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Ceva Feliway Spray (60 mL)

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  • DRUG FREE SOLUTION: The spray disperses an odorless copy of the facial pheromone which helps cats feel more comfortable in their environment
  • REDUCES SCRATCHING & URINE SPRAYING: Clinically proven to reduce scratching and urine spraying in 9/10 cats
  • REDUCES TRAVEL ANXIETY: Clinically proven to help reduce signs of stress related to travel & vet visits such as meowing, agitation, and defecating
  • HELPS ADAPT TO NEW SURROUNDINGS: Feliway Classic may be used to help cats and kittens acclimate to a new home, new family member or new pet
  • HOW TO USE: Spray 8 10 pumps directly on the object your cat is marking or inside the carrier 10 minutes prior to introducing the ca
  • LASTS UP TO 5 HOURS: Re apply the spray every 4 5 hours as needed
  • USE UP TO 50 TIMES: Each 60 mL bottle delivers about 50 applications
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: All cats are unique, results may vary
  • NOTE: Packaging may vary for this item

  • Product Review

    Erica OK

    We have tried so many things to keep my daughter's cat from ruining our new fabric sofa and easy chair. I didn't think my daughter should spend the relatively high cost for this spray since it's too late for these pieces of furniture. However, much to my surprise, Feliway actually works. Her cat--over a month later now--is still refraining from scratching the furniture, yet does not seem at all intimidated by the spray or furniture area. And we only briefly noticed a very slight odor ourselves. When we visit the relatives with this cat, we will take the spray with us. We only wish we had purchased this --Feliway--earlier.


    Billie Jean Severi

    my male cat of 11 years old just started spraying due to stress (per Vet) of 2 new female cats. I use this after I fully clean the areas he sprays with Nature Miracle and spray the Feliway product. As of this review, he stopped spraying in the areas I treated. I have not yet used this to transport any of my cats or to stopped destruction of property but I will if that problem ever occurs, fingers cross that I will not have to us it for those purposes.


    TV junkie

    I have had problems with one of my cats urinating on one of my couches continuously. I ended up putting a heavy duty vinyl table cover over this couch but she would still urinate on the cover several times a day. I took a urine sample to my vet and she did not have crystals or bacteria present. I wanted to make sure it was not a physical problem. Then I moved the cat litter into the family room, which did not make me very happy but I did it anyway. She continued to urinate on the cover of the couch. She tends to be a very anxious cat and I wanted to make sure that she had nothing physically wrong with her before I tried Feliway. I purchased the spray and the diffuser. I placed the diffuser right next to the kitty condo. This did not seem to fix the problem, but I was patient and lo and behold three weeks after placing the diffuser and spraying everything with the Feliway spray she stopped urinating on the couch! It took a little longer than advertised, but it really worked! Give it time, don’t give up on it. She has not urinated on the couch at all for the past two weeks. Not only did it reduce her stress level, it reduced my stress level when I did not walk into the room and see a puddle of piss several times a day on my couch! The downside is that the price of the spray almost doubled in two weeks time!!!!!! It is still cheaper to order it online from Amazon then it is to buy in a pet store. Not happy about the huge increase in price though, as this is a product that needs to be used continuously. The price of the diffuser has stayed the same and I will continue to buy refills for it. I think that it works a little better than the spray, however, I will continue to use both Feliway products.



    My cat just hit 7 years old this year, and her personality is changing a little. She has been a lot more clingy and affectionate than in the past and gets very anxious when ever my partner and I leave for longer than an hour. She shows her frustration by peeing on our bed. She did this twice while we were gone and once right in front of me when we came home one time. I ordered a bed protector and enzyme cleaner(after the first 2 episodes), but it did not prevent the 3rd time, after which I ordered this spray (I don’t have a free outlet in this room for the diffuser). Since then we have gone out twice (including early on the 4th of July - home before fireworks), and made sure to spray around before we left, and it’s worked like some sort of miracle! It appeared that she has slept through both of those times and didn’t pee inappropriately any where! This is worth its cost and is saving us a lot of laundry and irritation.



    Recently, our daughter brought her cat to our house while she stayed with us before making a cross country move. We have two cats, a dog and a bird. One of our cats is an extremely high-strung Siamese boy. He gets sick easily if stressed.We planned for the arrival of visitors with our vet and she prescribed an anti-anxiety medication administered to the ears and she also recommended Feliway which she uses in her practice.So we tried the "ear cream" in Siamese ears with no real effect, then applied to our other cat as she seemed the most angry about the newcomer and was picking fights with Siamese which helped some. Then Visitor got ear cream too. The angry level came down but they were still very agitated. Finally each cat was outfitted with a bandana sprayed with Feliway and there was peace. I am not going to say they all became friends but at least we could all be in the same room together without needing a referee.Feliway was suggested for an upcoming air flight. Visitor's bandana was misted again and worn for the trip with very good results.



