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Elegant Comfort Waterproof Premium Quality Bench Car Seat Protector Cover (Entire Rear Seat) for Pets, Black

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  • MACHINE WASHABLE AND EASY TO WIPE DOWN: We dare you to get your dog as wet and dirty as possible, have him roll around in the grass and dirt, and see how easy it is to get the stains and smell out after 1 hand or machine wash (lasts for 100's of washes)! This cover is 100% waterproof. Perfect for dogs that shed a lot - hair doesn't stick to it so it's easy to wipe off with a damp cloth or run it through the machine wash!
  • HOW TO MEASURE IF IT FITS YOUR CAR? Our covers fit most cars. But to be sure, take a minute to measure the backseat of your car. Our seat cover is 55" wide. If your seat is between 50-58", then it should work great. And if it doesn't, you can return it for a full refund.
  • Elegant Comfort - High Quality and has a breathable weave

  • Product Review


    this is a good product for the money and it is secure in the car, they stay in the seat, there is a little bumper thing that fits in the seat so the pads don't move while the dogs are on it. Great BUY - fits perfect in my Rav4 and Honda CRV


    W. Sparrow

    Not only is this a good value, but functional AND nice-looking. Better than I expected for the price. We use this in our smaller car. The quilted material is heavy enough to stay in place, but lightweight enough that it can easily be placed in the washer.



    It's so soft and fit perfectly snug in the back of my 2016 F-150 super crew. I bought a cheaper version for my van and it was crap. I'm 10x happier with this one. I ran into the problem of needing to use the middle seatbelt, so I cut a slit in the back by the right headrest strap and used some sewing and velcro and it works perfectly. I'm very happy with it.


    Susan R.

    I have a Honda CRV and this is a little big but the tie down straps work at keeping this in place.



    Bought one for myself. I dont have dogs but bought it because I keep a lot of stuff on the seats and didnt want to get them dirty. Well my mom helped me put it on and she ended up really liking it so I got one for her car when she has her dogs in it. I bought the beige and hers is the black. Both are really nice and has enough attachment straps for different cars.


    Pen Name

    Have bought one for each car because they work so well. They are easy to put in and take out. They lay flat on the seat and do not bunch up which is nice. The only issue I have is that the slits for seat belt buckle are large and dirt/hair does get trapped in there. This is a minor issue and easy to deal but an issue nonetheless.


    Kindle Customer

    Keeps the back seat covered in our 2016 Ford Fusion. Nice material, soft and stays in place. If you want to put someone in the middle using a seat belt with the cover on, you only have access as a lap belt. wish there was Velcro so I could pull the seat belt through properly. other than that, there are places for seat belts to connect and that is great! Glad we bought this.


    Daniel G. Foster

    Unlike my previous covers, this unhooks easily and, more importantly, you can just pull it out and shake off the hair-- it doesn't stick/embed in the fabric. My one issue is that it does complicate putting down the split rear seatback. I'd love to see one of these with a split in the seat cover's back, too. Maybe connected with a little velcro so you can drop half the back seat more easily and not have to unhook the headrest loop.



    I happened to get two puppies and a new car, in that order, and wanted to feel secure when traveling with them. The fact that this is waterproof and washing machine safe made it a must have. After being washed multiple times, it still looks, feels, and performs just like new. No holes, no stitching issues, and somehow it doesn’t harbor the scent of dog like a towel or blanket would. I also bought the black one for my other car.


    Jeanne M. Noble

    Seat cover is a perfect color for the inside of our car and our dog is almost that color, so hair doesn't show and look messy on it. The fabric is durable and easily wiped off. By unhooking the back section from the headrests, the back part can be laid neatly across the seat section for passenger seating. Any dog hair on the cover, then, is trapped between the halves and does not get all over clothing. Great design (wooden pieces fit between the seat and seat back to help keep the cover in place, etc. VERY happy with this product!



