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Classy Kitty 21" 2 Story Cat Condo 13.5x13.5x26

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  • Manufactured by North American Pet products
  • Made in United States

  • Product Review


    Cats use it some , expect this Winter they will use it more , but they do like it.


    heather sasser

    My kittens love this.


    Karla Schulz

    Very sturdy for kittens love it


    Anita A.

    A very sturdy solid cat tower. I bought others previously that were very flimsy.


    David Windhorn



    Jennifer r brown.

    Works just fine


    Margrethe Hackett

    Sturdy and neutral - doesn't clash with the furniture! Gets tons of use from my 11mo. cats.



    My kitten loved this. Obviously.



    We place two small bowls atop this cat condo. It keeps our pug puppy from devouring our cat's food. Our cat has also taken up residence in the lower unit.



    I received 2 instead of 1 but it cost too much to send back so I am keeping the second one for when the first one gets worn. I'd like to suggest that they make these condos a little bit wider in circumference for larger cats.



    well built cat loves it


    Kimberly Stock

    Doesn’t look exactly like the pic. It’s sturdy and my cats use it.



    It comes apart a little bit but that's to be expected when cats are clawing it all day. I had one from Petco and it was the same type, a little smaller. This one is sturdier actually as it is larger and doesn't tip every time the cats jump off it.Now, every cat is different, but this is what got my cats to stop clawing any other piece of furniture. They love this one and claw it all day. Usually the same spot, so I think it's a good idea to buy a new one every 3-6 months if the aesthetic of the sides falling apart bothers you, but the last one I had I kept for two years with no trouble and the cat never stopped loving it.


    deesue parx

    Fast shipping and my cats were on it instantly when it was unpacked. Will order this one again next time.



    My cats love this cat condo. It is the right height for my windows. In fact, I have 3 of these condos in front of my windows and all three of my cats will sit and sleep on them. During the day they sit and watch the birds at my birdfeeders.


    Adrienne K.

    Love it, but make sure you measure the height before your purchase. This one was a bit shorter than we had anticipated. It works well and our cat loves it but I wish it had been just a tad taller. I will say that the seller DID post the height; we did not pay attention. Our bad!



    Great for the price, but even better if it were bigger. Ignored the review about cat not fitting in/on it thinking they owned a big cat.My cat is not that big and he has to hang over it and only once got inside, but got stuck.Will donate this to a kitten foster shelter & get a bigger open one.


    Nancy pants

    After buying a new low-profile couch I realized that my "cave dweller" kitties had no where to hide and rest. I thought this would be a good option for them. It took a little warming up for them to actually notice that it was in the room. Now they're in or on it constantly and it duos as a scratcher for them too. I only gave it 4 of 5 stars because it's not super stable. When they leap off of it quickly it has a tendency to fall over. Perhaps it needs a wider base to sit upon to not flip?


    Mary B

    My 2 boys absolutely love these. I have 1 in every room. They have never honed their claws on anything else. My furniture is old but like new. You would never know any of my furniture came from a house with 2 cats. They sleep on top of these too. If you have a kitten I strongly recommend you start it off with this. You won’t be sorry.


    Makes ¢ents

    I was mostly doing this review to add some pictures of the item that I think should have been originally posted.Sorry about my (10lb) cats being in the pictures they wouldn't leave it alone, and I had just sprayed it with liquid catnip.Its a decent size for what it is but with the 2nd "floor" being only a half self my cats have yet to use it or be interested in it.The only like being on the bottom floor, clawing the side or sleeping on the very top of the item.I think it was a great buy at its (open box price of less than $20) but its full price wouldn't make it worth it since the half self kind of ruins it being two stories for me. It is think and well built and would buy again if needed.Mentioning that the carpet is nice and fluffy, there seems to be some fibers falling off (in pictures) but not much of an issue.The carpet is not on the bottom of the 1/2 shelf or the inside top of the condo. (in pictures)The inside walls are bare except for on strip/stripe of carpet going down the back. (also in pictures)