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Get Naked 1 Pouch Furball Relief Soft Treats For Cats, 2.5 Oz

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  • Grain Free, Natural With Added Taurine
  • Under 3 Calories Per Treat
  • Wheat, Corn And Soy Free
  • Made With Real Chicken

  • Product Review


    She has rather discerning taste buds and anything that is good for her usually refused.However, she really enjoys these. They are a little thicker and softer than most, but she actually takes the time to chew them so they must be tastey.



    I’m on I think my 3rd bag of these treats and my cat hasn’t had hairballs in ages. She used to get them regularly. She isn’t really into them (she likes crunchy treats), but they work. I smush them up and sprinkle them over her canned food and haven’t had to clean up a hairball in quite a while.


    Maia Donahue

    I got these for my 13 yr old cat who we thought might be having occasional constipation issues and they seem to be helping. When I first tried giving one to her, she wasn't interested at all (she was expecting a treat, it did not meet her expectations!). But then I left it in the bowl with her dry food and eventually it got eaten. She's now up to 4 a day and happily eats them before the rest of her food - but she still doesn't think they're real treats (not like her temptations)! But she's eating them, and that's what matters. I've just ordered my 3rd bag.


    Adrienne Lorange

    If you're like me, you want nothing but the best for your furry lil friends. These treats are not only helpful in preventing hairballs in cats, my two kittens absolutely LOVE them. These treats have a soft and chewy texture, something a little different to break up the mundane and out played crunch of classic treats. Of course this makes it difficult to use them in puzzles toys because they get squished up easily. Nonetheless, I highly highly recommend you spend the small amount of cash it will take to deliver the big satisfaction from these treats.


    Lauren Michelle

    My cat loves the way these treats taste. I can also say that he has not had 1 hairball since he has started getting these treats. Not sure if that means they are working or just coincidence, but I'll keep giving them to him for sure!



    Lady loves these treats, I give her 2 a day. I usually only have to shake the cat treats and she comes running. Hairballs have stopped since I've given her these. We are both pleased.



    This, paired with organic, unsweetened pureed pumpkin has worked WONDERS with my baby's terrible hairball issues. He used to expel them almost daily. He's only had 1 expulsion in two months. The hairballs he pooped hurt his bum. But it's a lot less frequent than before. But I do strongly feel the pumpkin helps just as much. Both together work wonders!!



    My cat is obsessed with these treats. She gets much more excited about these compared to the name brand treats that I normally give her. I bought these because she had recently thrown up the biggest hairball I'd ever seen in my life, even though I've been brushing her every single day for the past 4 months. It's still too early to tell if these will help with the hairballs but so far it's been good.The only downside is that she should only get 3 treats per day based on her body weight. So I break them up to make her think she's getting more but then it's gets a bit crumbly and messy.



    I think my cat knows these help her.These seemed to help my cat tremendously with throwing up/ hairballs. Maybe they settle her stomach too. Sometimes I give after she throws up, if no hairball too. As long as I give them to her every other day. Maybe hairball once in a while, which is normal. Thank god she eats them bc she’s so picky!! My cat will be 10, been using them for about 4 or 5 years now. Please don’t change a thing. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


    Murray Stewart

    Since starting to use these treats our 14 year old tabby has been vomiting significantly less than before. Since it's been about six weeks I'm going to assume that it is due to the efficacy of these Furball treats. Tried others but they did not work.UPDATE 9.18.19: our cat is now 16 1/2 years old. Without exaggeration giving him these hairball treats has been absolutely miraculous. In fact I have increased the dosage and vomiting is just not as frequent. Yes he will vomit. Yes it will be a hairball sometimes; but compared to before giving him these it’s like 85-90% less frequent. Moreover he has no problem eating these when I put them on top of the food. With cats that’s way more than half the battle! One more thing: like most cats mine is finicky. However he eats these immediately before starting on the food in the dish; and he is indeed a picky eater.Only thing I would add is: who came up with the stupid brand name?!! I guess today everyone has to pander to sell their products by using words like naked, etc.I'm all in favor getting naked, but don't understand the correlation to felines and canines.


