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Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Kitten, Indoor, Chicken Recipe, 7 lb Bag

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  • Small kibble with DHA from fish oil to support healthy brain and eye development for young cats
  • Promotes strong bones and strong teeth with balanced minerals
  • Add variety to meal time with our tasty Hill's Science Diet Kitten Healthy Cuisine Roasted Chicken & Rice Medley
  • Made in the USA with global ingredients you can trust
  • #1 Veterinarian Recommended

  • Product Review

    Bunn Family

    One of our cats was urinating on the floor frequently. Someone mentioned that it could be a way to communicate there is something wrong with her urinary system, typically the kidneys or a urinary tract infection. They recommended changing the food to this brand. We did. The litter box was used again! And both our cats have beautiful sleek coats! They are very sleek and muscular.


    Stephanie Hill

    Brand the shelter gave me and kitten loves it and not to be gross but makes her stool very small as package says it will,I can barely find it in litter box



    I got this food from the shelter my cat came from, and kept using it. Recently, I ran out of it, and my cat turned her nose up at the replacement I tried to give her until I received a new bag.Her coat is shinny and soft. Her weight is healthy. Once she's over a year, I plan on switching to the adult formula.



    The first time I set out a dish for my kitten she couldn’t eat fast enough! She could smell the food from the bag and wouldn’t stop rubbing on it and that was a good sign just by that reaction lol. She’s been eating this for a while now and she’s a very healthy little baby 😍 best dry kitten food around


    Annabelle Slade

    I ordered the kitten food, but ended up receiving the Adult 7+. So you may want to double check your order upon arrival. I'm not basing the review on a mix up at the warehouse, though. Despite this being the wrong formula for my fur baby, he's not only eating it, he loves it. He's putting on the weight his wet food diet failed to, and he's got way more energy. I expect the right formula, when it arrives, will do him good.


    Jodi G.

    My almost seven month old kittens very much like this dry food. I mix it 50/50 with a Nutro Max dry food to give them a bit of variety. They get three wet meals a day and are allowed as much dry food as they can eat throughout the day - as per their vet's suggestion. This will change once they hit their year mark. I am very happy with the quality of Hill's Science Diet Kitten Indoor Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food.



    I have my dog and my cat on science hills brand. For my cat the only problem I have is that the kibble seems too large for her. She really has to chew it. Then leaves half eaten bits. I think it's just the production issue with batches. I did compare the kibble from another store and they were the same size. A couple of years ago, if I am remembering correctly the kibble was smaller.



    I love that Amazon asks me if I like the flavor. Yeah, I love it, haha. The scent? Its cat food. It smells like cat food. Not sure what else Im supposed to say. The vet recommended it so I bought it and this is all my little Manx cats eat. Its expensive compared to other cheap cat foods on the market but my vet didn't recommend those so, here I am.



    I have two kittens both male persians. I've been trying different brand kitten foods, including fresh, canned, and dry. Of all the dried types I have purchased, they like this brand and the Purina One Healthy Kitten Formula. Each piece of food is small and bite sized for my kitten's little mouths. Each of my kittens are less than a year old. I like how Hill's uses a portion of the price I paid for this food and donates it through their Shelter Nutrition Partnership. I'm willing to pay a little more money for the kitten food knowing that a portion is donated to help animals have a more balanced nutrition. I will purchase this brand again.



    I have given my cat this food since I got her. I love it and so does she. It is small enough for a kitten to eat and she loves the flavor. I have been with Science Diet for over 20 years. I use it for my dogs so it is only natural that I would get it for my kitten as well. I have tried other brands before and nothing that I tried lived up to the results I get with Science Diet. My cat is super soft and shiny.


    Natalie Felix-Muller

    This food is a big hit with my two kittens, brother and sister about 3 months old. It helped fix the "intestinal distress" they suffered their first few days after we brought them home. This is also the best value around; the first time we tried this brand we purchased from a big box pet store. The bag was half the size and cost a dollar more than what you get here on Amazon. Add in an additional 5% discount for using the subscribe and save feature and I will never buy my cats food any other way again!!! Thank you Amazon for making it affordable to feed my kittens well.



    My new kitten, who's about 8 weeks old, had zero interest in the Meow Mix Kitten food we had bought for her. Once I switched it out with this, she's happily chowing down!! Khloe was a rescue kitty we found at about 2 weeks, so she was bottle fed, then added wet food and I wanted to switch her to dry. And this worked perfect as it's small round pieces for kitten size. Will be buying again!



