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It is very slippery and you only need a table spoon or so to make a liter


Michael Vegas

Just like j lube except without the unhealthy chemicals



Just got done using it and wow, it's incredible. Very viscous. Clean up is a drag though. If you are going to use it, get ready to get into the shower right after. I used my old Blender Bottle to mix it since I don't use the bottle anymore.Pros:+Very viscous+You save a lot of money on buying this instead of buying individual lubricants.+ Lots of lube you can makeCons- Dries quickly- Not easy to clean up


Donald James Goodwin

Life time supply of polyethyline oxide in one bottle. Can be mixed with lots of polyethylene glycol.



Twice the amount of x-lube. works just as good.- only cons of this product is the mixing instructions arent quite as clear and you dont "agitate" it enough you'll get thinner lube at the top while a heavier gel will settle to the bottom. Nothing a little extra agitation cant fix and turning the sealed mixed bottles upside down once or a twice day can't fix.-doesnt list the preservatives they use im assumoing its cause they dont want to be copiednow for some pros-It's cheap so i can use as much as i want in the shower while cleaning the rear area, helps for smooth enema flow-long lasting-can be made as a thicker gel type lube or a thinner lube to preference if you're used to mixing it-cheap so i can use as much as i want during fun times and easy to make more- bonus of the preservatives is that it stays fresh unlike x-lubes 14 day expire time.



I've been playing with J Lube for over 10 years. It's great and it works... But it has its limitations. It has sugars in it so it's not good for lady bits... If you know what I mean. It's also a pain to mix. It clumps very easily and it's hard to get those clumps out, unless you give it a whole day to work itself out.Now this stuff is a game changer. It's kind of pricey per bottle, but 2 teaspoons makes .5 liters. That's a lot of lube. It's more granular like table salt or something similar as opposed to J Lube that is like the consistency of confectioners sugar. Once you do mix it, it disolves out quickly and doesn't tend to clump. And it works, WELL. I'm a convert!



Better than JLube. Easy to mix without clumping. Easy to clean without salt. Batches of lube you mix don't go bad as quickly. What's not to love?



Much better than Jlube, no cooking and Can store in fridge for a few weeks, you can control thickness and viscosity. Easy wash off.....someone said Klube is a better value, it’s not, same amount of product . 4.00 more.



Excellent product✔️Speedy delivery ✔️Exceptional value✔️



Good a supper slick just not very thick. Works well though.



Easy to mix. Very concentrated.


Alan L.

Very slipperyalso be patient when mixing as you’ll end up with a very thick batch



The best!! Mixes easy, last a long time, non irritating and best of all very very slick, easily mixes from less thick-to-thick-to-very thick!


Simon M

I find the recommended mix a bit thick, I use about 75% of what they call for and end up with something a bit more useable.



This made my personal time much more a pleasure to say the least. Hands down the best.


Brad T. Crosier

A little goes a LONG way. I inadvertently used too much in the first batch I mixed and ended up with a VERY think gel instead of a slick, stringy liquid. Subsequent batches have been great!


Florida Guy

Works very well but needs at least ten minutes to mix properly. J lube mixed easier but I switched to this because supposedly it's safer. I really don't see how it would be any safer considering it's the same ingredient as j lube just doesn't have the sugar in it. But what do I know lolAll in all, it works well and is worth the money. Extremely slick, works great for any project you may be needed something ummmm very slippery!!!!



Hi - so I am not sure how much one can rely on its safety claims, but again, all of the lubes claim the same - to be safe etc... This product is a dry powder, like laundry powder detergent (little tiny balls) - very slick when you make it. I put two small water bottle cups worth of the powder in a bottle, and found out that I needed to keep adding water - finally got 32oz from it. Their claim that this makes a large amount is true - it is slick which is nice...it is harder to wash than normal water-based ones used - stays in the towels (unless you machine wash) - so, do your research, make sure it is safe for (no only because of alergies), but if it can be harmful to your insides - They claim J-Lube powder can KILL you and this does not - perhaps it does other things - .research that too.



If you have ever used JLube, it's very comparable, slightly different consistency. If you have never used it. a little bit goes a long way mixed with water. I often misjudge it and have to add more water. This stuff is perfect for extreme penetrations and heavy anal play. long lasting and just re-wet for extended play.



Amazingly slippery similar but better than JoH20 but way more stringy. I agree with the recommendation online. It's not needed but to make it clean up faster and easier add some to water and gently boil it for a min or so stirring constantly them let it cool some so it's not scolding hot and add store bought lube. (I added cheap store brand lube jelly and joH20 to it) This makes it less sticky/stringy and faster to wash off. Most reviews are for fisting but being straight single guy at the moment I only use it for petting the snake. Best thing out there and a little goes a long way!