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Hill's Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat Food, Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food, 15.5 Lb Bag

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  • Made with natural fibers to promote healthy digestion and easy litter box clean up
  • Uses quality protein and natural fibers to support your adult cat's hunger between meals
  • Give your kitty the variety they crave with Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat Ocean Fish Entrée
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Made in the USA with global ingredients you can trust
  • No.1 veterinarian recommended

  • Product Review


    I love this food. I have given it to my cats for years. Their coats are shinny and very soft. My vet recommends this food and i am very happy with it. I recommend it to all my friends with pets.


    mary ormiston

    FINALLY my cat doesn't have diarrhea. We tried several different foods and even powder probiotics and nothing helped till trying this food. His bowel movements are firm again and no more gas!



    My vet told me this is the best food you can feed a cat and it has solid research behind it. My cats fur has got so shiny on this food I just cannot believe it. And they all love it. Every cat eats this dry food and they all prefer it to the canned wet food. I foster cats and kittens, and so far, every cat has loved this food.



    "I Love it" Well not me personally, our cats do, or so they tell me. Just the other day Felix was telling between stuffed his mouth for breakfast that this is his favorite food. Better than the dumpster junk he had to fight the other cats for and he thanked me again for serving his meals on time.Now Brad can't stop praising this food. It's the only thing he will eat. Cheap food he can smell when you bring it into the room and he will not even get up. If he is really disgusted he will leave the room but this stuff is fresh and tasty and always gets him to the bowl.I would prefer a seal-able bag though. I have to transfer this to gallon zip lock bags to keep it fresh.



    my elderly rescue cat ejoys this one. She does not enjoy all Science diet foods however. I mistakenly bough her a different one once and she refused to eat. I boughr this one hoping she would eat it and she did. This is great for old picky cats. My old lady will not even eat any form of chicken or canned tuna! only fresh. Why she like this one I do not know because its made with chicken. She does and that's enough for me, because this brand is supposedly one of the better ones and her health is very important to me. I do supplant her diet with wet foods because i have noted that if she does not eat wet foods her coat becomes more dull and course. My cat prefers tuna, raw over anything else. I don't always have raw tuna on hand, but the wet tuna cat foods seem to be agreeable for her, but she won't eat the chicken. Who knows. I hope that's helpful.



    Cats love it and I have 1 picky eater who throws up everything but this. She has no issues,we can fibd through ultrasound, x ray or blood work. But this food cut down on puking big time from daily mutiple times to once a week. We tried all of the digestive syomach crap all different types and varieties nothing. Other love it as well. Good size its the triangles not the circle they throw that up big time. It is low in fat tho (lower than diet ones for most brands) so I do mix in other food 1 tbs to get them to eat in one sitting.



    I have 3 very happy kitty kats that are also very picky but thoroughly enjoy this food. I've had no problems transitioning from the smaller kitten food version, and I've had zero bad batches. They have healthy litter boxes, which was the main reason I sought out this food. At first I used Instinct, but their stools were very mushy. My vet still recommends Wellness (but primarily wet food since they're boys), but I'm afraid to part ways with something that seems to give great energy and provide a healthy litter box. And of course the price is great with Subscribe and Save! It's been a year on this, and no health problems yet!


    Kyle K

    My 6 year old cat loves this food. I was originally given a sample from my Vet and once I saw the positive reaction in my cat. I decided to switch him over to this brand. I’ve noticed he sheds much less, has no dry skin or dandruff, has lots of energy, and his coat is super shiny and soft without being oily feeling. No fishy bad breath either! I find that when he uses the litter box his “kitty-logs” are much smaller and more firm, don’t smell as bad, and are easier to clean out in general. Yes, this food is not cheap price-wise, but it lasts a long time because it’s not full of artificial byproducts that provide no nutritional value and leave your cat feeling hungry. My cat eats one vet-recommend sized scoop twice a day. His weight is normal and he very rarely begs for more food. Plus, the bit of extra expense spent on this food will save lots of money in future Vet bills!


    Carol Mc2

    I first started feeding my pets Hill's Science Diet back in 1984, when my beautiful black Manx cat, Joey, developed urinary tract problems and the vet recommended it. Switching to Science Diet ended Joey's problems and he had a healthy, comfortable life for his remaining years. So of course when we got a Pomeranian puppy in 2008, we started him out on Science Diet right away - and its the only food he likes! Flash forward to 2016 and once again, I share my home with a fur baby. Shota is a beautiful part-Bengal rescue cat to whom I gradually switched to Science Diet Adult Indoor Dry Cat Food. He loves it! And he's healthy and happy. I highly recommend Hill's Science Diet Cat Food for your fur baby - and as usual, Amazon has the best prices I have found.


