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Catify Scratch and Spin Replacement Pads (5 Pack) – Round Cardboard Scratcher Refills for Cats – by Best Pet Supplies

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  • FITS MOST STANDARD ROUND SCRATCHERS: Our refill pads are the perfect size to fit standard round scratchers and the Citify Scratch & Spin.
  • PACK OF 5 PADS: Turn over each pad after one side is used up for an even longer-lasting scratching surface.
  • PREMIUM CARDBOARD: Our 100% non-toxic, extra-thick cardboard is to help your kitty get that extra-satisfying scratch.
  • PROTECT YOUR FURNITURE: Satisfy your cat’s innate need to scratch and keep their claws off your furniture with these round scratcher refills. Citify your home today by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ now!

  • Product Review

    Miranda Reed

    I actually bought them so I could put them around my house and give my cats more options for scratching. I had to put rubber pads on them to stop them from sliding on my hardwoods, but they did exactly what I wanted them to. My cats aren't scratching my furniture anymore.


    Carol Joy

    Buying these on amazon will save you half the cost instead of buying them in a store. You can sprinkle cat nip on top or leave as is. They fit perfectly in the molded ring with the track for the toy ball in it. Once one side is torn up you get a second life flipping them over to a new intact surface! My cats use daily for their claws.


    Alexander B

    My cats really enjoy these scratchers. One has lived nearly a year and a half from daily frequent scratching from one of my cats. I recently added a second and he really likes these too though he hasn’t figured out he needs to put his back paws on the scratcher. These are durable. Easy to move and place where cats like to scratch such as near furniture. They do not leave cardboard everywhere like others.


    Ernest Macinderm

    My cat prefers these scratchers to rope or carpet ones, so we always try to have these on hand. These are put together a bit better than their walmart counterparts, and come with a little bit of catnip to get them interested. They can also be hung on doorknobs, although I just lay it on the ground. Really good value.


    Amanda L

    This is the best cat tree I have ever purchased! Our older cat has never climbed a cat tree before and even she climbs this one. It is designed very well and makes it easy for both our cats to climb and enjoy. It is very durable and surprisingly sturdy! I would definitely recommend this over others we have bought!


    Laura Compton

    I bought these as a replacement for the center of a cat toy, but ultimately wound up scattering them around the house in areas where my cats were most likely to claw at the carpet -- and it works! I don't see them doing that anymore. Any time they need something to claw, they go for these. Maybe not the most attractive solution, but I live in a rented space and having loads of affordable cat scratching areas to save the carpet is totally necessary.


    Old Mesquite Workshop

    I ordered this in Nov and in late Feb the second side is still in tack and can be used for a couple more weeks. My cats give it a lot of action too, with frequent sprays of catnip. I am amazed with how long it has lasted. Great price for the quality and quantity, it is slightly smaller in diameter than the spinner stand, but it stays in place so no issue there. I do not replace these until they are basically torn to bits, since the cats like them that way. I am so pleased with this product and price point.



    One of my few successful purchases for my two kitties. This sacrificial cardboard insert goes in the plastic round swirly-ball cat toy which my cats use every Blue Moon, but they claw and scrape marking their little kitty turf with this thing almost every day until ultimately it needs replacing again. Eventually little bits go everywhere mostly un-noticed until weekly vacuuming erases the evidence. Sure beats ruining the furniture. They're happy so for the cheap cost, who cares.


    Brittany B.

    I had the plastic version of this toy and it was garbage. It had super thin plastic making it very light so it would slide around if you put it on wood floor. Plus it was ugly to look at. This one is like a thick cardboard (almost wood like?), which I was not expecting but delighting to discover upon removing it from the box. I bought it purely on aesthetics alone, but it's definitely a higher quality than the other versions on Amazon. It also comes with catnip (wasn't expecting that) and my picky cat immediately started playing with it as soon as I set it on the floor (might have been the catnip but whatever). Even my dog likes playing with it! I am so impressed.



    this is my cat's favorite scratcher. I have bought many other types and she will have nothing to do with it she spends hours it's just lying down scratching it spinning the ball around in the turbocharger. She absolutely loves playing with it and scratching her nails. I love that you can use both sides and they last for quite some time. I have been buying these at Walmart for a long time and they quit carrying them. I was so happy to find them on Amazon. And so is my cat happy I found them! I would strongly recommend this product to any cat lover for both you and your cat will have hours of enjoyment with it! I will definitely buy them again. Oh and by the way sprinkle a little catnip on the cardboard and your cat will go crazy!



    I have used these for many, many years. I never intend to not have a cat, so I will be long time user forever.Cats love the round plastic piece this fits into. They take balls & fit into slot to add to one that comes with the round piece.These cardboard circles last a good while. 3 months or so. Depends on strength of your cat. On whether their nails are cut often.They love catnip sprinkled into a new cardboard piece. & love a new one.2 of my cats, the older ones are trained to use it all the time. Working on my new 3 yr old black strayOrder came fast.



