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LAFEBER'S Sunny Orchard Nutri-Berries Pet Bird Food, Made with Non-GMO and Human-Grade Ingredients, for Cockatiels Conures Parakeets (Budgies) Lovebirds, 10 oz

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  • SUPERIOR SHAPE FOR FORAGING: the round Nutri-Berrie shape offers important beak play and exercise, which helps prevent bird boredom and feather picking
  • NON-GMO AND HUMAN-GRADE INGREDIENTS: no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives; real pieces of apricots, dates, and cranberries
  • RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS & OMEGA 3&6 BALANCED: help support healthy skin, feathers, and immune system
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: we are a small family company that works hard to produce premium pet bird food, which is why we're confident in offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Product Review


    Most of the product was crushed into basically a glob of seed still usable so im ok that I've not wasted my money( Amazon's & Senegal's )My smaller birds are ok with it my larger ones not so much as I use your product as forging treats hidden about their cages and with about a 1/4 of it remaining intact in its ball form its not likely to last long as I'd anticipatedHaving said this I understand sometimes shipping just doesn't work as well as we would like


    Laura P.

    My cockatiel loves it. I broke it into pieces at first but she loves breaking it off herself. I only give it as a treat when she's out of the cage for play time.


    Franzheska Maysonet

    My lovebirds go nuts for this. The moment I pour it out, they're crowding around the food dish, flinging them all over their cage, scarfing them down. So I'm gonna assume they love it. Will buy again!


    Allie Kratz

    Lefaber's Nutriberries are a wonderful staple that will always be present in my family for my birds. I frequently mix things up by blending with El Paso, Tropical Fruit, and Garden Veggie mixes. They go wild for them, and encourages the foraging instinct.Top bar nutritional value, great variety. 5/5, would recommend.



    My Pineapple Conure Loves this Food, this was my 4th order and arrived on time, and very fresh. I cannot find this locally and am happy to be able to get it so quickly from Amazon.


    kristen olszewski

    I love giving my lovebird this as a treat! He takes a while to forage through it which is great. He doesn't eat the entire thing but he goes to this and starts eating it as soon as I put a few in his bowl


    K. Annie Heart

    Ive gotten original nutriberties before, and all my small parrots love them. I tried Sunny Orchard this time, and my birds ate them up!! They are a bit expensive for me, so i use them to suppliment my birds regular food, and as treats. Excellent product.


    Sarah Terry

    I came across these while looking for bird food for my daughters green cheeked conure. He is sort of picky about his dry food, but loves fruits. After reading some reviews I figured we give it a shot. After some getting used to he loves them. It took a few times of putting them in a bowl for him to get the hang of holding them himself. Now he gets excited every time he sees the bag. I would definitely recommend these. And we will be purchasing again.



    Ballou is our one year old Quaker parrot who eats fresh food, pelleted diet and NutriBerries as treats. I usually save them as a once a day treat and also give them to him when he is stressed....travelling, molting, etc. They are to him what a "binky" is to our children. They are also healthy given in moderation. One bit of advice I received from the LaFeber company. Give less rather than more and you will waste less. Although this may sound obvious, if Ballou get's one at a time, he will find all the goodies in his bowl that fell while eating the Berry before moving on to berry #2 thus wasting less.


    Bexa lext

    I was disappointed, my bird usually loves these products. He hasn't even shown intrest. But your favorite feathered friend may just love it, I know its a good product. It was package well. Very fresh and fragrant. I have a neighborhood duck that visits and he loves them..



    I have a Lovebird hen that lays sterile eggs. But I let him sit them for a while before removing. She is devoted she rarely leaves them. I give her Nutirberries which she loves and takes back to the eggs to eat while sitting. Making sure she stays healthy. I also give them to my male in another cage as supplemental food source.


