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Cat Dancer Products Mouse in the House

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  • Plugs into wall socket
  • Replaceable mouse
  • Timer and manual operation
  • Provides stimulus for cats left alone

  • Product Review

    white lightening

    Our cat loves this. This is actually the second one we have had for him. The first one conked out after a few years of good use. We and the cat enjoyed the product and he seemed to miss it when he could see the old one sitting on the floor and it would not work for him, so we ordered him a replacement one because we felt the first one had given us good service for several years. Our cat is a large ragdoll that weighs about 17 pounds and it stood up well to his abuse as he tried to stop the mouse. The order was handled perfectly.



    My two 6 month old kittens like this toy, and it comes in handy when they want me to play with them at an inopportune time. They lose chase toys, which I hope to find under furniture, but this is an action toy that is readily available to keep them busy, and I know where it is at all times. Now and then, it jams up, but turning it on and off or turning the house upside down fixes it. I would buy it again!


    Lily Tree

    Our cats are really enjoying this toy. One likes to just watch it and the other gets involved with trying to catch the mouse. The toy seems very sturdy. The mouse has been bitten, clawed, and stopped on the track but is still going. The timer works well. We are very pleased with this cat toy, good value. When I bought this toy it was $11.98 which was a good value. I would not pay much more for it though.



    Cat loves it. Learned to hit the red button and wait for the mouse to come out. You will need to replace the mouse, but they are cheap and easy to find on Amazon. Easy to replace.Some people complain the motor is loud, but loud is not the right term. You can hear the motor but its not loud enough to be a problem.He's been using this for 2 years now and it still fully functions. Been through a lot of mice.


    Jeanie Farrell

    This toy is OK so far but cats quickly losing interest. One figured out the red button in about 20 seconds, the other cat just watches. Hoping they'll find some interest in the mouse. Boots who figured out the red button ASAP continues to hit it through out the day. Now Little Bit knows what to do to and she'll hit it when it's her turn. This toy went from OK to pretty cool. A keeper



    The mouse moves too slowly; no challenge for your cat.


    Alex K

    Bought is for ~13$. For the price it's a really nice. Our cat loves it and tries to catch the mouse since we bought this.Drawbacks:Motor is a bit too loud, definitely will not be able to use it during night near bed, yet, it's strong enough.Mouse only makes two circles and there is no way to control this. Would be nice to be able to control this part also.



    We've had this about a week, and our playful cat is really enjoying it. Sometimes he tries to catch it, other times he focuses on trying to figure out where it comes from/goes to after it disappears from sight. He often turns it on himself as he attempts to do so, The mouse does have to be put back on the tracks periodically, and I think I'll get another mouse or two.


    Gary T

    My older Siamese was not interested in this toy at all. However, we decided to gift this to the roommate of my daughter in Las Vegas. WOW! The cat went crazy over the toy, learned to activate it in 1 day and spends hours playing with it. I have video showing the cat pushing the button and playing with the toy. Glad I bought it just to make some kitty happy! I recommend to try because every cat is different and may or may not interact with this toy.


    Jailyn Dyer

    I've had this toy for about three months now. While the motor is loud, my cat mostly uses this when we're not in the room. If she's interrupting our television watching too much we simply unplug it. But she loves it and it's a great toy for her to play with while we're gone during the work day. I've really searched for toys she can use herself when we're not home so that she has some stimulation and this is the best that I've found so far.


    Dina J.

    I have two cats with two totally different personalities. The one is a female Maine Coon and the other is a male Siamese. And for any owner of either of these two breeds you know they have distinctive personality traits. It brings out the kitten in my Siamese and gives the manic and highly energetic Coon something to occupy her and help satisfy that never ending curious nature. The Coon figured out how to activate it on her own by pressing the red button and the timer works out well for the Siamese. It is fantastic entertainment for young active cats. Like all youngsters they do lose interest after awhile so I put it up for a week or two and when I bring it back out its playtime all over again. I have heard approximately 1/4 of all cats are not interested in this type of toy but it was worth the gamble for me and for the price that amazon is offering it for I would not pass on it. I have video of my cats playing with it if that is helpful. I will email it to whomever requests it.


    Elizabeth I. Knight-Smith

    This is awesome!!!! Our adult cats love this toy!!! I would have given it 5 stars but it is super loud. No joke, we have to unplug this thing when we watch TV because it's so darn loud. Of course, when we watch TV is when the cats want to play with it the most. It didn't take them long to figure out that pushing the red button makes the mouse come out & it's a lot of fun to watch them play with it. Even with the noise, it's worth the cost.