    I have very nervous rescue cats. This spray has helped with our flight from England to the USA. Moving into a new house is difficult for cats as it is let alone moving from another country. We mainly use this when people come over, redecorating, vet visits or when one of them is sick. It helps to calm and relax them when new things enter their enviroment or they are forced out of their enviroment. I find it works better than the plug in type for my cats plus this is much more portable. And yes, my cats sound posh and speak proper meow lol ;-)



    I use it to prevent my kitty whose litter box habits sometimes leave something to be desired. My vet told me to spray it twice a day for several days (where the kitty has peed) and then once a day. The first time I did it there was no peeing that day. I didn't keep it up and he did pee outside the box again. I started doing it correctly and the problem is no more.


    H. Blank

    I used the Feliway Spray in my cat carrier before I took my cat to the vet. The first time I took her to the vet without the spray she meowed the entire way which is about 20 - 25 minutes. When I took my cat back for a recheck, I sprayed the cat carrier as the instructions recommended. Fifteen minutes later I put my cat in the carrier and off we went to the vet. She barely meowed on the second trip and on the way home she was very calm and did not meow or cry at all.About a month later my brother got a kitten and needed to take him on a 2 hour road trip. Kitten meowed the entire time. I gave the spray to my brother to use on his return trip and the kitten meowed much less for him.Highly recommend.



    I have several uncles who were veterinarians. I remembered their conversation about this spray when our adult cat became terrified. We had work done in our basement and after that our cat wasn’t the same. We couldn’t coax him out at all. He was eating, drinking a pooping fine- when no one was around. Our Vet said to give it time. I was desperate so I ordered this spray. So we caught him. I had sprayed some of this on my hands and a towel. We quarantined him in a spare bedroom overnight with the towel and I visited often (sprayed with this stuff.) He had liter, food and water. He remained unchanged for five days until this spray arrived. It calmed him in under 24 hours. We have our fur baby back.



    Great for my crazy Siamese! Definitely calms her down. Before she acted like a crazed animal when would have visitors over.


    Patricia L Morey

    Makes my adopted feral kitten into a lovely house cat for over 8 years now. I wouldn't have been able to keep him if it hadn't calmed him down so easily. I use the plug in daily & the spray for vet & car trips or when stray cats upset him. Will continue to buy. Thank you.


    Brandy M

    We love feliway in our house! It is true that not every cat responds to it, but we are on our second cat we have used it with and both have responded. The first was a Male who oddly liked to pee in one bathroom sink. Feliway helped him stop along with a little more attention. Our second is a kitten born feral. We use a few sprays on a piece of fabric at night and she is now snuggling right in with us. We also used a socialization box, etc. Feliway is not a miracle worker, but it is a fantastic tool to help the process!


    S. White

    A wonderful product. Spray this in your cat's carrier before loading kitty in to go to the vet. Your trip will be much easier! Generous amount so bottle lasts. Have not had it stain anything I've used it on. Really does work. Use in combination with diffuser for great results.


    Avid Amazon Shopper

    This stuff actually seems to work. I frequently travel for 6 hours +/- with my cats (16 and 18 years old) to a second home. I had been sitting in the back seat of the car to comfort them during the trips while my husband drove because one of them yowled incessantly and the other one was quiet but clearly traumatized. Recently, I had to travel alone with them and my sister recommended I try this product. I was skeptical, but tried it. They got restless by the end of the 6 hours, but were amazingly subdued most of the way without seeming drugged. I definitely recommend trying this product to help settle down cats in distress!


    Emilie Smith

    So impressed with this! I was very skeptical, but it works. My cat has a weird thing with the Christmas tree where he would get nervous and pee on our bed (it’s a thing- weird I know). I sprayed this around the tree and on the bed and he never peed again. Love that we don’t have to keep shutting out bedroom door behind us, know.



