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IN HAND Furniture Scratch Guards, X-Large Premium Flexible Vinyl Cat Couch Protector Guards with Pins for Protecting Your Upholstered Furniture, Cat Scratch Deterrent Pad, 18" L X 12" W

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  • 【TRANSPARENT INVISIBLE PROTECTION】This couch protector is 100% transparent and blend in well with furniture, provide near invisible protection. Also it will not damage the appearance of couch.
  • 【MAXIMIZE PROTECTION OF FURNITURE】: Furniture scratch guards works on any upholstered furniture. Whether it is a couch, chair, carpet or love seat, this product can protect them from cat scratch. And with the size of 18" L X 12" W, this larger transparent shield mean you can easily cover more section of your sofa.
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL】You can easily secure the durable vinyl to your upholstered furniture, according to the instructions and using the screw pins that you get for free at the time of purchase. And the convenient screw pins fasteners are fast and simple to disconnect that it can be reused.
  • 【QUALITY ASSURANCE】Please purchase our brand In hand, we only provide quality products and provide one-year warranty service. Other brands are imitations and there is no warranty.

  • Product Review

    Patrick - Michigan

    The scratch guards are easy to install and do a very good job of protecting the furniture



    Works great. We just bought a new sofa and wanted to keep our kitten from destroying it, this great product solved the problem for us. The guard very easy to install and it is not very noticeable. I would definitely recommend this product.



    this was such a godsend after constantly replacing the double-sided sticky paws tape we kept buying for our couch. that tape is expensive and doesn't last very long, but this vinyl furniture cover thing is perfect. it's very low profile and easy to install without damaging the couch (the pins are very small), i'm so glad i bought this!



    I just bought new, expensive furniture for my new house. My cats tore up my last new chair in days and I couldn't let that happen again. I put the tape on top of the furniture to double the protection and it works. I think I'll be able to take it off soon and they'll still stay away.


    K. Minx

    Easy to install and protects my furniture very well. I ended up purchasing another 4 pack!!


    Kat L.

    We needed these to stop our cats from scratching the corners of our loveseat and couch. After reading reviews, we chose these over the self-adhesive guards. These have little screws to keep them in place. The screws keep the guards in place and our cats haven't scratched at the furniture since we installed the guards. Happy day!



    Cats started to scratch on couch as usual and felt this new material. They immediately stopped and walked away. One did come back and try again but didn't stay long.


    G. S. Harris

    I like these and they work. It was a little hard to install the twist pins but younger people who were stronger were able to do it fine. They come with holes in the plastic to put the pins through. The clear plastic is not very noticeable. I think this is the best deal.



    Bummed I didn't think of the brilliant idea sooner and patent it myself! This works so well! New couches for 5 months now with zero kitty damage. They're surprisingly discreet and the hooks cause no damage. A must for any cat owner wanting to keep their upholstery damage free. I also recommend the giant cat scratching post you can also find on Amazon.



    My cat loves to use the couch as a scratching post. I put this up on the corner and haven’t had an issue since. You don’t even realize it’s there which is even better. I would highly recommend this product to keep your furniture looking nice!



    This is a life saver for pet owners!!! Works like a charm!!! Excellent quality!!



    These are not near as big as shown in the photo, measurements are in the product description. Overall, very happy. Keeps our cat from scratching the furniture and they look nice and unobtrusive.



    Easy to install. Some pins are better than other. So far it has discouraged my cats to do their claws on my new couch. So worth the investment.



    These are great. Much better than the sticky tape stuff that I tried before. The pins will make a tiny little hole in your couch/chair. So it’s best to use on textured furniture, so that you won’t notice it if you take these off. Nice size and good price.



    These scratch guards are great and exactly what I needed to keep my cats from tearing up two nice sofas. Recommended.


    Stephanie Thibodeau

    Worked like a dream. Cat stopped instantly. It saved our new couch!. I followed the directions and used warm water to unfold. I then put it on against the fold to help it from coming back. Went on smooth. Had to readjust the first pin at the end. But that was easy, and the pin didnt leave a mark in this fabric at all.You can see the plastic, it doesnt completely disappear, but I dont mind it. I'm fact much prefer it to a scratched up arms and sides.



    Works great. Enough to go around entire recliner. My cats tried and gave up and went back to their scratching post. It’s pretty discreet.



    These saved my new couch. Not happy I have to put plastic on my couch but I have to or the cat would destroy it.



    UPDATE: Three week’s later, the cat has not scratched at all on my faux leather couches or recliner. If I had bought these sooner, I could have saved a $1200 leather living room set. These absolutely work.I filled the cat claw holes on my faux leather couches and recliner with a vinyl repair kit, and when the product dried, I applied the scratch guards. They were easy enough to apply with the corkscrew pins, and the cat hasn’t gone near the furniture edges in hours. So far, so good.


    It's Lani

    I used this product instead of my normal, sticky plastic because if the price. You get a lot more product than the sticky versions but I caution you for aesthetic reasons. I believe the material my couch is upholstered with us perfect for this product but if you have suede or leather, forget it unless you're ok with 6 little holes in your couch. Where the caution comes in is how the fasteners don't cause the plastic to adhere to the couch very well, causing the plastic not to press up against it. (See photos) Personally, I don't mind this because the plastic isn't visible to guests because of where the couch is. I know this is going to do the job so 5-stars for me.