    C. Man

    While I can't comment on the taste of it, it smells like cat food. I can't get my wife to taste it so we may never know the true flavor of it. Theo the cat likes it and that's enough for me. It was recommended by his cardiologist, no kidding, he has one. Bag seals nicely and arrives on schedule.



    My cats enjoy eating this food in general and my veterinarian also recommended this brand when my cat was deathly ill. Although upon more research I have switched to Nulo for the time being due to having better ingredients in general.History: I had been feeding my cat Blue Buffalo food and I'm not sure if it was the food we were giving her or if she was stressed, but she stopped eating that food after about a year and started losing a LOT of weight. She was diagnosed with fatty lover disease which is when we switched to this food. She will not touch wet food which is frustrating, but she loved the kibbles.I'm switching because even though these ingredients are better than Blue Buffalo for the price, I have found other options that seem to be better.



    My cat has always had a sensitive stomach, and is a huge eater. When we adopted him, he was 15 pounds, and we put him on a diet of more natural food brands. While he would wolf them down, his litterbox habits were extremely smelly to say the least. So we cycled through different brands tactfully, while making sure the transitions were slow. We settled on a more well-known cat food brand you can buy in any store, and he loved it. In fact, he loved it so much, he ballooned up to 18 pounds. He would eat it so quickly, he immediately vomited because he ate it so quickly (we got him checked at the vet, he was fine, just super hungry). A friend of mine feeds her cat Hill's and suggested it, her cat's coat is absolutely luscious. When I saw that Hill's Science Diet had a note for easy litterbox cleanup and chicken as the first ingredient, I decided to try it.My little guy is happier than ever! The big pieces slow him down, so less vomiting mess (though he occasionally still yaks). His litterbox is a breeze to clean, and his weight is slowly declining down to a point where he won't hurt his joints as he ages. Switching to this food was worth every penny!



    I adopted Caoimhe (kiva) from the Humane Society on March 20. She had been there for about a month and her records show that she weighed in at 7.2 lbs.. One month and three days later, at her first vet appt., she weighed 9lbs. Caoimhe is FIV+ and when we got home, she just slept, and ate, and slept. For her to have gained nearly 2 lbs. in a month makes me wonder if she was starving for a particular nutrient or just bored. For a 2 year old, she was clearly ill I wasn't sure if it was the fat that was keeping her from jumping up or if she had something wrong with her hips. Her belly and the tips of her ears were hot. She had fever spikes that led me to trying to hold ice-cubes over the backs of her ears. She rarely sat up and just walked to her bowls and the litter box. Still sweet, still adorable, but not healthy. The pads on her paws were gruesome, I thought they had worms or something, they were all shriveled up. The vet told me that her heart and her lungs were ok, her icky little jelly beans were dehydrated, and that was the extent of my free vet appointment. At the HS, she had been fed Hills Adult Cat formula and continued to gobble it down. I was also giving her canned food. She was eating two full daily servings for her weight of each of the foods.I had decided to invest in her preventative care instead of saving for emergencies. So, I looked for the most nutritious and financially possible food for Caoimhe, which led me to this Indoor Adult formula by Hill's. OVERNIGHT I kid you not, her body temperature evened out, she had more gloss to her coat and she started to spend more time sitting up. After feeding her this (about 1/4 c./day) and 1 can of Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food for indoor cats (yes, there is such a thing), 500 mg L-Lysine and about 18 - 25 Greenies/day for the past week, she is active, grooming herself, her poops are wonderful; she's jumping up on the bed and eyeing the upper shelves of my bookcases, chasing toys. I am so much more optimistic about her longevity. I'm one happy Cat Momma!



    I think these is the best cat food ever! My cat only eats this brand name and it shows a healthier coat, no UTI's, and strong bones. She is not fat, however she loves to eat this food. I saw my daughter's cat and she lived to be 20 years old, and this was the food that my daughter was feeding her cats and dogs. Best food ever, a little pricey, however I rather spend the money on her good food, than pay the Vet DR. for health related issues with her GI system. When our cat was dumped on the street, my husband picked this ugly mangy cat (she was 4 months app.) So immediately I took her to the vet to deworm her, have her shoots and fix her. The vet told me that she had malnutrition issues and was very low in Calcium. Well I started to feed her this food, and my old friend saw her again 2 months later, and she did not believe that it was the same uncured Kitten. Nos she's a beauty with beautiful black and white coat. Very shinny and she's a happy grateful pet. A member of our family. We only feed her the best. She will have a long life with this type of food! Btw no hair balls, and she cleans herself constantly. You will not regret paying a little extra for extended health of your pet!


