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Happy Hen Treats Ceramic Nest Eggs

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  • Discourage Chickens from Pecking/Eating Eggs
  • Broodiness Test
  • Home Decoration
  • Comes in Package of Two

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    These are so realistic that I have to examine them really closely when gathering eggs. I'm always worried that I'll accidentally put one in a carton I give away! I bought these because we were having issues with some of the chickens breaking & eating their eggs, and we haven't had another broken egg since.



    These ceramic eggs worked exactly as advertised & we used them for 2 reasons. We had a pecked egg and we wanted to curtail that. It’s worked. We also wanted the chickens to know where to lay & it’s helping. The weight and feel of these is just like a real egg and I had to mark on the fake ones to know the difference!



    This works very very well and so realistic I'm fooled sometimes. Had a hen that began to eat eggs, but these confused the daylights out of her. Then I got carried away and added two or three per box and two hens became broody and insisted on setting all day. Best solution: no more than two per box and rotate colors around (and remove from time to time) to confuse cannibal hens and avoid your girls getting broody (unless that is your intent). Makes GREAT decorations too.



    I am new to having chickens. My new chickens started laying the eggs inside the coop, instead of the nesting box. I put one of these in the nesting box, and my chickens immediately figured out where they should be laying. Chickens didn't know the difference between the fake and the real egg. I always left this egg for them in the nesting box as my chickens seemed to get upset when they found no eggs after they laid them. After a few months, just about a couple of weeks ago, I have removed this egg altogether, and everything seems to be going as it should. The paint holds on pretty well to washing. An egg-cellent product at an affordable price!



    These look great! They really work well. I had a snake eat my eggs and he also ate one of these fake eggs! I had to kill the snake to get my egg back!


    H and H HONEY

    Solid eggs. We have 14 hens all over 2 years- only 4 were laying and we got these as someone told us it will help them lay. I am not sure if it was coincidence, the weather/ stars aligning, or that my husband was about to start the narrowing the heard process, but magically in the same week our girls started giving us 11 eggs. Here is hoping the rest will produce too.I think it will also deter the girls from eating their own eggs if they should decide to do that.Make sure to take a sharpie and mark them so you don't accidentally sell them to a customer, or your mom tries for 20 minutes to break it open :)


    Dave J

    I had a rat snake stealing eggs. I started putting these into the nest and the 4 foot long rat snake ate 3 before he succumbed to the fact that they were fake. No, I don't feel sorry for the rat snake that was eating my eggs/profit. The flip side is that when eggs stay in the nest some chickens will become broody and try to hatch them out. That I can handle, snakes eating my eggs I cannot.


    Melissa Jackson

    But these to use when chicks are big enough to lay eggs. But we suspected we had a snake in the backyard. So deploy decoy eggs. We put them out with a real egg in the coop and waited. Sure enough the next day the real egg was gone and there was a slow moving bloated king snake in the yard. We were able to identify and remove him quickly thanks to the egg bump. Will buy more for the chickens to lay on as well now that I feel a little safer about the yard


    K. Salinger, Holistic Nurse Practitioner

    These are great fake eggs and look very real. I strongly recommend you put some kind of mark on them as my hubby, when he sometimes gathers eggs, almost always brings these up too because he can't tell they're fake. We've now marked them and that has stopped.We initally put these in the nest boxes to encourage the girls to lay in the boxes instead of random odd places like the corners of the coop. Once the gals were laying fine in the boxes I removed the fake egg from one of the nest boxes (we have 3) and noticed that after than none of the girls would go lay in that box! I replaced it, and after about a week they started laying in that box again, so even with girls who've been laying awhile, there's something that draws them in to use the nest if an egg is already there.



    Great for getting your chickens to lay their eggs in the nest boxes where they belong. I had brown ones in boxes and all brown layers. But I got a leghorn (white egg layer) and the girls started breaking and eating the white eggs. I purchased white ceramic eggs to add to the boxes and the egg eating has stopped. Clearly they don't like pecking at eggs and finding ceramic. Put a small x on the ends with a permanent marker so you don't confuse them yourself.



    One or more of our chickens has been pecking open an egg, making a mess in the laying box and making the other eggs filthy. We got these to deliver a lesion to the cannibal chicken. So far so good, we've discovered no cracked open eggs since using themWe did draw fun designs on ours with sharpie though so that we don't accidentally gather them with the edible eggs! That's how real they look and feelThey don't, however, fool our Muscovy duck. She sometimes likes to brood on the chicken eggs, and she'll roll these fake eggs right out of her nest


    S. Abbott

    I had the situation of a new batch of pullets coming of age with no adults about to show them where to lay eggs. I watched a young pullet do her "egg dance" and guided her look towards the nest box where I placed one of these eggs. She literally chirped a few times and went directly for the nest box that had the fake egg in it. I have 3 nest boxes, and the hens regularly choose the box where I've placed the fake egg.A side note. It's also fun to fool your family. I've had the ceramic eggs collected for me on more than one occasion. I finally did break down and draw a small X on the bottom of each egg.Second side note. You'll know when your pullets don't need the fake egg anymore. These days if I leave them in place, they are invariably 'kicked out" as a bad egg.