     I've been using these for years, these scratch pad refills are great. My cats love them. I have 7 cats, and I have two toys that use these, and they last several months before they are too torn up to be replaced, and they definitely get heavy use. Since my Siamese/Bengal mix goes out of his way to tear it apart when he cat... even as I'm typing he's clawing at it. Will buy again for sure. :)I've included a video of one of my blind cats when we first rescued her at 4 weeks old, and she loved it and would play with it. Since she was and is completely blind, she seemed to (and still does) have fun feeling the texture under he paws.



    Bought this Wide(3pcs) scratcher as replacement for Catit Scratcher with Catnip(see the link bellow), sometimes Catit one price up to $14 for one scratcher, so I was looking for affordable wide cardboard scracther, and this is it!https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0032GEE8S/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1My cat loves this "Catify by Best Pet Supplies, Inc. - Corrugated Cardboard Cat Scratching Pad Wide(3pcs)", and use it from very 1st day.It's basic color that doesn't bother interior at home. Nice scratcher, we can used double side. Cat nip seems like fresher than other brand.



    I bought these as a replacement for a different brand spin and scratch. Wow! Night and day in terms of quality. While the original cardboard insert lasted less than a month before it disintegrated, I’ve had one of these replacements in for over three months and it’s still going strong despite continued abuse from my kitties. I’m very happy and so are the kitties. This is one of their favorite toys. When I buy a second one, I’m getting this brand.



    My cats loooooove their rolly-ball scratcher. They had absolutely torn the crap out of the middle part so I am glad they sell these replacements! One side gets bad, turn it over and get extended life! I thought I was only getting one of these (I went as white as a sheet when I saw the price) but I actually got 5 without even realizing it! My cats are going to have fun for ages. Their world is small and I do my best to try and make it a little bigger when I can.To get the old scratchers out you have to bend the cardboard near the little notches holding it in. It was a little bit of a pain in the butt until I figured it out. Use a butterknife (unlike me) and I am sure it will be an easier task for you!


    L. Tatum

    I love the fact that this toy is heavy (well, heavy-ish) and not made of plastic (yay). The rubber feet & weight keep it in place, either on carpet or on the wooden floor. Two of my three cats love to play & scratch, and my older cat loves to use the scratcher. It came with light balls with holes, and in two seconds my too-clever Siamese mix grabbed a ball with his claws, lined it up with the tab (how?!?) and pulled it out. So I replaced those with these heavier light up balls you see here. He and his twin brother will play with it off and on, all day long. (I managed to get a photo w/o a cat so you can see it, but my 15 lb Levon fits fine in the center.) It’s a great purchase.


    Thomas Raven

    We’ve all seen the plastic versions of these ball tracks. They’re on the shelves of almost every pet supply store. Some have light up balls. Some have scratchers in the middle. Some are open around the sides while others are open at the top. So what sets Catify’s version apart?The concept is simple enough. The ball goes in and stays captive (i.e. - not lost under the furniture) while your feline friend attacks it and pushes it around inside the ring with gusto. The good news is that this version is nearly 16” in diameter, weighs over four pounds and has rubber feet, so it stays where you put it. An added bonus is the fact that it’s made of heavy-duty recyclable materials.So far this toy is a huge hit, trumping even the light up ball version I bought years ago at Target. Unfortunately, that light up ball doesn’t work with this track - it simply won’t fit - but other balls will work if they’re the same size as a ping pong ball (40mm or approximately 1.5” in diameter). It comes with two balls, so you probably won’t ever need to find a replacement unless you just want something different.The only downside is that there is some noise when those balls go spinning around, but that’s true of all these sorts of products. We suggest removing the balls overnight or whenever you need a quiet moment.This product is highly recommended!


    a. dudley

     I have two cats and one of them is very active. I'm always on the look out for new items. I've ordered scratching boards previously and they just didn't seem to work that well because of how lightweight they are. My cats don't like to scratch things that don't stay in place, so they use my couch and also the door frames in my apartment (goodbye to my deposit).Anyways, this toy arrived very quickly and without excess packaging. It was just the box is comes in and then it was wrapped up good with plastic. My cats immediately took to it, without even putting the catnip on there (it comes with a large bag of kittynip). Once I introduced them to the balls that spin around, they were hooked. I think I'm going to get a light up ball to put inside as well since they are active at night. I like the fact that you can change the balls up if you want.I don't have any carpeting in my home, so it's nice that they added rubber feet to the bottom so it doesn't scratch my floors and stays in place. I also think the cardboard center is made of a stronger cardboard than most of the cardboards out there, my cats have barely made a dent in it. You can easily take out the cardboard with a butter knife and flip it over once the side is used.Great product, will have to buy the refills once these two crazy cats use up the cardboard!


    Chris Wilde

    I now use these for our plastic Bergan/Morovilla 16" base Turbo Scratcher. (See photo)Glad we tried them. These refills are a perfect fit. (10"x7/8", 254mm x 24mm). The cardboard circle is snug and easily snaps into place under the tabs inside the track, just like it should.- These round refills from Catify last longer -AND- they seem tighter and stronger than Bergan/Moroville or PETKIT refills.- I checked local store and Amazon stores. These Catify refills cost less than Bergan refills. We get the 5 Round Pack.WE LOVE THESE. ... More important our 2 Cats love them!


    Don Strassenberg

    Purchased to replace scratch pad in Bergan turbo scratcher cat toy. Fits perfectly.