitamins through Amazon Prime for myself! This product is a must have if you are making your own cat food (as I am) to make sure they get all the necessary vitamins and nutrients they need. Some of which you do not get in everyday food in the amounts they need such as Taurine and Arginine, which is absolutely essential to their well being and life itself. This also contains probiotics which helps fight off infection and keep them and the flora (gut) healthy. Prince had UTIs' a lot in the beginning which I have taken care of completely and for good, in conjunction with another homeopathic product I get here on Amazon and no more suffering and or outrageous vet bills or harmful antibiotics. My other cats which are 10 years old Friskers and 16 year old Stinky have become revitalized and healthier in spirit as well. They all have bright eyes and shiny coats.If you want to end the madness, I suggest you see a holistic veterinarian and get your pet on the road to optimal health and recovery. Holistic vets, and some traditional vets are now seeing the light, and are well aware of this product and the benefits of home made cat food. Don't hesitate to use Life Extension for yourself and your pets and see your cat flourish. BE WELL!!! :)



    It saved her life! she was so weak, this with the cat food liquid supplement really brought her through. excellent and reliable.


    Jenny Lou

    My 17 year old cat was suffering from chronic constipation, which required me to give her a pet enema a t least every other day. She was very weak and thin. She had lost an alarming amount of weight and her back was bony. We thought we would lose her soon. We started her on this life extension formula and she has gained most of her weight back. She doesn't seem to notice any taste. It has natural gut flora for bowel function. We also added Miralax 1/4 tsp as a bowel stimulant about every 2 days. She is finally starting to stool on her own again and only occasionally needs a cat enema (6cc). I highly recommended this for all cats, not just eledrly. Wish I had started her on it sooner.


    Megan Thompson

    I absolutely love this product. I have an extremely picky geriatric kitty who has refused every supplement I've tried to give her - until I gave her this powder. She LOVES it! It encourages her to eat more of her dry food as well. The only drawback is that the powder is very light & "fluffy," & has a tendency to be a little messy, but I've started tapping the container to make it settle, & that's seems to help that issue. All in all, not a big enough deal to take away a star. 10/10 would recommend!


    Keyanna Otholt

    I compared the ingredients of this product against several others.. this one wins hands down! My seven year old orange tabby has chronic URI which requires frequent treatment with l-lysine which can block the uptake of a critical amino acid "arginine". Life Extension is the only product I've found containing a sufficient amount of arginine. Tanker is a fussy guy but doesn't mind this mixed in with his canned food. However, I personally don't give the suggested dose of two scoops daily.. would be too much for the small amount of wet food I feed. I've noticed a decrease in his URI Flare's. The two things I don't like about this product: it requires refrigeration and is very messy to work with.. the powder clumps and is hard to tap out of the enclosed scooper. Other than that it gets a thumbs up from me!!


    Artistic Vegan

    So far, my cats are doing great with this added to their homemade food. Their coats are softer and shinier and their stomach issues are gone. I highly recommend feeding pets a nutritious homemade diet with supplements to be sure they get all they need. So much better than commercial pet food



    I make pet food for my dog and cat (sometimes they both eat the same thing, sometimes I mix it up for each of them!) And I use the dog and cat versions of this product for each animal respectively. I have a Russian Blue who is VERY picky with food (and litter...and water...and he's loud - all of these are common for the breed), and he still loves his food and does not mind it at all. I just give him a serving with his food and mix it up and he doesn't mind it at all. It has daily levels of what he needs and no weird added stuff, and I have peace of mind knowing he gets the supplementation he needs with home-cooked food. :)


    D. Pace

    I take wet food and some liquid food and scoop this product and mix really well. My cat Rupert is feeling much better. He use to have stomach problems He is playful and full of life. My goal is to avoid Kidney disease and other diseases. My cat Rena lived to be 21 with no Health problems. This is my goal for Rupert and his two girlfriends, Luna and Ginger. The strays get flea meds and this powder, plus out door cat houses. They have gained weight. Their fur looks shiny.Love the product.



    never ever have i had a vitamin supplement my cats would eat and when i recently switched to a new freeze dried raw food that had no added nutrients i decided to try this one because it has taurine.i sprinkle it over the dry food, swirl the bowl around to cover the nuggets, and Davey consumes it without any sign of distaste. i let him smell the open tub and he stuck his paw in and then licked the powder off his paw.we are sold on this one!


    Kenneth Anderson

    My cat is 28-years-old. She is deaf, has arthritis, a heart murmur, and some kidney damage, short of kidney failure, and she has all but lost interest in eating. I know she won't be with me much longer but I do want her to be as comfortable as possible in her last weeks or months. She has been losing a scaring amount of weight, her eyes have had less life in them. I have been thinking that it was time to make a decision that I didn't want to make.However, I came across some lickable cat treats, also made for senior cats with kidney difficulties, that she will eat, and she will eat it even when I mix a couple of scoops of Life Extension Cat Mix in with it. After only two days of it, she is walking better and more often, her eyes are brighter, and she has even made some playful overtures. It's too early to say that she is gaining any weight back, but she is definitely doing better. If she dies tomorrow, I will credit this stuff with helping to make her last few days more comfortable.By the way, the scoop is there. It's hard to find, even when rummaging around in the bottle, but it is there.