    We took in an almost 6 month old ferrel kitten hanging around our patio. This is March, 2018. She was used to us feeding her outside but did not want to be touched. We took her in, she walked in the open door. After she darted upstairs we closed her in the empty bedroom she hid in. Lured her into kennel next day with chicken baby food. The vet couldn’t handle her. We made an appointment for a week later so she could be anesthetize and have all her medical including spay done at one time while out. The vet also recommended this spray.We found the plug in diffuser of this product at a pet store the next day and in 2 days I had this, from Amazon. The difference they made was fast and dramatic. In 2 more days I picked up Audrey. She didn’t love it but didn’t fight me. That’s got to be partly her nature, a sweet cat. But this helps. In another 2 days, still before going back for surgery, Audrey was liking being cuddled. She’s alone in her room and loves our frequent visits all day.Audrey is 8 days past surgery now. I use the spray when I take her to visit other rooms to get used to the house some. And the plug in diffuser is in her room. When visiting in there with her, one of our other 2 cats is fine with the new one. He sniffs and licks her head. She rolls over to play. I think he’d be friendly anyway, but this mellows him more. He actually goes up to the diffuser and sniffs it often.Our other adult male, a small boy, is going to take more time. He took a week to like his little brother last year. No spray then.I ordered 3 more diffusers, this brand, but the Filiway diffuser for multi cat homes. It is said to be specific to chilling aggression.As we start blending these 3 cats in the next week I expect it to help. I plan to update this review after a bit. As for now, little Audreyis a very cuddly kitten to comes to us willingly and purrs happily. I will keep using both the diffusers and this spray.Don’t spray on your cats. I did spray her kennel one spritz to take her to the vet, and I spray 2 spritzes on a shirt I wore, to leave my scent with her, now this pheromone on it too.



    I spray some Feliway on a towel and wrap my cat in it before going to the vet. Calms him down and makes him happy. Once we get to vet's, he walks around proudly with his tail in the air and side swipes everything and everybody!


    Kelly B.

    This stuff is amazing. It really works! We use both the spray and the diffuser. Our in-door only, male tabby, neutered since 4 months old, is now nine years old and thought it would be a good time to start spraying. We think the problem is that we've adopted a few ferals / strays outside (all now neutered), so our indoor boy is marking his territory. Not good. We took him to the vet to have him checked out, but he's perfectly fine. We bought Feliway diffusers & spray, and the behavior completely stopped! We let the diffusers go dry without replacing and all was fine for a while. Then spring came & we opened windows; our boy started spraying again. We replenished diffusers & purchased more spray, and again, the behavior completely stopped! Amazing. Highly recommend.



    I have a cat that stalks and bullies one of my other cats. I mentioned this to my vet, and she recommended this product. It worked instantly! Not only has fat boys food obsession stopped, but his stalking and chasing have also stopped. I will never be without this product. I had no idea his issues were due to anxiety and stress. I spray in common areas and also on his favorite sleeping areas. I was amazed at how instant this was. Although the instructions read to repeat every four hours, I have found it lasts longer. I do refresh the sleeping areas daily. The stress was getting to me as well as the other cats. We are all more relaxed.


    Kelly T

    I've held off writing a review because I wanted to be sure things were working. We added a six month old kitten to our house in December and while all three of the other cats got along with him just fine, within 24 hours he had started urinating on my bed. He did not have a medical reason for this behavior and since we got him from a rescue at an older age (his siblings had been adopted months prior) I thought maybe this behavior was what was preventing him from getting a home. I did not want to return him to the rescue, this seemed to be his only issue and while gross, it was confined to the one area. I ordered this spray as well as the diffuser and while waiting for it to arrive we kept him out of any bedrooms. I also picked up an additional litter box and put him in it periodically throughout the day to remind him of where it was at. When my items arrived I plugged in the diffuser and sprayed the bed and then waited. Three of my cats, including the kitten, avoided the area immediately after it was sprayed. The marking stopped completely. The fourth cat, a slightly off center, anti-social, neurotic mess of a cat that doesn't really like anyone and spends his days hiding under the bed...he loved it. I mean like LOVED it. He would jump up on the bed as soon as he saw me heading for the spray and roll around where I'd sprayed. Then he started being really friendly with the dogs to the point of annoyance. Then he got super, super, over the top "friendly" with our one female cat. To be clear, everybody is spayed or neutered in this house. This was sort of an unexpected side effect of the product. It's been six months and I'm thrilled that the marking has stopped. I'm not really sure what to do with the fourth cat other than rename him Joey and try to shoo him off when he sidles up to our female all "How you doin'?". We did buy more of the diffusers and plan on keeping them going for at least a while longer. I haven't needed to use the spray after the first bottle got emptied. I think Joey is slightly disappointed.