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High Tech Pet MS-4 Microsonic Water Resistant Digital Transmitter Pet Collar

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  • Using all digital circuitry, this state of the art design provides a stronger signal and maintains better accuracy over all temperature ranges
  • With a fully enclosed ultrasonic speaker, the MS-4 is water-resistant and rugged
  • Immersible in water for short periods of time; stands up to heavy rain showers and is perfect for dogs who love to play in the snow
  • One size fits all dogs and cats; includes an attractive, tough 27 inch nylon strap

  • Product Review

    Patrick Uher

    Only thing I wish was that these things were more durable. Being on a dog it tends to stop working even though i hit the test button and see the light go on. I think because the lid just needs to be tightened again. Overall though its so nice letting my dog handle his business independently. He sneaks out when im sleeping and takes care of business not disturbing me at all. This collar and the door it goes to allows my dog to be fully potty trained.


    west texan

    Door worked like a charm and solved our problem BUT collar broke in less than a month and we were stuck with a door that wasn't able to be used as designed. Frustrating. I ordered another collar and have reinforced it with clear tape but I can see the potential for the collar replacements to become a money pit. Dog was still wearing his broken collar, the problem is that the plastic part covering the battery had fallen off and the battery and cover were gone. If this problem continues we will be forced to remove the door and go back to the old fashioned kind that also allowed our cat to go out.9/2014 Update to earlier review: I taped the plastic part covering the battery and that holds it in place. Has worked fine with the addition of tape, looks a little tacky but works.Update to earlier update: we are still using this with the tape securing the part that holds the battery and that works great. Door is working day in and day out. It's a bit of a rough fix but allows him to roam around outside through the brush and return with a collar that works.


    Cindy C Bennett

    I have 3 little dogs who, upset by our move into a new place, decided to un-housebreak themselves. I bought the High Tech Pet door, which only comes with 1 of these transmitters, and had to then purchase 2 more. Best purchase ever for my new house. They can go in and out at will, and the in-house accidents are now few and far between. The transmitters are a little bulky, and I wish they were smaller, but even though one of my dogs is only 4# she manages just fine with it. Plus, they don't fit on a lot of dog collars. I had to get creative to attach to one of my dogs collars because his collar is too wide. If you keep it on the collar it comes attached to, you'll need to burn the ends of the collar to keep it from fraying.



    The door works great...I LOVE it. My family is so envious that I never HAVE to run home to let the dog out (I have a very secure privacy fence surrounding my yard and the gate is locked securely.) However, the collar is another story. It's kind of cheaply made and the test button fell off the first time I changed the battery so I never know for sure how well the battery is gonna last. (bought a second one and same thing happened.) I just keep track and change the battery about every 3 months. You can kind of tell when it's winding down, the dog may have to stand there a little longer than normal but it's no big deal if you just remember to change battery regularly. ALSO, do your self a favor and wrap some scotch tape securely around the non sensor side of the plastic box part of the collar so you don't run the risk of it falling open and the dog being stuck in or out and worse, you'll never find that side in your yard. I was lucky when mine fell in half as it was in the house and right in front of me.My door is plugged in and has the battery back up in it and I also bought a back up battery for the back up battery and a charger (which I've never had to use. ) I just rotate the back ups occasionally. The last time we had a power outage it was for about 6 hours and the battery handled the door no problem....so in closing...LOVE the door, not so much the collar but with the tape on it and changing the batteries in it regularly I have been very happy with the whole system. Have thought about upgrading to an MS-5 but I have so many of the MS-4 batteries that I've bought I don't want to waste them....



    Our mini-Schnauzer (Nicky) loves his auto door. We replaced his almost 2 year old collar as it was beginning to have some functional issues, largely due to me trying to give it better battery contact (I broke off part of the spring that contacts the battery; it was beginning to not have good contact, I think from a loss of spring tension). Product works great and we are very happy to have installed this door for our "empty nest" child :-) After 2 years the door still works great...and believe me it gets a daily workout! Nicky loves to go in and out as well as just stand in the door so he can see what's happening in the back yard from the comfort of the house.