    Kindle Customer

    My cat ADORES this toy. As soon as the mouse chirps, she appears and hovers over the house. She'll plant herself on the tracks to block the mouse and will drag the house all over, hoping to get that wily mouse when it disappears.When it broke after a year of heavy use, I had to buy a replacement because my cat was heartbroken without it.This is a nice toy to have for automation. I wish there was a way to set track repetitions or time. Often, my cat likes to play with it for four-five rounds and the timer setting will only send the mouse around twice.Expensive? Yes. But it's durable and gets much use, so I think it's worth the price.


    Robin G

    One of our two cats thinks this is a wonderful toy. He was able to figure out how to "turn it on" within a couple days. He loves to play with it and does so several times per day. Yes, it is a bit noisy for humans trying to watch TV or reading, but to the cat it's quite entertaining. Our other cat watches the action on occasion, but isn't able (or willing) to turn it on himself. Depending upon your cat, this can be quite entertaining for both the cat and human observers.


    Tracy VanNoy

    So far my cat loves this. She can't wait for me to hit the button and I'm really hoping she learns to turn it on herself.I was seriously disappointed when I opened my amazon box though. The toy I received was obviously a returned item. The end of the box was open, the cord had just been tossed back inside and the box for the cord and instructions were just loose inside the amazon shipping box. The toy seems to work ok and I got it at a serious discount so I am keeping it but I would have rather received a new item. I have no idea how long this one was played with before it was returned.



    All three of my cats love this toy, from 3 to 18 years. I was a little concerned after reading the other reviews that this would be too loud and scare my cats. Yes it is a little loud, but it does not scare my cats at all. I appreciate the timer on the toy so I can set how often the mouse comes out of the house. This toy provides hours of entertainment for all three of my cats. Best cat toy ever!! Highly recommended by all three of my girls: Lucyfurr, Zulu and Henrietta!



    Ha! I got this for $12 and I can see why it was on sale. It is a neat device but the sounds it makes are less than optimal. Not just the mouse squeak and whistle and laugh, but the mechanics themselves are a bit of a grind. At $12 I can't complain but I would not pay more than $12 for it.My cat does like it, I can't quite get her to push the button on her own. I used the timer for a bit but I did not want to leave it running when I was not home. Has a plug so it does not use batteries. I think it is usually $70, which would be kind of ridiculous.


    Mme Dupont

    I'm torn about the stars -- this toy is a hit with my kitty, but not durable. My energetic and smarty-pants kitty is hard to please when it comes to toys. I ordered this in mid October, and it immediately became his favorite toy. HE LOVES IT. He figured out how to turn it on himself in just three days. As others have mentioned, it is quite loud, which is a significant drawback when you live in a small apartment and can't escape the noise. Mine will also only go around for 2 cycles, which completes in about 10 - 15 seconds, which is also a drawback if you're looking for your kitty to be entertained for at least a few solid minutes while you try to make dinner. Alternately, however, sometimes it gets stuck and will be jammed in the on position and will go and go and go until I turn it off. I never know when that is going to happen. When he catches the toy, it is even louder-- you can hear the little motor protesting furiously, but it seemed to hold up ok-- more or less-- until last week. Now the toy is catching or getting stuck in random spots along the loop, not just at the restart spot in the back (accessible via a little pop off door). I unscrewed the entire back yesterday to try to fix, but the problem may be with the track underneath, so I'll need to get a different screwdriver to get to that section. The whole time my kitty was climbing into my lap, desperate to play with it, poor guy. I got roughly 2.5 months of use out of a rather expensive toy, but he loves it. I hope I can fix it, I can't spend $30+ dollars every few months on a toy that is going to keep breaking, no matter how much he loves it.


    John M.

    This is my second unit. The first one made lots of noise so I replaced the power supply with: Belker 18W Universal AC DC Adapter for Household Electronics Routers Smart Phone Mp3 TV Boxes LCD Tablets CCTV Cameras, Output Volt 3V 4.5V 5V 6V 7.5V 9V 12V 1500mA Power Cord Supply Compatible 12WThe first unit stopped working after a few months of age most likely due to the poor stock power supply. The damage was done before I started using the new power supply. At first it was difficult to program then it became louder and louder and eventually froze. If you get this toy do not use the factory power supply!The new unit with new third party power supply has been running much longer, programs with ease and is quiet. It has never squealed even when a cat held the mouse in place for a few seconds.The Cats try to take the mouse away and pull the power chord out. It stayed in place with some duct tape.Sometimes the Cats rip the mouse a little up from its plastic guide (base) so I replace the mouse. I consider this normal wear and tear.The only issue is when they attack the toy when the mouse is in the rest position. The unit will be flipped on its side/ back and the mouse will fall out of the wide slot meant to install it. It would be much better if the mouse stopped somewhere else and let you manually run the tow line to the mouse install point.


    A T

     It really works for three of our four cats. They love to play with it. However our fourth cat is afraid of the toy.A longer video with all the three cats, look for "our cats playing "mouse in the house" in youtube.