    S. Burgess

    My vet recommended LaFeber's foods years ago, when I had a little budgie. She loved it, and lived a long happy life, so when I rescued my green cheek conure, I offered the same food to him. He loves it all, and I love watching him eat it. It's just so cute when he holds food in his foot. ;-) He's strong, healthy, and happy, and gets perfect marks at all of his annual vet checkups.The food is always fresh, availability is awesome, and it's less expensive on Amazon than at the local pet shops, so this is where I always buy it, now.


    Breakfast Princess

    My birds love these things, but they will just chew out the seed bits and leave the pellets behind. I only give it to them occasionally as a treat since they will only eat about half of it and then leave a big mess.


    Maren Hofstad

    This is a healthy treat for Amazons - low fat, and good foraging food. My bird gets one almond and one Nutriberry every morning, and I can use them as treats to reward good behavior without worrying about his weight. Every morning he picks up the Nutriberry, walks to the center of his perch and observes the outside world as he munches meditatively on his treat. It's my favorite moment of the day.



    My African grey loves these and it keeps him occupied to avoid feather plucking. After opening they were all stuck together so freshness might be an issue. Its winter and only 40 degrees outside so they couldn’t have melted in any heat. They smell fine and my bird likes them. I use these as a supplement and provide him with other bird food, fresh fruit, and vegetables. The price is good and it’s resealable.



    My bird absolutely loves these. He carries them to his favorite spot and holds them with his foot while he nibbles on them. He was on a seed diet before I got him, but I wanted for him to eat better. When presented with these and his regular diet he chose these.


    Mary L

     Arrived fresh and whole. I wanted to share my story so you could have a long and happy life with your birdies. These are our Cockatiels Grey Bird born January 1998 and hand feed {yes 22} and Patches 15. They have been getting Zupreem pellets for the past few years which they were never really excited about and the dye in the fruit was too much so I switched them. They now get LAFEBER'S made with Non-GMO and Human-Grade Ingredients and no dyes. To keep them happy and healthy I feed them a variety of foods. They eat vegetables rice and cereals. I introduced them to LAFEBER'S Sunny Orchard Nutri-Berries and they loved them. They do not like fruit but now get it in the Nutri- berries. They liked the pellet formula after giving them the nutri-berries.  In the morning they get six LAFEBER'S Pellet-Berries {81% pellets} for Cockatiels in addition to two Nutri-Berries {30% pellets}. They are happy and excited birds in the morning since I switched to this super healthy food.



    I have 34 pet birds, and 30 of those are parrots. They're all pickye eaters, and I wanted to find something to add to their daily food. I went with this and decided to try it.My birds actually like it!Though, the balls are much smaller than I thought they'd be. And you don't get as much as I thought you would.While they like it, based on it's (big) price for the (okay) amount that you get, I'll only buy it occasionally. I think it's a better deal if you have less birds, but for me, this isn't the best deal for the price.Overall, it's a good product!


    This is Me

    They do love these! It's like crack for birdies, so watch out with the behavior once they get a taste... You'll be getting dive-bombed & tantrums in an effort to acquire their next fix. And there are no 12 Step Groups for Birdies when you run out... You WILL feel their wrath. And they're expensive so stock up when they're on sale so you never run out. Just beware of the grabbyclaws of doom landing on your shoulder & a loud shriek in your ear that means "NOW MAMA!!!" 😫🙏🏽 And don't even consider saying no, unless you want the stink eye & birdie shun, till you're ready to comply.My little guys love them so much in fact, if we just gave them one, then gave them a lesser nut for another treat, they'll toss the nut away & demand another Nutriberry. Lol. Almonds & Pecans, you have been dismissed.So we mostly use them for making foraging toys, that way they have to work for it, & they don't get all demanding waiting for the hand to shove more in their beaks. It's really good for foraging toys! That way they associate their Nutriberry addiction with toys & not your hand & screaming.We cut them in half too to make them last longer. Then any crumbles that fall off, we just add to foraging toys or treat mixes so we don't waste any... You NEVER waste the bit, or else you get "the Beak!" 🐦"It puts the Nutriberry in the bin, or else it gets the beak again." So, don't say I didn't warn ya!They love the Avicakes too. But I think this purple flavor is their fav brand of crack, if they had to chose. It's premium grade-A birdie crack! It's birdie mafia approved! ✅