    It doesn’t secure down as well as I’d like in my Honda Accord, but it’ll get the job done protecting my light colored seats from muddy paw prints and a messy 7 year old. I ordered the black and the material seems very durable. I might get one for my husband’s car to protect his leather seats from puppies and children.



    Saves the back seat from all kinds of things the dog may carry in, from dirt and sand, to even wetness. Color matches the interior fairly well too. Great product. One complaint is the grommets tear out of the cloth so the snap hooks are connected to the hole where the grommets were. I suspect over time they may tear all the way through sending this pad to the trash bin.



    This back seat cover fits perfectly inside a 2016 Hyundai Sonata plug in hybrid. Doesn't cover up air vent for hybrid battery. Got this for 2 messy kids not a dog and works great. Son was at a lacrosse game in the rain and cover was wet after he got out of the car and tried fairly quickly. No wet car seats which are made out of cloth, not leather.Wanted to find similar fabric for front seats as well, but made a great purchasing decision so far.



    Fits well with a Subaru Crosstrek, although it has some weird hooks on the bottom and pull handles in the middle that I just tucked underneath the cover so they didn't snag on anything. The elastic straps on the bottom might be great at holding down the cover on another SUV, but didn't work so well on the Crosstrek, but I was able to tuck everything in fairly tightly.As pretty as the black cover looked in the picture (and when I first put it in my car), beware (the incredibly obvious): any fur color other than black is going to light up like an emergency beacon.Fingers crossed that this helps keep the car clean-ish after a long trip with the shedding machine.



    This works great for what I wanted it for. Keeps the dog hair off my seats, is waterproof enough to put the dog in the car after swimming, etc. There are good sized openings to allow the seatbelts to poke through, so if your dog throws up or has an accident by those openings, it will run through. Easy enough to place an old towel under the cover just in case. Was simple enough to figure out how to install, stays in place for the most part (I have a really crazy dog that spins around while riding) With a calmer dog it wouldn't move at all, I'm sure. Overall, happy with the price and quality.



    This is great! I just purchased a new SUV and had custom leather seats installed. My fur baby loves to ride in the car, but I didn't want her to ruin my new leather, This cover is AWESOME and so quick and easy to put on. It covers the whole bench and the sides!! When she goes back inside, I just slip it off and fold it up then place it in my trunk. I definitely recommend this to anyone needing a seat cover for pets!!! The other great thing about this particular cover is that it stays on. I have a different brand cover for the front seat and the buckle always comes unsnapped. I am going to see if this company makes one for front seats or try to find a different brand if not.


    Prithwiraj Ghiosh Roy

    This is an awesome product. I was looking for something cover our Subaru Outback bench seats for two car seats and this is a great fit. Installation is child's play and to my surprise the product stays in place and allows easy removal when required. I actually landed ordering another one for the second car !



    This is a very nice car seat cover. It covers the whole back seat of my SUV, seat and back, to keep the dog hair off. I have not washed mine yet, so hopefully it will not shrink!The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because it had no directions on how to install it, so it definitely takes longer than one minute! I think it would take longer than one minute even if you had least for me.Please include installation instructions for those of us who need just a little assistance.Thank you!


    Gina P

    Big fan so far. I havent tested how much liquid it can take, but it seems pretty waterproof. It was important for me to get a seat cover that was nice looking as well as a comfortable fabric. Most cheap seat covers have that vinyl feeling and I hate it. This is truly a steal for the quality.Not to hard to install, but it didn't come with any instructions which is annoying. There are still some hooks that I don't know what I'm suppose to do withUPDATE: I have had this on my seats for a while now and it's still great. My dog has gotten in with wet and muddy paws many times with no damage to my seat. He also got carsick the other day and to my surprise, the seat cover didn't leak at all and was easy to wipe off. Definitely recommend!



    Fits my Chrysler Aspen very well. My back seat measures 51" long. There are holes for the seat buckles. However, there is no way to use the middle seat belt.