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Feliway Animal Health Multicat Feliway Refill (3 Pack)

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  • Value pack of 3 Refills Only
  • Great for multiple cat households
  • Copy of the feline appeasing pheromone mother cats produce during lactation

  • Product Review

    jazz...finally a decent scrabblelike game to play by your self the fact i can change levels!

    I have 3 cats. 1 female (elderly) and 2 neutered males. One of the males is aggressive, but not to the point of hurting anyone. Since using the Feliway I have noticed a notable decrease in that behavior. for me!


    Sandra Rhode

    This is great!!! I had been using Comfort Zone with no good results. Feliway by Ceva is SOOO much better. The tension between my cats has been reduced by 90% after switching. I highly recommend it.



    Feliway definitely takes the edge off for my very nervous/anxious 2yo male cat. It doesn't last quite a month per refill. One the first day of a new refill, my cat is super chill and lays next to the diffuser. I like being able to purchase a 3 pack at one time.



    Calmed down our very nervous cat. He hasn’t sprayed once since we plugged these in, and he’s also more social and affectionate.


    Peter Stein, Dawn Freer

    This actually works for my cats - they get along appreciably better. Not a miracle cure, but a definite improvement.



    This stuff really works! My two cats weren’t getting along after a vet visit. This aided in them being cordial again.


    Idaho Girl

    The product worked really well. Calmed the cats down, made them more loving. They quit urinating in places they shouldn't have. The bottle was suppose to last a month. Doesn't seem like it did. Have a refill will put the date on it to see if it last as long as they said it would. Would I buy it again. Yes.


    Hadley B Cabral

    I've had cats for 50 years, mostly outdoor until the set of siblings I have now. This reduces their tension. Between changing to a human grade food and using these refills my cats are more laid back and affectionate. I don't go a day without it plugged in.



    This product seems to calm everyone with more tolerance and less hissing all around. When I don’t use it, there is a definite difference. This is the one for multicats be sure you get the right one.



    Cheaper individually than in a 3-pack! Keeps my anxious cat from scratching his ears raw. Much better and cheaper than any medicine I've tried. I have put one in each room that my anxious cat sleeps in. It has made a great difference.


    Kindle Customer

    I have a territorial cat who picks fights with my second cat and becomes a hissing, growling terror when she sees another cat outside. This product has changed her demeanor enough so that she's not as mean. I will keep purchasing the Feliway as long as I have her.


    Misty Smith

    Have noticed a reduction in fighting and marking behaviors, including urination, but shop carefully as prices vary so much and buying multiples is not always the beast deal if you calculate the cost per unit. Also, refills are often just as expensive and dispensers plus refill so compare carefully when looking for the best deals.



    My beautiful Maine Coon girl has started coming out of hiding much more. My ordinary looking bad boy cat scares her and then has shown up with scratches. Both have calmed down considerably.



    My 8 year old cat was not a fan of our new kitten addition. He was very stressed, which of course made me stressed as well. Three months in with still very little progress, I decided to give this diffuser a try. I was skeptical due to some of the reviews, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.The kitten is still being an active crazy guy, but my adult cat has mellowed our about it. I can seriously tell a difference in his attitude. It’s crazy. I’ll definitely buy again!



    I have a cat who's smart and funny and affectionate - and very anxious. Got him as a stray when he was about a year old, and I think his previous owner abused him. I've had him for years, but he was still jumping at every noise, biting when afraid, hiding all the time.A friend recommended Feliway and it's been game changer! Over the last year, he's calmer and more affectionate, not only to me but my other cat. And he's learning how to get my attention without biting.I noticed an improvement after about a week, but it wasn't until the diffuser was empty that I could really apprectiate how effective it was. He was so anxious, pacing, biting, looking out the windows in fear. Now I make sure to never run out!



    I really can’t complain so far. We have multiple cats and they are all seniors. Ranging in age from 7-17. In the past year we have had issues with peeing outside the litter box. Multiple tests concluded that two cats had kidney disease. One has since passed and there hasn’t been any more peeing outside of the litter box (about 98% reduced). However we do have strong personalities & have had a BIG change in our house, so we have been using the plug-in (plus the calming spray - not taking any chances!). 2 other cats were wearing lavender collars but we stopped a few months ago and just have stuck w the plug-in. We will keep using them for the foreseeable future


    M. Webb

    This has helped our cats interact more often and gently with each other, and helped keep them a little calmer during our month-long packing process, while we get ready for a big move. We will use it in the new house too. The multi-cat version really does seem to help them with their interactions and be able to comfort each other a bit more than the regular Feliway did. It is kind of expensive, but through a major months-long moving process, it seems well worth it.


    Theresa Fickel

    We welcomed 2 abandoned 4 week old kittens into our home 2 weeks ago. We also have a 1 year old cat and a 5 mos old kitten..and 2 large dogs.. These plug ins( we have 3 on the main level of our home) have made such an easy transition for all of our pets. They are comfortable and relaxed and we enjoy them so much!! I will definitely be reordering the refills!


    John Piccirillo

    We have multiple felines and as everyone knows, "You own a dog , but a cat only stays with you". Cats are fiercely independent and do not always get along with each other. When dissent happens as it will, some felines begin to want to mark territory. The Feliway spray prevents most of that type of behavior. All of our cats are rescues (and our dogs also) and it is important that we supply them a secure place to live. Feliway assists in providing the security that some of the cats need to feel secure and safe.



    These are expensive and ugly. I keep trying to stop buying them. But then within a day or two of the units bring unplugged, my older cat Bruce is like, “wait a minute . . . I forgot, I actually HATE the younger cats!” So I get more. Use them for a few more months. Things go back to being good. I conclude that we have reached genuine harmony. I let the last refill run out. Bruce starts hating the younger cats again. I buy more. Peace returns . . . and so on.I wish they were nonsense because I’d save $30 a month and reclaim two outlets. They’re not nonsense. If you have tense cats they work miracles.As other reviewers have noted, they can get warm, and it’s important that the refills get changed on time. We set a reminder to change them every 28 days and that seems to work. (At that point they’re very nearly dried out without starting to burn.)All grumpiness and dry humor aside: I really am grateful for this product. It clearly is helping our middle aged cat live in harmony with two playful young cats.