    I sprinkle this on shared dishes of milk or canned cat food, and gets eaten up quickly without fuss. Because I don't trust the products out there completely, this is to help round-out what my cats need to have a balanced digestive system. I don't measure exact when I do a group feeding, but just a general sprinkling is better than nothing. The powder is very soft and packs in tight during shipment, so may have to stir it up a bit, but will not come even close to filling the container, so keep that in mind. I do believe it has helped our kitten who had a urinary infection and another cat who has skin/coat loss issues. Will buy again!


    J Wentzel

    My 14 y/o kitty has been suffering with SEVERE IBD for the last 3 years. Went from a chunky 13lbs to 5lbs. Had to follow behind her with a bucket/scrub brush. Steroids didnt work, premium foods, no by-products, etc.After a few days on this the poops have STOPPED! I now cook her redfish (high in protein) & suppliment with CAT MIX. She no longer walks hunched overeither. U gave me a few more PEACEFUL years with my little girl!! If this failed I was going to have to think about putting her down to end the suffering!!



    This is a great product recently added to our family felines daily nutritional care. Appetites for our 2 senior kitties uplifted and our younger feline furrbabes well words can hardly describe how happy we are that we added. Its a great supplement with probiotics and all the necessary immportant vitamins and minerals needed for their care., health & proper digestion & gut health which is so very vital.I am not paid for leaving comment .,And hardly ever do leave comment...Though on behalf of our family feline furrbabes., Thank You & Mew Mew 🐈💖



    Our cat Cracker is suffering from a condition that is causing his abdomen to full up with fibrous tissue which means that he has limited time left, relies mostly on wet food, and can't eat any but one kind of dry food, or he vomits severely. He was a little hesitant to eat his food with it mixed in at first, but has gotten used to it. Since he's been on this, 3+ weeks, he has a lot more energy. He races around the house and wrestles with one of our other cats. His coat is healthier; more shiny and softer. I think he's filled out a little. :)



    My cat is 14 years old. Noticed her slow down with no motivation to play and slept more then usual. Urine was very strong. What trigger me to take action was her hair was looking ratty. No luster and was not cleaning herself much. I researched Amazon and read reviews for a supplement that would tske care of multiple areas including probiotics. I feed my cat a dry holistic no grain dry food which is available all the time with fresh chicken or fish twice a day. First day of adding this in her wet food, she snubbed it and didn't eat it. After day one she started eating more and more of it. We are on day six she has been eating all her wet food completely since day three. Even her hair stopped looking ratty and she seemed to thin out. Probably because she had inflammation around her abdomen. She's way peppier and stays up longer and seems to be playing with her old toy that was her favorite. Amazing in just less then a week to see results.


    Anastasia Blink

    My cat is 20 years old, has a few benign tumors, is basically deaf, and became completely blind about 2 months ago quite suddenly one day. The vet put him on Prednisone and told me that blindness in cats was usually irreversible. So I adapted his space to help him relearn how to get around, and I also found this product and decided to try it. Over two months I have been giving it to him everyday without fail, and suddenly one day, after taking this for two months, his vision came back. The doctor says it's truly miraculous. I can't say that it was exclusively because of this product, but I can say that as long as my cat is alive I will continue to give him this supplement. As far as I'm concerned, it definitely played a big part in his recovery.


    Elizabeth S

    I am very surprised to find that there are no rewiews or information about this product helping with seizures. My previously healthy 7 year old mainecoon/tabby mix started exhibiting very strange behavior, walking around confused (as though trying to find something), crying profusely and drooling. Initially I though that he may have ingested some toxins as he was also vomiting more than he usually does.About 3 or 4 days after the initial symptoms started, he collapsed into a grand mal seizure which lasted about 45 seconds (one of the scariest and most heart wrenching things I have ever seen). We immediately took him to the emergency room where after observations we were told that the cause of the seizures was unknown and that those initial episodes of drooling were actually petit mal seizures. We were told that he would require CT scans as well as a follow up with a neurologist, all costing around $5,000. We were also advised that because he would need to be put under anesthesia to perform the tests, there were many risks involved.Being in a position where I was unable to afford the $5,000 for diagnostic tests, the only thing I could do was take my kitty home and search for an alternative. He was given a prescription for Keppra which I had to mix with his food 3 times a day. Unfortunately he continued to have the petit mal seizures continuously throughout the day even while on the medication, up to 8 per day, each time losing control of his bladder and becoming more and more distressed after each episode. In addition to the seizures he was displaying numerous negative side effects from the medication. I was aware of the dangers of stopping it completely, so I was hoping to wean him off while giving him a natural alternative.I found some natural drops that were said to help animals with seizures, they did not stop the seizures but did help to keep him calm. I eventually came across some articles which mentioned that taurine deficiency could cause seizures in cats. I immediately did some research to find a supplement containing taurine and ordered the Life extension Cat Mix. I mixed a dose with his food in the evening as soon as it arrived, he had a few bites of food and had a petit mal seizure shortly after (not because of the supplement but because he was just having them so frequently at that point) after that seizure he finished his food and since then has not had another episode. I can truly say that one dose was all it took, he went from having 8 (or more) seizures a day to none, overnight! It took a while to get him back to perfect health after all of the negative effects of the medication, I weaned him off quite quickly but his front teeth started rotting anyway as a result. I continue to give him this supplement and he is back to his old self, even his teeth have improved.It has been over 4 months and he has been completely seizure-free since that first dose, absolutely incredible!I was very surprised that a simple deficiency could cause so many issues, especially since I always fed him very high quality grain free food which claimed to have all necessary nutrients. This was such a simple solution, I am so grateful for this product.