    Janet S

    My cat that has hair balls loves these and they help him so much. I have tried many things, and these are the one treat he will eat and that he loves and it keeps him from vomiting all the time. I believe they are chicken. Not sure but that is his favorite flavor. Anyway he and my female cat both love them. Goodbye petromalt. This is do much easier and works better. It’s a soft chew.



    My cat loves these and eats them right up. I have tried many other brands and types of hairball control products and this one has been by far the best and most appetizing for my cat.



    Both of my very picky cats LOVE these treats! They are by far their favorite treats yet. These are also some of the most natural and pure treats I've been able to find. And they seem to do a good job keeping the hairballs at bay. I usually give them 2-3 treats in the morning and then again in the evening. Highly recommend.



    My furball walked away the first time I tried to give these to him. The next day he excitedly ate 5 from my hand. Now he waits every morning for a couple of these "treats". I even put a couple of these with two other brands in his dish one day to see which is his favorite, and he ate these and left the rest. I guess this was his favorite. We'll try for longer to determine if it helps with hairballs. For others, you may try giving to your cat a few times before writing them off. The ingredient list is way better than most.



    My cat is not very fussy when it comes to treats, but she does not seem to be too keen on the flavor of these. She will eat them, but only after she has finished the rest of the food in her bowl. I have noticed that she has furballs less often now that I am giving her these treats (once every 5 weeks or so compared to once every couple of weeks), which is great because she has long hair and is prone to furballs. I would recommend these despite them not being the tastiest kitty treats!



    I have one cat that absolutely loves these treats, and would gobble up the whole bag if I let her! Then there is my other cat... she sniffs the treats, and is unimpressed, so as soon as she walks away, you already know, my other cat eats those treats too! She's a 22lb Maine Coon, and Miss Snooty is a tiny 6lbs... they are both old ladies 16 &14 yrs old.



    These are expensive (why I gave 4 stars not 5) but the ingredients are definitely human-friendly- there is nothing but whole foods in the ingredient list. I give my outdoor 8 lb, 13 year old cat 3 treats every morning when I drink my coffee and even though she hasn't been outside for a month (snowy in maine) she has had no coughing and regular bowel movements all winter- a good substitute for eating grass, I'd say. This is a great brand and the urinary tract cranberry treats are high quality too.



    I have 1 adult cat that I bought these for because he's on prescription diet for urinary issues. He's the least finicky of my 3 cats but he won't touch these. He loves the Get Naked Urinary treats. Maybe it's the difference in texture. These treats are rather large but are soft & chewy/crumbly. I've tried breaking them up & mixing with his dry food & the bits get left in the bottom of the bowl. My other 2 cats (including the queen of finicky) gobble them down so it's not a total loss. The one that won't eat them is a shorthair but he has a heavy undercoat & also grooms his longhaired sister so I know he'll have hairball issues at some point. I guess I'll have to try something else for him. As for the others that will eat the treats, no sign of hairball issues since I started feeding these so I'm good with that. I like the fact that they are natural.



    One of my cats chronically had stomach issues, fur balls, and failed to eat/thrive with wet and/or dry cat food.I spotted this on a display and thought I'd give it a try. Not only does the cat love them, within days of eating 5 nuggets a day his stomach problems cleared up and after a few weeks he has put on a healthy amount of weight. Very pleased with this product.


    Robert C. Belden

    My 16 yr. old DSH indoor cat had started to yak-up about 1-2 hairballs per week. Stressful for him and not always pleasant when you see your cat having those awful looking "yak-up kitty convulsions" when I have friends and family over for dinner! I added 2 treats per day to his morning and evening feedings to start and since then, the hairballs are now down to about only 1 or 2 per month- a huge improvement for sure!! As most cat owners know, as our kitties get older, they lose some ability to digest/pass the hairs that they lick off and swallow when they groom themselves. At times, cats will also groom themselves for up to 20-30 minutes; swallowing much more hair then when they groom for the usual 5 min. or so.So, these treats definitely make a big difference, but I don't think any treats made would be able to stop the occasional huge hairball if they do groom for such a long period of time. He seems to like them OK and now I just give him a total of 3 treats per day, divided btw his 2 daily feedings. Hope this helps anyone who may have a similar issue with their feline family members.