    Olivia Stead

    I have a self feeder for 2 adult cats- one of which is a Ragdoll (who is a pig-a-saurus) and a kitten and this is the perfect cat food. . My cats are extremely healthy, the perfect weight, and they literally never throw up. Being that they always have access to food I was worried that my Ragdoll would overeat and become unhealthy, but I am very happy to say that its not the case at all.I go through a bag a month and I have a subscription to keep it coming. This is not the cheapest cat food on the market but I will tell you what, it is worth every penny.



    My current kitties LOVE this recipe! My family and I rescued a young mother cat and her 8 babies (4 weeks old) from a car. Neighbors actually alerted us to this car and said the kitties had been in there for 5 days, I ran out of the house to check it out. We called the Police who came promptly and found the person responsible. We took in 2 kittens, our neighbor took 1 kitty and my older son came and took 1 kitty. That left the mother and 4 kittens. The lady whose cats they were convinced the Police that now she could take care of the rest. Well, the next day the mother and 4 babies were left on our porch!We took the two we had taken to our Vet who immediately put them on Hill's Science Diet for kittens and soft food. They adapted very well and now with them turning a year, we are going to the next step of the Hill's Science Diet.THEY LOVE THIS FOOD!


    amichay oren

    When the vet saw my cat's coat, he wanted me to tell him what I was feeding my cat, so he could switch his cat to the same food. And this isn't the best thing about this food. My cat's litter tends to smell very strongly with any other food we've tried, and with this one, the problem disappears.



    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I have been feeding my furbaby Science Diet her entire life switching up different formulas to fit her needs. I have used other food with other cats in the past and I can promise you the litter box clean up with Science Diet is much better. Half the waste. My kitty's fur is so soft and shiny. Her eyes are bright and alert and she is at a healthy weight. I attribute this all to her diet. This is a great cat food. Doesn't have a strong odor or leave an oily residue in the dish like Friskies and other grocery store brands do. It is much cheaper to purchase this food through Amazon than at a specialty pet store like Petco or PetSmart etc. The bag also has a velcro seal to help maintain freshness and that is a handy feature! Oh and the box it comes in is always an added bonus!



    I grew up feeding our pet dogs with Hill's Science Diet, so when it came time to chose a brand of food for my fiancé's and my two kitties, it was an easy decision to go with Hill's Science Diet once again. Our cats are strictly indoors, with the closest of going outside being when we have the screens open during warm weather. This is the perfect indoor cat food that doesn't have many kcals per cup (some of the other Hill's specialty foods have a lot more), which is good because indoor cats don't always get the most exercise. We try to keep ours active and they enjoy chasing each other throughout the house, but I'm sure it's not as much exercise as an outdoor cat would get. The kernels themselves are fairly large and odd shaped. We have an automatic feeder for our one cat and the kernels come out fairly easy but will get stuck on occasion because of the odd shape. I can't tell you how tasty the food is, but I'm guessing quite delicious since both of our cats have been eating this for a few years!Since we have two cats, we typically buy the larger 15.5 lb. bag and it lasts us about two months. The cats get fed 1 cup a day total between them, if that gives you an idea of about how much we go through in the two month time span. With the last purchase on Amazon, we signed up for the automatic shipping, which has been great! Not only do we get a discount on the price but we also don't have to think about ordering it when we get low! Even without the automatic shipping discount, Amazon is still the cheapest place I have found to buy this food. When the local pet stores have sales, I can find it for $30-32.Overall, this is a great cat food that doesn't have many kcals, our cats love, and is decently priced on Amazon. I would highly recommend this cat food to anyone looking to give their cat(s) a quality brand.



    Over the course of my childhood and now adulthood I've had four different cats, and each of them has been fed exclusively via Science Diet. Originally it was what the vet recommend and we went with it. Over time as I've researched what to feed my cat I've been happy to conclude we've had it right since day one. It only occurred to me recently that maybe I could find it via Amazon Prime, and move one step closer to my goal of never making routine/mundane trips to the store again. Score! :)I like Science Diet because it works. It's not fancy but I feel it's a good quality food choice for my pets. I like that Hill's has a line of foods that you can cycle through as your animals get older, to keep pace with the changing needs of their bodies. My cats (all short haired Siamese) have all been indoor pets, and we use the indoor pet formulations. According to one of my children it tastes a bit like crunchy rice. Yes, poor parenting award received when they accessed and tried the cat's food. And yes, it is now in a location they can't reach..... ! :)Once in a while I feel a bit "mean" not giving my cat more variety or many of the fun and gourmet wet cat food varieties available. However. My cat's teeth and digestion system function best with a hard cat food like this, with a well thought formulated design to give him just what he needs and no extra crap/fillers. We have never had any issues with the food. Our cats have had long and healthy lives, and I do think their fur has a nice sheen that can be at least partly credited to a healthy well balanced cat food. Two thumbs up, thanks Hill's!