    Careful 'n Selective

    I want to state right off that this delivery of the Sunny Orchard Nutri-Berries was a fresh batch and the nuggets were full and round. I’ve bought Lafeber’s Nutri-berries for over 10 years, at a local store and when it went out of business, I started purchasing them from on-line retailers. Sometimes I was lucky at our local store and I received a fresh package, but unfortunately that rarely happened. When purchasing on-line, I’ve had to take my chances, because receiving a fresh package almost never happened, however this delivery was perfect, there were no broken nuggets, and not a lot of crumbled pieces at the end of the bag.Over the years that I had owned my pet parrots, I have had to change their brand of seed and this on occasion that was due to finding a better quality seed. The other reason was that my parrots are bored with the same type of seed mix, and therefore I look for another mix that is new and different.However, for the all the years that I have bought LaFeber’s nutri-berries, I have never had to change. My parrots still look forward to this treat and I have not found anything better in nutrition or the convenient bird-friendly fun shape that’s so easy for them to hold in their feet.I love that they make these nutri-berries in several various flavors, and my parrots have four different favorites. This allows me to rotate these flavors, which holds their interest, because sometimes they need a change of taste.Some of the Many Benefits of Nutri-berries:1. Nutri-berries are 100% eatable, there are no seed husks, and therefore there is no waste.2. Most of the seed and grains are NOT ground up, which provides better nutrition.3. There are NO artificial flavors or colors, therefore the orange pieces are real apricots, and the red are the cranberries. In addition there are dates and NOT something artificial that may look or smell like fruit.4. Nutri-berries contains the nutrition found in pellets, and since my birds refuse to eat pellets, this alternative is ideal to supplement with their cooked and fresh veggies, along with their daily ration of seed.5. Most of my parrots like to hold and eat the nutri-berries in the claws of their feet and therefore these are convenient and easy to hold round shapes.6. Ready to serve right out of the package, and therefore no other preparation is necessary.Serving Suggestions:Although the Nutri-berries are ready to eat directly from the package, I use a variety of methods, just to keep things interesting.1. Sometimes I serve these Nutri-berries as an evening treat in a separate food dish, from their nightly seed ration. Each parrot receives 3 Nutri-berries along with a whole walnut still in the shell that I separate into 2 halves. As an alternative, I may substitute an almond instead of a walnut and then add a slice of apple, a large juicy grape, and/or a whole fresh baby carrot. This is only their evening snack and different from their fresh food morning meal. However, this keeps them quiet and content as I finish my evening round with fresh water and a quick vacuum to clean the seeds from the floor.2. In addition, I use the Nutri-berries in my own ‘birdie trail mix’. I mix 1 Cup of Nutri-berries with 1 cup of organic and whole grain breakfast cereal that has NO added sweeteners, such as Shredded Wheat, Wheat Chex, Rice Chex or Cheerios. Then I’ll add 1 Cup of raw, unsalted, and un-roasted variety of nuts. My last addition is 1 Cup of chopped and dried fruit, and I mix these wholesome ingredients together and give each of my parrots a ¼ cup serving. This presents a tasty and nutritious snack that’s filled with different, colors, tastes, and textures and has always been a major success.Sometimes at the end of the bag are small broken pieces and the crumbles from the berries, but I have a use for these too. These I save to pour over their morning cooked and fresh veggies, as a nutritious topping that adds an unexpected crunchy texture over their soft food.As an alternative use, my few canaries relish any crumbled pieces and I put these pieces in a small treat dish that I hang inside their cage bars. Therefore I don’t experience any waste as all, my birds love the Nutri-berries no matter whether served as whole nuggets or the broken pieces and crumbles at the end of the bag.