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Crumps' Naturals Mt-Fd-105 Mini Trainers Freeze Dried Beef Liver (1 Pack), 105G/3.7 Oz

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  • All Natural, Single Ingredient, No Additives, Colours Or Preservatives
  • Canadian Made: Using Canadian Beef
  • All Life Stages: Great For All Dogs Of All Ages And Sizes
  • Great For Training/ Rewarding

  • Product Review

    Dog Lover

    One of my dogs has IBS and doesn't handle any treats well. The great thing about these is that they're really tiny pieces so I can use them for training without jeopardizing the status of his digestive system.


    Erin E. Bailey

    My dog LOVES these. Like, SO SO loves them. I knew dogs liked freeze-dried liver, but my dog's reaction was incredibly surprising. She's actually listening to us now when we train her - and we HAD been using hot dogs as a reward, which she apparently didn't like nearly as much as the liver! We'll definitely be buying more of these.


    Tracy T.

    These are absolutely PERFECT for training pups! The size of these is exactly what I needed. Our big dogs love them too but I'm not sure they even taste them because they are so tiny. No need to break them into pieces, they are seriously perfect!


    J. Taylor

    My very picky 14lb poodle is crazy about these treats! Teeny tiny size makes them great for training and frequent rewarding. I give her about 2 at a time everytime she returns the ball during our 40 min games of fetch. The product is very consistent and very high quality. Low fat treat, easy on the stomach and bowels.



    All my dogs LOVE these! I wanted to find something small enough for my chihuahua, the beagle loves them...even the saint bernard (he gets a small handful) easy to carry for training too.


    Lacey Dias

    Perfect! I love the simple, zero additives and extra small size. I have both a small elderly chihuahua and a Labrador puppy, they both love these treats and have been an excellent positive reward for training without over feeding.



    These are low calorie and perfect for training. The dog gobbles these up, but they can be used for repetitive teaching. She’s already learned to sit, lay down, beg, shake, wave bye-bye, give hugs, come, and “leave it”. Love these!



    Small, pre-cut dog training treats. These are a great option when training pups because they are so small in size. I can give my dog 1-4 cubes for a reward multiple times in a training session and know that she will digest them easily and not get an upset stomach.


    Katherine Hollins

    I like these because my dog likes them. They're very small, and great for training when I need to reward frequently. I also like that they're dry... it's easier to deal with than cooked meat (my dog's other high-value treat), and I can stash containers of them around the house for teachable moments without them going bad. I've ordered these a few times, and only once, the bag was a little crunched. I use the "liver dust" at the end of the bag to make a kong, or regular kibble a bit more enticing anyway - so no major loss.



    I’m not sure how I’m supposed to rate flavor...I haven’t tasted them. But my dog seems to like them and he is picky! I will say these are super mini...I think I was expecting something a little bigger but they are good for training.



    My puppy goes crazy for these treats. I am using them for training. She loves these so much that she even ignores the cats when we are training with these treats. She is a pomeranian puppy, so the small size is very important for me. I haven't found anything she likes more in the perfect size!



    I have aa 10lb Bolognese dog who absolutely loves these. The main reason I purchased these is because the "bits" are about 1 cm square......perfect size for tiny puppy. I really didn't expect her to love the taste. Training is easier and I don't worry about her eating too many calories. Highly reccomend



    My dogs love these! They are small and light and easy to carry for training. They are crumbly, so I only bring enough for the outing otherwise they turn to powder. They are a little pricy.



    I now have these in jars all over my home. These are perfectly sized to be a training treat, and with a new rescue at home, this is ideal. I tried other liver treats and they were big chunks I needed to break up, while these are cut and ready for use.I've already bought this again, and I'll gladly do so in the future if needed.


    Ming Z

    We used to buy smaller bags of this brand from the local pet store. This is a much better deal! The tiny squares are perfect to use as our puppy's high-value potty training treats because she gets several every time she goes. Some of the cubes are not cut all the way through so you have to pull them apart.


    A. Jackson

    These are great for training my dog! They have an appealing odor and taste for her so she feels rewarded, but they're small enough that she doesn't get tired of them. We are starting her on nosework and needed something high value, and these do the trick.Note: I also got the "semi-moist" treats by this brand and returned them. They were so hard she couldn't chew them.



    My puppy turned up her nose at the majority of dog treats we tried, but she goes crazy for these liver treats. After purchasing a dozen varieties of other highly rated training treats, we were frustrated that she left most of them laying on the ground. No interest whatsoever. Ordinary puppy kibble was preferable. This wasn’t very helpful for training and we thought perhaps our pup just wasn’t highly food motivated. Our trainer suggested these, along with cat treats. Surprise! Puppy goes wild for these liver dog tears. It really helps make training easier when she’s motivated. I gave to say these are expensive and that she also responds really well to Temptations brands cat treats. These dog treats are by far the best, but due to price, we mix the cat treats in with the liver treats in her training pouch and this works well. Definitely the favorite dog treat we’ve found so far.



    My dog goes crazy for these! Love the size. My dog is a 30 lb lanky and athletic dog. These are great because if we are training for a while she gets a lot of treats and I don’t feel bad about giving her a lot of these tiny treats, works better than fewer larger treats and she eats them quickly. I’m very into limited ingredient food for my dog and this is just one! Well worth it. I’ll keep getting these everytime. As a bonus, the cat likes them.



    My dog loves these! I just adopted her 3 months ago so we are still in the early stages of training. She is pretty small (an 8-lbs Chihuahua-Terrier mix), so I was getting concerned about giving her too many of the regularly-sized treats throughout the day and potentially causing her weight issues. She is also pretty picky with treats and seems to primarily like freeze-dried, single protein treats. Before I came across the Crump's Naturals Mini Trainers, the smallest freeze-dried treats I had found were 3 calories per treat. Although that doesn't seem like much at first, it quickly adds up throughout the day when giving them as training rewards. After much searching at pet stores and other online retailers for smaller freeze-dried treats, I finally came across these. It was just what I had been looking for! I have yet to find any other freeze-dried treat option as tiny as these. I've also tried tearing up the other treats into smaller pieces, but never managed to get them quite as small as these mini trainer treats. I have already ordered two bags and will be buying more. I even showed them to my dog's sitter/trainer and she was impressed with them and asked me where she could get them herself. Bottom line: I highly recommend these, particularly if you are training your dog and/or trying to control their caloric intake. I just wish these mini trainers came in other protein options, not just beef liver.


    Lip Gloss Junkie

    Our new puppy is currently 13lbs and I needed a high value (delicious) treat that was small enough to give her a LOT of them without overfeeding her. These tiny little bites are perfect!!! Yes, there are cheaper versions out there, but are they cut up into teeny weenie itty bitty little cubes for your convenience? They're uniformly cut to about 1/4" cubes. I don't have time to be cutting up bigger treats. My puppy needs positive reinforcement NOW.If you have a larger breed these might be a bit small, however, the tiny size is a GREAT way for them to learn to be GENTLE when taking food from your hand!!