    My two kittens love Hill's. We adopted the kittens from our local shelter without knowledge of the kind of food they were given. I had bought another brand of food, similar to Hill's and tried to switch them over to it, but they made it clear they wanted Hill's with nothing else mixed in. I am now buying only Hill's and I'm looking to change the dogs over to Hill's. Thanks.



    I rarely write reviews, and feel compelled to provide one for this excellent product.When I first adopted my little ragdoll kitten "Lani" at 4 months old, I started her on Blue Buffalo, and did not have any issues initially. However, after 3 months, I noticed Lani was having digestive issues (both diarrhea and vomiting). The vet could not provide any answers, and assumed she had accidentally consumed a piece of yarn or string. I honestly do not keep yarn or string toys around the house as I'm extra cautious! There could only be one culprit - her food. I switched to Hill's Science Diet Kitten Food, and have had ZERO issues. In fact, her bowel movements are LESS STINKY and LESS FREQUENT. I am absolutely ecstatic. Please do not hesitate with your purchase of Hill's Science, and DO NOT buy Blue Buffalo. I realize Blue Buffalo has a great reputation with better ingredients; however, there are numerous consumer reports discussing numerous pet dietary issues. Hill's Science is safe and excellent, and I am happy knowing that Lani's digestive system is functioning well again!


    G. C.

    My cat loves this so I love this. I am trying different varieties of the same brand from now on. My cat has gotten really beautiful from eating this food. I originally bought it because it had fantastic reviews on Amazon. The reviews were all claiming some pretty wild things like if your cat eats it, he/she will become super felines. They will reverse age and be able to bounce of walls. I am here to tell you that this is ALL TRUE. After feeding my cat this, I feel bad giving her anything else. Her coat is so much softer, her eyes are so much brighter, her tail wags all the time. I feel like using any other brand would be a serious downgrade.


    Joy Brooks

    I just got a rescue kitten and my Vet gave me a sample of this so I ordered a big bag. I only gave it 4 stars because when offered along side the mature cat food I use for my adult cats, they choose the adult cat food. I stopped using the adult food so they are all eating this. At least I know my baby is getting the nutrition he needs and it can't hurt my adult kitties.


    Madison R.

    This is all I ever really want to give my kitten - and all he really wants to eat. Hill's is by far my choice for all pet food. I was feeding it to him for six weeks per the recommendation of my grandmother who has only fed all of her animals Science Diet for five years. He seemed incredibly energetic and happy. I switched my kitten from it for a week just to see if I was just talking myself into the product, and even his behavior was different. His stomach seemed unhappy (as his litterbox smelled absolutely awful) and he honestly seemed more lethargic. Back on Hill's, he's as happy and playful as he ever was. I won't be feeding him anything else - just switching him to the adult bag when it's time!



    One of my adult cats has been having digestion problems, probably from me constantly changing his food, so I decided I would try and keep my kitten on a regular diet. She really seems to love this stuff. She seems a lot more energetic since I've put her on this. She's climbing my bed, scaling the couches, and letting the older cats know that they can't push her around.Something else I want to mention is the unique closure system this bag has. Rather than you having to fold the top of the bag and clamp it shut with something, or "pinching" it shut, this bag uses velcro. It's so easy to open and close this bag, and I can't believe other cat food brands haven't adopted this. I'll definitely be sticking with this brand for her!


    Patricia D

    I bought this food at the recommendation of my kitten's veterinarian. I was a bit skeptical as my last two cats did not like this food and since my kitten was used to a cheaper food, I figured this little guy would turn his nose to it.I really wanted my kitten to get off to a better start in a better life. I adopted him from a shelter with bird flu, conjunctivitis, fleas and parasite. He was a mess and all skin and bones. Even though he was so very sick, he was a happy kitty. We actually were about to adopt a different cat when this little guy picked us. He was patting at us, purring and wanting our attention. We couldn't resist him, illness and all.I have to say feeding him Hill's Science Diet has really helped make him stronger and healthier. He is doing much better and has gained a whole pound. Thank you Science Diet for caring enough about cats so that our kitten can benefit from the years of research! My kitten loves the food and the food has all the nutrients he needs.


    The Lucianos

    this seems to be the only kitten food that doesn't give my kitten gas or stinky bowels. We had him on wellness which is what our older cat uses, because of the quality, but this is the food he was on when we adopted him from the vet and even after several months of having his food changed, he seemed to still have issues. We switched him back to this recently and he's done a lot better....still a stinky kitten in general but not as bad. Our older cat loves it so much too, she refuses to eat her food and waits for the kitten to abandon his food bowl and she will finish whatever is left. I assume it tastes delicious because they LOVE this stuff.