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Hill's Dog Treats Baked Light Dog Biscuits with Real Chicken for Small Dog, Healthy Dog Snacks, 8 oz Bag

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  • Low calorie snacks that won't Pack on the pounds.
  • Not artificially preserved or flavored.
  • The perfect treat for your perfect dog.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

  • Product Review

    Maggie A.

    Nice light snack. Dog loves them! Wish they came in a value size.


    Janice F

    My picky eater will eat 2 of these a day. Have not been able to find a similar hard treat that he will eat after Pet Smart stopped making their biscuits.



    The only treat all my dogs love. I am a repeat buyer. Highly recommend!



    Nice treats at a great price. My dog doesn't like them much though but she's picky. Every dog is different so 5 stars because service was great and some dogs may like them.


    Southwest Consumer

    Our new-to-us 10 month old large breen pup did not takre to these treats immediately, but, by the 3rd treat, He was happy to eat one.



    Dog loves them but they are perfect treat to not add alot of weight. They are like crispy air baked cookies. Light but filling.



    Hill’s Science Diet Light Dog treats are a win for my puppies who aren’t so young anymore and don’t get around like they had years ago. Thank you for making these tasty low calorie treats for my dogs who are puppies at heart!



    Dogs love it..but my dogs love most food. Very small amount of product for price. Won't buy again because of price/quantity.


    K Garner

    Our pups love this treat and my vet uses Science Diet for his own dogs. The local Pet Smart cut back on the Science Diet products they carry. Thank you amazon for keeping it available.


    Jenna M.

    my 11 year old was getting chubby. my kids like to give her treats throughout the day. these are small in size and light. perfect for a spoiled pup who gets more then 1 treat a day.


    Lejana Gil

    those are my dog's favorite. She acts like crazy when I show her one, she really enjoys it. I have bought this treat for her for more than 2 years and she still lives it the same


    Hound Dog Lover

    Our 8 year old basset hound, Berkeley, loves these treats. We have ordered them on several occasions from Amazon and haven't been disappointed at all. The cost, from Amazon, is definitely much less than at our local PetSmart.


    Allison M. Liwosz

    These are great! My vet had some and told me they were great for training because they’re very airy and we can give our puppy more of them for less calories that other treats. I’ve gone through 2 packs!



    I work at a vet and Hill's is our go to brand because they have great quality and are a trusted brand, however Hill's can be pricey so I really appreciate being able to purchase the brand I prefer for 1/3 the price you would pay in store.


    Mischief Managed

    These are less fat than most dog treats, especially chicken flavored ones. Small and crunchy, they make the perfect little treat to give as a reward for good dog behavior.



    These biscuits are right size for small dogs and are very hard. Hardness for my dogs is difficult because they are senior dogs and have had some teeth removed. My dogs eat Science Diet dog food and like it but don’t really care for these biscuits very much.



    I look for a variety of treats that whet my old dog's appetite. He needs to consume at least some of his Rx food and these treats often send him to his bowl to finish what he's left behind as boring.



    I put In 5 stars for flavor because she really likes them. I didn’t try one. The treats are a big hit. I just adopted a new friend from a shelter and she seemed a little heavy to me. I was looking for something to help her crate well without adding weight. She’s sold, so I am as well.



    Much better alternative for a dog treat. Per the vet, these are the only treat to use for our dogs in an industry not regulated for quality and majority of dog food has other "ingridients" not listed on packaging which negatively affect dogs and predominantly come from China.



    I was looking for a lower calorie treat that dogs love and this is it. The price is nice too. I have purchased this product many times. The treat size is a mouth full for my 2 doxies. It takes them to bite apart, and then eat. I would NOT recommend for a smaller breed than mine. Otherwise, great product.