    Lynn Montgomery

    Door is wonderful, collars are a problem, but I have had no problem with customer service from this company. They have replaced both collars that failed, even though it was a little past the one year warranty period. I have high energy dogs, most times don't wait for the door to completely open, but no matter how many times they bump into it, it still works! Company is aware of the difficulties with the collar (small band, hard to manipulate the band, difficult to open the transmitter to change out the battery), but the whole system is genius. They will work out the kinks soon I hope. IN the mean time, their customer service is EXCELLENT.


    D. Gerrity

    EDIT 07/01/2015I was contacted by Marilou Sabina from High Tech, asking me what they could to to earn a 5 star rating. We discussed my grievances from the review below and she assured me they had been addressed in their newest generation of collars. As a show of good faith she offered to send me a collar for each of my pets, as well as a generous supply of replacement batteries.The collars arrived and they have, indeed, addressed my main concerns: The collars are water-resistant and are now secured by a screw. In addition the transducer is a solid, sealed unit instead of being protected by a simple screen. This means it won't be fouled by dirt like the old collars. I'm anxious to see how these perform over the long haul but am very optimistic based on the design changes I've seen.In addition I am extremely happy with the way High Tech pursued my satisfaction with the product.Many thanks, Marilou.---- Original Review ----I love my High-Tech pet door, but these transmitters are RUBBISH: * They come apart WAY too easily. I've purchased five of these for my two cats so far. The first two were lost because they came apart and scattered pieces who-knows-where. I finally got wise and secured them with some electrical tape. And these are cats, not dogs; I can't imagine how poorly they would hold up with an active dog. * The non-weatherproof transmitters are also non-dustproof. Even without getting wet, the transducer became so dirty over time it lost most of its range. At first I was able to clean it with compressed air, but after time the transducer became useless. * This may sound petty (see what I did there?), but the collar that comes with this is laughingly cheap and the clasp is exasperatingly difficult to adjust. You need fingers the size of a three year old to be able to loosen the clasp. It's so difficult to operate you may need to tranquilize your pet just to get this blasted thing off. I mean, really; for 35 bucks you can't include a clasp that's easy for adult-sized fingers to open?If there were any alternatives to this transmitter I would bid High Tech adieu.


    Homeschool mom

    I have the doggie door that goes with the collar, and together they relieve me from having to run to let my pooch out all the time. Great convenience, even my grandkids can handle this. The collar itself has caused some problems. This is my 3rd one. First time was my fault when I forgot to take it off before I bathed him. Second time the top fell off in the yard (he is not outside much) and the inside never worked after that. But he is now spoiled and so am i so we will keep doing this. If I'm not home, I know he can go outside if he needs to. I learned to tuck this collar underneath hisregular one and so far it protects it enough even in the rain.



    We purchased the door over 6 years ago, so I thought I'd add my $.02 worth. I love knowing only my pets are going in and out. For the dogs I put the key on their necks with the strap it came with (loose enough I can get it off over their heads) - we have two big dogs. We learned early on, DUCT TAPE the key shut. There have been a couple designs of the key, and they all need to be taped shut. The cat was supposed to be indoor only, but saw the dogs going in and out, and would slip out when the dogs went outside, and get locked outside (the dogs wouldn't wait for the cat to come back inside). For the cats (we now have 2), I take the strap the key comes on and wrap it around a collar the cat wears and tie it off, so it looks like he is wearing a bow-tie. We tried the break-away collars, but the cat kept losing it (and the key). So I found a collar that has elastic, and will hopefully "break away" if needed and put the key on it. So far, the cat has kept the collar and key. I don't put it directly over the cat's head because I am afraid of the cat getting caught and strangled, so I use the collar I purchased.



    I wanted to give this 5 stars but the collar part keeps me from doing so. The transponder works great and is small enough for our 5 lb chihuahua. The collar however, is the only downfall of this product. The collar that it comes with is a nylon weave style where you cut and burn it to fit. The way that the transponder attaches prevents you from attaching it to a different collar. There is a slit in the back that the black collar slides through. It's too slim to fit any normal collar. I would give this 5 stars if they could find a way to make the transponder attach to any collar or find a way to put some kind of buckle or pinch closure on it.