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HBH Pisces Pros Variety Bites Hermit Crab Food - Hermit Crabs Need A Nutritious Diet To Ensure Lively Behavior And Growth - Our Live Hermit Crab Food Contains Vitamin Enriched Ingredients (2.25 oz)

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  • �� FORMULATED AND DEVELOPED AS A FOOD THAT MOST CRABS WILL EAT. We focus on what is best for your hermit crab, while understanding the science behind it! HBH Hermit Crab food has been also developed with food oils which will help promote successful molting and will allow for an indefinite shelf life.
  • �� GREAT FOR BEGINNERS OR EXPERIENCED CRABBERS. HBH Hermit Crab foods cover all necessary amino acids, fatty acids, fiber, and are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are key to proper metabolic function for hermit crabs. Riboflavin, B vitamins, Vitamin A and E, calcium, and more!
  • �� MADE IN THE USA! HERE AT HBH PISCES PROS We cut no corners in our product, and will cut no corners in our support to you We love hermit crabs! they are fun. They’re super-cool. And they open a whole amazing world of science when you start to learn about them. We strive to make having hermit crabs a fun and exciting experience for you and your children. Of course, the first step in doing that is making sure they stay alive, which is where feeding them high-quality fish food comes into play.
  • �� OUR MISSION AND GUARANTEE. To provide the highest quality hermit crab food on the market at the most affordable prices posibble. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our product. if you aren't, for any reason, please contact us and explain your question or concern

  • Product Review


    The only thing he’ll eat!!!


    Mother Nature

    Fast service for a good product


    T. Coleman

    Out hermit crabs loves this, not much else to say


    Martin C.

    my crabs always eat this first


    Glen Taylor

    a bit expensive i think



    My hermit crabs love this stuff, and they swarm as soon as they pick up the scent. Very impressive.



    Great service. I can't find this close to where I live, and my crabs love it. I am so happy to be able to get it. I would highly recommend it for anyone's hermit crabs. Very pleased with all aspects of the service.



    My Hermit Crabs are picky eaters. They only eat this type of food for over 10 years now (they don't eat the other brands). I hope they don't discontinue it.



    I've bought lots of different food brands to try on my crabs, and this is literally the only food they will touch. And they gobble it down, they come out as soon as I finish changing the food and water, and the dish is always empty the next morning. Thank you for existing, and at such a good price Pisces Pros, you're a life saver!!!


    S. LIM

    Love the bulk size. We have 6 hermit crabs and this seems to be doing the trick. Much better than the pellet food you get at the pet store.



    Crabs love this!


    Frank Bontempo

    we have a 10 year old hermit crab who loves this food hope you don't stop carrying it



    This is the only food my picky picky crab will eat. He will starve himself before he eats anything else.


    Mike Roberts

    Just about the only thing my Crabs will eat. They love it day or night.



    Hermit crabs love this! If I do not clean it out on a weekly basis, I sometimes get little mites or white bugs that also like this food. But overall, the hermit crabs are happy with it.


    New Earth

    This is the first hermit crab food my hermit crabs would touch and thankfully they are now eating.



    This is the ONLY food that our 4 crabs will eat! We have tried and wasted time & money on many others, but thinking its the coconut in this particular food that they LOVE. My only question to Pisces Pros (HBH) is WHY only 2 sizes to choose from?? What happend to the 2.25 oz. size, which was a great price also??? Thanks for making a great food that helps in keeping the hermies happy!!!



    We've had out hermit crab for 8 1/2 years now and this is the only food he will eat! The flakes are much easier to pick up and eat than those nuggets that are so popular. Our local pet store that sold this changed to another product, and Crabby went on hunger strike, so now I guess we will have to get from Amazon.


    Em Baisch

    This is the food my crabs like best, and a great price. I scoop out a smaller bottle full at a time and feed the crabs from the smaller container to keep the larger container fresh and to reduce potential spills when I do day-to-day feeding. Whenever I put this food in, they come scampering for the food dish. A lot of other foods--especially anything in pellet form--they just ignore and let it mold.


    Jaes W Overley

    I have had Hermit Crabs as pets now for nearly 15 years. I provide them with a variety of different foods, but they seem to enjoy this food more than any other type of food. As an additional bonus, I raise crickets and I believe they enjoy this food as much as if not more than my Hermit crabs. If you take care of your hermies and they live long lives like mine, this huge container of variety bites will save over a hundred dollars compared with purchasing the smaller containers of the same food.