    Mamma Ro

    I was skeptical about whether hens needed a fake egg to inspire them to lay. For years I never had these fake eggs and didn't think I would need them. BUT I am much wiser now!First, I had new young hens who had not started laying yet. They were old enough to lay but week after week, they would not lay. (My elder hens had molted so nobody was laying.) After placing the fake eggs in the nesting box, the young hens figured it out within a day or two! All three started laying at that point.Secondly, now that all 5 of my hens are laying, I figured the fake eggs were unnecessary, so I took them out of the coop and set them aside. But with 5 laying hens, only two nesting boxes can get crowded sometimes. One day I realized that one hen was squawking up a storm and it seemed to be because the "preferred" nesting box was occupied. Why doesn't she just use that other nesting box, I wondered! It's identical and yet she won't go in there and lay her darn egg! So I tossed a fake egg into the "other" empty nesting box. That did the trick! She went right in and laid her egg! So having an egg in the box really does make a difference to some hens!Lastly, I've noticed that the hens will go to great effort to move the fake eggs from one nesting box to the other. I put one fake egg in each nesting box and a hen will spend 20 minutes moving a fake egg from one box to the other. OK. So I tried putting only one fake egg out -- in the less preferred box. On this day ALL 5 HENS laid their egg in that ONE nesting box because they all wanted to lay where there were already eggs. The "preferred" box was empty and even though they ALWAYS prefer to lay in that one box, NOBODY laid an egg in the preferred box because it was empty! So apparently it makes a difference for all 5 of my hens: they all want to lay where there is already an egg.Having learned from these experiments with the fake eggs, I will now work to have one egg in each box!!


    Brittney F

    Absolutely love these ceramic nest eggs. My chickens have had the worst time figuring out where to lay their eggs and would just lay them in the middle of the coop, and they would be trampled by all the chicken traffic. These eggs were a Godsend. Instantly the next day, they started to lay right on top of these new eggs. Once in a while a chicken will try to steal one out of the nest box, they must believe they are real too. I can completely tell which ones are fake and which ones are not. However, I do not have any brown egg layers in my flock yet, so that may be why. I marked the fake ones just in case, and my husband accidentally took them out a few times and put them in the egg carton (haha!). They do not seem too fragile, I have knocked them together and no damage whatsoever. I have purchased a white set as well. Give these a try if your chickens are having a laying issue!



    Our chickens are just starting to lay eggs, and the first hen was being very recalcitrant as to where she though she was going to lay. The nest boxes (we thought) were perfect for size, location, and position within the coop. This particular hen however decided that random locations within the coop itself was fine by her. After about a week of daily egg hunting, I tried putting a couple of these faux eggs in one of the nesting boxes, and when I saw her preparing to lay on the coop floor, I opened the nesting boxes from the outside, and reached down to start tapping on these faux eggs. It got her interested to the point that she jumped up in the nest box to investigate. After jumping in and out a couple of times, she settled on the fakes, and within a couple of minutes, added her own egg to them. She seems to have gotten the idea now, so we are hoping she will continue so the rest of the hens will take note and follow suite when they begin laying. These ceramic eggs are such a perfect match to the brown eggs our hen is laying, that we have to check very carefully to make sure we are picking the real one and not the fakes!



    They are amazing... presumably it fooled the chickens and the blue jays, which was our intention, but it also fooled us when we collected eggs, AND it fooled our poor customer who was unable to break an egg into a pan. Definitely write something on these so you don't make mistakes!



    Works perfectly! My hens laid right next to them as expected and it discourages my rooster from pecking any of the real eggs! We drew smiley faces on the ceramic eggs so my kids would know which ones they were instantly.


    D. Roberts

    I had a stubborn pair of hens that were brooding for too long. I put a couple of these eggs in their nest box, and the hens started laying again the next day!I purchased another set of ceramic eggs to put in my other coup. The hens there were eating their own eggs. The ceramic eggs are uncomfortable for the hens to peck, and they stopped pecking their own eggs after the addition of the fake ones.These ceramic eggs look so real that we had to write "fake" on them to keep from collecting them as real eggs... So the chickens weren't the only ones fooled!



    I originally got a dummy egg at my farm supply to slip in with our birds' eggs to mess with my better half. They just weren't realistic enough though. I'm thrilled to report these are!!! First off they are slightly lighter in weight than a real egg. Only enough that one would have to be looking for it to notice. The real test- I slipped one of these "eggs" into the laying boxes. It got randomly collected and put in the egg basket. Now the waiting game started. For days I eyeballed that ticking time bomb of joy on the counter. One morning I had all but forgotten of my mildly evil sceme when I heard the screaming. It dawned on me that my plan was likely to blame. See my wife had one of our kids helping her fry some eggs. Being my kid, she was absolutely determined to get this "egg" to break. My wife upon witnessing this however thought it must have an unhatched chick inside (I really didn't see that coming, we don't even have a rooster). Well my wife freaked. See she had to stop this before what she thought was going to be an absolute horror show unfold as an unhatched chick, possibly still alive, spilled onto the hot cast iron, by her child's hand no less. The screaming stopped once she heard my tearful uncontrollable laughter. Then the other kind of yelling started. I was laughing so hard it was difficult to hear well but "heart attack" and "someday" were in there. Note- Said child apparently returned the "egg" to the basket and yes these can withstand boiling though they do float. I'll no doubt slip one into a carton to be given to a friend or neighbor soon. Well worth the cost of admission.



    So realistic even the snake ate them! I thought I was going crazy when my ceramic eggs disappeared out of the nesting boxes... after a bit of investigating, I had 2 huge rat snakes in the coop I knew nothing about. Thanks to these fake eggs, I was able to save a lot more of our real eggs before the predators ate them. Oh and the reason I purchased them to begin with, my hens were all fighting over 1 nesting box, when they had 3 perfectly other ones sitting empty. I placed one of these in each empty box, and by the end of the afternoon on the first day, all 9 hens were happy in all available boxes. I also had one Buff Orpington that keeps breaking open and eating her fresh egg each day... I haven’t seen any broken eggs since I started using these. (Although, the snakes were also a surprise!)