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Full Grip Supply 3/4" Biothane E-Bungee Collar Medium 12"-24" Neck Size Educator Dogtra Quick On/Off E-Collar Strap (Black Collar/Red Bungee)

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  • Keeps even pressure on receiever
  • Fits all 3/4" E-Collar Recievers
  • Made in USA
  • Fits Neck Sizes 12 to 24 inch

  • Product Review


    Works great, but a little snug for my bullmastiff, if you have a normal dog you will probably have no issues.



    so far so good


    Rhonda M.

    Easy to use


    Louisa’s New Leash On Life

    These things are fantastic, ordered more


    air cool

    Worth the purchase fit my dog much more than a strap style



    makes using ecollar easy and is more comfortable for the dog because of the bungee



    Works great



    Easy on, easy off, and provides flexibility when dog's neck expands during exercise.


    Marian R.

    Works as it should. Fits perfectly on a German Shepherd Dog (1yr old) with a Dogtra IQ+ with long spikes.


    Brittany Morgante

    Really easy and simple to use. My dog did chew on one of the ends, which led to the elastic pulling out, but I used a pair of pliers to "turn" the clear wheel and was able to get it back in



    once you get used to working it, it is GREAT. makes putting the collar on way easier now!


    Scott osborn (MP Dog Services)

    Good quality and works rally nice for getting a collar on and off my working dogs easily. Also, the bungee is nice for expanding with the size of my dogs neck, as the muscles swell up while working.



    I love this collar. I gave it 4 stars because I had to send the first one back due to the white clasp that tightens and prevent cord from slipping was barely movable and could not be adjusted. I have had no issues with this collar.



    Well made and super convenient. Still secure but way easier to use than the buckle. Super useful when your pup is still growing and he's in between hole sizes. This just takes the guess out of everything.


    Luke's Mom

    Still a bit big for my girl. I have it closed all the way. Still better then buckle type collar. I have the metal quick release metal clip from E-collar technologies that has bungee for my other two but would not fit on my girl.


    K. Moncino

    My dog's foster mom suggested this for easier on/off of his e-collar. Very glad she did. My only complaint for the product is I wish it came with directions. If it weren't for her, I would not have realized you have to unscrew the end to get the e-collar base unit on.


    Keia V. Gray

    We wish there was a smaller length option. It was too big big for our border collie/cattledog mix. It was easily solved by carefully putting a hole in it with a wood burner tool and moving one of the rivet screws.It maintains good contact for the ecollar we put on it.


    MR. E

    Very simple product that does the job.Be aware though that there might be some movement on the e collar receiver as the original collar fitted with your receiver might very well be bigger than this one which creates some moderate "play". I have only been using it for a month and have yet to see an issue, BUT I do think it could pose an issue later in time with extended heavy usage.I am using mine on a Dogtra Arc


    Pink Toes

    Holy cow, when I found out they make bungee collars like this for my e-collar I couldn't wait to buy one. I constantly have the issue where I put the collar on my very short-coated dog and is appears too tight (like smashed so far into his neck) when he is sitting or laying down, but too loose when his head is down and his neck is elongated.This solves the problem perfect. Very happy. have used it in water also with no issues. Highly recommend for anybody that uses an e-collar.



    I use these with the RX-090 E-Collar Technologies receivers. Fit is spot on. Switched to these due to contact issues with the buckle collars that came with them. It's been about a year and a half with these now and they've held up great. I haven't had a single issue with either collar. We kayak, hike, swim, take normal walks, the dogs rough house together and roll.I purchased 1/8" bungee cord from eBay to replace the bungee cord on both since then. You can cut the bungee down so that it's not overly long or whipping you in the legs when the dog shakes next to you :).The picture of the dog on the chair is the length of bungee before it was cut down.